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I’m Not That Kind of Girl

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I’m not that kind of girl, but I made an exception on this night.

Working as a waitress at a truck stop restaurant doesn’t make me a lot of money, so the tips are important to me. And to get good tips out in these parts, I got to put up with a lot of ass grabbing and smile while they’re doing it. I could make a whole lot more money being a truck stop prostitute, but I’m not that kind of girl.

So, what kind of girl am I? I am a good girl, normally. I was raised on a farm, I work hard, and I love Jesus, but my looks tend to get me in trouble. I inherited my parent’s good genes and ended up with a pretty face, and a sexy body. With all these horny truckers that come through here, I could get laid twenty times a day if I wanted it. Oh, I have my horny moments, and some of these truckers that hit on me are very tempting and enticing, but I’m not that kind of girl.

Then, there was this one night when this drifter came through and parked his motorcycle outside the restaurant window. I was pouring coffee when I heard the roar and looked up. I saw a tall man, all dressed in black leather, getting off his bike. I couldn’t see his face until he took off his helmet and shook his long blonde hair loose. His hair was a little darker than mine and hung over his shoulders.

I nearly forgot what I was doing, there was something about him that I felt attracted to. Maybe it was his motorcycle that reminded me of the thrilling rides I had on the back of a friend’s Harley. Nah, it was him, his long hair and his tall physique clad in dark leather.

He came inside a few minutes later and sat at the counter. I walked over to him with the coffee carafe in my hand. “Coffee?” I asked.

His head slowly raised and I was stunned for a moment as his ice-blue eyes seemed to drill right through me as if he was reading the secrets of my soul. God, he was handsome, such sexy lips and gruff blonde whiskers. He had that bad-boy look about him, and when he smiled, I knew I was in trouble.

“Sure thing.”

I poured his coffee and handed him a menu. He grabbed my attention a second time with his eyes. “What’s your name, doll?” He asked after he took the menu from my hand. His voice matched his looks and it sent a shiver down my spine. I looked down at my chest and realized I had forgotten to wear my nametag.

“Montana,” I replied.



“That’s my club name,” he said.

“Okay, Snake…I’ll give you a few minutes to decide what you want.”

“I already know what I want…but I don’t see it on the menu.”

“That’s cute,” I said, having heard it a hundred times before and knowing what he meant by that.

I tried to sound nonchalant, trying to hide how his sudden presence was stirring me up inside. I see a lot of men come through here every day, but rarely one that turns me to butter like this one was. I didn’t have any idea of how he got the name, Snake, but I had a feeling he was the same one that tempted Eve in the Garden.

I left him and served a couple of other customers. When I came back to him, he ordered a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I wrote his order on my pad. “Where are you coming from?” I asked out of curiosity.

“From nowhere, baby.”

“Huh… so, where are you heading?”

“I’ll know when I get there.”

He sure wasn’t saying much, which made him all the more mysterious to me. “So, you’re just passing through then?”

“I never stay in one place too long.”

“Are you one of those outlaw bikers?”

“You ask too many questions, Sugar. Go get my food for me,” he said.

I took his order over to the cook. I tried to concentrate on my other chores and serving coffee to the others, but I kept on looking over at him. He caught me twice and smiled at me both times. When his food was ready, I took it to him.

“Would there be anything else?” I asked as I filled his water glass and coffee cup.

He slid a napkin across the counter to me. I saw it had some writing on it. “Hollywood Motel. Room 12.”

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s where I’m staying tonight. What time does your shift end?”


“That’s less than an hour from now. You got a boyfriend at home waiting for you?” He asked.

I knew where he was going with this. I didn’t have a boyfriend, just me and my lonely apartment on the other side of town. I had to leave my dog at my parent’s farm because the manager of the apartments where I lived wouldn’t let me keep a pet.

“Why? Are you asking me to come by after my shift?” I asked, testing the waters.

“I got a bottle of whiskey and a bag of weed in my saddlebag. I hate to drink alone. I’m thinking we can make a party of it.”

It sounded tempting. I like drinking whiskey and I like smoking weed, and I haven’t enjoyed a good high in a while. “On one condition,” I said.

“What condition?”

“No sex.”

