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Big Rig

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He takes her in a truck stop, breeds her, then discovers who she is.

This is a Jack Grierson story. (See my story, Scarlett’s Wedding).

Amber Callahan swiveled her hips as she rode him, her hands gripping his heavily muscled shoulders. She worked her pussy lips as hard as she could to generate some friction. He was groaning and crying out, “It’s good, babe! It’s really good!”

He reached up and cupped her small, firm breasts through her tank top and thin bra, fingers tweaking her thick, long nipples through the layers of fabric. He was so inept that he hurt her, and she slapped his hands away. They were both covered with sweat, but even though she was working hard the pleasure was totally one-sided. A BGSC, she thought in disgust. Big guy, small cock.

He was a waiter at the diner she’d stopped at and had come on to her strong. He was very young and looked wholesome in a way that boys have when they’re almost men. He had the upper body of a football player, definitely over eighteen, so he wasn’t jailbait. Normally he wouldn’t have tempted her, but she’d been on the road for eight straight hours and was so horny she wasn’t thinking straight.

What the hell, she thought. He’s about twenty, he can probably get it up three times in an hour. He was done with his shift by the time she’d finished eating and they’d kissed in the dark parking lot. She’d walked him over to the motel on the other side of the lot and used some of her precious cash to get a room.

Now she ground her clit on his mound as she tried to get herself off, but it was no use. She needed more cock inside her, and he had nothing more to offer. She could see the tension in his face – he was trying mightily to hold back.

“You ready to cum, babe?” he gasped. “You’ve got me in overdrive!”

“Just cum,” she said, her voice flat.

As soon as he began to shudder, she rolled off him and let him spurt his load on himself. She went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and came back into the room in her bra and tank top. She put on her panties and ruefully patted her pussy as she snugged them in place. She slid on her leather skirt and zipped it up. Then she sat on the armchair and pulled on her ankle boots. He lay in the bed, watching her. His cock up again like a flagpole.

“Let’s do it again,” he said. “Let me take off your clothes this time. I’ll have a shower too, if you like.”

“I’ve got to go,” she said.

“You sure you don’t want to fuck some more? We could go all night.”

“Nah, I’m behind schedule already. I’ve got to make it to Reno by the day after. But the room’s paid for. You can stay here tonight if you like.”

“I hate to make a lady pay,” he said. “If you stay the night, I can get you a free breakfast at the diner. It’s the least I can do.”

The thought of another bout of frustration with him made her cringe. He’s not bad looking, he must have fucked a lot of girls, she thought. How can he still know nothing about getting a girl off?

“Take care,” she said as she hefted her leather backpack.

“You want my email? We could get together again the next time you roll through here.”

She went out and shut the door behind her without answering.

“Waste!” she muttered under her breath as she thought of the hard-earned dollars she’d spent on the motel room.

She walked across the parking lot to her rig and climbed in.


It was late afternoon on gray, crisp, fall day. Jack was at a Love’s truck stop on Interstate 80 just over the Utah line in Nevada, en route to visit the site of a company he was thinking of buying for the Foncault Group. As he worked the spigot on the machine to pour his coffee, he saw the woman enter.

She was small, no more than five foot three, athletic, and pretty. Her hair and eyes were both dark brown, her body was wiry and strong, and her face was finely chiseled with a cute upturned nose. Her breasts were small and firm, but her nipples were disproportionate – they made prominent bumps in her tank top through her bra. But what really arrested his attention was her attire.

She wore a Peterbilt hat, a fleece-lined leather jacket, a well-worn knee length leather skirt, and ankle boots. There was a leather choker around her throat, and she hefted a small leather backpack on her shoulder. She walked with a rolling gait that emphasized her lean hips and firm buttocks.

He guessed she drove a big rig, and his guess was confirmed as she went straight through the convenience store area to the trucker’s lounge. Jack paid for his coffee and followed her in there. She’d gotten a free coffee from the professional driver’s counter and was talking to the shower attendant. She got her shower number and returned to a couch.

She took off her jacket and threw it on the couch with her backpack before sitting down. Jack ambled in and sat on the couch with her, separated by her jacket and backpack. He sipped his coffee and looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Her slender musculature looked even better close up and her small breasts more pleasing. Jack could just about make out the outlines of her thin bra under the tank top and part of a tattoo behind her left shoulder. She wore a leather wristlet that matched her choker.

