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Sinful Teacher 2

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A teacher continues to be coerced into sex acts with her older students

I started kissing his chest and stomach. My kisses were wet, a dip of tongue before the kiss, leaving little streaks of saliva on his body. I kissed my way up.

I had my hands on his waist and my tongue on his nipple. I sat there in my colorful, knit bonnet and silk scarf, my denim dress, my brown boots and my thick white socks. He stood there, butt naked in front of me, his feet spread wide, with my knees between his legs.

I looked up at him. He had his eyes closed, breathing through his mouth, head pointed at the ceiling.

I scooted over to his other nipple and kissed it. I ordered my hands to stay right where they were, but they were tempted to feel more of his skin, caress his body, squeeze his ass cheeks.

I nibbled on the little nipple. I felt his hand touch the top of my bonnet.

Besides the hum of the air-conditioning, all you could hear was the smacking of my lips on his body.

Until he broke the nice silence…

“Yeah, good girl,” he said, breathing out. “Yeah, nurse that shit.”

I stopped to glare at him, but he still had his eyes closed. He patted me on the head. I chuckled.

What an obnoxious, vulgar, unromantic boy, I thought.

I continued kissing. As I lowered myself, his plump and thick erect cock brushed against my chin. As I pulled back to stare at it, I noticed my hands were holding him tighter. He was looking down at me, breathing fast.

I touched it and sighed.

“It wants a kiss hello,” he said. He wiggled his body a little, making his cock shake in front of my face.

I recognized it from one of the many nasty pictures of cocks with which the boys had been barraging me.

I let out a “tsk” while adjusting myself. I gave it a gentle kiss on the tip. It bounced up a little, more blood rushing to it maybe. A lick right at the lips of it made him jump a little. I rubbed my hands on his body a little before grabbing his cock with one hand.

And cupping his ball sack in my other hand.

Now that wasn’t part of the deal. He just wanted me to kiss his nipples, lick his chest and blow him. (And he wanted to sit on my lap naked afterward for some reason, which was weird). Nothing was mentioned about his ball sack.

Yet there I was, holding it in my hand, massaging it a little, while I licked his dick bottom to top.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Ms. Dellucci,” he muttered.

I adjusted my head and my body in the seat.

“Suck that bitch like a vacuum cleaner,” he ordered through clenched teeth.

What an annoying ass he is, I thought. But he’s always been that way in my class.

Talking out of turn, flirting with everyone, teasing everyone, finishing assignments quickly just to disrupt everyone else, ignoring homework. I had told him he wasn’t going to graduate high school this year with this attitude.

But this was all he cared about. Getting laid. How lucky for him then that he was friends with David.

I put it gently in my mouth. He sighed with a loud, “Aww.” For a while all you could hear was his various, “Aww?” and “Aw!” and “Ooh, yeah,” along with my lips, my tongue and throat.

I felt my hand slip between his legs, past the ball sack, and up to his ass from behind. He wasn’t as fit as David. But I always liked squeezing a guy’s ass cheeks. Even someone as petulant as this naked boy was.

I felt my head being moved. He was pulling my bonnet off, but he yanked it off in a way that disheveled my hair a little. Hair bounced over my face. Before I could push it back, he reached down to do it for me, and held my face for a while. A nice strong hand holding my face would be romantic, but his grip was tightening. He grabbed the other side of my head.

I cleared my throat. I had an idea of what was coming. He pressed himself into my mouth, trying to go as deep as he could. I hadn’t had time to catch a breath. I wanted to pull away, but he held me there.

“Hold it,” he commanded.

I grunted a complaint.

“No, no, keep holding it, keep holding it, yeah,” he said.

He was bent over me, moaning like an animal, not paying attention to me smacking his thighs. These boys watch too much porn.

Until a voice said, “Hey.”

He released me, and I gasped for air and coughed.

“Sorry, Ms. Dellucci,” he said, still holding my head. He pressed me against his abs. He was stroking my hair and kept apologizing.

I held on to his sides, laying my head against this rough boy.

“More,” he said. “Come on. Back to work, Ms. Dellucci,” he added.

I pulled away from the warmth of his navel and stared at the cock before me.

“It ain’t gonna suck itself,” he said with a grin. I gave him a dirty look, to which he laughed. He grabbed onto the cock and tapped it against my face. I looked away so it’d hit my cheek and found myself eye to eye with David.

David was guarding the door and playing on his phone.

David was a former teenage lover of mine. Another in a list of a skeletons stacking up in my teacher’s closet. He needed extra tutoring. We ended up kissing. And we were making out whenever and wherever we could. It was dangerous and wonderful. Then he asked me to take care of a friend of his who “had the hots for me.” He promised not to tell anyone about our extracurricular activities—which sounded like a threat to me.

Now here I was, in my classroom during an off period, with David sitting in a chair by the door with his feet on a table. He was watching us rather intently, with a serious look on his face.

I held the cock in front of me with both hands and stroked it, while staring at David.

“So good,” the goofy naked boy said. “Such a good bitch.”

I winced. I readied myself for Round Two. I closed my eyes and took the cock into my mouth again. Gently, the way I liked doing it. With tender care and soft licks and a strong suck.

“She doesn’t like being called that, Chewy,” David said from where he was.

Chewy ran his fingers through my hair. “I’m sorry.”

I pulled it out for a moment and stroked it, looking up at him. He apologized again. I cocked my head the other way to continue sucking. For an annoying delinquent like him, he certainly was trying to be respectful.

He grabbed my head again. My hands tightened on his thighs, bracing for another rude face fucking. Instead he bent down and kissed me on the lips. When I opened my eyes, he was staring down at me with a smile.

