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Captain’s Table

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A fantasy on my upcoming cruise with the Captain, starting with formal night, ending in the bedroom.

This is my first story submission. I am excited to have this opportunity! My writing is my conversations with a guy I met online. I have not met, know his real name nor what he looks like from the neck up. I’ll call him Jack...

Jill: Hi Jack! It’s been a long time since we last chatted online. I miss seeing your nice comments. Hope you are doing well. I've been busy with life and healing myself. I am planning an Alaskan Cruise next month, very excited about a new adventure and doing it alone which I have never done before. It sounds refreshing as I won't have to worry about entertaining anyone but myself. And best of all, they have dancing and discos! Love to hear from you. 

Jack: Hi Jill, it is so great hearing from you!  I have been busy but really good. Thank you for asking. I haven’t been on much, but I definitely do miss our chats and your sexy pics! How have you been?

The cruise sounds amazing.  I hope you have a wonderful time. When are you going?  I wish I was there to see you dance. I would enjoy getting a lesson or two from you!  I’m sure you’ll have a sexy and fun time.

Jill: Great to hear from you and that you are doing good. Busy is a good thing too. I have been working on my mind, body and spirit, and going through my final grief of forgiveness.  It seems to be the final stage for me and I feel such a weight lifted off me. My cruise is a chance to journey through my healing process and come out on the other side refreshed and renewed.

I've never traveled alone before and it seems kind of scary. I am sure the ship and its excursions will be a safe protective zone for me. I think I'll do alright. One shore excursion I picked is a Lumberjack Show. Got to be the most cheesy touristy thing to do in Alaska and that is exactly why I am doing it. Might even wear a flannel shirt in support. 

I have this funny fantasy that the captain will invite me to his table for formal night. Haha! I got the perfect dress for that occasion too. It is a sparkly champagne form fitted v-cut, revealing my robust cleavage.

Jack: That is so awesome! I can’t wait for you to experience Alaska.  I’m glad you’ve made it through the forgiveness process. That is always such a good thing. If anyone can catch the Captain's eye, it would be you!  I can’t decide if I’d rather see you in the sexy dress or the flannel. I have an image of both in my mind and am losing concentration!

Jill: You’re funny. Thanks for the laughter. I’ll send you photos when sporting them both. 

Jack: So when are you leaving? Do you set sail out of Seattle?

Jill: My cruise leaves out of Vancouver Aug 17. Sorry I won’t be stopping in your neighborhood. 

Jack:  In a perfect world, does your dining with the captain fantasy end with dinner, or is that just the beginning?

Jill: Hmmm, dining with the Captain. Question: would it be a private dining experience or a shared table with the Captain? So my fantasy begins...

The Captain will notice me boarding the ship. He'll catch me working out in the gym, walking the decks, and standing along the rails gazing at the scenery. He’ll watch me play basketball with the guys and be impressed with my shots on the court, a swish here and a bank shot there. He will see me hanging out with a tall handsome sexy guy as my teammate who has abs like yours, Jack.

The Captain will break from his post and run into me. Being professional, he’ll clear his throat, to get the nerves out, and make small talk in his best deep-man voice.

Later that afternoon, I’d find an invitation in my stateroom inviting me to the Captain's Table, joining nine other guests. I’ll wear that dress I described and my hair would be braided, hanging down one side of my breast drawing attention to it. 

I’d plan to be slightly tardy. When walking into the noisy dining hall, I’d cause a sudden gasp of silence as all eyes follow my stride into the room, trailing a light fragrance of tropical floral essence.

I’ll walk up to the Captain’s table, noticing the last empty seat happens to be next to the Captain. All the men will stand up as I approach, reach out their hands to introduce themselves and their ladies. I’d be polite, approachable and warm to the introductions and reach over to the ladies to give compliments. By the time I’d reach the Captain, he’d squeak out a hello, immediately clearing it and tell me how lovely I look. He’d then asked me to sit on his left. Throughout the evening the Captain will share what life on the high seas is like with all his table guests. I’d listen and join in on the conversations, as it would bring laughter around the table.