She sipped her coffee, looking bored.

“Where you headed?” he asked.

“You shouldn’t be here,” she replied. “This lounge is for truckers.”

“I know, but guests are allowed, right?”

“Whose guest are you?”

“Yours,” said Jack with a smile, “For now.”

She turned to look at him. She liked what she saw, a good-looking fortysomething man, powerfully built, with salt and pepper hair and a boyish smile lightened by bright eyes. He wore a polo shirt, slacks and loafers.

She laughed.

“Well, pleased to meet you, guest,” she said. “I’m Diane.”

“Jack,” he said, extending his hand.

She shook it – her fingers were long and her grip was firm. She looked him in the eye in a very mannish manner. He guessed it was cultivated from her work in her male dominated line of work. She looked at the tattoo on his forearm.

“You Special Forces?”

“Used to be. How do you know?”

“I hang out with vets back home. Some of them have tattoos just like that. Where did you serve?”

“All over,” said Jack vaguely. “You drive a Peterbilt?”

“Yeah. Best rig I’ve ever driven. She’s all mine, just paid her off six months ago.”



She looked at his athletic physique and felt a tug of desire. The memory of the frustration of her last sexual encounter with the musclebound waiter was sharp. I really want sex right now, she thought. She batted her eyelashes at him.

“Shower eleven is ready!” The announcement came over the speakers. She reached into her leather backpack and pulled out a slip of paper.

“That’s me,” she said. “’See you in a bit?”

“Count on it,” he said, locking eyes with her.

She saw that he had picked up on her cue. Just to be sure, she glanced back over her shoulder as she walked into the corridor marked “showers” and pushed through the swing door. As soon as she went through, Jack rose and followed her, moving very fast but making no sound. No one noticed him going in through the swing door.

Once in, he saw the door marked ‘11’ was just closing. He strode forward, put his shoulder against it and pushed hard. She pushed back, but she was no match for his weight and strength. In a moment, he was in. He pushed the door shut behind him and locked it.

“What the fuck!” she cried.

She sounded surprised, but her hostility quickly waned when she saw that it was Jack. He pushed her back against the wall and put his left hand on her throat. His right hand went up her skirt and found her crotch. Her body undulated under his touch.

“I shouldn’t let you do this,” she said, her voice hoarse.

“I guessed you wanted this,” said Jack. “I saw the way you looked at me.”

“You read me okay,” she murmured. “I just hope you fuck as well as you read.”

He kneaded her mound and she heard a ripping sound and felt her panties torn off her.

“Those were new panties, you asshole –!”

Her voice was cut off as he covered her lips with his. His tongue pushed into her mouth and he sank two fingers into her pussy. He worked them hard, like a piston, giving her half a dozen quick stabs.

“Mmmphphff! MMMPHHFF!!” she expostulated, even as her tongue fought his.

She was already a bit moist and rapidly grew wet as her hips began to rotate with his fingers. She’s horny all right, thought Jack, as he brought his thumb on to her clit and manipulated it adeptly.

“UMMMPHPHFFF!! UMMMPHPHFFF!!” Her lower body began to writhe as she came, very hard. She was so wet now that her sexual secretions dripped on to the floor. Her saliva smeared Jack’s lips and cheeks.

She sagged against him and he held her up with one arm. He undid his pants with the other and stepped out of them. He pulled her tank top over her head and uncovered her black bandeau bra. He pulled the cups down, exposing her small, firm breasts. Her unusually long nipples were bright red and stood out proudly on small red aureoles.

He kissed them one after the other and sucked on each. He used his teeth to give her nipples gentle bites while spearing them with his tongue. The stimulation caused them to harden and thicken even more. It was a bit ticklish, but a surprisingly pleasurable sensation.

“My God!” she breathed. “My nipples are very sensitive… how did you know –”

He hiked her leather skirt up around her waist and put a hand on each firm, round buttock. He lifted her with her back against the wall. She gripped his haunches with her thighs and put her arms around his neck. Jack settled her thick pussy lips on his cockhead and pushed in just a little. He broke off the kiss and traced a pattern along her cheek to her ear with his tongue.

“You’re a horny bitch,” he whispered.

“I am now,” she whispered back. “Just fuck me, asshole. Give me what I want.”

