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Her Favorite Spanking

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Olivia gets a good girl spanking and still wants more...

Olivia was not surprised when the phone rang at 4:30. Scott often called before he left work. Usually, to ask if she needed something he could pick up on the way home. She checked the caller ID before she answered.

"Hi, baby," she said sweetly. "How was your day?"

"Just fine, honey. I'm glad it's Friday. It’s been a long week. Is there anything I need to bring home?"

"Just yourself. You're all I need tonight." Scott and Olivia had been married for only six months and their love life was still quite active.

"That's good because when I get home, you are taking a trip over my knee." She gasped loud enough for him to hear. Scott had been spanking her since shortly after they started dating. Usually when she had been naughty and deserved to have her bottom roasted. Lately, she had been on her best behavior and had not done anything to earn a spanking.

"Why? What did I do?" She was close to tears. Scott's spankings really hurt. He only spanked her bare bottom and they always made her cry. The worst part was having to stand in the corner afterward with a flaming red butt on display.

"Nothing. Tonight, you are getting a good girl spanking. You have been very well behaved lately and I thought you deserved a reward. I'm leaving at 5:00. Depending on traffic, I should be home by 5:30. Love you lots. Bye."

Olivia's heart soared. A good girl spanking! She hadn't been naughty, and he wasn't angry with her. What she first thought was a threat was actually a promise. The promise of carnal delights created a desire only Scott could satisfy.

I must get ready, she said to herself. First a shower and then something sexy to wear. Olivia scurried to the bedroom, her imagination fueling the fires of her passion. She had an hour before Scott arrived, and needed to keep herself busy to keep her fantasies in check.

After undressing and a quick shower, she paused long enough to admire her body in the mirror while she was toweling off. Short brown hair, just long enough to cover her ears. Firm ample breasts and a curvaceous bottom often brought appreciative stares from most men and a few women. Her well-toned shapely legs were the result of her dedication to tennis. Olivia smiled at her reflection. It was a body that often inspired Scott to excel at his husbandly duties

Trying to decide what to wear was not as easy as it sounds. Something sexy but not too revealing. Part of the fun was having Scott undress her, especially lowering her panties before taking her over his lap. First, she selected a pair of purple bikini panties. Olivia learned long ago that red was not a good idea. Scott would always say he would spank her until her rump was as red as her underwear.

Next, a pair of jean shorts cut short to show off her legs and tight to emphasize the curve of her butt. Followed by a lacy white bra covered by a pink tank top. Usually, she went without a bra, especially at home. Now it would be another item for Scott to remove. Lastly, a light spray of his favorite perfume. That should be enough to rev up his motor.

Preparing for Scott's arrival had only used twenty minutes and now she had to find some way of distracting herself. Nothing seemed to work. Reading a magazine, watching television, or puttering around the house, all were ineffective in keeping her imagination at bay. Every little noise sounded like his car pulling in the drive and would send her running to the window. Finally, she gave up and just sat on the couch, letting her thoughts roam. She fantasized about what Scott would do to her and what acts she would perform on him.

She was so preoccupied; she did not hear him pull in the drive. She didn’t know he was home until he walked in the door. Surprised by his entrance, Olivia bolted from the couch. She ran to him and threw herself into his arms forcing him to catch her while her arms circled his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. Their lips met in a long passionate kiss until Scott came up for air.

"Whoa, girl," he chuckled. "At least let me hang up my jacket." She slid from his arms, eagerly anticipating wrapping herself around him again.

"Bedroom," he said gruffly once his coat was in the closet. He hurried her along with a swat to her fanny and followed her down the hallway. Once in their room, they went at each other like a pair of horny teenagers, lips and tongues did a love tango, while hands roamed, desperately tearing at clothing. Garments were discarded then ignored.

When they finished, Scott was naked while Olivia was clad in only her pink panties. Grinning lasciviously, Scott led her to the bed.

"There is a bottom here that needs my attention," he smirked and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties slowly drawing them down to reveal neatly trimmed pubic hair. Scott leaned over and kissed her sex, enjoying the aroma of arousal, then pulled her gently across his lap, running his hand over her silky-smooth curvaceous mounds.

"You have a beautiful ass but sometimes you can be naughty. And you know what happens to naughty girls." He began slapping her gorgeous hiney just hard enough to sting a little and make them jiggle. Olivia raised her rear, pushing it into his hand. She gyrated her hips, not because it hurt, but she could feel his erection underneath her tummy and was trying to make him climax.

He responded by slapping harder, giving her a reason to squirm. He did not stop until the color of her quivering globes went from white to pink. Scott let his hand glide over her flesh, feeling the warmth his hand left behind, soothing her with a gentle rub.

