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A Summer Night

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I had just returnedfrom a long and hard day at work. I stood at the bedroom window wondering how to shake off the tiredness. The reflection of setting sun in the blue waters of the backyard swimming pool seemed so soothing to eyes. I find the feeling of the cold water rushing over my skin is so soothing! I wasted no time baring myself naked by getting rid of my work clothes. I looked in the drawer and picked the pale orange two piece bikini that looked so hot on my tanned skin. I snatched a fresh white towel from the drawer and walked to the patio holding it in my hands. It had already fallen dark, and the warm and sticky air was a sure sign of an approaching storm. I threw the towel on the chair next to the pool and walked to the deep end of the pool.

“I might as well jump in. No point easing in," I said to myself. I stood there at the edge staring down at the cool, inviting, clear blue water. I held my breath, closed my eyes, lifted myself on my toes, and threw myself in the air. My body soared high and I touched the water making a perfect swan dive, barely stirring a ripple. The shock of the cool rushing water over my body brought a delicious feeling all over my body, but it faded away quickly as I popped up for air on the other side of the pool. "Mmmm! This feels so good," I thought to myself.

I pushed off to the side, swam a back stroke to the middle of the pool, dived under the water, did a handstand and then a few fun twists and turns under water. I could feel all my muscles release the tension and achiness from a stressful day. All the meaningless problems and stress seemed to melt away as I moved in the water. As I popped my head out, I could hear the sound of crickets, frogs and owls as they went about their business. I went under again and swam to the end of the pool. As I came up a dark shadow fell over me. I gasped and jumped back.

I went under again and swam to the end of the pool. As I came up a dark shadow fell over me. I gasped and jumped back.

“Hey its ok. I didn't mean to startle you.“ I instantly recognized the voice as Matt’s, a co worker of mine.

His face still hidden in the shadows but I imagined him smiling that cute, sexy smile of his that is also in my dreams.

“I was just walking by and thought I’d ask your opinion on a date,“ He said.

My heart dropped. “Ok who are you dating this time? Why do you need my opinion?“ I asked grudgingly. I had always had a huge crush on him and here recently wanted very badly to have him take me on a date.

He laughed a husky laugh that got my pussy throbbing and aching “Come here. Let me help you out.“ He reached out and I put my slim hands in his big strong hands. He pulled me straight out of the water, with no help from me, and onto the concrete beside him. He was so amazingly strong. I stood there speechless, looking up, staring at him. He was at least a good half foot taller than me, muscular and extremely sexy. With light brown hair, smooth tan skin, straight nose and killer green eyes with a hard edge. People were wary of him when he was in a bad mood. With good reason because he can hit very hard and fast. Guys say they dodn't even see it coming.

“I wanted your opinion of how to ask a very sexy, sweet, and stubborn woman to go with me to the charity dance with me this weekend. I’m actually nervous of how she will respond because I’m not sure if she even likes me.“

“Why are you asking me when you could ask a million other women who will grovel at your feet to even speak to you?“

I huffed. He hid a laugh behind his hand. “You are my friend and the only woman who will stand up to me and give me cold hard facts. You are brutally honest.“

I put my hands on my hips, pushed my long, curly brown hair over my shoulder and glared at him. He could so easily get my temper up. I opened my mouth to give a smartass answer when he smiled and said “I want to be more than a friend. I have serious feelings for you.“

I slammed my mouth shut and was rendered speechless. He grabbed me by my arms, and pulled me to him. He kissed me so hard and passionately I thought I would melt right into him. His lips on mine felt so warm and he tasted so delicious! Heat quickly spread from my lips to the rest of my body, centering on my sweet spot between my legs. Making me ache and pulse with need just from his kissing.

He broke the hot kiss and put his face in my hair. Breathing my scent. I wondered if he could smell my feminine smell from my hot center. I needed him badly .

I had never had sex before and I didn't know how to tell him. I wanted him and only him.

He was taking steady deep breaths to control himself. I could feel his hard member on my belly. He felt so big and thick even through his light blue jeans.

