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Kristina In Training

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Kristina works for another Mistress but her cleaning and attitude is below the high standard require

I wrote this story together with my friend Kristina Katyn as a follow up to our earlier Kristina story. She has written other stories too, all as katyn99. Kristina has worked both as a nanny and a cleaner in real life for a number of families and ladies. This story is based at least in part on her own experiences. We hope you enjoy it.

Kristina was gently sobbing as she faced the kitchen wall with her hands on her head, her white cotton panties pulled down to around her ankles, the gusset looking slightly damp, and her dress hem tucked up into her belt so that her bottom, with the twelve red welts striped evenly and horizontally across it, was on show to anyone who cared to look. Melissa and Chiara were chatting happily at the kitchen table, drinking the coffee that Kristina had made for them after her caning and before having to stand obediently to attention and press her nose against the wall. They were ignoring her, which Kristina had to admit turned her on because it showed how she was truly becoming their lowly maid and was that insignificant in the eyes of her ‘Mistresses.’ As Kristina stood there with the wall an inch from her eyes, she remembered back to how she had ended up like this.

Kristina was working hard towards her deeply-desired new life of ultimately becoming a full-time domestic maid. She wasn’t yet, indeed she still had a full-time job, but she was on her way to one day leaving the society she currently moved in, proud of her respected public position as a professionally-qualified and senior lawyer, to replace it with her single-minded ambition to live out the rest of her life as a lower-class maid, a cleaning lady, a domestic. 

At the moment, Kristina was a senior in-house counsel for a large corporation. She was running a sizeable legal department and was involved in a string of large commercial transactions. She loved her job even though it was full of tension and pressure at times but equally looked forward to the total release from decision-making she could enjoy as a maid when her duties involved simple mundane tasks which didn’t need much thought. She found that being a maid was ideal as she only had to follow instructions; she didn’t have to think. 

A year or so previously, her then-lover, Heather, had made use of Kristina’s natural submissiveness in their relationship by encouraging Kristina to delve more deeply into her submissive side and to clean Heather’s whole apartment every week and had overlaid onto that a strict disciplinary regime as a deterrent to discourage Kristina from slack work, and also as a means of giving Heather good cause to punish Kristina frequently by way of severe canings - something Heather enjoyed doing very much. Heather had then ended their intimate relationship, and had taken up with a series of other lovers, but had continued to ‘allow’ Kristina to be her cleaner. By that time, Kristina had become addicted. Kristina steadily discovered that her natural wishes and desires were leading her to see such an existence as a better life for her in the longer term.

As it happened, after a number of years at her job, and following the completion of three significant commercial transactions, Kristina was worn out and needed a break. The corporation realised that too and was appreciative of her hard work and long hours of dedication. They suggested she take three months off on full pay by way of sabbatical to recover and refresh her enthusiasm for her job. Kristina thanked them warmly and leapt at the opportunity for a change of speed.

Heather had seen this as a great opportunity to get Kristina trained up to top-level and had referred Kristina to a friend of Heather’s, twenty-eight-year-old Melissa, who was qualified to train maids and other staff for hotel and domestic service and was happy to have Kristina as a guest in her house for a while to be trained up in the skills needed to be a full-time maid, by carrying out that role in Melissa’s house. What’s more, Melissa had an overseas student staying with her, so Kristina’s position there would be more like being a maid for a mother and daughter. So, it came to pass that Melissa and Chiara, the student, became her full-time mistresses and, as part of her training as cleaner and maid, she had to observe unquestioning respect and obedience for both. 


Kristina’s first mistake had been on arrival at Melissa’s house, when she announced herself with a cheery, “Hi, Melissa, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Melissa, an attractive though somewhat austere-looking girl with long brown hair, gave Kristina short shrift. “You will address me at all times as Miss Melissa, Miss M or Miss. You are the maid. We are not friends on any level,” she said sternly. 

Kristina felt duly admonished and, blushing as she was put in her place, replied, “I’m so sorry, Miss M. Please forgive me,” and curtsied delicately to Melissa. Kristina’s perfectly executed curtsy, which Heather had told her to practise, improved Melissa’s facial expression, it has to be said.

Melissa then introduced Kristina to her blonde and perky exchange student house guest with the instruction, “You will always address my student guest as Miss Chiara or Miss, and, although she is only seventeen-years-old, she can give you instructions as well, which you will obey without question.”

Kristina grimaced internally at the realisation that at thirty-four-years-old she was answerable to a seventeen-year-old girl, but immediately saw that it was right and appropriate given that Miss Chiara was a guest whilst Kristina was just ‘The maid.’

Kristina had arrived with a suitcase of clothes which Melissa just put in the corner of her garage. Melissa then showed Kristina the clothes she would be wearing, which were piled on the floor in the kitchen. They were mainly second-hand and cheap-looking, a number of short-sleeved black dresses which came to about halfway down her thighs, together with a variety of knickers and bras. The bras were mainly white or off-white, the knickers, or panties as Chiara called them, white or in pastel colours, generally cotton high-waisted full women’s briefs, some with pretty embroidered fronts and frilly lace. There were no tights, but there were quite a few pairs of hold-up stockings with decorated elasticated tops. There were a couple of long, warm-looking cotton nightdresses, with flowery patterns. There were two pairs of basic black flats, plain black maid’s shoes. There were four white aprons, some short some long. Melissa explained that most of the items had been purchased from local charity shops. All were in Kristina’s size, which had been passed to Melissa several weeks before. Melissa instructed Kristina to wash and iron them all, to use starch when ironing the aprons and put them in her cupboard in the box room which was to be her bedroom.