After dinner and port wines, the Captain will excuse himself to return to his duties. He’d give handshakes to his table patrons, leaving me last to take my hand, kiss it and tell me he had a wonderful night. I’ll smile and politely receive his professionalism. Watching him leave through a service entrance door, I’d turn towards the exit and head out the room to the sounds of Latin music pumping the walls at the disco. 

The disco would be flashing red, purple and gold lights to the beat of the music and clouds of white smoke would stream down from the ceiling. The music would be pumping and I’d be a-jumping. I’d notice my basketball teammate sitting alone at a table, and he’ll smile when he sees me approach.

I’ll give him a casual hug and a high five. He’ll get us drinks and we’ll spend the evening dancing salsa, cha-cha, and rumba. He’ll lead me into tight spins, flying me across the dance floor as we’d grind away to the beat. We would dance into the wee hours until last call, and peel our sweaty bodies off one another.

Making our way through the maze to my room, my basketball dancer will announce we share the same floor and as we approach my door, he’d let out a laugh that we just pass his door. Standing in front of him, I’d look into his eyes and reach for his lips to give him a goodnight kiss and soon our sweet kisses will turn into passionate hot embraces. Our hands will wander and follow the contours of our bodies.

I’d clear my throat and ask if he’d like to come in. He’ll look at me and say he’s got a better idea. He’d open my door, direct me in, and close the door leaving me alone in my room. I’d be confused for a moment until I hear a knock at my interior door. (I did wonder why I had a door leading to nowhere.) I’d open it and he’ll say, "You come here often?" I’d laugh and invite him into my room. 

Meanwhile, the Captain would stop by my room, hesitate to knock as he hears our soft moans...

So Jack, would you like to write what happens next?

Jack: Well, that was a fun twist adding me to your fantasy! But before I write the next chapter, I have to know if you invited the Captain in with your basketball dancer or will that be saved for later during your sexy cruise?

Jill: We'll leave the Captain out for now. I’ve got a plan for him later. I give you full permission to write whatever you desire.

Jack: As we stand at the foot of your bed with the moonlight shining into your room, our bodies are pressed against each other. Our hands are wandering, rubbing shoulders, and backs down to our butts. We are sharing deep passionate kisses, your lips and tongue feel so good on mine. There is no hiding my excitement. It seems you are enjoying this as much as I am. You place each of your hands on my butt trying to pull me in closer. I return the favor. Your backside feels so good in my hands and your body feels so perfect pressed tightly against mine!

I slowly move my hands up the small of your back pausing at the top of your zipper. I really want to get you out of your sexy dress. My pause is my way of making sure it is okay. We are on the same page, and you give me a muffled mmhmm through our hot kissing.  With that, I slowly pull the zipper down to the small of your back. As I unzip you with one hand, my other hand follows, feeling your soft and sexy bare back. Just as I had thought, you are not wearing a bra.

I step back, so I can slide your dress off of your shoulders and allow it to fall to the floor. Wow! You look amazing, sexy little thong panties, soft radiant skin and your perfect erect nipples! I immediately reach for your bare butt, grab it with both hands to pull your sexy body back into me. Your bare nipples feel so good pressing against my chest through my silky smooth shirt.

As you stand there, almost naked, I am feeling a little overdressed.  You back a half step away from me and begin to slowly and methodically unbutton my shirt.  As you are doing this, I shift my attention from your butt to your beautiful breasts by massaging and caressing and gently pinching your nipples.  As you get my shirt off, you begin to rub my chest and stomach as our lips meet for another amazing sensual long kiss.

You shift your attention down to my pants and slowly unzip me, as you press your hand against my hardness. My enjoyment is obvious and your touch feels so good. My pants drop to the floor, exposing my boxer briefs. I pull you back into me so I can feel your naked skin pressed against mine while our bodies grind one another. 

