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Brotherly love part two

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Brian and my wife get into bed!

Amanda and I spent the day arranging my father's bedroom. We got it all ready for when he was allowed home. She did all of the laundry and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Throughout the day, we teased each other about her sleeping in the nude with my brother; we both found it very exciting and we had sex three times that day.

Amanda commented about my excitement, "If I'd have known that me sleeping naked with your brother, would have made you want sex again; I'd have done it ages ago!"

I teased back, "If you sleeping in the nude with him has made me like this, imagine how I'd be if you have sex with him!"

"Why do you find the thought of your wife sleeping in the nude with your brother so exciting?" Amanda asked.

"Every man wants his wife to sleep with another guy," I replied, "The thought of another guy seeing and touching his wife is so fucking erotic!"

I continued, "The thought of you, stripping naked in front of Brian is... so fucking hot!"

She squeezed my aching penis through my jeans and said, in her sexy voice, "Well, I am going to strip naked in front of him and, climb into bed next to him."

"Oh God, I know," I stuttered, "And, every night for God knows how long."

"I know," Amanda teased, "Let's go into town and buy me some sexy bra's, and thongs, for him."

We rushed into town and bought her a dozen sets of, very sexy bra's, and thongs. My cock was as hard as it's ever been, she quickly threw them in the wash as soon as we got home. Brian texted me to say that he was finishing a little early and would come home to shower, before going to the hospital. Amanda was taking her shower and I told her that Brian was coming home. She had got one of her new bras, and thong sets already on the bed to wear for me. She had chosen a beige, woolen wrap dress to wear and, light brown suede ankle boots.

Brian arrived home about twenty minutes later, I went to my dad's bedroom to let Amanda know. She was just fastening her bra when I walked in; her sexy new bra and thong looked amazing. It was white lace, and the waistband of the thong was very thin, just like the bra straps.

An idea hit me as I watched her fasten her bra!

"I'll take your dress into the kitchen and steam the creases," I offered.

"Thanks, Steve," Amanda smiled, "I still have to dry my hair."

"Bring the hair-dryer to the kitchen," I said softly, "Brian is making coffee."

She looked at me and gave me a sexy smile, acknowledging that she would.

I took her dress with me to the kitchen and, told Brian that I was going to steam the creases out for her.

Moments later, I heard Brian say, "Wow! Hey, sexy."

I turned around and saw my wife, in just her bra, and thong, walk towards Brian; she had the hair-dryer in her hand. She gave him a gentle kiss as his hands held her waist, his hands were inches from her cheeks and, I prayed that he would grab them.

She asked him to plug her hair-dryer in for her and he teased, "Do I get a kiss if I do?"

Amanda was obviously feeling very hot at this moment, she replied, "You don't need to do anything to get a kiss, I'll always kiss you."

I wanted to leave them alone so, I made an excuse to go to the bedroom. I listened from the stairs and heard the distinctive sound of a kiss followed by Brian's voice.

"Man, this ass feels good."

"Thank you, I work out a lot to keep my body toned," she replied, "it's a pity your brother doesn't like it more."

"What?" Brian said loudly, "He's a fool then! I would love to wake up next to you every morning!"

I heard another kiss, this one seemed longer, "Well, you will for a while," Amanda replied.

"I like hearing that," Brian replied, "So if I'd have come home five minutes earlier; you'd have been in the nude?"

"If you had arrived two minutes earlier, I'd have been in the nude!" Amanda replied.

"Dang!" Brian said loudly.

"A missed opportunity!" she joked in reply.

The noise of the hair-dryer starting, drowned out anything else for me so, I went back to the kitchen.

Brian said that he was going to shower and gave her ass a quick slap.

"Ouch!" Amanda cried, "That was hard!"

To my astonishment, Brian apologized and started to rub her left cheek, in front of me!

"It was the right cheek!" Amanda joked.

He immediately put his coffee on the counter-top and started rubbing both cheeks.

"Thank you!" Amanda smiled, "Your brother is watching you!"

Brian looked at me and smiled, "You don't mind, do you, bro?"

I smiled as I steamed her dress, "I told you, I don't care what you two do."

"I thought you were going to shower?" Amanda said jokingly.

"I am but, I don't want to leave with you looking like this!" Brian replied.

"Steve, pass me my dress please," Amanda shouted to me," Otherwise, he'll never get in the shower."

Brian took her dress from me and handed it to her, she slipped it on and smiled, "There, now there's nothing to see, now go and shower!"