His hand crept toward the crease at the base of her cheeks and she parted her legs to give him access to her sopping wet pussy. Olivia gave a soft moan when his fingers slid between the folds of her vagina in search of the clitoris. His probing fingers brought for the waves of pleasure that threatened to engulf her in a sea of passion.

Before she could abandon herself to orgasmic bliss, Scott withdrew his hand and resumed slapping her fleshy mounds slightly harder. Scott was familiar with his young wife’s body language and when the sting imparted by his slapping hand approached Olivia’s limits, he returned to fondling her sex and denying her release once more.

Olivia felt as if she were swimming in an ocean of conflicting sensations while Scott repeated the cycle of pain and pleasure until she couldn’t tolerate any more. Her body's demand for sexual release and the growing heat in her bottom competed for her attention then joined in sensory overload.

"Please let me cum! I'm almost there. You can't leave me like this. Fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my pussy. Fuck me hard!" She was frantic with desire and needed him to satisfy her.

"Not yet, naughty girl." With a loud crack, his hand descended on her hind end, the shock bringing her feet off the floor. Several more landed in rapid succession until the blaze in her shapely mounds matched the fire burning between her legs. When he stopped, she slid to the floor between his legs with his erection in front of her face.

"Two can play that game." She grinned at him and took him in her mouth. Now it was his turn to moan as the satisfying warmth of her mouth did its work. While she was squirming across his lap, Olivia was grinding against his erection and now that it was in her mouth, he was ready to explode. Before he could she backed off.

"How do you like it?" Scott opened his eyes to find his lovely wife with a smile on her face and a sneer in her voice.

"Come here, you," he said gruffly. Olivia backed away from his attempt to pull her onto him, chuckling at his distress.

“Not yet, naughty boy. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Her mouth returned to his penis, twirling her tongue around the glans while her hand pumped the shaft. Returning the favor, Olivia withdrew her mouth when she sensed he was on the brink of shooting his load. She took immense satisfaction in a penis so engorged with blood; it was turning purple as it bobbed in front of her face.

This time she did not resist when he pulled her onto the bed and lay back with Olivia on top. Without hesitation, she impaled herself on his manhood. With both already in an agitated state, their frantic lovemaking quickly culminated with a simultaneous climax.

Exhausted, Olivia collapsed into his arms, reveling in the strength of his arms when he wrapped them around her.

As so often happened after strenuous lovemaking, Olivia fell asleep. She didn't realize she had dozed off until she awoke nestled into the crook of Scott's arm.

"Welcome to the world of the living, sleepyhead. Did you have a nice nap?"

"How long was I out?" she yawned.

"Only a few minutes. Don't feel bad. I fell asleep also. I guess we wore each other out.” Olivia gleefully accepted Scott’s lips in a lingering kiss then reached for his manhood hoping he was ready to respond. She was not disappointed.

Their second round of lovemaking was performed at a more deliberate pace but was just as passionate and satisfying. Scott took her from behind. He wanted to feel the heat from her ass slap into his loins with every pounding thrust of his cock into her greedy vagina.

“Are you hungry?" Scott asked once they came up for air.

"Starved! I didn't make dinner. I was hoping you would take me out."

"Let's order in. I'm not done taking advantage of you." Another deep kiss almost started round three until Olivia pushed him away.

“No more hanky-panky ‘till after I have something to eat. You can’t drive a race car with no fuel in the tank.” They settled on pizza and Scott placed their order.

"How long?" she asked.

"They said about forty-five minutes. I thought I would go through the mail while we wait."

"Um, about the mail," her voice trailed off and she couldn't meet his gaze. "Are you sure you want to leave me alone that long?” Scott was familiar with Olivia’s manipulations and was not about to fall for another.

“Out with it,” he ordered. “What’s in the mail you don’t want me to see.”

"The credit card bill,” she admitted. “I know you said I couldn’t use it without permission, but there was a sale at the shoe store, and I couldn't help myself."

"Olivia, your spending habits are out of control. I told you not to use the card because you are going to send us into bankruptcy. That's why you were spanked after your last spending spree. How much did you spend this time?"

"Three hundred dollars," she said softly. Scott's face looked as emotionless as stone, but Olivia could see the anger in his eyes.

"You are in big trouble, young lady. Since the spanking you got for overspending didn't have any effect, you're getting the belt this time. Turn over." Scott got up to retrieve his belt and did not see Olivia smile as she rolled onto her tummy.

I wonder if he will spank me again when he finds out there are no new charges on the credit card.

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