I gently lead you to the bed and you lay on your back with your feet just on the edge. I stand leaning over you, giving you a good slow kiss on your lips before moving down to your neck. My lips explore your neckline moving slowly and deliberately down to your beautiful breasts. I kiss each of them, not missing anything until I can no longer take it. I finally run my tongue around one of your nipples, licking and sucking on it while my hand teases the other one.  Your soft moans are such a turn on and assure me that you are enjoying. I take my time caressing them both. 

Your nipples become so erect and are ready to poke my eye out. I begin to move my lips down your stomach, slowly tracing a line with my tongue. I make it below your belly button to the top of your panties. I slide off the bed, kneel down on the floor and gently pull you towards me until your butt is at the edge of the bed. I place your legs up over my shoulders and begin to kiss and lick each one of your inner thighs.  Starting at your knee and slowly moving up to your panties. I give you a quick little lick and kiss over the top of your lace as I cross over to your other leg. There is no mistaking your excitement as I can see the wetness on the fabric.

As my tongue traces back up your inner thigh to the center of your lace thong, I pause giving you slow licks and little sucks through the fabric. I can tell by your reaction, you are enjoying this as much as I am. I move my hands up to your waist and slide my fingers under your thong. You give no hesitation and lift your hips, making it easier to get your panties off. As soon as they are removed, I spread your legs just a little wider. The moonlight is giving me a perfect view of your glistening pussy. I can’t wait to put my tongue to work.  

I begin giving you long slow licks on the outside of your labia, slowly up one side and then back down the other. At the top, I deliberately swirl the tip of my tongue around your clitoris, you taste so good!  I am rock hard now and my head is starting to poke out the side of my briefs. My lips surround your clit and I give you soft sucks. I can feel you tense and hear your breathing get heavier. 

I continue swirling and sucking, keeping pressure with the tip of my tongue. After a few repetitions of this, I move my tongue down, sliding it inside of you as deep as I can, in and out. You are beginning to wiggle with enjoyment

With this, I slowly move one of my hands towards your pussy, insert my middle finger and rub the rough patch of your G-spot, back and forth several times, keeping my tongue active on your clit, sucking and swirling and while sliding in and out, I grab your sexy butt pulling you closer towards me. You are beginning to pulse with enjoyment and it feels like you may be close.

Jill: You make me feel incredibly hot! All my senses are tingling and exploding as you touch my body with your fingers and exploring tongue. It feels so good to be touched and caressed while my legs are on top of your shoulders. That is so sexy! With your tongue swirling all around my soaked pussy and your finger inside my tightness, my clitoris becomes rock hard with all the excitement. I moan out in a breathless gasp as my organism pulses through my body, making me twitch with each stroke as I tighten more around your finger.

You remove your finger and lean forward to press your chest up against my pussy and kiss my stomach. I moan and arch my back as my orgasm is still delivering throbs and pulses. You then touch the tops and sides of my feet and I moan and giggle at the same time, bringing more throbs between my legs as my sweet smell of excitement lingers in the room. 

When I return to earth, I reach for your arms and rub them up and down, leading up your neck and ears, lightly pull on your lopes and then running through your hair. I reach back to touch your forehead and trace your eyebrows down to your cheekbones and down along your chin and across your soft lips. You laugh at the tickle and I smile.

I pull your body on top of mine and reach for your lips and kiss them passionately while exploring your tongue, tasting my sweetness. I lightly suck on the bottom of your lip. As I pull you back, I look into your light-colored eyes and see a twinkle as the moonlight shines in on us again, highlighting our bodies.

I gently direct you to roll on your side facing me so we are both in the moonlight. I look down at your shorts and see your cock throbbing and bobbing and poking out of its side. You roll onto your back giving me free access to continue. I reach for your cock and stroke through the fabric. You tense up a little and relax when I release. I passionately kiss you while sucking on your bottom lip. I move to your ear and nibble on the lope, breathing softly into you. I gather myself onto my knees and trace my lips down your neck, caressing and sucking here and there. My fingers explore your chest as my lips slowly move all over your firm abs. I can't help but nibble on your six-pack. As I come up to your briefs and look at you, you just nod your head.

