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Madison’s Revenge

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A teenage mistress disciplines a maid who used to be her very strict teacher

Catherine saw the offer on the local community website. A family said they were going away for three weeks and offered the services of their two maids to anyone who could house and use their services. What really surprised Catherine was that one of the maids, until just last year, had been one of her teachers at sixth form college, the dreaded and hated Miss Dawson. None of the classmates liked her because she used to happily spank any of them for even the slightest misbehaviour.

It wasn’t so much that they were spanked in class with the rest of the class watching because spanking was the favoured form of discipline at the college. Miss Dawson abused the system and used spanking for even minor misbehaviour in class. Even worse, was that she regularly spanked one of the girls, Catherine’s bestie friend Madison, who didn’t misbehave at all but Miss Dawson just didn’t like her.

So, Catherine immediately phoned Madison and said what fun it would be if she agreed to house Miss Dawson because, as her maid, she would have total authority over her.

Madison loved the idea and could see it as the perfect way to get her revenge. Coincidently, her parents were away for a month and so Madison would have the house to herself. So, she made the call and arranged for Miss Dawson, now just referred to as, ‘Maid,’ to bring a suitcase and move in for the three weeks.

Next day, Catherine was at Madison’s house, and they waited, chatting happily until there was a ring on the door. They both went and, when the door was opened, saw the look of shock on Janette Dawson’s face.

Of course, as a maid, they were never going to address their former teacher with the same respect that they had to show her when she was their teacher. Now, she was Madison’s maid for the duration and had revenge high up on her agenda.

Catherine and Madison both gave Janette a superior smile and Madison ordered, “Come in, maid.”

Janette blushed because as soon as she saw Madison and Catherine she remembered being their teacher, but didn’t say anything, hoping they wouldn’t recognise her.

Janette was sixty-three-years-old and came already dressed in her maid’s full-length black dress white collar and cuffs, with long sleeves, and had her greying hair tied back in a bun.

Madison happily led Janette up upstairs with Catherine following, and they all went into the box bedroom, even though there was a larger spare bedroom, but she was only the maid. Madison instructed, “Okay, maid, unpack and then come back downstairs to start your duties.”

Janette turned and stood facing Madison and Catherine with her hands in front of her, curtsied, and replied obediently, “Yes, Miss Madison.” She was about to be as respectful to Catherine but was stopped.

Madison stepped in front of her and commanded, “Do not make eye contact. This is how I will teach you. Hold your hands out with your palms up.”

Janette gasped at the instruction but knew she had to obey and held her hands out in front of her, grimacing as she saw the thick wooden ruler in Madison’s hand. Janette wanted to argue that she hadn’t done anything wrong yet because she had not been told how her mistress expected her to show her the necessary respect. However, she knew her place and her mistress had full authority over her and so stayed silent.

Madison and Catherine both saw the concern on Janette’s face and smiled to themselves but kept a stern look as Madison placed the ruler on Janette’s left palm. She glared at Janette as she raised her hand and brought the ruler down on the maid’s left palm and listened to her pained gasp. She then did the same to Janette’s right upturned palm.

Madison ordered, “Keep your palms there, maid. Your second mistake was to address me using my name. You will never use my name. I am now and for your whole stay to be addressed as, Mistress.” With that, Madison caned each palm again with the ruler and listened to Janette’s repeated gasps of pain, with that pain also etched across her face. 

Janette was realising what it was like when she had authority over these two girls and the rest of the class to discipline them. She used to make them stand in front of her, with their hands on their heads, and she would lift up the hems of their dresses and tuck them into their white belts, then slip her thumbs into the elastic of their knickers, made eye contact with the girls she was about to spank, then with a gloating look yanked their knickers down and ordered the unfortunate girl across her lap, and proceeded to give her a long hard spanking in front of the rest of the class. The girls were always reduced to tears, which Janette told herself they deserved for misbehaving. Of course, she knew that, in Madison’s case, she was a girl she simply didn’t like and used to spank more than any of the others, even though she never disobeyed her or misbehaved. Janette now wondered if Madison knew it was her being offered up by her mistress because if that was the case she was in for a very pain-filled three weeks.