Kristina was left to sort out the clothes, wash them by hand as maid’s clothes weren’t to go in the washing machine, and then hang them up and put them away when dry. In the meantime, Kristina had to remove the dress she was wearing and just wear her bra, knickers and one of the aprons, so that she could get used to being less well-dressed than her superiors. Kristina was pleased that she had dressed in good quality underwear that morning, although Melissa said, “Once the rest of your things are washed and ready, that underwear will have to go as it is much too good for a maid.” 

For the first few days, Kristina found Melissa and Chiara a delight to be around, albeit perfectionists and strict about everything. Melissa would follow Kristina around the house, overseeing her cleaning, washing, ironing, bed-making and the like, so as to impress upon her the standards needed and where she would have to improve her skills. But Melissa would scold Kristina relentlessly when her work standard was anything less than perfect, and Kristina had to accept every telling-off without any argument. Melissa had also mentioned that after the first three or so days of training, they would be moving to a more formalized method of ensuring that her work was of the required quality. “Then you will see why maids never wear tights in this house,” she mysteriously added.

Melissa also reinforced the need for Kristina to be absolutely obedient to both her mistresses. All of this excited Kristina as she revelled in her subservience and knew that Melissa being particularly strict was needed to help her transition from being a thinking member of educated society to becoming a lower-class cleaner, housekeeper, and maid. 

Kristina remembered the first time she had earned a spanking from Chiara. Melissa was out and Kristina had been making one of the beds upstairs when she heard, “Girl, come here,” from the floor below. Kristina had run downstairs and into the dining room where Chiara was doing her homework with her friend from school, Evelyn, also seventeen-years-old, both in the school’s uniform of white shirts and grey skirts. Evelyn was pretty, with her brown hair cut in a bob. Kristina went up to the table and said, looking from one to the other but informing Evelyn, “Yes, Miss, my name is Kristina, how may I help you?” 

Chiara didn’t look up but replied, “I know your name, girl, I’m not stupid, or do you think I am?” She let the admonishment stand for a few moments before continuing in a ’do as I say’ tone, “I’ve dropped my pencil. Pick it up for me, girl,” as her friend Evelyn giggled and watched.

Kristina looked down and saw that the pencil was on the floor, literally right by one of Chiara’s feet. Kristina bent down, picked up the pencil, presented it slightly theatrically to Chiara, and said, rather sarcastically, “Here it is, Miss Chiara. It was right by your foot.”

Chiara showed no surprise or concern and responded sternly, “I don’t need that pointed out, girl, and I don’t need that attitude from you. I think you need a spanking for your rudeness and lack of respect. Have you not been listening to what your mistress has so carefully been teaching you day after day? Huh? Don’t you agree you need to be spanked?”

Kristina replied in a still sarcastic tone, “Oh Miss, I just thought that you did not really need me to come all the way downstairs just to pick up your pencil for you.”

Chiara replied in a firm tone, “Look, girl, just because I am seventeen does not mean you can ignore my instructions. That would be disobedience and insubordination, wouldn’t it?”

Kristina was wondering how to reply when Evelyn shoved her exercise book off the table on purpose and, with a smirk, said, “Girl, my book is on the floor. Pick it up.”

Kristina was shocked and blurted out, “This is just ridiculous. You girls are doing this simply to wind me up.”

Evelyn then pushed her pencil onto the floor too, saying, “Chiara says you are the maid in this house. Are maids allowed to get angry in this house and refuse to help? If my parents’ maid showed any such behaviour, she would be dismissed, and without a reference, my Mum told me.”

Chiara added, “Well, girl? What are you going to do?”

Kristina was livid but realised that the situation was spiralling out of her control. Was she supposed to obey Chiara’s friends as well as Chiara? She was also wondering what Melissa’s views might be if and when she heard about this little exchange. She remembered Melissa’s words, ‘Absolute obedience and respect, those are the most important things.' ‘Oh yes, Miss M, of course,’ Kristina had replied. Accordingly, Kristina was beginning to worry about what Melissa might say.

Kristina dropped down onto her black-stockinged knees and stretched out under the table to pick up Evelyn’s exercise book and pencil. Evelyn repositioned her legs like lightning so that she was able to plant her foot firmly on her book. Kristina was on her knees, unable to lift the book and very aware of Evelyn’s bright pink panties looking out at her from between her grey-skirt-covered thighs, as if to say, “Girl, ask my powerful pink panties if you can lift up the book.” 

Kristina more or less did just that as she said from under the table towards Evelyn’s panties, “Miss Evelyn, I’m afraid the exercise book seems to be stuck under your foot. Would it be possible for you to move your foot a little?”