I pull your shorts down your legs as they fall to the floor. I lightly touch the tops of your feet and legs as I work my way back to your most excited part of your body. I reach with my hand and grasp your hard cock, slowly stroking it. You lift your head off the pillow, capturing the visual as you moan out your excitement. I see pre-cum and take my thumb and rub it all around the head making it slick and shiny in the moonlight.

As I stroke you with one hand, my other finds your balls and gently massages them. I reach down and kiss your balls, smelling your manhood. My tongue travels up the length of your shaft, feeling the veins and ridges.  I flick the throbbing head as it pulses on my face. I pull your cock into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the head while stroking up and down your hardness, your moans agreeing to the licking.

I work you until your body tenses and tightens and with a bursting moan of satisfaction, you cum into my mouth. I savor and swallow your bittersweetness. I continue to tightly pump you for another load. After you catch your breath and regain your senses, you reach up and take me into your arms for a deep french kiss. I see you smile as you taste your yummy seed.

Jack: Holding you tightly in my arms, feeling your naked body pressed against mine and tasting the combination of our juices as we kiss is making me recover at a quick pace.

Kissing you softly, nibbling on your lips, and feeling your tongue slide into my mouth, is an amazing turn on to me. Feeling your sexy breasts against my chest is an added bonus. I need more of you, my desire for you is controlling me!  I want to feel you wrapped around my hardening cock.

I slide my hand down your back grabbing your firm ass.  I rub and massage as we kiss. I want to feel your tight wet pussy again. I slide my fingers down and across your lips. They feel so soft and perfect. Your moans are muffled by our intertwining tongues. I slide one finger in while continuing to rub your pussy. This sensation is all I need to be right back in the state of full excitement!

You roll onto your back.  At first, I'm not completely sure if you are pulling away, but at a second glance, I realize that you are giving yourself to me and the moment of ecstasy that we are in.  You look amazing in the moonlight.  I reposition myself to hover over you on one arm while continuing to enjoy your pussy with the other and sucking on your nipples. 

You toy and pinch my nipples sending a message straight to my cock, making it twitch. Then you work your way down my abs until you have my cock firmly in your grasp.  You begin stroking me with one hand as your other finds your clit. I insert two fingers into your tight pussy. We are both breathing hard, our mutual excitement is obvious!

After a couple of minutes of this, you reposition your legs showing me that you want more than just my fingers.  I slide my legs in between yours, still supporting myself with one hand. My other hand goes down to my cock. I use it to rub myself up and down your pussy. I want to be inside of you so bad!  Fighting the urge to dive right in, I continue to rub it up and down, all around your clit, ever so slightly splitting your lips. 

On the second pass, my swollen head slides into you. I move my hand away from my cock, using it to better support myself above you.  Your louder moan lets me know that you are enjoying this as much as I am!  I slide it back out. The sensation is spectacular, right back in, once again, just the head. It feels so good and tight. Everything is absolutely amazing, our kiss, your hard nipples brushing against my chest. My swollen head sliding slowly in and out of you. Wow!

I feel your hands on my back, moving down to my ass. You grab each cheek pulling me deeper into you. I slowly get deeper and deeper with each stroke into you, then all the way out of you. My cock is throbbing, your pussy is tightening around me. Finally, you pull me all the way into you, deep inside of your tight and soaking wet pussy. My balls are pressed against your ass. Your breasts are pressed against my chest. We pause right here, kissing and soaking in the sensations.

Jill: I am so wet from your cock rubbing up and down my lips, my juices start to spread all over me. As you begin to enter me, your head finds its passage through the folds of one tight pussy, making us both moan with delight. The energy of your cock separates my walls each time you reenter me. I pull you in closer with my hands on your ass, guiding you in as my pelvis meets up to yours. And with each passage, you go in deeper. The sensation is so intense that I can barely hold on.

I now feel your head pressing up against my cervix.  A  loud explosive sound escapes deep in my throat! Oh, the feeling and sensation of my orgasm is so intense, which pulses and tightens around your hot sexy rod of a cock. You hold still for a moment to enjoy the feeling of my spasms. My orgasm squishes tighter around you and my juices flow down and onto your balls.