What a strange, surprising kid, I thought. He moved an inch closer to me and I felt myself move towards him like a magnet. I chided myself for doing that, but he noticed and kissed me again.

“You like that?” he asked.

Yes, I thought as I kept quiet and touched his cock again.

“Yeah, you like that,” he said. In an exaggeratedly low villainous voice, he said, “Suck.” He grinned.

I rolled my eyes but dutifully put the cock back in my mouth and sucked.

And I sucked.

And my naughty hand moved from his thighs to his ass and gave those cheeks a squeeze. I grabbed hold of the cock with my other hand, double pressure on it, as I felt him twist and contort his upper body. He had a firm grip of my hair until he heard me mumble a complaint and he let go. He apologized again while he started convulsing. I wrenched my face free of him just as the cum came bursting out of him.

I cursed as I hadn’t prepared for it and it made a mess.

“Aw, you shoulda kept it in your mouth,” he said, stroking my hair.

“I told you to hold it,” I said to him, annoyed, slapping his hand away.

“Sorry, Ms. Dellucci,” he said. He grabbed a napkin from a nearby table and tried to clean the cum off my denim dress but only smudged it worse. I yanked the napkin from him and scooped it off, cursing again. He used another to clean himself off. He was still hovering over me.

“What?” I said. “What do you want? You’re done.”

“That…that other thing…” he mumbled.

I was still annoyed, wiping the cum off the scarf. “Chewy, what? Oh.” I rolled my eyes and remembered that weird thing he wanted. I sat up and opened my arms. “Hurry up, weirdo.”

He laughed and moved over to me. He sat on my lap facing me, straddling me.

“You’re heavy,” I said.

“Sorry,” he said as he put more weight on his feet than his bottom.

We sat there, face to face, him with a goofy grin, me looking annoyed and confused. He put his arms around my neck and leaned his head on mine. After a second, I gave out a loud, annoyed sigh and put my arms around his waist and patted his back.

“Ah, Ms. Dellucci, mamita linda,” he whispered.

“This is so weird,” I replied.

He laughed again, turned and kissed me on the cheek before leaning his head on me again and sighing.

My hands were on his back just listening to the hum of the air conditioner. Then I touched his waist. His hips. His thighs. Then I went for them again. His ass cheeks. With a nice squeeze. He was getting hard again, and the cock was rubbing against me. I squirmed a little in my seat.

He pulled his face back to look at me. I gave him a tired look.

“Are we done yet?” I asked.

He nodded and kissed my lips. As I recoiled, he leaned into my ear.

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered hurriedly. “Fuck David. You should stick with me. He’s going to make you do other people. He’s fucking sick. And he works for—”

“What the fuck, guys?” David said loudly. “Bell’s about to ring.”

He was coming towards us. Chewy sprang to his feet and hurried to put his clothes back on. I watched his cock disappear back into his pants.

“Sorry about the mess, Ms. Dellucci,” Chewy said again.

“Don’t worry,” David said. “Bitch likes it.”

“She don’t like being called that,” Chewy reminded him.

“Get the fuck out,” David told him, thumbing towards the door.

Chewy glared at him, then smiled and nodded to me, and left the room.

I stood up, having discovered another spot where cum had fallen. As I wiped my soiled dress, David suddenly grabbed my wrist.

“What’s your problem?” I asked, shrinking.

He tried to kiss me, but I dodged it.

“Aw, what’s your problem?” he said with a terrible grin.

“Getting blackmailed, that’s my problem,” I said to him. “I did what you asked, now you can leave me alone.”

“Yeah, that’s the thing about blackmail,” he said. “Once you find out your mark will pay up?” He shook his head and shrugged. “You got no reason to stop hitting her up for more shit.”

I tried to slap him, but he had a firm grip on my wrist. He laughed and stared at me, like someone who enjoyed fighting waiting for his rival to make a move.

“Play ball and our secret stays safe,” he said, glaring at with those blue eyes I used to fawn over. “Drop the ball and I go right to Principal Abner. And I tell him how you took advantage of poor little me.”

I stopped struggling. “I have to get back to work,” I said, not letting it show that his grip on my wrist was hurting me.

“Bitch,” he muttered as he let me go and turned around.

I rubbed my wrist as I moved back to my desk. “I don’t understand. If I did what you wanted, why are you so angry?”

He went to the door. I stood by at my desk.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Gianna,” he said before leaving the room. “I got a surprise for you.”

“No, David,” I insisted, shaking my head.

“It’ll be fun.”

“David,” I tried to continue.

“You’ll like him. It’s Mikey. He’s a virgin. Can you believe it?”

“I-I-I’m-I’m busy tomorrow,” I said, slamming a fist on my desk to help me get the words out.

“Then the next day,” he shrugged.

When I shook my head, his face turned angry again.

“You want me to go to Abner?”

“David…” I said, sitting back down.

David looked away, pretending to talk to an imaginary person. “Oh, hey, Mr. Abner, how are you? I’m fine. By the way, one of your teachers touched me inappropriately, Mr. Abner. Help me, Mr. Abner, sir. She’s fucking crazy. She kept telling me how obsessed she is with cock and how she’s a fucking nymphomaniac…”

“Okay, okay, you fucking asshole,” I yelled at him, but he continued.

“…And she said that if I want to pass her class, I better give up my dick to her, Mr. Abner. No, I won’t go to the police or the news, Mr. Abner, but you gotta help me. She’s always horny, Mr. Abner! I’m scared.”

He rolled his eyes and looked at me with his hands up.

“Are you done?” I asked him.

He grinned. “Nope. Mikey needs to lose his virginity. Some after school…tutoring…might help.”

He blew me a kiss and left the room. The bell rang. I laid my head on the desk, wondering how I’d get out of this situation.

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