Madison was happy with the red colour she had turned both palms, and even saw that Janette’s eyes were filled with tears. Well, it was just the start, she told herself, to the revenge that she was going to give this horrid teacher for humiliating her so often and so wrongly and in front of the whole class. For now, though, she glared at Janette and ordered, “Okay, maid, all the cleaning materials you need are in the utility area. Go and get them and start to clean the house. Just be aware that I will be inspecting your work and dealing with any shortcomings in the same way that you dealt with mine.”

Janette knew with that comment that Madison did recognise her and clearly intended getting the revenge she was after but was at least happy that she wasn’t going to get her hands caned any more with the ruler, at least not for the time being, and, showing the respect she knew she had to show, curtsied again, looked at the floor, and replied, “Yes, Mistress.” 

Of course, Janette was actually now fully trained as a maid so she also knew to look towards Catherine and to curtsy again, and said again to the floor, “Mistress,” before leaving the room.

Even before Janette and Catherine had left the room, Madison turned to Catherine and said, “At least the maid learnt to keep her eyes on the floor and not to make eye contact with us, her superiors.“ Madison said it on purpose within Janette’s earshot because she knew that would add to her humiliation, but also reinforce the mistress-maid relationship that they now had.

The comment did unsettle Janette even more as she was having to serve a girl who she taught last year at college, and happily spanked then, whilst now the line of authority was totally the other way around. 

Catherine and Madison left Janette to start the cleaning but could listen to her upstairs as she moved from bedroom to bathroom to bedroom to bathroom again. After about half-an-hour, they went upstairs and made a point of walking into the bedrooms and bathrooms that Janette had already cleaned before catching up with her in the third bedroom.

Jeanette heard the girls come in and immediately stood up, remained looking at the floor, and curtsied.

Madison went up to Janette and, standing in front of her, ordered, “Hold your hands out, maid.”

Janette winced because she had made a point of making sure that everything was cleaned properly. Surely, she wasn’t going to have her hands caned again with that horribly thick ruler.

Madison glared at Janette, even though the maid was still looking downwards, and said, “Your standard is not good enough,” and rested the ruler once again on Janette’s palm.

Jeanette licked her lips knowing that she shouldn’t really ask, but had to, and did ask, “May your maid ask what she has done wrong please, Mistress?”

Madison knew that she was now going to treat Janette just like Janette had treated her at college, spanking her for no reason at all. So, she replied sharply, “No, she may not,” and then raised the ruler and brought it down even more firmly than she had done downstairs on Janette’s upturned palm, and when Janette gasped so she raised the ruler again and brought it down firmly on the other palm, and then proceeded to cane each palm twice more, listening to the increasingly loud gasps of pain.

Madison looked at the submissive Janette and once again saw that tears had welled up in her eyes and then smiled to herself as one tear dribbled down the side of her face. Well, she reckoned that Janette was now learning what it was like to be disciplined when you have done nothing wrong. To emphasise the point, she said sternly, “Just do it better, maid.”

Janette now knew that her new mistress was going to discipline her even when she had done nothing wrong, so the opposite of what happened at college. However, she was the maid here, so, remaining submissively obedient, as a maid had to do, she replied, with a curtsy, “Yes, Mistress.”

With that, Madison and Catherine walked out of the room with Madison again saying loudly enough for Janette to hear, “I doubt that’s going to be the last time,” and although she didn’t see it, Janette did grimace at the comment as Madison had intended. 

Janette wasn’t used to being punished by her current mistress, although friends of hers who were also maids were disciplined by their mistresses. Janette had often wondered what it would be like to be spanked regularly and so maybe she was going to find out now. Still, it is what it is, she told herself. Could it get any worse? she asked herself, and hoped not.

Janette had been cleaning for another two hours before she heard the doorbell ring. She knew that at her usual place of work it would be her job to go and answer the door. She didn’t want to take any risks and so immediately stood up and made her way downstairs. Luckily, she did, because she saw that both girls were still sitting in the living room, albeit not very far from the door, and clearly expected her to let the visitors in.

Janette opened the door and was so surprised to see four girls, all of whom she recognised from having been in her class just last year. Each was dressed in a very tight figure-hugging vest top and tight cotton shorts with trainers but otherwise bare legs, and with mainly long flowing hair. So, there were now going to be six seventeen-year-old girls in the house, all of whom she had taught at school, and, she knew, all of whom she had spanked in front of the rest of the class. So, when she thought upstairs that it couldn’t get any worse, maybe now she knew that that was wrong. 

So, staying her obedient maid self, and even though she was sixty-three-years-old and so almost four times the age of each of these girls, she curtsied and said, “Please do come in.”