You start slowly pumping because of your excitement and my pelvic undulations. You try to contain yourself by staying focused on my moment of ecstasy. I shake and twitch and then kiss you passionately, tonguing you deeply as we are both breathing hard. My heart is racing and beats against your body.

I pull my arms around you and hug you tight to slow your movements so I can catch my breath. I can feel your cock twitch and throb inside of me and I squeeze my muscles around you and throb back.  After a few minutes, my breathing returns and you start to move slowly. I touch your back and graze a few sensitive spots bringing electricity throughout your body. It is a sensual touch that brings your breathing a little heavier.

I roll you over to reposition myself to be on top of you, keeping your cock from pulling out of me. I got a wild look in my eyes and am ready to pounce. I pull you out of me and look down at your throbbing sexy cock with white creamy me all over you. I become serious for a moment and look into your eyes. You are a beautiful handsome sexy man and I'm so glad you can dance this passionate moment with me on this stage of a bed.

I look back at your throbbing cock and reach with my two fingers and scoop up my cum and put it in my mouth. You lick your lips and watch as I take another scoop and place it into your mouth, your eyes sparkle. Sweet and salty. You grab me and pull my body down onto you and we wetly kiss enjoying our flavors together.

Finding your nipples, I lightly squeeze and pull on them making you moan through our kissing. I reach down to your balls and find more of my cum, I pull it up all around your cock and stroke it. You are so hard and now so wet. I position myself over your body and hold my drenched pussy right at the top of your bobbing cock. I take my hand and rub your cock against my lips, feeling once again your hardness and excitement.

You feel so good and I'm so tight and so slippery, you just glide right back into me. I lean onto my elbows on either side of your head and kiss you passionately with my breasts against your chest. With my ass in the air, I pump down onto you and make a quick movement back out, tightening my muscle walls as the tip of your cock again enters me. I pump back down on you deeply this time. The sensation is so sexy for me and makes sloshing sounds of my excitement. I continue pumping down and pulling you out. This movement drives you crazy as my wetness drips down your balls...

Jack: Your body feels so good riding mine. Your cum tastes so good on my lips. Your juices running down my cock is such a turn on!  Your tongue in my mouth while my cock is in your pussy, is so erotic.  You continue to slide up and down on my throbbing hardness as I slide my hands up and down from the tops of your shoulders to your sexy ass. I grab your round butt cheeks and forcing you down on my hardness, I feel your response and hear muffled moans as I drive me deeper into you. 

It feels so good, our bodies rhythm becomes one. We are completely lost in the moment, moving together, our juices all over each other. Our sweat builds as we begin to explode with passion.  Our moans are getting louder, our bodies are tensing up. You feel me throbbing inside your pussy.  This brings you into a seated position now exposing your breasts to me. This gives me the opportunity to massage and pinch your nipples while we continue to pump, in and almost all the way out.

As I begin to cum, I reach down with my thumb and tease your wet erect clit. Pushing you over the edge and into an orgasmic state, as you continue to bounce on my cock while I deliver my hot load deep inside of you. I continue to thrust and feel the sounds of our bodies clapping together. It is as hot as our combined moans.  As our climax slows its pace, our combined cum drips out of you and all over me. It feels so good!

Our eyes meet, we share a look of complete satisfaction.  Your glistening body looks amazing in the moonlight.  You lower yourself onto my chest while my throbbing cock remains inside of you. Your lips find mine for one lasting kiss, it’s a wonderful sensation. Our breathing returns to a normal pace. You feel so good in my arms. I don't want to move.  I hold you like this for what remains of the night.

Jill: We hold each other tight as our rapid breathing and racing hearts calm to the hum of the ship. I had no idea how exciting a love session could be for a first encounter with a new sexy lover. You pushed all my buttons and left me wanting more. My imagination races when I think of future settings with you as our bodies intertwine in the moonlight.


To be continued...

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