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Headmistress Canes Head Girl & Sixth Form Boy

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I'd witnessed Mike's nude spanking but now it was my turn, but I wasn't alone..

I’m Angie, just started my A Levels in the lower sixth and I’m head girl at my Co-ed Grammar School in the North West. I play hockey in the first team so I’m pretty fit. Being a co-ed school it’s not always easy to concentrate as the boys get very competitive and are always joking around. However, our newly arrived headmistress told the school that she determined to root out any acts of sexism. 

Two weeks ago I was invited by the headmistress to watch Mike get the strap and the cane. Because I was the butt of his jokey sexist comments she thought it only right that I should witness his punishment and me being there added to his embarrassment. When I went in to her office on that occasion I was slightly shocked and very aroused to find that he was being punished naked and had a hard on.

Things settled down after that as pupils throughout the school were not keen to be next; but bit by bit we all relaxed and forgot the risks. That was when I fell foul of Miss Phillips’ new rules. 

The lads were horsing around in the lunch break and were flicking lumps of wet paper at the girls. There was a bit of girly shrieking and above this noise I suggested that Mike, the ringleader, should use his brain and stop thinking with his cock. 

Everything went quiet. I’d obviously said this far louder than I’d realised and then I noticed Mr. Thompson, our history teacher, standing in the doorway.

“Come here Angie,” he said quietly, “the rest of you go outside until breaks over.”

He sat on the edge of one of the desks and shook his head, sadly. “I’m very disappointed in you, Angie. As head girl you should be setting a better example.”

“I, er.., I’m sorry, it just slipped out,” I murmured.

“Miss Phillips has made it very clear that the rules apply to both boys and girls, so I will be reporting you.”

I felt a chill up my spine. I’d seen first hand what the punishment looked like but I could think of nothing to say.

“Right, come with me to Miss Phillips’ office now,” he said.

I don’t remember much of the walk to her office until we knocked on the secretary’s door. Miss Jenkins told me to wait and took Mr. Thompson through to the headmistress’ office.

Mr. Thompson left and I was sent in to face Miss Phillips. 

She said much the same as Mr. Thompson. I heard snippets, very disappointed, she would make an example of me, she would decide if I would remain head girl. Eventually, it stopped and she instructed me to return for my punishment at 5.00pm sharp.

A few minutes to 5.00 I arrived outside her office and saw that Mike was waiting. In horror, I realised that he must have been invited to witness my punishment in the same way that I had witnessed his two weeks before.

We both looked down in embarrassment. The door opened and Miss Jenkins gave us a smirk before leading us into Miss Phillips’ office. She stood, very attractive but looking very serious behind her desk. On top of the desk were a whippy cane and a short leather strap that I recognised from last time.

Miss Phillips repeated her lecture about her disappointment in me and her determination to root out all sexism in this school. She informed me that I was to be given six strokes of the strap and six of the cane on my bare bottom. I felt relieved that she had not mentioned me being naked.

She then turned to Mike. “There was absolutely no need for you to burst into Miss Jenkin’s office, shouting and ranting. I had already asked her to find you to invite you to witness Angie’s punishment. For your appalling behaviour you will receive the same punishment as Angie.”

It was only then that I realised he was not just a witness, we were both to be punished.

I later found out that Mike expected to be invited to watch my punishment as I’d seen his but as he’d heard nothing he had stormed down to the head’s office. Miss Jenkins opened her outer door and he’d barged in, arguing loudly that it was only fair that he should be invited to watch my punishment. Miss Jenkins tried to placate him but he’d shouted over her. At that moment, Miss Philliips came out of her office, furious at the commotion, Apparently, Mike started again but she told him to be quiet but he was too angry to register this and continued. 

At that point she told him she would punish him for this outburst. He still didn’t stop so she told him he would get double the number of strokes if he continued. Somehow that sunk in and Mike realised how he’d dropped himself in it.  

So, here we were, Mike and me again but this time both in trouble.

My earlier relief was soon shattered by her next statement, “Both of you, get undressed and put your clothes neatly on these chairs.”

“I, er.. I thought I was just going to be spanked on my bottom and ..”

She was angry, “I will not be questioned by you. The rules are the same for everyone. Now get undressed.”

I was comfortable with my body but this was different, I would be totally exposed to his eyes.

“Hurry up or I will increase your punishment.”