Jack thrust and dropped her at the same time. Her weight drove his thickness into her all at once. Her pussy so tight that she stripped back his foreskin with ease. The fleshly sensation of his bared cockhead gripped so tautly caused him to groan deep in his throat.

“Fuck!” she sputtered, her thighs threshing as she held on to him. She couldn't believe how deeply she could feel Jack moving inside her. “It's... too big... I can’t …”

“You’re tight,” Jack said, his voice low. “My cock feels like it’s in a soft clamp.”

Amber was no stranger to quick, wanton sexual romps. She was an attractive woman – whenever she felt the urge, it was easy for her to find a man to fuck her. Her sex on the road was anonymous, purely physical, from quick half hour slam-bangs to one-night stands, never longer. She didn’t keep score, but in six years she reckoned she’d had over a hundred men. But no one had been this deep in her before.

His mouth found hers again and he thrust his thick tongue deep into her mouth and began to fuck her hard at the same time. She began mewing into his mouth and began to cum again, but he didn’t stop fucking her.

The high was so intense that couldn’t tell if she was mounting to a second orgasm or if the first one was just continuing. All she knew was that her pussy continued to spasm. With each one, the thick lips of her vulva gripped his shaft with vice like intensity.

She twisted her torso against his hard chest, her thick nipples indenting themselves into his skin. Their bodies grew slippery with sweat and they slid against each other as he continued to rut, pounding her like a jackhammer. She finally ran out of energy and just flopped against him like a rag doll saying, “I can’t… I can’t… Omigod …. OMIGOD!! Just take me now!”

“Come on, come on,” he whispered. “Just a bit more. You can do it… you can do it!”

She regrouped, tensed her thighs and gripped him tight again. She rotated her hips and screwed her pussy around his cock. He felt her swollen clit on his mount. Her renewed thrashing finally pushed him over the edge, and he began to cum. She felt him erupting deep inside her like a geyser. With a last series of full-bodied thrusts, he pumped gout after gout of thick, musky semen into her. The smell of their sex was intense and it pervaded the shower room.

They slowly sank down on the wooden bench, arms around one another other, spent for the moment.

“I’m going to need a shower too,” Jack murmured.

“We’ll go into together,” she whispered back. “But I need some time to get my breath back. You’re a fucking animal.”



She got into the shower still wearing her leather choker and leather wristlet. Jack stripped and followed. Her wet body under the hot water rapidly rekindled his arousal. He put his arms around her from behind, covering her small breasts with his palms, running his stubby fingernails on her sensitive nipples. She felt his erection on her buttocks.

“Fuck! You’re hard again? What are you, sixteen?”

She turned around, squatted in front of him, and put both her hands around his huge organ. The shower drummed on the tile floor, making a steady backdrop of sound. The hot water cascaded off him on to her – it created a sensual atmosphere, heightening her arousal. As she jacked his manhood, it grew before her unbelieving eyes.

“You’re hung like a horse!” she whispered. “I’ve never had anyone this big!’

She put her lips around his glans, the tip of her tongue on his meatus. She was pleased to hear him grunt. He put his hands in her wet hair and pushed more of his organ into her mouth. From experience, she arched her neck to line up her throat. He pushed harder and she felt his cockhead at the base of her throat. She breathed in through her nose and fought the gag reflex. He began to fuck her throat, pushing a bit more into her each time.

Her eyes began to water, and her nose began to run. Her saliva ran freely, lubricating his cock. He could hear her struggled breath over the sound of the shower. She managed to take almost two-thirds of his enormous length. She steadied herself with one hand on his hip and the other down between her legs, working her clit.

“Keep going, keep going,” he breathed. “Good girl, you’re a good cocksucker.”

The choking sensation was acute, and she was surprised that it excited her. She felt another orgasm coming on. It was not as intense, but she wriggled her bottom as she came. Jack saw it and disengaged, slowly pulling his engorged member out of her mouth.

He raised her to her feet and turned her around facing the tiled shower wall. One of his hands slid upward, gripping her leather choker. The other slid downward, his fingers manipulating her clit and drawing renewed gasps from her. He arched her back toward him, settling his cockhead at her anus.

“Oh no,” she said. “Not in there. Not with that monster. You’ll tear me apart.”

“You’ve never been fucked in the ass?”