He laughed and said, “Okay, baby, I’m not asking you to fuck me…unless you want to fuck me. If you decide you want to party, I’ll leave the light on for you.” And with that, he paid his bill, gave me a ten dollar tip, and left. I watched through the window as he roared off on his motorcycle.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:20. At 11:50, I started to clean my register out and finalize the tabs. I was done by 12:15. I said goodnight to the others and went out to my pickup. As I sat behind the wheel, I thought about Snake and his offer to party with him. Fuck! I was torn. I started the truck and drove to the edge of the lot. The motel was just down the road to my left, my apartment was in the opposite direction. I didn’t know which way to go, and since I was undecided I took the easiest way and turned in the direction of my apartment.

I got about halfway there and said, “Fuck it!” I made a U-turn at the red light and headed for the motel. I normally try staying clear of strangers, but this guy had tugged on everything that makes me feel like a woman. I wanted to party, I wanted to get high, and I wanted to enjoy whatever happens.


I pulled into the motel lot at a half-past-twelve. There was a space close to Snake’s motorcycle. I pulled into it and shut off the truck. After spending a minute undoing my ponytail and letting my long blonde hair fall loose, I added a touch of lip gloss and stepped out of my truck. I could feel my heart beating with anticipation as I made my way to the door and lightly tapped on it.

I waited for thirty seconds or so and knocked again. How long does it take to answer the door? I thought to myself as I waited another thirty seconds. I was just about to knock a final time when the door opened and I saw him standing there with a bath towel wrapped around his waist. His body was wet from the shower, and god, what a body! He stood about 6’2”, with a hard body and perfectly arranged muscles wrapped in bronze skin.

“You decided to show. Come inside while I finish up,” he said and walked toward the bathroom, dropping his towel at the door, and I suddenly had a breath-taking view of his solid sexy ass and a tattoo across his back in arched black letters reaching from one shoulder to the other. HELLS ANGELS.

I closed the door behind me with a shaky hand, feeling a little more nervous now that I knew what motorcycle group he belonged to. He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later wearing just a pair of boxer shorts. His hair was still wet and brushed straight back.

There was a small table in the room where we sat, drank straight whiskey, and smoked some killer weed. We chatted about different things. He didn’t talk about his motorcycle club. He only said he was on his way to Canada. The whiskey and the weed were growing on me. I was feeling good, feeling loose, feeling fine, talking a little louder, and laughing a little more.

Sex came into the conversation and as it got more personal he asked me to stand. I thought nothing of it and stood next to the table. Then he said, “Take off my clothes, and show me what you got. He had a hungry look in his eyes that spelled danger to me.

“I didn’t come here for that,” I said to him, as the good girl side of me was telling me not to feed myself to this wolf.

“I’ve been around too long to know when a woman is lying. Take off your clothes,” he said a bit more demanding. He scared me a little and knowing what he was scared me a little more. I stood up, but not to take off my clothes. He stopped me from reaching for my purse and yanked me into his arms. Then he planted a kiss on my lips that completely did me in. His tongue snaked out and licked my lips, encouraging me to open them. As his tongue entered between my lips, my mouth opened more, welcoming him inside.

Yes, he was a good kisser, and I was so lost in his kiss that I barely felt his hand his move from my hip to breast, where his thumb lightly grazed over my nipple and caused me to gasp quietly.

He pulled his lips from mine and said, “Now, take your clothes off.”

“I’m not that kind of girl,” I said weakly as I started unbuttoning my work blouse which eventually ended up on the floor. Reaching behind my back, I unhooked my bra and let it fall from my breasts as I slipped the straps from my shoulders. It wasn’t hard to notice the rise in his shorts as he watched me. I stepped out of my work shoes and took off my work skirt, and stood there in just my panties.

“What kind of girl are you then?” He asked, staring at my nearly naked body.

“Right now I’m not sure. I was hoping that maybe you’d show me.”

He took me roughly and kissed me again. I moaned into his mouth as he reached down and grazed my pussy through my already wet panties. He brought more moans from my lips when he reached his fingers under the gusset of my panties and rubbed my pussy, slowly back and forth, pressing a bit harder, rubbing my clit, and my body shivered. When his finger slipped into my pussy, I froze.

“No… No, I shouldn’t be doing this,” I said as I had second thoughts.

“Come on, baby, you know you want it,” he whispered hotly against my ear, still moving his finger inside my wetness.