I quickly removed my outer clothes, noting that Mike was down to his underpants already. I reached behind me and undid my bra but I held it in place, covering my breasts until I felt a sharp sting on my thighs as Miss Phillips gave me the hurry up.

I could see the firm outline of Mike’s penis in his pants as he slipped his fingers in the waistband and dropped them, releasing a full on erection. Miss Phillips flicked the strap across his shaft making it swing around. 

“Get that thing under control,” she shouted. 

I noticed Miss Jenkins smile as she adjusted her underwear.

My breasts swung forward as I slid my panties down revealing my neatly trimmed bush. When I looked up Mike’s eyes were fixed on my rigid nipples and his cock was glistening with pre-cum.

Miss Phillips was clearly annoyed by Mike’s aroused state and pulled him over to her desk. 

She flicked the strap across his hard penis once more, “I am going to punish you first with the strap and I warn you now that I will also use it on your, er.. on your member if is still er.. like that.” 

I was loving how embarrassed she was referring to his penis.

She bent him over the desk, pulling his rigid penis down between his legs, trapping it agains the front of the desk. Then she parted his thighs giving me a great view of his glistening cock.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack across his beautiful bum cheeks. I was sure she was hitting him harder than last time but Mike remained in position, knowing he would get extra strokes if he moved. Thwack, thwack, two more strokes, one flicking between his thighs making him cry out.

She told him to stand and sure enough he was fully erect. I felt my juices run from my quim but didn’t dare move. Maybe they wouldn’t notice.

“I warned you Mike. Hands on your head.” 

She eased back the foreskin to reveal a glistening purple helmet. Then she flicked the strap across the shaft three times and four across the head. His cock swung around in response. I don’t know about Miss Phillips but my juices were flowing and from the way Miss Jenkins kept adjusting herself I’m pretty sure she was aroused too.

“Make room for Angie,” she moved Mike back and pulled me to the desk.

“Bend over, Angie.” Having pushed me down over the desk she parted my thighs and gasped as she felt the juices on her hand. “Not you too!”

I had never been spanked and waited in dreadful anticipation for the first stroke of the strap to arrive.

Thwack! I leapt up, clutching my bum and realised Mike would have seen everything, though now his eyes were glued to my bouncing breasts.

“I will explain once more Angie,” Miss Phillips started patiently, “each time you try to stop me or get up from the desk I will give you an extra stroke with this strap. Do you understand?”

I nodded, bent over the desk and parted my legs wide in anticipation of her next move.

My bum was still tingling, thwack, thwack. I cried out loud, it really hurt but I kept still. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack. At last it stopped but by now the tears were flowing.

“Rub your bottom.” she instructed me.

My breasts swung around as I did and Mike’s cock looked even more rigid as he watched in awe.

“Stand further from the desk, bend over, legs wide apart.” I heard her say. Followed by, “I have punished Mike for his aroused state so it is only right to punish you the same way.”

I realised that I was fully on show with my bottom pushed out and legs wide apart. Then the first stroke flicked across my slit and the sensation was incredible. Did she realise what a turn on this was?

Six times she flicked the strap between my thighs, striking my swollen lips and sending electric pulses through my body. I shuddered when it stopped and cried out so it would look as though I’d suffered. In reality I wanted more!

The rest was a bit of a blur, I stood and watched as she caned Mike before giving him another six strokes of the strap on his throbbing cock. Then it was my turn to suffer the cane. My god, that stung but I was looking forward to more of the strap on my slit.

I made sure Miss Phillips realised how moist I was and achieved my objective. 

She positioned me as before and flicked the strap between my legs sending pulses through my body. I stood up after three and rubbed myself provocatively, enjoying Mike’s reaction.

Then she bent me over for the rest plus the extra stroke. I was in heaven and only just avoided coming right there.

Miss Phillips gave us another lecture on her favourite topic but neither of them could help their eyes dropping to Mike’s still throbbing erection. Then she and Miss Jenkins left us to get dressed and I heard a whispered giggle as the door shut.

The moment the door shut I moved up to Mike and slid my hand around his swollen cock, easing back the foreskin to enjoy stroking the helmet. I led his hand to my crotch and his fingers found my clit. It was all I could do not to cry out with the sensation. 

Sadly we heard movement in the next room and had to quickly dress but I was determined to continue this at the first opportunity.

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