To Kristina’s relief, Evelyn lifted her foot off the book and she was able to recover both items successfully. “Here you are, Miss Evelyn, you dropped these things. I am very glad to pick them up for you,” she announced, standing up as she did so and handed them back to Evelyn.

Then Chiara spoke again, “You need to be punished, girl. Lift up your dress and tuck it into your belt, front and back.”

Front and back? thought Kristina. That’s a cheek, as, even if she wants to spank me, I don’t need my dress up at the front.

“Er, Miss Chiara,” Kristina said, “You mean just at the back, surely?”

“All round please, girl, your skirt must be tucked up all round,” clarified Chiara.

Kristina gasped at the instruction, but remembered her lowly station as the maid and that Chiara had full disciplinary rights over her, and Kristina certainly knew she had no power to contest any decision Chiara made. No power at all, in fact. So, Kristina slowly lifted up her black dress all round and tucked it into the dress’s belt. She nervously faced Chiara and Evelyn, who were both looking rather impressed at the fact that Kristina, the thirty-four-year-old lawyer was obeying the female teenager’s instructions, and that between the upper blackness of her dress and the upper blackness of her stocking tops Kristina was displaying a tableau of her most intimate region, albeit protected for now by her maid’s sensible knickers.

With Kristina’s dress up, the girls looked at the picture of pinky-white thighs, white knickers, and black hold-up stockings. “Take down your panties, girl,” instructed Chiara. “Just down to mid-thigh should do.”

Kristina did so, painfully aware that she, one of the senior lawyers at Global Electric, was standing effectively naked below the waist at the instruction of a teenage stranger and that the intimate triangle of her pubic hair was just a couple of feet from the face of the seated Chiara. She even blushed as the girls looked at it as if judging whether her pubic area was tidy enough. Kristina had trimmed it relatively recently, and so she was glad that neither girl made any particular comment.

“Over my knee, girl,” ordered Chiara. Humiliated, Kristina meekly lay over Chiara’s knees, so that her hands touched the floor one side and her toes the other. 

Chiara decided that Kristina’s panties needed to be lower down and pulled them down to her knees, and became very aware from that angle that the crevice of Kristina’s pussy was glistening between her slightly separated thighs. 

“Be careful, I don’t want any grool on my skirt, girl,” said Chiara, further humiliating Kristina, who was embarrassed to be wet at all in this situation. 

It appeared to be a side-effect of combined submission and humiliation, thought Kristina, and maybe that was why she loved life as a maid so much. But what could she do about it, she thought, as her wetness was beyond her control?

Chiara, delighted to have her victim finally in position, explained to Evelyn, giggling, “Melissa canes the girl, but I want to spank her. I have more time than Melissa after all, and I love the idea of having a maid across my lap, and I am duty-bound to punish her as she was so rude and disrespectful.” 

Again, Kristina was reminded that Chiara called Melissa by her first name, but she, of no status, must not. So, as Kristina saw herself increasingly as the nobody she craved to be, that didn’t help her with the shame and humiliation of going across the lap of a seventeen-year-old girl whilst watched by another seventeen-year-old girl but was something she may have to get used to. She was just the maid, after all.

As she lay across Chiara’s lap looking at her teenage upside-down legs and her own adult legs dangling under the far side of the chair, Kristina knew she was too old to be spanked. She was thirty-four years of age, for gosh sakes. However, if proof was needed, the reality was that she had no say as all the control and authority lay with her mistress, Miss Chiara, and from now on she would never be too old to be spanked.

Chiara loved the feeling of having the household maid over her knees, She had no idea the ‘Girl’ was an important and senior lawyer, while she was just a schoolgirl. She didn’t care, anyway, as Kristina was simply the maid, the girl, as far as Chiara was concerned, and deserved to be punished for her insolence. She could feel the springy resistance of Kristina’s pubic bush against the top of one of her thighs, and she liked that feeling too. 

Chiara proceeded to spank the senior lawyer’s bottom hard, with fierce spanks on alternate cheeks, each spank leaving a clear red and angry mark. Evelyn watched, mesmerized by this display of power over the household staff here, and even wondered to herself whether she might be allowed a turn.

Kristina discovered that a seventeen-year-old could spank pretty much as hard as a woman her own age, if not harder. She knew that Chiara spent a lot of time in fitness classes. She lectured herself that she had to be so careful always to instantly obey anyone else in the house, or she would suffer these consequences if she didn’t as she yelped and gasped with the increasing pain of each smack. 

Kristina realised that, actually, it was a good thing that she was being punished so humiliatingly, as it told her once and for all that everyone was better than her and she mustn’t be testy, show attitude, or question anything, ever. It reinforced how she had to be subservient irrespective of what was said to her or by whom and no matter with what tone of voice. Once again, it was such a good lesson and pushed her closer to her goal of being an insignificant maid with no status and subject to the requirement only to serve. So, as the spanks continued apace, she wanted to say a huge thank you to Chiara for pushing her further downwards towards her desired full-time life of subservience, but she knew she shouldn’t as it wasn’t appropriate for her as the maid to say thank you for teaching the maid something which every low-status person like her should already know. 