“Of course, I have. But not with a horse cock like yours.”

“Just relax. Even anal virgins enjoy me after the first few minutes.”

“Alright, then –”

He pushed hard, at just the right angle with just the right amount of force. Her ass was tighter than her pussy, so she stripped back his foreskin with ease. His uncovered glans entered her, bigger and wider than any she had experienced.

“OH FUCK!” she cried. “SWEET BABY JESUS!”

He kept up a steady pressure, entering her an inch at a time. The pain was sharp, and she began to panic. Her breathing grew faster and faster, till she was on the verge of hyperventilating.

“Shhh!” he murmured, his hand caressing the swell of her belly. “Shhh! Calm down. Breathe slower, slower. Easy now, easy.”

She reacted to his voice, her breathing slowed, and her panic abated. The pain remained severe, especially as he continued to invade her, penetrating deeper and deeper into her ass.

“It hurts, you bastard!”

“Shhh … shhh …”

He was finally all in her and rested, his cock throbbing in her like a big rig diesel engine. He began to fuck her slowly and gently, his fingers manipulating her clit again. She began to be aroused again, her sexual juices and sweat mixed in with the water to lubricate her ass. The pain receded so subtly that she couldn’t exactly tell when the pain transitioned to pleasure.

He sensed her stimulation and began to fuck her harder, driving her upward with the combination of his cock in her ass and his fingers in her pussy. Her lower body gyrated and twisted, further increasing the friction as he hammered her with his cock.

“Ah… ahhh…! AAHHH…! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Then she slowed and stopped, still breathing hard. In the afterglow of this latest orgasm, it gradually dawned on her that he was still deep inside her. And still hard.

“What are you?” she panted. “A machine? A robot?”

“Just testosterone,” he mumbled.

He slowly withdrew. He felt his foreskin slide back to cover his shaft was he backed out of her tight ass. For a moment, she felt hollow, a vacuum, before her rectal muscles asserted themselves.

He moved his cockhead to her vulva lips. She tried to think of his name, but it was driven from her mind.

“Listen guy, I’m can’t –” she began.

“Yes, you can.”

“We only have the shower for an hour …”

“I’ll fuck you again, then soap you.”

He thrust his cock into her pussy with one powerful thrust.

“JESUS CHRIST!!” she cried, at the shock of being impaled.

He waited, fully embedded in her. He felt her warmth, her wetness, her velvety tight clinch on his member. He felt the rapid expansion and constriction of her throat – she was still breathing hard. He reveled in the hard swells of her buttocks against him, the sight of her straight spine, her flawless back muscles with the perfect tattoo of a compass on her left shoulder blade.

She felt his thickness on of walls of her pussy, felt his cockhead deep inside her, pushing up against her cervix. He was so big that the pressure was intense. She felt his heartbeat pulsing in his cockhead, slow and heavy. It reverberated up her insides through her cervical mucus. His gentle fingering of her clit kept her arousal rising, rising.

Holding her by her leather choker, he began to fuck her. He quickly worked up a tempo and his mount began to slap against her rump, the sound accentuated by the splashing of running water. The tug of the leather choker on her windpipe made her labor even harder to breathe and her panting gasps grew more plaintive. The partial asphyxiation was a novel sensation, but it amplified her arousal. She began to cum again.

“OMIGOD! What are you doing to me? FUCK! OOOHH!! Give it to me!!”

She rotated her buttocks faster and faster till she finally hit her apex. Her contractions radiated out from her very womb clenching his organ spasmodically. Jack exploded with her frenzied writhing, arching his back as he pounded her while ejaculating. There was less semen than the last time – he was only human, after all – but he still spewed good load of thick, milky jism deep inside her.

His arms slid off her body. She felt boneless. Without his support, she slid down the shower’s tiled wall till she lay curled up on the floor. Jack managed to lower himself to the shower floor and curled up behind her. He put an arm under her head, cushioning it from the tiled floor. The shower continued run, drenching them with hot water. The drumming of the warm water was soothing to Amber. She was so tired and sated that she felt drowsy.

She was brought out of her torpor by Jack leaning over her and saying, “We have the shower for an hour, you said.” He gave her a hand and pulled her to her feet.

“I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked,” she murmured, as he began to soap her and then shampoo her hair. “You’re a fucking freak of nature.”