He gave her lips a soft, gentle kiss and asked, "Wanna come and wash my back?"

"I have my dress on now!" Amanda joked, "You should have asked that before I put my dress on."

"Dang!" Brian shouted again, "Would you have done then?"

"Maybe," Amanda teased, "Another opportunity missed!"

He went to take his shower and I asked Amanda, what she meant by the" Missed opportunity remark?" I didn't want to let on that I was listening to their earlier conversation.

She told me what he'd said about coming home five minutes earlier, and that she would have been nude if he'd arrived home a little earlier.

"Why don't you go and wash his back?" I asked, praying that she would.

"Not now, I've only just got my hair dry," she replied.

"Would you have done then?" I asked.

"Would you have liked me to?" she asked.


She came over to me and dropped to her knees, she undid my jeans and pulled them down. She sucked on my erection, and the only time that she broke for air was when she whispered that she liked what this was doing to me.

I confirmed that I liked what this was doing to me as well.

"Pretty soon, you're going to be sleeping with him," I stuttered, I was almost about to cum.

"And in the nude," she whispered, "I'm going to be completely naked, in bed with him."

I shot my load deep into her throat, she swallowed it all.

"You can swallow him as well," I whispered.

"If I have sex with him, I will swallow," she replied softly.

"Will you use a condom?" I stuttered again, "If you do have sex with him?"

"No, if we do have sex," she answered, "He will cum inside me."

We heard Brian coming down the stairs, I quickly pulled my jeans up. We went to eat before going to the hospital and while Amanda was in the restroom, Brian asked me if I was okay with him flirting with Amanda?

I didn't want it to sound like I wanted him to fuck her, so I tried to play it down a little.

"Brian, I love that you two are so close," I said, "I love how you have both hit it off with each other. I don't mind what you pair do if she's okay with it, then I am."

"But, you were okay that I touched her ass earlier?" he asked.

"Brian, she's going to be naked in bed with you," I replied, "If I'm okay with that, why would I mind you touching her ass or anywhere else?"

"Thanks, Steve."

"If she doesn't want you to touch a certain part, she'll soon tell you," I explained, "What you both do is up to you, I don't mind."

"Okay, cool."

"I told her to go and wash your back earlier," I smiled, "But, she didn't want to get her hair wet again, otherwise she would have."

Amanda returned and asked what we were talking about? I explained that I was telling my brother, that I'd suggested she went to wash his back earlier.

She smiled.

"If you had come to wash my back, I'd have turned around!" Brian joked.

Amanda smiled, "Then, I would have washed your front as well, wouldn't I?"

Brian smiled.

"We often shower together, don't we Steve?" Amanda continued, "We lather each other from, top to bottom."

"Yes, we do," I answered, "That's good fun."

We finished our meal and I went to the restroom before leaving, Amanda and Brian were waiting at the restaurant door for me. When they saw me leave the restroom, Amanda went out first, Brian was behind her and I saw him grab her ass as they walked out. My cock was at bursting point when I witnessed that, and I wondered if they had kissed while I was in the restroom. As we got into the car, she whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to get you in bed tonight, I need a nice hard cock inside me."

We arrived at the hospital and the nurse told us that my father could go home that evening. She told us that the doctor would come and explain to us what my dad needs to do. 

We sat and waited for about twenty minutes, the doctor finally arrived and told us that our father had begged him to let him come home.

"He must have complete rest," Dr. Jacobs told us, "I would recommend him staying in bed for at least ten days, preferably fourteen."

He explained that our father was only hours away from a heart attack when he was admitted.

"I cannot emphasize enough how important the bed rest is for him," Dr. Jacobs said, "He is very weak and should only leave his bed to use the bathroom."

I told the doctor that we understood.

"Your family doctor has arranged for a nurse to visit every day," Dr. Jacobs told us, "His diet is also very important."

There were a lot more instructions and we confirmed that we would do everything that was asked of us.

He looked so weak when we got to his room in the hospital, the nurse had already arranged for a wheelchair and a porter to help us get him to the car. Soon, we were home and Brian helped me get him upstairs to his bed, Amanda fixed him a drink and we sat with him for a while, he fell asleep within twenty minutes.

We went downstairs and Brian made coffee, we talked about dad and Amanda assured us that she would take great care of him.

"You can stay for two weeks sweetheart?" Brian asked her, "It may be longer, we don't know for sure yet."

"Of course I will," Amanda said as she looked at me, "Is that okay Steve?"