The four girls already knew that their ex-teacher was going to be here doing her maid services and they had chatted happily about how it would be fun to now get the chance to spank her. So, as they trooped in, they made a point of ignoring Janette as none of them said anything to her as they walked past her and into the living room.

Without being told, Janette knew to follow the guests into the living room to find out if they needed anything. She stood just inside the door, with her hands held obediently in front of her and looking at the floor, following instructions as an obedient maid had to do, and waited to be spoken to by her mistress.

Madison saw Janette standing in the doorway and deliberately ignored her, yet again reinforcing her position as the one very much in charge. She let Janette stand there for a full minute as she and Catherine and their friends chatted happily enough about a television programme they had been watching before suddenly glaring at Janette and saying sternly, “Make coffee and biscuits for everyone,” and then proceeded to smile at her friends and chat happily again.

Janette curtsied and replied, “Yes, Mistress, immediately, Mistress.” She then turned and walked out of the living room and went to the kitchen, made the coffees and put a selection of biscuits onto some plates. She then went back into the living room and stood by the door again waiting patiently to be noticed and heard her mistress ask sternly, “Yes, maid?”

Janette immediately curtsied and asked, “Can I get tables out for the Mistress and her friends?”

Madison replied curtly, “Yes, maid. Be quick.”

Janette curtsied again and then proceeded to move the small side tables around so that each of the girls had a table within easy reach. She then curtsied again, left the living room, and went back to the kitchen. She put the coffee and plates of biscuits on a trolley and then proceeded to wheel the trolley into the living room. Again, she waited by the door and Madison immediately ordered, “Serve, maid.”

Janette did obediently wheel the trolley around the room, putting a coffee and plate of biscuits in front of each girl. She then went and stood by the door and curtsied and was about to leave before being sharply reprimanded by Madison.

“Maid, I told you to address everyone as mistress. All you have done was place coffee and biscuits in front of each mistress but you have not shown the respect that is needed. I think you really do need to be shown just who is in charge here and who has to serve respectfully and obediently and correctly, exactly as you were told to do. So, I think to put you further in your place, you won’t need your maid’s uniform on. Take it off right now. Maid, do it now.”

Janette was horrified that she was going to have to take her maid uniform off but actually felt that if she was just in her bra and knickers then maybe she would even feel more equal to everyone else because the girls were in such skimpy outfits. So, she curtsied again, replied, “Yes, Mistress,” and put her arms behind her back and unzipped her dress, pushing it down to the floor, stepped out of it, folded it, and put it on the trolley. She then turned towards Madison and asked, still looking at the floor, “Is there anything else, Mistress?”

Janette actually felt good as she stood in her bra and knickers because even at her age, and with all the extra flesh that she had what with her turkey neck, bat wings, fleshy tummy, and fleshy thighs, she still felt she looked good and often wore a bikini when swimming. Of course, she knew that all of the girls looked well-toned in their vest tops and shorts, with nicely muscular legs and arms that made them look so athletic in such an attractive way. Still, they were just seventeen-years-old, and she was sixty-three-years-old, and so, on balance, she reckoned she felt more comfortable about her body than they did.

Madison knew she was being deliberately strict and stern with Janette because this was all about revenge and saw her maid’s half-smile as she stood in the doorway, as though she was thinking she was better than her mistress and her friends, so she pressed on with further humiliating her.

Janette’s feeling of comfort and attractiveness was soon shattered as Madison ordered, “Yes there is, maid. You look far too smug so I think you had better take your bra and knickers off as well. Maybe being naked you will find it easier to serve.”

Janette gasped. Did she really have a smug look on her face because, if she did, she hadn’t intended it to be. However, maybe because of the thought she was having, she wasn’t controlling the way that she was looking? Anyway, once again, she was being put well in her place by a girl close to a quarter of her own age. When would she learn that, out of everyone in the room, she was the lowest of the low and had to be subservient to everyone? Still, she supposed that she had always expected that she was going to be spanked as soon as she saw that Madison was going to be her mistress, so if she was spanked when naked, then no biggie.

So, once again submitting to a very young mistress, Janette put her arms behind her back and unclipped her bra, let the straps slip down her arms, caught her bra, and put that on top of the dress. She then eased her thumbs into her knickers, pushed them down to the floor, stepped out of them, scooped them up, and put them on top of her other clothes.