The three females heard the front door open and close, and Melissa arrived home after just a few dozen smacks had already landed forcefully on Kristina’s blushing butt cheeks. Chiara paused in her task but Melissa just smiled as she saw how red Chiara had already turned Kristina’s bottom. Instead of asking what happened, it was clear that Melissa happily accepted Chiara’s right to spank the maid. 

Kristina was soon tensing her legs and arms as the spanking continued, and squealing like a little piglet, especially so when Chiara spanked the same bottom cheek time and again and then spanked the other bottom cheek repeatedly too. From her upside-down position, Kristina could see Melissa‘s elegant shoes as she stood there watching, and seeing the adult’s legs just inches from her face added to Kristina’s humiliation.

Melissa even told Chiara, “Make sure you don’t hurt your hand by using it too much,” and opened her bag and handed Chiara her wooden-handled hairbrush, which Chiara was delighted to apply with harsh accuracy. The wooden brush was heavier, firmer, and more painful. Kristina, feeling the extra pain, waxing with each strike, then momentarily waning until the next contact, was crushed and humiliated and dissolved into uncontrolled crying, both from the greater pain and from despair at the knowledge that this heavier toll might be repeated whenever Chiara wanted to. 

“Evelyn, do you want a go?” asked Chiara, as if beating the maid was a fairground game.

“Oh yes, I do” accepted Evelyn excitedly. “You are an impudent and insolent little jumped-up maid,” said Evelyn to Kristina’s already glowing red and bruised bottom as she spanked the hairbrush down on her as she lay on Chiara’s lap. “You would never get a job in our house. My Mum would have you out the door in two seconds,” Evelyn declared to Global Electric’s senior lawyer and head of department.

“I, I’m s-so sorry,” wept Kristina, genuinely and hopelessly. “I really will try to be better, Miss, I just forgot myself for a moment.”

“Well, maybe, but don’t forget this.” added the schoolgirl sternly, and cracked the hairbrush five more times into each of Kristina’s buttocks, as Kristina gasped and gasped again between sobs of self-pity, and her behind reddened even more in its snug resting place on Chiara’s lap.

Facing the wall became a regular feature of Kristina’s punishments and, after that first spanking by Chiara, it gave Kristina the thinking time to remind herself how right it was that anyone in the household had the right to discipline her.


As the weeks passed by, Kristina became her happiest ever when cleaning or ironing or running errands for either Melissa or Chiara. There were few days when Kristina wasn’t spanked or caned or both, mainly by Melissa, but sometimes by Chiara, but she had to admit every punishment was deserved because of either sub-standard work or by her failure to be sufficiently subservient. It helped Kristina learn quickly though, and she learned also that her hard work, being told off and being punished, always made her moisten, and she had to hand wash her panties frequently. 

Kristina also remembered her first caning in that house, as she stood facing the wall. Melissa had been out and friends were expected over that afternoon. Kristina was told to make sure the house was spotless by the time Melissa got back, and three hours was usually enough time for that. However, Kristina was tired out from working long hours the previous day and actually fell asleep, having sat down for ‘just a few moments’ and accidentally drifted off. When Melissa got home and saw Kristina suddenly wake up with a start, she was furious.

Melissa said sternly, “Get on with the cleaning, Kristina. When my friends have gone, I am going to punish you so hard you won’t ever fall asleep on the job again.”

Kristina certainly worked hard to finish the cleaning, and she knew it was the fear of and incentive of the caning which made her do it, and she was even more efficient than usual in providing the drinks and bites to eat, as well as with maintaining her subservient and respectful attitude.

Moreover, as much as Melissa could see how hard Kristina worked, Melissa also knew that it was the cane that was the incentive. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the maid,’ she thought to herself. Once the guests had all left the house, Melissa ordered, “Fetch me the cane, Kristina.” 

Melissa positioned a dining room chair to be ready for Kristina’s return. “Drop your knickers down to your ankles, Kristina,” she instructed, taking the rattan cane from the returning Kristina’s hands, “Tuck in your dress above your waist and then bend over the back of this chair and hold onto the seat of the chair for support.” 

As Kristina complied with Melissa’s instructions, easing her white cotton knickers down her legs, she wasn’t looking forward at all to being caned, as she feared the pain, but contradictorily she knew how much good it did her, particularly when she let herself down by forgetting details or skimping parts of her tasks. Kristina appreciated that Melissa’s cane was the quickest and most effective tool in Melissa’s armoury to teach her neglectful maid the lessons she so needed to learn. Melissa appreciated this too, of course.

When Kristina came back with the cane, she noticed that Chiara had joined them. Chiara was wearing a brightly-coloured top and a short swirly skirt. She had carefully chosen a seating position where she would be able to see both every grimace or yelp as the cane bit into Kristina’s bottom, and where she could pretty much see the welts develop as well. It was like having a sibling watch a sister while she was being punished by her mum, except this was having a grown-up mistress punish her and a teenage mistress watching, and Kristina was no sister but a senior lawyer discovering another life of degradation, humiliation, shame and pain.