“You’re a strong fuck,” he said. “I’m exhausted, too. I can get us a hotel, if you like.”

“I’ve got to be in Reno by morning to get my on-time bonus.”

“You’re going to drive a big rig all night?”

“A couple of Red Bulls and I’ll be fine. This isn’t my first rodeo.” She paused. “Though this has got to be the wildest ride I’ve ever had.”

“Bulls and rodeos,” said Jack, smiling as she washed the soap and shampoo off. “You a cowgirl?”

“I grew up riding horses,” she said. Then she laughed. “But the last couple years my rides have had two legs, not four.”

She stepped out through the shower curtain. Jack used her body wash and shampoo, then rinsed off. By the time he stepped out of the shower, she had finished drying herself with the truck stop towel and was snapping on her bra. She pulled on her tank top, then her leather skirt. She picked up her ripped panties.

“You owe me a pair of panties,” she said.

“I like how you smell,” he said taking the ripped panties from her and putting them to his nose. “I’ll keep these and buy you a new thong.”

“Don’t bother. I have to get on the road.” She opened the shower room door and looked back over her shoulder. “You’ll have to use my wet towel. They only give you one towel with each shower.”

“It’s fine. We’ve shared bodily fluids. And as I said, I like how you smell.” He patted her rump. “You’re going out without panties? Commando?”

“I have extra panties in my rig, Mr. Smartass.”

“Another thong, I hope.”

She walked out and shut the door behind her.

Jack used the wet towel and dressed quickly. He put his wallet and keys in his pockets. Then he saw a leather purse on the counter by the sink. He picked it up and opened it. There was a fair bit of cash, several credit cards, gas coupons, receipts, and a commercial driver’s license.

He took out the license and saw her picture – she looked pretty even on anonymous background of the licensing center. He read her name – Amber Callahan, not Diane. He didn’t blame her, there was no point giving her real name to a strange man. He read her description: hair – brown, eyes – brown, height – 5’ 3”, weight – 108 pounds. Her date of birth made her twenty-six. Her address was in suburban Orange Country, outside LA. Then he put it away and walked out of the shower, out of the truck stop building, and headed toward the truck parking area.

Trucks were heading out in a steady progression. He tried to look into the cabs of as they passed, but it was dark and they were high off the ground. He gave up after ten minutes or so.

He walked back to his rented Mercedes. In the car, he took a picture of her driver’s license before putting it back in her purse and dropping it on the passenger seat. Then he drove out on to the highway, heading west.



Jack called his black ops company as he drove. It was picked up by Jo Ellen Taggart, one of the analysts. She was Southern girl, a lean, rangy, former marine, striking rather than pretty, and tough as nails. She regularly broke the “no sex with clients” rule with Jack and had a soft spot for him.

“What’s up, honeybunch?” she asked in her rounded Georgia drawl.

“Wish I was with you,” Jack said.

“Liar. Tell me about the babe you’re with right now.”

“I’m alone in a rental car, I swear.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“I have a driver’s license. Can you get me the cell phone number and any other details you can find? Send it all to my secure phone.”

“Send me a picture of the license.”

“I just did.”

“Oh, here it is, just popped up. Amber Callahan. Cute gal. You fucked her yet?”


“Any good?”

“Smokin’. Almost as good as you.”

“Lying again, Jack? It’s gettin’ to be a habit with you, I see.” He could hear her fingers tapping on her keyboard. “She must be a hot number if you want to go another round with her. Well, I’ve uploaded her cell into your online address book, you can call her any time you want. I’ll have all the other data in your cloud account before tomorrow morning.”

“Thanks, Jo Ellen. You’re a doll.”

“Take care of yourself, Jack.”

“I’ll try.”

“Kutuesov has upped the price on your head. That sort of money will bring out all sorts of scum crawling out of the woodwork. We can’t ID them all, many don’t fit the standard hitman profile. Do you trust this Amber? It would be real easy to put a bullet between your eyes when you’re sleeping.”

“I fucked her. I don’t plan to sleep with her.”

“Stay alive, Jack. There are still things I want to do with you.”

“That’s a strong incentive, Jo Ellen. What about your boyfriend?”

“He’s sweet, but he can’t fuck me like you do. If he asks me to marry him, I’ll tell him about us. Till that time, he can love me, and you can fuck me.”