I reached down and pulled his hand away. “No, Snake, I’m not that kind of girl!” I shouted.

“Sure you are, baby. Don’t try lying to yourself. I saw the way you looked at me the moment I walked into that restaurant,” he said as he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back against the wall. He put one hand around my throat and ripped my panties off with another. Inside I was crying – no, please! But my body was betraying me once again when he kissed me hard and ran two fingers deep inside my lonely cunt. “You’ll thank me in the morning,” he said and ran his wet lips down the side of my neck.

My heart started pounding through my chest, not from fear, but from the sleeping demon that he awakened inside me. Blood rushed to my head, and my heated lust turned into liquid, leaking from my pussy and dripping from his knuckles as he fingered me.

I started giving him hungry kisses. His hand let loose of my neck and he pulled his fingers from my pussy and ran his hands down the sides of my arms as he lowered his head to my breasts, kissing and sucking my nipples. My hands ran through his wet, blonde hair and my fingers tightened to his skull, pulling his mouth tighter to my breasts as his mouth continued to tease and pleasure my tender nipples and made them ache for more.

But his head went lower, planting licks and kisses down my belly. “Oh, god…” I closed my eyes and moaned. He went to his knees, and I opened my legs when his face pressed against my pussy. I felt his thumbs spreading my lips apart, and I felt his tongue licking me from bottom to top, top to bottom, working his tongue deeper along my slit, circling my clit, then licking the juices that leaked from my hole.

It was a torture of the most pleasurable kind. I started breathing heavily through my mouth as my head rolled from side to side against the wall. He continued licking my pussy and darting his tongue inside. My knees felt like they were turning to rubber. “Oh, Snake…Don’t… don’t… don’t stop. I’m gonna cum, I feel it…”

My hips began to thrust at his mouth as he sucked my clit between his lips and flicked it from side to side and up and down with his wagging tongue. My body reached a fevered pitch. It came so quickly. Suddenly I tensed as my body peaked. As a multitude of pleasurable surges rolled through my pussy, I cried out, “Yes! Oh, Fuck Yessssssss!”

Just as suddenly, I went limp. I was swooning, sliding slowly down the wall as my knees gave out. He quickly stood up and grabbed me, lifting me to him. “You okay?” He asked.

“Uh-huh…just a little dizzy…” I was barely able to get the words out.

He picked me in in his strong arms like I weighed nothing, and carried me over to the bed, and laid me upon it. “You’re one hot bitch!” he said as he took off his shorts and laid down next to me. I felt the heat from his body seeping into my skin, and I felt his hard cock brush the side of my thigh as he rolled halfway over my chest and kissed me, making me taste my orgasm on his lips and tongue. He whispered between kisses, but I only heard his voice, not what he was saying.

He slipped one hand under my head, lifting my head from the pillow as he continued flavoring my mouth with his tongue. His other hand was slipping between my thighs again. I felt his fingers enter the depths of my pussy and I was once again became lost in the feelings of earthly rapture. My body was beginning to rise towards another orgasm as he fucked me with his fingers, hard, then easy, fast, then slow.

“Oh-God! Ohhh-God! My voice pitched an octave as I neared closer to release. “Oh-God, please don’t stop! Please. Make me cum!” I cried out like a woman begging for her life. “Faster! Please!” I cried even louder as my ass rose off the bed and the waves rolled through my undulant belly and crashed through my loins. I felt as if I was drowning in an ocean of pleasure and I never wanted to surface. My eyes were closed, my chest rising and falling with my deep breaths of recovery. I felt the throbbing in my pussy pacing the raging beat of my heart.

I heard him whisper in my ear, his breath was hot against my skin. “You like that, don’t you, baby? You like my fingers moving in your cunt.”

I never even realized his fingers were still inside me until he curled his finger to reach my g-spot and began to massage it.

“Oh! Oooh! “Ohhhhh!” I orgasmed for the third time, and just that fast!

“You definitely are a hot bitch! How many times can you orgasm in one night?” Snake asked with a smirk on his face.

“It depends on who I’m with.” It was the only answer I could think of giving him since I was laying there with my brain half rattled.

“Well, I’m going to ring as many out of you as I can. Then I’m going to bend you over the bed and fuck your brains out,” he said, still teasing my g-spot with the end of his finger as juice leaked from my cunt, in between the cheeks of my ass and wetting the bed.