Kristina felt so helpless, so vulnerable, and so exposed as she bent over the back of the chair, and felt her bottom becoming the highest part of her. She, the respected lawyer lady, was voluntarily submitting to harsh physical discipline from a trainer of hospitality staff, and accepting it as her lot. One day, she would be a housemaid 24/7, she thought, and would love the simplicity and release from responsibility of such a life. She wouldn’t have to impress anyone, except with her cleaning skills, and her obedience. She gazed back through the legs of the dining chair and looked directly at the inside of the crotch of her knickers, slightly damp, telling her again there was something about this life that turned her on.  

Kristina looked sideways and saw Chiara’s cheeky smirk. As she glanced, Chiara deliberately opened her legs so that Kristina could not help but notice Chiara’s panties again. They had been bright pink the last time, like a freshly spanked bottom, but this time Kristina saw that they were white with red stripes. Could this be a coincidence? Kristina wondered to herself. It was as if Chiara chose her underwear to suit whatever the maid’s punishment was going to be, as if she was giving the message, ‘Your bottom will look like this soon.’ Kristina had no further time to reflect on the distraction as she was suddenly shocked back to the reality of her situation and gasped with surprise and pain as the cane bit into her bottom for the first time. She looked at Chiara again, and the smirk had become a broader smile. Between Chiara’s thighs, the space had become wider too. It had to be on purpose, she told herself. She then looked back at Melissa’s legs and saw the calf muscles tense and knew the second stroke was on its way. It landed and again Kristina gasped as the cane left its stinging pain right across her bottom.

Melissa was smiling as she cracked down the third cane stroke and listened to another sudden gasp escape from Kristina. Melissa could see too that Chiara, the little minx, was enjoying what she was watching, although she could not, from where she was, perceive what Kristina was convinced was Chiara’s panty display game. Melissa watched the third thin red welt develop, and smiled again as her fourth stroke produced a similar result.

Chiara giggled as she watched the fifth stroke hit home and saw Kristina’s face crack up with the pain. Watching her face was even more fun than watching the welts appear. The sixth stroke made Chiara put her hand over her mouth to stifle her louder giggles as the looks of pain, shock, and dismay intensified on Kristina’s face.

Melissa did not let Kristina recover her composure after six strokes, her planned half-way mark, although Kristina did not know this, and quickly completed the seventh stroke and saw Kristina’s knuckles whiten as she tensed her hands and moaned after her gasp. Kristina couldn’t hide her first sob, and let out a louder sob when the eighth stroke cut into her skin.

Chiara was still smiling as she saw the tears slowly track down Kristina’s face as she received the ninth stroke, and nodded her head in approval as Melissa glanced at her before giving Kristina the tenth.

Kristina yelped when the eleventh stroke bit into her already madly stinging bottom, although she had lost count, and when the twelfth stroke landed, she shook her head from side to side, hissing in and out through clenched teeth and crying uncontrollably. She didn’t know it was the last stroke and tensed her bottom for another stroke which, to her relief, didn’t come. Kristina breathed out with a sigh of deep relief. 

Chiara closed her legs, clamping them together rather tightly as if she was squeezing something between them and getting pleasure from the act.

Melissa savoured the twelve neat red welts spread evenly across her maid’s backside before ordering, “Get up, girl and make Chiara and me some good coffee, and then go over there and keep your nose pressed against the wall until one of us releases you. Leave your skirt and knickers just where they are.”

Kristina meekly hobbled off towards the kitchen, her knickers round her ankles, and her striped bottom on display.


That was the lead up to Kristina pressing her nose against the wall as Melissa and Chiara chatted happily at the kitchen table. As Kristina stood there still sobbing, she knew she deserved the caning and the humiliation. She was also turned on by the way her two mistresses were ignoring her as though she didn’t exist. 

Despite the pain and humiliation of being caned severely, Kristina knew that she had to learn, and had to improve, and that she loved her life as a domestic maid. Doing the housework and ironing and the like was lowly work she enjoyed as she could relax and lose herself in her own thoughts as she worked. 

Kristina would dream about it sometimes, as well, telling herself, ‘Wipe all the ornaments ever so carefully and surfaces with a damp cloth. Remember the tops of all the doors and the picture rail and the wainscoting. Tidy all the shelves and tables. Use Windowlene to wipe clean all the windows and glass, including the picture frames. Don’t leave any smears. Check that the vacuum cleaner bag is not full. Vacuum the curtains, vacuum the furniture, vacuum the floor. Move the furniture so you can vacuum behind it and underneath it. Pick all the fluff off the suction end of the vacuum cleaner and throw it in the bin. Mix Flash with water in the bucket and mop the wooden floor, not too wet, not too dry. Move the furniture so you can mop behind it and underneath it. Check around the room to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Tick off the room on your list. Move on to the next room. Wipe all the ...' and so it went on in her dream.

Kristina knew this was to be her new life, full of certainty, repetition and familiarity. She stood there with her hands on her head, with a stinging bottom and totally ignored by everyone and was the nobody she loved to be. 

It was when standing there that Kristina resolved to help with the next step along her road to insignificance. She was a lawyer and liked everything written down and formally agreed and she realised that she could become contracted to her mistresses, giving them all the rights and her none. She would commit for life even, or until they wanted to end the arrangement. The overriding rule would be that the mistress and anyone else in the house at the time were to be treated with absolute respect and the maid was to be wholly subservient at all times. 