“You don’t know how bad I want to take you right here. To lay you down on that lawn chair and give both of us so much pleasure you will think you are flying to the stars,“ he said

I jumped and trembled at his words. I was getting so wet and hot just hearing him say it.

“Yes please make love to me. I want you so bad too!“ I was practically begging.

“I’m on the pill so you don’t have to wear a condom! I want to feel your hot cum in me so bad!“ I blurted out in a hurry.

He groaned and lost control of himself. He tore off my bathing suit so fast it was remarkable. He filled his hands with my 34 C breasts and rubbed my hard nipples while he bent his knees to get to my level. I stepped closer to him and could feel his rock hard cock through his now tight jeans straining up at my tight wet pussy.

I pushed my hot pussy down on his cock and ground into him. His jeans were wet with my juice. They felt so good on my throbbing clit. I was going to cum on his jeans any second. He kissed me so deeply, shooting his tongue in my mouth as he stopped my movements. He groaned as he pushed away from me to take his black shirt off and drop his jeans and sexy boxers. He stared at me as if I was cold water on a scorching hot day.

His cock was huge and so thick. I trembled at the sight of it. I wanted it in me and I didn’t care if it hurt or not. I hastily laid down on the lawn chair and beckoned him with my fingers and body. He didn’t hesitate. He laid down on me and took my mouth again. He let one hand play and roll my nipples while the other went to my clit to rub in gentle circles. He slipped a finger in between my pussy lips, brought it back up to my clit and got it soaking wet.“Mmmmmm yes!“ I moaned and arched my hips. As I arched my hips he slid one finger so deep in me and started fingering me hard.

He moaned. “You feel so fucking good. I can’t wait to get inside you. But I’m going to have to stretch you a little first.“ At that he pushed another finger inside me and started moving it to the same rhythm as his first finger. I felt so tight and full already. My pussy was squeezing his fingers so tight. It felt so good. I didn’t want him to ever stop. All of a sudden I started getting very wet. I had a small orgasm.

Matt slipped a third finger in me while I was enjoying on my orgasm. He was moving so fast and skillfully. He was gripping my breasts and squeezing them so good. He looked into my eyes, kisses me so softly while fingering me with three fingers as fast as he could, and said “I love you so much Sara!“ I lost it. My orgasm hit me so fast and hard with no warning. It was a huge one this time.

Matt removed his fingers from my gushing, squeezing pussy and pushed his cock so deep in me. I barely felt the pain. It lasted only a moment.

I could feel my pussy clutching his hard cock while he thrust deep in me hitting my cervix. He held me in his arms and I put my legs around his hips to open myself more for him.

“Oh fuck! You feel so damn good!“ He nearly shouted. He moved his cock so fast in me. Withdrawing then pushing in me. My hot, slick pussy engulfing his big cock. I could feel his cock throb and pulse so I knew he could not last much longer. I was rapidly climbing to my next orgasm. My pussy was so wet I could hear a sloshing sound every time he thrust in me. I could hear his balls slap against me every time he would push deep inside me.

“Damn I’m going to cum! I can’t hold it!“ He panted in my ear.

“Cum so deep in me! I want to feel it so bad!“ I moaned.

He thrust down hard in me and ground his pelvis against me getting his cock in my pussy as far and deep as it would go. I felt his cock jerk and twitch and then a hot load of cum shot out and hit my walls. I arched up and screamed as my pussy grabbed his cock his cock and milked it for everything it was worth. I came so hard on his cock that I almost blacked out of pleasurable sensations. I held my breath as the last of the waves of pure pleasure left my body.

Matt was panting and laid his head on my shoulder. I immediately placed a hand on his head to keep him there.

I could feel him smiling and I nuzzled my face in his hair. “Hmmm?“ I murmured.

“That was amazing. I never felt anything like that. I’m sorry it didn’t last long.“ He pushed up to look at me.

I smiled. “Me neither. I love you to and I always have. I am glad to have you no matter how long it lasted,“ I whispered.

He kissed me so softly. When he broke the kiss he was laughing. I raised an eyebrow and said, “What is so funny?“

“Next time we should meet in bed or at the very least inside that nice house of yours,“ he said with a wicked smile on his face.

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