I closed my eyes again and my body began to writhe. “Ahhh… Ohhh, right there, keep rubbing my G. “Oh—God…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” I shrieked as those pleasurable waves returned and launched me into orbit. He leaned over my breast and bit my nipple and linked another orgasm to the one that I was currently having. My body arched and my head rolled again as I began to furiously rub my clit to make it last.

I had never had this many orgasms in such a short amount of time with any man before. This is why I love dangerous men. These are the men that my mother warned me to stay away from. She tried to raise me right. But at moments like this, I have no morals, no scruples, and no modesty. All I could feel now are my carnal desires driven by hot, naked lust. Lost in a thousand different sensations, nothing existed for me other than the tight clench of his teeth biting and pulling my nipple, and his fingers doing wicked things inside my cunt.

His hand beneath my head grasped a handful of hair as he pulled my head back and licked the length of my neck with the flat of his tongue. They were long, slow, wet lustful licks that drawn lustful moans from my throat and turned my body feverish. I rode his hand while I fingered my clit, moving from one orgasm to another, essentially one continues orgasm.

He whispered in my ear. “You’re such a little slut. Are you my slut tonight?”

As his words sank into my pleasure-clouded brain, I felt another wave of something coming on. He took my moans as a positive sign to continue. He pulled on my hair and said, “Yeah…I knew you were a hot little bitch the moment I walked in and saw you. Are you my bitch? Hmm? Are you?” He said as he pulled harder on my hair and jammed his fingers deep inside my pulsing cunt.

I barely mumbled a response, but my soaked pussy grinding against his hand was all the answer he needed. He leaned over me again and bit my other nipple, just as hard, making me cry and moan. He rubbed my g-spot harder, then softer, and harder again as I laid there nearly paralyzed by his magic. He kept this going as he moved back to my mouth and shoved his tongue halfway down my throat.

‘Snake’ was a good name for him. He was a lustful man, a great lover who could bring out the best in a woman. And, Oh, Lord, how he pleasured me! I reached that point to where I was no longer in control of myself. He was in control, and I surrendered myself completely to him.

I need it rough now and begged him. “Harder!” And he bit my nipple, hard. I cried out with unintelligible words as my clit throbbed and my pussy convulsed over and over again.

“Please, I need it. I need you,” I begged.

“What is it, baby? What is it you want from me?” He asked, and I moaned loudly as his words reached my cunt. “Yeah…I know what you want. You want me to bend you over and plunge my cock deep into your cunt…Don’t you? What if I say no, you can’t have it?” He teased me in a wicked way.

“No, please, Snake… please…fuck me,” I begged, sounding desperate. I said the word! What was wrong with me? He was turning me into a total slut. But that’s what bad boys like him wanted. It gives them power over their prey. Prey was what I was to him now, and he had his claws buried in me playing on my needs like a cat playing with a mouse before he slays it.

“You are a cock whore, aren’t you? Say it. Tell me that you’re a cock whore!” He demanded.

“I’m a cock whore,” repeating what he wanted me to say. And at that moment I was feeling like a desperate whore for his cock, which he wouldn’t let me touch.

“How about a cocksucker. Are you going to suck my cock tonight?” With these words he pulled his fingers nearly out of my cunt and plunged them back in, hard and deep. I cried up to the ceiling. He worked his finger in me like before and in a few minutes, I was lost again as my body bolted and released more fluids against his hand. He finally pulled his fingers from me and let me come down. But I laid there, still whimpering, still shaking, still needing him to fill me, and fuck my brains out as he promised.

He slipped off the bed and I reached for his hand as he stood up. Please! Where are you going, Snake?”

He turned around and looked down on me eyeing his cock as it wagged in the air. “I’m gonna fuck you, baby. Oh yeah, I will. But first, you got to show me how badly you want it.” He grabbed my hands and pulled me up to a sitting position with my legs off the side of the bed and my feet touching the floor. Then he grabbed my hair at the back of my head with both hands.

“Come on, slut…show me how you suck!” He said with an evil-sounding voice. But I was so hot for his cock that I reached out and caressed his balls with one hand. My other hand reached around and caressed his ass. His cock was standing up on its own when he neared it to my mouth.