Jack called Amber as soon as he hung up with Jo Ellen. It rang and rang before going to voicemail. “This is Amber,” came her voice, metallic on the answering system. “Leave a message.”

“Amber, this is Jack. I have your purse. Call me back.”

She called him back within five minutes.

“Fuck!” she said. “I can’t believe I forgot my purse. I should have put it back in my backpack after I paid for the shower.”

“Where are you now?”

“Just a couple miles from Elko.”

“Give me a moment.”

Jack had synced his phone with the Mercedes dash screen. He did a quick search as he drove and found his online reservation.

“Amber, you still there?”


“I’ve got a suite booked at the Best Western in Winnemucca, I’ve copied you on it. I’ll meet you there.”

“I can’t stop, Jack! I’ve got to get to Reno before morning or it’s going to cost me two hundred dollars.”

“You need your purse.”

“Well, okay. I’ll meet you there in Winnemucca. I should be there in two hours. I’ll just get my purse and leave.”

Jack accelerated and the speedometer needle of the Mercedes swung upward. Each time he blew by a big rig, he wondered if it was her.

He pulled into the Best Western, checked in and took his small carry-on up to the suite. He didn’t have to wait long. There was a knock on the door just ten minutes later. He opened the door and they stood looking at each other for a moment.

“You must have driven fast,” he said. “I was doing over ninety all the way here.”

“I always drive fast,” she said. “The faster I drive, the more I make.” She hesitated. “I never expected to see you again.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. But come in for a moment. Now that I know your name isn’t Diane.’

She laughed, but acquiesced and came in. He handed the purse to her. She was about to put it in her backpack, when he said, “Don’t you want to make sure I haven’t stolen your stuff? There was a fair bit of cash in there.”

She looked at him, trying to read the look on his face. Then she took her purse out of the backpack. She took out the cash and counted it.

“There’s four hundred dollars more than I had here.”

“I wonder how that happened,” said Jack. “Are you sure you know how much you had?”

“I’m careful with my money, mister. I know how much I have to the last penny.”

“Well, even the best of us makes mistakes. But now that you have more than you thought, you won’t miss that on-time bonus as much.”

“You put that money in here, didn’t you? I don’t want it. I don’t fuck for money. I’m not a whore.”

“Don’t make it tawdry,” said Jack. “You’ve got more money than you thought you had, why don’t we leave it at that? You’re not far from Reno now, you can spend a few hours in bed and still make it there by morning.”

She stood still and kept him waiting for a long moment. Finally, she put her backpack down.

“Okay. A couple hours. But then I’ve got to get back on the road. I always make it on time, I won’t be late. It’s not just money, it’s my reputation.”

“Come on,” said Jack, putting his arms around her. “Let me hold you in bed for a while.”

After a moment, she put her arms around him. He pulled her tank top over her head, then unzipped her leather skirt and it dropped to the plush carpet around her feet. She kicked off her ankle boots. He picked her up and carried her to the suite’s king size bed in her bra and panties.

“I’m still a bit sore, Jack,” she whispered. “My pussy, and especially my ass. Do you really want to fuck me again right now?”

“Not right now,” he said, as he pulled back the covers and lay her on the bed. He got in after her and pulled the covers up around both of them. He held her diminutive form in his powerful arms.

“I am a bit tired,” she whispered. “Those Red Bulls are wearing off. But I can feel you against me.”

“I can be ready whenever you want,” he said.

“I don’t know if I can sleep. All I can think about is how hard I came with you in me. So many times. I lost count.”

But just a few minutes later, she was asleep. In repose, the years fell away – she looked like a teenager, even. Jack kissed her forehead and then her eyelids before closing his eyes.



Two hours later, Jack woke. He swiveled his head to look around the bedroom, unsure of what had woken him. He lay inert and listened, but there was no sound except for the highway buzz filtering in through the closed windows. Jo Ellen has got me on edge, he thought. No one is going to find me here. It wasn’t on any plan or itinerary.

But now that he was awake, he felt the immediacy of Amber’s nearly naked body, tight against his. His organ responded as it always did, and his hardon grew rampant. Her back was to him, so he reached around her and pulled down the cups of her bandeau bra. He gently massaged her sensitive nipples between thumb and forefinger. They responded in a miniature mimicking of his member, growing stiff, thick, and more prominent. Their redness looked jet black in the moonlight streaming in through the light curtains, and her skin looked silvery.