"It's fine with me babe, I'm just happy that you'll be here to take care of dad," I replied, "I'll manage at home, don't worry about me."

My mind was racing, "Two weeks of sleeping with Brian! Maybe longer!" I thought to myself, "Surely they'll have sex in that time!"

"I'll look online and see if I can get us a hotel for tonight," Amanda said.

"What...Why?" Brian asked loudly, "Stay here, you two can have my bed, I'll sleep down here on the love seat for tonight."

Amanda looked at him and snarled, "You are not going to sleep on the love seat tonight, or any other night. We are not taking your bed from you!"

"I'll be fine," Brian insisted.

"No!" Amanda replied harshly, "You will be sleeping in your bed and that's final!"

"I have made a decision!" I said with authority, "And this is not up for discussion, understand!"

They both looked at me.

"I will sleep down here on the love seat," I informed, "You two can sleep together in Brian's bed."

"All right!" Brian said excitedly, "Are you sure Steve?"

"You're going to sleep together for the next two weeks, possibly longer," I smiled, "It will just start a day earlier than planned."

Amanda smiled at me, "Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Why should I mind?" I asked, "It's only one extra night."

"I'll go and change the sheets on my bed," Brian said excitedly.

"Don't you mean, our bed?" Amanda joked.

"Heck yes," he said loudly, "Our bed!"

As he walked past Amanda, who was sitting opposite me; he gave her a soft kiss and I was shocked to see his hand land on her right breast!

"I'll give you a hand," she said to Brian as he made his way to the stairs.

"It's okay, I can manage," he replied, "What color sheets would you like on our bed?"

"I don't care," she answered.

He ran upstairs and, she came to kiss me. I moved my hand up the front of her wrap dress towards her pussy.

"Did you see where his hand went?" she whispered, "he held my boob!"

"I know," I whispered back as my hand found her thong covered pussy, "I noticed that you didn't move it."

She kissed me passionately before whispering, "Are you sure about me sleeping with him tonight?"

I moved her thong to one side and started to feel her pussy, I wasn't surprised to find that it was already very wet indeed!

"You're soaking wet," I whispered.

"I know!" 

"I wonder why?" I teased.

"You know why!"

"Is it because very soon, you're going to strip naked in front of my brother?" I asked.

"I'm not just going to strip naked in front of him," She whispered, "I'm going to strip naked for him!"

"Just promise me that you'll strip slowly," I asked, "And, tweak your nipples like you do every night when you take your bra off."

"I promise!" she answered, "Dang, I wanted you to fuck me tonight, remember?"

"You could always get him to fuck you," I teased as I rubbed her clitoris softly.

"Oh yeah right," she replied, "I'm upstairs fucking your brother while you're down here!"

"I don't mind babe."

We kissed again before I said, "In the morning, I'll bring you both some coffee."


"Please pretend that you need to use the bathroom," I said softly, "I want to see you get out of bed in front of us both."

"You want to see me nude in front of him?" she asked.

"Yes please."

We heard Brian's door open and she quickly pulled my hand out from under her dress.

"Sheets are clean," Brian said as he rejoined us, "I brought you some sheets and blankets, Steve."

Amanda took the blankets from Brian and made me a bed up on the love seat.

"I checked on dad as well," Brian said, "He's sound asleep.

"That's good," Amanda smiled to him.

"Okay, while you two are having your good-night kiss," Brian said softly, "I'll be going and get into bed."

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute," Amanda said in her sexy voice.

"I'll give you your good-night kiss when we're in bed," he teased, as he started to walk up the stairs.

"Okay, I'll be there soon," my wife replied.

We had several, long, kisses; I could feel her heart beating fast and she was trembling.

"Good-night, my fantastic husband," she whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too, now go and strip naked in front of my brother," I replied softly.

"In front of and for your brother!" she whispered, "I'm going to be nude when I kiss him good-night!"

She looked at me as she slowly walked up the stairs, as soon as she was out of sight, I ran to the stairs to listen. I heard Brian's bedroom door open and close a moment later.

I silently crept up the stairs so that I could hear more clearly.

"It didn't take you long to get into bed," I heard Amanda say, "I'm just going to the bathroom."

"I'm nude," I heard Brian say, "Is that okay?"

"Of course it is," she answered, "It's so cold, I hate the wintertime."

"It is cold, I don't have any windows open," he said, "I usually sleep with the window open a little but, I didn't want you to be cold."