Kristina resolved to try to achieve that contractual commitment, and later that evening she approached Melissa and asked, “May I speak please, Miss Melissa?”

Melissa looked up and saw the nervous look on Kristina’s face and wondered what it could be. However, she felt in a good mood after enjoying her time with her friends and after the satisfaction of caning Kristina‘s bare bottom, and so said, “Yes, girl, what is it? Be quick, though.”

Kristina was relieved she was given permission to speak and said, “Miss, I would like to commit to being your maid and enter into a contract with you. It would give you all the rights and me none other than the commitment to serve you and any of your friends.” She held her breath waiting for the response. 

Melissa had to admit to liking the idea. After all, Kristina had come on leaps and bounds in the last month since starting with her and she was going to soon lose her services when she moved out after her sabbatical from her job, so maybe this was a way of keeping in touch and continuing to benefit from her already much-improved cleaning skills. So, she replied, “Good idea, girl, but it needs to be done formally so that it is completely legal and binding.”

Kristina replied, “May I speak again please, Miss?”

Melissa was delighted at how respectful and subservient Kristina had become, which she, Melissa, had to take the credit for, of course, and replied. “Yes, girl?”

Kristina replied, “Thank you, Miss Melissa. I will draw up a contract and submit my formal application to you, Miss M.”

After a few more exchanges it was agreed that Kristina would prepare the contract and a letter of application which would be read out at a formal signing ceremony to be held in Melissa’s sitting room with at least two witnesses present, each of whom would sign the contract too. Once signed, they, Melissa and her guests, at any rate, would then celebrate the signing of the contract. 

It was another two hours of hard work cleaning the house again after the friends left before Kristina went to her box bedroom and with a deep breath started to draft the contract. She already had the main terms in her mind and so that was relatively straightforward, but would take a while to put into writing. Her letter of application would be harder and she became emotional as she wrote it by a combination of typing it and by dictating it into her phone. She wanted her application to convey how deeply she wished from her heart to keep this position as Melissa’s maid.

Two days later, between her cleaning and serving duties, Kristina had both documents in a good enough form to pass to Melissa to read. She asked permission to print them out on Melissa’s printer. She gave them a final check and handed them to Melissa, who read them carefully, made a few amendments to the punishment section which Kristina had to agree to, and then agreed all was fine. 

Over the next day or so, Melissa made arrangements for the signing ceremony and invited two of her especially close friends to be the witnesses to this very private agreement. 

Melissa asked Kristina to prepare an Order of Ceremonies document for the signing ceremony, which again Melissa had to agree to, and did so after making a few improvements and finishing touches. 

The day arrived and Kristina was particularly excited. After all, she was going to commit legally to a set initial and long period of being Melissa’s maid, after she had moved back home and out of Melissa’s house, and hoped that the period might be extended, which would be just as she was sure she wanted. She knew that she could also use this form of contract as a basis on which to commit to other maid and cleaning positions in the same way. 

Kristina made all the preparations for the food to be eaten and bought the party poppers that Miss M wanted to explode to celebrate the signing, knowing Kristina would be the one to clear up afterwards. Just before the guests arrived, Kristina changed into a smart sleeveless black dress which Melissa purchased for her specially for the ceremony and added her favourite string of pearls, which Kristina had somehow managed to smuggle into Melissa‘s house in her handbag. She loved how she looked, so elegant, but subservient, but beautiful, and with her favourite and valuable string of pearls she looked again like the senior lady lawyer she had been in her life so far. The elegant clothes were simply in celebration of a special day though Kristina reminded herself as she was still ‘the maid.’

Melissa’s two guests arrived, a lovely lady doctor and a charming man who worked in something financial. Kristina welcomed them at the door with a charming smile, took their coats, served them all champagne and canapés, and made sure that she kept her eyes down at all times, as Melissa had instructed her to do, including with Chiara and Evelyn, who were of course in attendance as well. Then the ceremony began. 

Kristina dropped to her elegantly-stockinged knees on the hard wooden floor, facing Melissa and her guests, and read out the main clauses of the contract, which she paraphrased in some places to save going on for too long:

“I commit to being owned by Miss M and being her personal property.

“I commit to an initial three hundred hours of maid service although there are provisions for that to be increased by Miss Melissa for poor work or other shortcomings. My wages are agreed at zero. I cannot myself terminate the contract other than by having completed all outstanding hours of service, including any extra hours which Miss Melissa may have imposed or by which I may have agreed with Miss Melissa as extra hours.

“I expressly surrender to the will of Miss Melissa, including all decisions on disciplinary procedures.

“I shall be available to work for Miss Melissa on at least one day in every week of the year, for at least five hours, although some holiday leave would be permitted so long as it was agreed well in advance with Miss Melissa. No breaks in the working part of the day are permitted for food, drink or any other purpose.

“I accept that I shall have no personal pride, privacy, modesty or rights while working for Miss Melissa and that I must obey and submit to Miss Melissa at all times.