He traced one hand down to her crotch and gently began stroking her vulva, round and around, brushing against her clit with each circuit. She moaned in her sleep, low and long. He felt her growing moist and took a moment to lick her sexual juices off his fingers. Then he gently, ever so carefully, eased her panties off. Once he got them on her thighs, he stripped them off with subtle efficiency.

He began to work on her bare clit now, with gentle touches that grew just a bit quicker. She moaned again.

“It feels so good,” she murmured. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Her voice was far away, for she was still asleep. Jack adjusted his position behind her and used his hand to line up his engorged manhood between her buttocks, the cockhead poised at her moist, thick vulva lips. Then he pushed his entire length into her all at once.

“OMIGOD!” she cried, shocked out of sleep. “JESUS GOD!”

Jack stayed in fully embedded in her, savoring the tight, warm compression of her pussy.

“God, Jack, you could have given me some warning!”

“Tell me you didn’t like it.”


He moved very gently, rocking back and forth, just an inch in and out. With the slow tempo and limited thrusting, her tight pussy created suction around his cock. It made a pleasing susurrating sound. She sighed softly as he pressured her cervix with each unhurried thrust.

“This feels wonderful, Jack,” she whispered. “Are you same man that fucked me like a caveman a couple hours ago?”

He didn’t speed up but kept going at the same pace. His hands found her small, firm breasts and teased her nipples again.

“God, Jack, turn around, I want to see you,” she said.

“Twist your torso, I can still kiss you.”

When she did so, her serpentine form was even more alluring. He kissed her and tugged on her leather choker. Her breathing grew labored, as she felt the mild suffocation again. Her hands grasped his wrists tightly and her body began to tense. Then, unfolding in slow motion, she began to cum. It was an orgasm unlike any she had had before. Her contractions were wringing, but each built up gradually, coming out from deep inside her, advancing along her pussy walls till they reached her vulva that squeezed the base of his shaft. Each sent a powerful impulse of pleasure to her brain, and she cried out, “Yes! YES! YES!! OMIGOD, YES!!”

He came equally sedately. She felt him gushing deep inside her like a firehose, forcing a stream of thick, musky semen into her recesses.

They lay together, still conjoined with his organ deep inside her as they wound down from their highs. The serenity made them lethargic. She felt his cock finally begin to deflate. As he lost his erection, he slid out of her pussy, slippery with their admixed sexual secretions. She felt his semen slowly seeping out of her on to the bedsheet. It was thick, viscous, sticky, and had a strong, pungent smell. It was intensely masculine, and it made her want him to fuck her again.

Her eye fell on the bedside clock.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she shrieked. “It’s nearly three! I should have been on the road by now!”

She rolled out of bed pulling her bra up over her breasts and hurriedly pulled on her tank top. She found her panties and slid them over her hips, unmindful of the semen dribbling out of her pussy. She zipped up her skirt, stepped into her ankle boots, and picked up her backpack. Throwing her leather jacket over her arm, she headed for the door.

Meanwhile, Jack got out of bed and pulled on his pants.

“Aren’t you going to say goodbye?” he said to her retreating back.

She went out the door without replying or even turning her head. The door shut behind her and she was gone.



Amber cruised in the left lane, pushing the rig to its limit. The needle hovered just below ninety miles an hour. The roar of the big engine was music to her ears. Jack’s semen continued ooze out of her pussy. Her panties were soaked now, her thighs were slippery with the sticky, gluey gel-like jism, and it wet her driver’s seat. The smell of sex kept her aroused, and she had to fight the urge to pull over and masturbate.

But she made it to Reno by first light. She got her on-time bonus. Then she locked herself in her truck sleeper. She hiked up her skirt, took off her soaked panties, and worked her fingers fast and furiously on her pussy. Thinking about Jack, she came almost immediately, letting out small screams. She didn’t stop and came again. And again.



Jack hooked his computer to the hotel internet first thing in the morning as he was sipping his coffee. The fall sun was just rising, and it promised to be a lovely day. There was a new folder in his cloud folder entitled simply “Amber Callahan”. He opened it.

There was an enormous amount of information there – everything about Amber that was in the public record from her birth certificate onward, as well as photos drawn from social media and other public sites. He scrolled the documents quickly.