"Thank you, I won't be a minute in the bathroom," Amanda said, then silence for a couple of minutes. I guess that she had come out of the bathroom because I heard her say again that it was cold.

"Do you always fold your clothes up when you take them off?" I heard Brian say.

"Yes, my clothes anyway," she replied, "Not my underwear, I put that straight in the laundry bag."

"That's a really sexy bra, and thong set," I heard Brian say clearly.

"Why thank you," she replied.

A moment later, I couldn't believe my ears, I guessed that she had removed her bra because, I heard Brian say, "Do that again?"

"What, take my bra off?"

"No, what you just did to your tits," Brain said loudly, he was obviously excited.

"Oh, you mean, tweak my nipples, like this?" Amanda said.

"Oh my gosh!" I heard Brian gasp, "That's so fucking sexy."

"Your brother likes me doing that as well," she replied, "I do it every time that I take my bra off."

"Do it one more time!"

"There, happy now?" she said softly, she had obviously tweaked her nipples a third time for him.

"Can I use this socket by the bed?" Amanda asked, "To charge my phone."


"Would you be a love and, move over to my side of the bed?" she asked, "to warm it for me."

I heard a moments pause, I assumed that she was plugging her phone in to charge it.

"Wow, you are fucking gorgeous in your dress," Brian exclaimed, "But when you took your dress off, you are even sexier. But nude, oh my God, you are just stunning!"

I assumed that she had removed her thong at that moment, I heard footsteps walking towards the door; that's where I had placed her suitcase. I realized that she was walking to her case to put her dirty lingerie in the laundry bag.

"Thank you," she replied, "I do try to keep myself in shape."

"It's working," Brian shouted to her, "I always wondered if you shaved your pussy."

I was working my cock from my vantage point just outside their door, trying to control my heavy breathing. Her voice got softer, so I knew that she had to be walking back towards the bed, naked!

"Well, now you know," Amanda chuckled, "I'm flattered that you thought about me though."

"If you were my wife, we'd be fucking every day and night," Brian said, "You'd be nude all day long."

I heard Amanda sigh before she asked him to move over.

"Move over to your side, I want to get into bed, I'm freezing."

I heard some movement and, I assumed that he'd moved to his side of the bed.

"And there was me thinking that your nipples were hard because you felt excited," Brian said.

"My nipples are always hard," she replied, "Brrr, I'm cold; can I snuggle up to you?"

There was no talking for a minute but, I could hear some movement so, she must have been snuggling with him.

"You never turned the bathroom light off," Brian told her.

"Dang it!" she replied, "I'll go and turn it off now."

"It's okay, I'll do it," he said, "You're cold."

"Thank you!"

"I may want an extra good-night kiss for turning it off though," He joked.

Her next words shocked me.

"I told you, you don't need a reason to kiss me," she said in her soft, sexy voice, "I love being kissed."

More movement, then I heard Amanda say, "Nice butt!"

Moments later, I heard Brian say, "I'm sorry about this but, when you have a sexy, beautiful, naked girl in your bed, nature takes over."

"Don't apologize," Amanda said, "I'm happy that I have that effect on you!"

I assumed that he had an erection.

"Babe, you have this effect on me every time I see you."

I could hear him getting back into bed as Amanda said, "Awww, I'm flattered."

Suddenly, I hear Brian let out a yelp! Amanda immediately apologized.

"Oh sorry, did my knee hit you in the balls?"

"Yes," Brian squealed.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry," she said apologetically, I was trying to snuggle and get warm."

"It's okay," Brian said, "Actually, remember this afternoon when I slapped your ass?"


"You made me rub it better," Brian teased."

"Yes," she replied, "Oh, I see; you want me to rub your balls better I suppose?"

"Well, I had to your ass."

"I'd better warn you though," she answered, "My hands are cold."

"There's nothing better than cold hands on a warm, hard, cock," he joked.

I was at the point of shooting as I heard him sigh, I assumed that she was rubbing his erection.

"There is that better," she said after about three minutes.

"Much," Brian panted, "You can still keep your hand there though, it'll help to warm your hand."

"Brian," she said in a disarming tone, "I'll hold it but, I'm not rubbing it anymore, I could feel it throbbing while I was rubbing it better."

"I told you, I can't help nature," he answered, "How do you usually sleep, on your back?"

"On my back and sometimes on my side, why?" she replied.

"I was just wondering," Brian said softly, "wondering what beautiful sight I will wake up to in the morning."

"You are so sweet," I heard Amanda say, "Come on then, kiss me good-night."