“I shall be washed, clean, fragrant, tidy and well-groomed when serving Miss Melissa, with clean fingernails and hair and with body hair minimised or eliminated for hygiene reasons, ideally with underarms and legs waxed or shaved and my bikini area trimmed or bare, all as appropriate for efficient and fragrant domestic service. The style of clothes that Kristina should wear was specifically described as well, including that the maid must wear a white apron.

“Discipline is solely at Miss Melissa’s discretion. If Miss Melissa is dissatisfied with any aspect of my work, appearance, availability, behaviour including attitude and respectfulness, or any other aspect of my performance, Miss Melissa may discipline me in any way that Miss M thinks fit, without limitation, including corporal punishment. Miss Melissa may carry out any such punishment herself or may delegate others to discipline me. Further, discipline may include Miss Melissa unilaterally adding extra contractual hours at her sole discretion onto the outstanding total of hours, and may also include any corporal punishment, psychological punishment or any other method of punishment, including by imposing restrictions or conditions on my life outside my service to Miss Melissa.”

The witnesses and Melissa were very pleased with the clarity, submissiveness and respectfulness of the contract and smiled and clapped in appreciation of Kristina reading it out so elegantly from her kneeling position. Chiara seemed particularly impressed and clapped enthusiastically. However, Kristina realised the clapping was directed at Melissa and not herself, which she had to accept was right.

Then, still kneeling in her elegant black dress and string of pearls, Kristina read out her letter of application to Melissa for the position of maid. She blushed throughout as she explained how much she needed to be under a binding contract and reduced to a lower status as an insignificant serving maid. 

“I know that my destiny is in servitude and submission. I want to obey, I need to obey, I need to serve.” She yearned to serve a strong-willed lady like Miss Melissa, she continued, doing her cleaning and ironing, her laundry, making her bed, running errands for her, and she needed Miss Melissa to slowly but surely separate her from her outside life as a lawyer and make her serve obediently and with deference as a mere maid. 

“I wish to surrender to my inevitable destiny and become what I have always wished to be, in your eyes and in the eyes of your family, your friends and all others,” Kristina continued. “Please ensure my gradual downfall, shame and loss of status, as I am reduced to being your maid and your property and nothing more, at the lowest level of society. Please condition me psychologically so that I eventually lose all hope or even thought of returning to my old life.”

Kristina begged Melissa to dismantle her completely and reassemble her in whatever way she saw fit to make her an all-obeying and all-serving maid, who would not even think about questioning any of Melissa’s instructions.

Kristina finished off with a heartfelt, “Miss Melissa, I sincerely hope you will consider and accept me as your maid.”

Once Kristina had read out her letter of application, her heart was pounding as she looked respectfully at Melissa, hoping she would accept. Melissa waited for a few moments and got out her pen, handed it to Kristina, and said, abruptly, “Of course I accept your application. Sign here, girl.”

Kristina smiled with relief as she took the pen and eagerly signed the contract and dated it before handing the pen back to Melissa, who took it and signed her name as well. Melissa then asked the witnesses to sign, which they were delighted to do, impressed both by Kristina’s submission to Melissa and by Melissa’s obvious power over Kristina.

As a significant gesture, Melissa added an eternal truth for the benefit of all the group, “There are only two ways to wear a black dress: with a string of pearls or a white apron.” 

She produced a starched and neatly-folded white serving apron from the table beside her and held it up so everybody could see what it was before saying sternly, “I doubt you will ever wear pearls again, Kristina, and certainly not these pearls. Please give your pearls to me. I will take them to the charity shop tomorrow. In exchange, I give you something of equal value, to you at least. Please take this white apron and fasten it round your waist. The apron is the symbol of your subservience and your new position. With the pearls, you were perhaps someone once, but with the apron, you become invisible to the world as you clean and serve, though not invisible to me.”

Kristina gasped and felt her clitoris tingle and her nipples stand erect as she heard Melissa’s words of finality. She could feel her own moistness as she unclipped her beloved pearls and exchanged them for the maid’s apron and felt her entire existence shifting towards eternal submission and insignificance. “Oh, thank you so much, Miss M,” she spluttered.

Once she had fastened the apron around her slim waist, Kristina was so happy and wanted to say something nice to Melissa, but before she could, Melissa instructed, “Right, girl, fill up our guests’ glasses and offer more canapés, and then go to the kitchen and wash up all the dirty things in the sink. Then I want the downstairs cloakroom and both bathrooms scrubbed clean. I will come and check everything when you are done and woe-betide you if it isn’t all perfect.”

Kristina’s happy demeanour instantly changed with the order and she reverted immediately and automatically to maid status. She obediently poured more champagne and offered the others the canapés, remembering not to make eye contact and addressing them politely as she had been taught. As she walked out of the sitting room and heard sudden laughter from the others, and with the sound of the poppers blasting off, she became more relaxed as she was again the lowly nobody maid who was there to serve. As she did the washing up, and still heard the laughter and chatter, she told herself how right she was to enter into the contract with Melissa and looked forward to signing up with other ladies too until one day being a maid would be her full-time job. It was then that Kristina also realised that she loved being ignored by her betters, and knew it was the right move for her and she felt closer yet to her ultimate objective.