My tongue reached out and tasted the precum that was slowly oozing from his meatus. I started to suck on the head and he said, open wider, get those teeth out of the way … Yeah, that’s it!” he barked as I took him deeper into my mouth. I tightened my lips around his cock and sucked him deeper with sunken cheeks. I heard him sigh.

“Yeah, baby…that’s good…that’s good. You’re a hot cocksucker … Make me cum! Here, let me help you, he said and began to thrust at me, trying to shove his cock down my throat. He was being rough, insistent on making me swallow his cock, not hearing my gags while he was pushing his hips forward and pulling my head to him with his hand wrapped tightly in my hair. My hands grasped his hips, trying to control his movements.

“I’m close, baby,” he said between gasps and moans. He fucked my mouth like he would fuck a pussy as he ratcheted his cock into my throat. He pushed it all the way down to where my face was buried in his curly pubes. He didn’t care that he was choking me. I could feel the veins swelling in my neck, and my face heating up, turning red.

“Suck…suck it hard… Yeah… oh yeah.” He leaned his head back as he as getting to the edge. “Mmm, yeah bitch… Ohhh – Fuck!” He mumbled as he thrust hard into my mouth, over and over. “Come on, cunt… if you want me to fuck you, you better make me cum… Show me what a cock-sucking whore you are!”

His words were turning me on more than I could imagine. I gave him what he wanted with my tongue, my lips, and the entirety of my mouth. I knew he was close when more of his precum began stringing across my tongue. “That’s it, baby, one more suck!”

“Ahhh … Ahhh … Ahhh…” He moaned and grunted as he forced his cock deep into my mouth and quickly saturated every portion of my mouth with thick, salty goo. Some made its way into my throat. As nasty as his cum tasted, there was this hungry feeling in my throat that had me sucking like a greedy, cum-hungry slut, until his squirts turned into a dribble.

When he finally finished, he pulled his cock from my mouth. “Swallow it all, slut. I want you to show me,” he said sharply. I swallowed and wiped my lips. Then he pulled my head back and made me open my mouth to show him. “Did you like it?”

“Yes,” I answered meekly.

“Lay back on the bed,” he said to me. I laid back and he leaned down and took my clit between his lips and then his teeth. He nibbled on my clit as I moaned again, grasping my tits in my hands and pinching my nipples. Eating my pussy made him hard again, and he grabbed my hands and pulled me roughly up on my feet and turned me to face the bed.

He stood behind me and grabbed my hips and pressed his cock against my pussy. With a grunt and groan, he pushed his way deep inside my juicy cunt. I gasped as I felt my walls stretch to accommodate him, and then I moaned as the pleasure of getting filled overwhelmed me. He sank in all the way, as far as he could go. His cock felt strenuously hard and hot inside my cunt. He drew back and I gripped the bed as he began fucking me in earnest.

He reached around and grabbed my breasts and squeezed and pulled on them. “You should see yourself. What a sight you are, leaning over the bed with your ass in the air, greedily taking in my cock.” His words were affecting me, and on him as well. I could feel his cock throbbing in my cunt.

“What a slut you are, telling me you’re not that kind of girl, and you’re letting me fuck your brains out. You know that makes you a slut, don’t you? Yeah, you know…you know it and you love it.”

He pounded his cock hard into me as his words made me wetter and I moaned and pushed my ass back at him, eager for more of his cock and his debasing words. His hands continued to pull at my breasts and pinch my nipples as his cock rammed into me over and over. I moaned and cried and began to cum. Then he came deep inside my convulsing cunt as my orgasm set him off.

I felt the warmth of his cum squirt against my cervix as he stood behind me, balls deep, grasping my hips, pulling me back against him, then pushing me away, repeatedly as my ass reared in the air. The room filled with moans, groans, grunts, and cries. Then it all died down. We were both spent, sweaty, cum-covered, and tired.

I closed my eyes and passed out with him spooning me. I slept like a log and didn’t wake up until nearly noon. My head was foggy. For a second I didn’t know where I was. But then I felt the stickiness between my legs and the foul taste in my mouth and it all quickly came back to me.

I looked over and his side of the bed was empty. His stuff was gone. He was gone, and so was his motorcycle that sat out front. To make a long story short, in the end, I got what I came for, and he got what he wanted.

It left me wondering if he would ever come back through here again.


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