"Lay on your back then, and I can kiss you more than once, can't I?" my brother said.

"Yes you can, I'll have to let go of this though," she replied, "Your thingy."

"It's called a cock," I distinctly heard him say, "Why do you have to let it go?"

"I know what it's called," she giggled, "I can't hold your thingy in my right hand if I'm laying on my back, now can I?"

"It's called, a cock," Brian repeated, "Are you too shy to say what it is?"

"Of course not!" she answered, "Don't worry, I'll switch hands and, hold your cock with my left hand."

I heard some movement before she told him that she was ready for her good-night kiss.

"Your tummy is so firm," Brian said before I heard kissing, it was three very short kisses.

"Wow, these are so soft," Brian said, "Apart from this part in the middle, that's nice and hard."

"Brian," Amanda replied in an excited tone, "Stop doing that to my nipples, I told you how sensitive they are."

"Don't you like me doing this?" he said, "Is this not nice?"

"Yes, it's very nice, that's why I'm telling you to stop," my wife responded, "Your brother saw your hand there, earlier you know."

"I couldn't help it, I just had to touch you," he replied, "I think that, while we're in bed together; our good-night kisses should be a little longer and, a little more personal, don't you?"

I had managed to get my own cock out of my jeans and, I was working it slowly.

"How much more personal?" Amanda enquired, she sounded excited.

This was better than I had imagined.

"Brian, you'd better stop squeezing my nipples like that," my wife panted, "How much more personal do you want to kiss then?"

"How's this?" he said softly.

I heard a soft groan from him and, I assumed that he was kissing her, it was about twenty-five seconds before I the sound of lips parting.

"Wow, that was more personal!" Amanda gasped.

"Was that okay?" he asked, "You said that you like kissing.

"It was nice," she panted again, "But, you'd better only kiss me like that when we're in bed. Better not kiss me like that in front of your brother."

I was praying that they used their tongues when they kissed and that they would kiss more.

I heard Brian comment about her body, "I love how soft these are and when I get to your tummy; how firm it is. All the way down to here."

"Brian... Your hand is getting close to where it shouldn't go," Amanda gasped.

"I want to kiss you again," Brian stopped her from talking.

"Kiss me then, but don't move your hand down any further," she panted, "It's already too close to where it mustn't go."

I heard kissing and Amanda suddenly let out a loud groan, "Oh my God, I told you not to go any further down."

"Isn't it nice there then?" he asked softly, "Don't you like my hand stroking you there?"

"Yes, it's too nice," she panted, her breathing sounded heavy and, I was hoping that his hand was touching her pussy.

"You shouldn't be touching me there," she said very softly.

"Touching you where?" he teased.

"You know, where your hand is now," she panted again.

"You mean here, your sexy pussy?" Brian teased, "Say where my hand is, say what I'm touching?"

"Oh God," she gasped, "My pussy! There, I've said it, my pussy! Kiss me! Kiss me now!"

I heard her groan as I assumed he was kissing her deeply.

It seemed like ages but in reality, it was about fifty seconds before I heard her panting again; I assumed they had finished their kiss.

"Brian, please stop," Amanda said very softly, "Your brother, my husband is downstairs."

"If I stop rubbing your clitty, can I leave my hand there?" he asked.

"Yes, but please don't put your finger inside anymore," she panted again, "And don't tease it anymore, please, I beg you."

"Tease what, your clitty?" Brian teased, "Say it, say the word?"

"Ppplease, don't tease my clitty anymore," She stuttered, "I've already cum a dozen times now."

"Tomorrow night, when your husband isn't here," Brian said, "I won't be so easy to control, you know that; don't you?"

"Yes I do, and I may not want to control you then, but tonight he is downstairs. kiss me good-night and go to sleep; please" she answered, her breathing sounded more normal now.

I heard kissing for almost two minutes.

"I have to kiss your nipples good-night," he said, "Okay?"

"Quickly then."

I heard her groan a little.

"You said kiss, not lick, suck and bite," she joked, "Now go to sleep, please."

"You'll still hold my cock?"

"Yes, I'll still hold your cock!" Amanda giggled, "Just hold me there, don't rub or tease, please."

"Hold you where?" he teased.

"Where you are holding now," she replied, "my pussy! There, happy now that I've said it again?"

"Perfectly, sweet dreams my sexy girl."

I crept down the stairs and jerked myself off, it took less than two minutes before I was shooting in my hand.


Next part on it's way.

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