After finishing the washing up, Kristina walked to the downstairs cloakroom and cleaned it thoroughly, making sure that there were no smear marks left on any shiny surface before going upstairs and doing the same to the two bathrooms. It was another forty-five minutes before Melissa and Chiara came to check on her. 

Melissa instructed, “Our guests have gone. They had a lovely time, Kristina, so thank you for your efforts. Now go and clean up the plates and glasses and so on and vacuum the sitting room throughout.”

Kristina had just finished the second bathroom and was exhausted but replied, “Yes, of course, Miss M.”

Time passed while Melissa chatted with Chiara and Evelyn about what an important evening it had been and how it was for the very best for Kristina to sign such a contract because servitude was clearly deep in her nature. 

After a while came the inevitable inspection time. Melissa announced, “The washing up leaves a lot to be desired as does the second bathroom. This standard of cleaning may have been good enough yesterday, but now you are under a service contract, I expect a higher standard from now on. You have already earned twelve strokes of the cane, girl.” 

Kristina gasped with surprise and surrender to her superior, but obviously, if Melissa expected a higher standard now, then that was what Kristina would have to produce, and if her work was below the now-expected higher standard, then Melissa was of course right to discipline her, by way of both punishment for underperformance and by way of guidance for the future. However, as she waited in the kitchen and heard the discussion between Melissa and Chiara as to all the little things that Kristina had missed doing properly, and with Chiara saying that even she at seventeen could see that the cleaning really wasn’t good enough, Kristina realized that her panties seemed to be wet between her legs. She lifted the skirt of her dress and slipped two fingers down the front of her knickers just to see if she was right. She was, and felt aroused, and left her fingers where they were for a moment, and felt her fingers slide along the lips of her private pussy and gasped with erotic awareness that servitude seemed to mingle with sexiness in her case at least. She moaned with passion, but just at that moment, she heard Melissa and Chiara coming back down the stairs and quickly removed her fingers and adjusted her dress, reckoning she had got away without being spotted with her hand down her knickers.

Chiara arrived and commanded, “Melissa wants you in the dining room, girl.”

Kristina obeyed immediately, making sure she didn’t catch eye contact with Chiara and stepped hesitantly into the living room. She winced when she saw Melissa standing there, holding the hook-handled cane and winced again as she heard the familiar orders, “Dress up around your waist, knickers down at your ankles, and bend over the back of the chair.”

Kristina did as she was told and moments later was stretched out with her bottom perched up on high.

Melissa reminded her sternly, “Twelve strokes for your poor standard of work, girl.”

Kristina reconciled herself to the caning but looked around wide-eyed when she heard Chiara say, faux-innocently, “Excuse me, Melissa, but look at how wet the maid’s knickers are. Do you think she has been so bad as to play with herself, and while actually at work?”

Melissa didn’t even bother to look and replied, “I’m not surprised her knickers are wet, Chiara. It’s part of being an obedient maid. The best maids love being maids so much that it turns them on, I’ve seen it many times before. Their psychology is so intense that their love of submission and subservience turns into lust for those things. Just barking an order at them can make them wet and you often notice their nipples go erect at the same time, especially when they are wearing a thin white shirt, for example. It gives them a little joy in their hard-working day though and a change from their weariness and aches and pains. However, if I ever catch a maid diddling herself while on duty, she will be in extremely big trouble.” 

Melissa then asked sternly, “So, girl, I hope you haven’t been diddling yourself while on duty, have you? In any case, let’s see if you feel like playing with yourself after twenty-four strokes. I’m doubling the punishment.”

“No, Miss,” gasped Kristina from upside down, “I wasn’t ...” but she was stopped in her tracks as Melissa’s first stroke seared into her buttocks with the sting of a hundred wasps. “Ahhhh!” Kristina cried out. 

Kristina gasped again from the pain and looked back at her mistress, and at Miss Chiara, who was seated watching her suffering as usual. Kristina realised that she didn’t even question the doubling of the strokes and that the wetness of her panties was just a tiny detail in a maid’s day.  She was the maid and she simply accepted the judgement and decision of her wonderful mistress and was so happy that she was sliding ever more speedily towards her ultimate destiny of total and unquestioning obedience and servitude forever.

”Cane her harder, please, Melissa, as I want to see her cry again,” urged Chiara with glee.

Melissa obliged her young ally and whipped in another burning stroke of the cane which cut right through Kristina’s reverie and out the other side, leaving pain dripping in its wake. 

“Ahhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhh!” screeched Kristina as the signal reached her senses and the skin of her bottom rebounded from the blow, leaving a thin red line growing where it had fallen.

Kristina saw that Chiara’s legs were apart again. She was wearing dark red knickers this time, and that subtle message to Kristina did not bode well for the rest of Kristina’s punishment. 

Melissa stretched back her arm to ready her third stroke and Kristina the maid obediently pushed up her bottom to receive it, while sinking into a deep warm bath of submissive joy that she would in a moment be one agonizing cane stroke nearer to the ultimate nothingness and invisibility of being a simple domestic maid, without thought of return to her old life. In fact, she realized, her old life was already fading in her memory.



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