At first, he was surprised, for the coincidence was extraordinary. But as he looked through more and more documents and photos it became more obvious. Amber had two sisters – an older sister named Violet and a younger sister named Scarlett. There were several pictures of the Callahan sisters together. In several of them, Violet and Scarlett were in their flight attendants’ uniforms. There could be no doubt. Jack had already fucked and impregnated both of Amber’s sisters. It must be fate, he thought. He wondered when they would find out.



Three weeks later, Amber was on a short run to San Diego. She pulled into a truck stop for lunch, even though the thought of food made her sick. She had been feeling nauseous for days, throwing up frequently. Now her sensitive nipples were swollen and sore. She walked into the driver’s lounge and saw Matt, a fellow driver that she’d had sex with a few months earlier.

“Amber!” he called out to her, looking hopeful.

She waved back without enthusiasm and walked straight into the ladies without saying anything to him. She threw up and leaned over the sink weakly. It’s impossible, she thought. It can’t be. I’m on the pill. It must be something I ate, maybe food poisoning.

Nonetheless, when she came out, she went to the truck stop convenience store and bought a kit. She took it back to the ladies, peed in a dixie cup, and dipped the test stick in it. She waited the requisite five minutes and took it out. The reading was unambiguous. There were two clear pink lines on it.

She sat on the lid and did some furious mental arithmetic. She was normally so regular with her pill. But after her frustrating experience with that BGSC waiter, she’d forgotten. And the next day she’d met Jack just before she was scheduled to take it. Nearly forty-eight hours without birth control. It must have been enough for her to ovulate. She thought of all the semen he’d forced into her. So deep into her.

She walked slowly back to her rig, ignoring Matt’s cheery, “Hi!” as she passed him. She climbed into the cab and pulled out her phone. She scrolled back on the call log to three weeks previously and tapped Jack’s number. He picked up almost immediately.

“I’m pregnant,” she said emotionlessly. “It’s yours.”

“You don’t sound happy about it.”

“I’m not. I’ve got an eight-year-old at home. How the hell am I going to keep driving with a baby?”

“Please keep it,” he said, his voice quiet. She heard the kindness and warmth he infused into it. “I’ll take care of it.”


“I’ll pay for a health insurance policy that lets you take a couple months off. After that, I’ll pay for a live-in nanny.”

“I live in a one-bedroom house, Jack. My kid sleeps in a corner of the living room. I’ve no room for a nanny.”

“You only need her to stay in while you’re on the road. Other times she can just come by for the day.”

“You make it sound easy.”

“Everything is easy with money.”

“I feel like a whore, Jack. You’re paying me for sex.”

“I’m just paying what any father should. It’s my baby too.”

“Yes,” she said, somewhat mollified. “It is.”

“Have you told anyone about it?”

“I just found out myself. You’re the first one I called.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“You want to know something really funny? I have two sisters, and they’re both pregnant. Now I’m pregnant, too.”

“When are they due?”

“My kid sister Scarlett’s due in about two months. My big sister Violet’s two years older than me, she’s due in three months.” She paused. “But at least they’re both married. I’m divorced, I’m carrying your baby and I don’t even know your last name.”

“It’s Grierson. Jack Grierson.”

She put her hand on her mouth and took a sharp intake of breath.

“No! It can’t be!”

“What can’t be?”

“The man who got both my sisters pregnant – his name is Jack Grierson.”

“I impregnated your sisters, Amber. But I swear, our meeting was a coincidence. I had no idea who you were till later.”

“You expect me to believe that?”

“I can’t prove it to you. But when we met, I was en route to visit a company that I bought for our group. It’s in Winnemucca. I texted you the article in the local paper that documents my visit and my meeting with the mayor. Before we met, I didn’t even know you existed. Neither Scarlett nor Violet ever mentioned you.”

“They’re embarrassed of me,” Amber said with a trace of bitterness. “They’re so superior with their accountant husbands and their big houses in suburbs.”

“Well, they’re both good in bed,” said Jack. “But you’re better.”

“That’s something, I guess.”

“I want to see you again, Amber.”

“You’ve got my number, Jack. I’ll only keep the baby if you’re willing to be a father. Not like my deadbeat ex-husband.”

“I’ll do my best,” said Jack.

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