As the girls watched Janette finish undressing, they were making comments between themselves such as, “Look at those huge breasts sway as she gets undressed,” and, “Look at her batwings, and how about that turkey neck?”

Janette knew the teenagers were making the comments on purpose to add to her humiliation and embarrassment and it truly was so different to when she was the one in charge and taking down each of these girl’s knickers to give them a spanking. What didn’t help was that, even though a maid, she had her own strong views on things and so found full subservience rather testing. That hadn’t mattered with her own mistress but was a problem here, and she told herself to watch her tongue more, if she could.

What Janette had also realised was that as soon as she got sacked from the college, and then the only job she could find was as a maid, she found that she didn’t mind being subservient so much and, in fact, she didn’t even see it as being subservient but simply like reporting to a very young boss. She just had to watch her tongue as she did have a tendency to snap, although that just got her another telling off.

In a funny kind of way, Janette even found it erotic, and, more than once, when she was being given a dressing down by her governess, she actually felt her nipples go taut, and quivers fly around her vagina and that being told off got her sexually aroused. In fact, on several occasions, after being told off, she would disappear into the toilet, sit on the pan, part her legs, run her fingers along her already very wet pussy lips, ease a finger inside her vagina, and also flick her taut clit, and explode into the most fantastic orgasm, even as she smiled at how ridiculously easy it was to accept the telling off, as, although humiliating for her to be told off, there was no pain involved at all.

As Janette would afterwards play over in her mind the whole humiliation of being told off even as she changed out of her wet knickers, so she realised she was turned on because of submitting to someone else’s authority over her. She knew that others felt the same, but even now couldn’t really get her head around how suffering that humiliation did turn her on, but she just knew that it did. She wasn’t expecting the same to happen when having to be submissive to a group of seventeen-year-old girls, but here she was, and she knew that she was turned on because of the quivers flying around her vagina right then. She had never felt that way when spanking the girls at college and that is why she now worked out that it was being submissive that was turning her on. What she found stranger was that she wasn’t naturally submissive. When with her friends she felt every bit as equal, whether with a male or female. She even enjoyed winning an argument. However, it was when faced with authority that she couldn’t challenge that she got turned on by it. So, when it was her mistress, she knew she couldn’t challenge them, and maybe it was only that type of submission which got her so aroused.

The girls were still giggling and making derogatory comments as they watched Janette get undressed and was forced to stand there, looking at the floor, with her hands in front of her so at least covering the bushy hair, but, as well as giggling, the girls were anticipating the spanking that was going to happen and they knew how turned on they were going to be when watching it. It wasn’t just the fact that the teacher who consistently spanked them last year was going to be spanked today, but it was also the fact that she had to be so obedient and submissive that set their minds racing and their vaginas quivering.

Oh my goodness, Janette told herself, because although she knew the girls were getting their revenge, it was then that she reminded herself that she had been accused by the headmistress of spanking girls in class when they didn’t actually deserve it and she realised that that was happening to her, and it was awful, although still strangely erotic.

Madison thought it time to show Janette what it was like to be punished when you haven’t done anything wrong. So, she said, “Now that you are naked, we might as well show you what will happen to you whenever your standard falls below par. Par being a very high standard. So, come over here and get across my lap.”

Janette knew it was going to happen but thought she would show that she wasn’t totally submissive and replied, “Surely, Mistress, I need to actually do something wrong first?” She thought she was being really clever, and might catch her young mistress out, and had clearly forgotten that she used to spank Madison for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and smiled to herself as she waited for Madison to reply.

Whilst Janette was looking at the floor by Madison’s feet, she didn’t notice that Catherine had got up and was holding a heavy wooden hairbrush. Catherine went and stood behind Janette, pulled her arm back, and landed a very heavy spank on Janette’s left bottom cheek, and smiled at the others as they enjoyed listening to Janette’s gasp.

Janette clearly hadn’t realised that Catherine was going to spank her and so when the spank landed it was a horrid surprise and she couldn’t stop herself turning and glaring at Catherine and exclaiming, “What the f?” although immediately realised her loose tongue had just got her into trouble again.

Madison said sternly, “We will not have that kind of language from you, maid. Mistress Catherine will give you five more spanks. In fact, put your hands on your head and make sure you keep that filthy mouth of yours closed.”

Janette blushed at the fact that she was about to swear and was horrified she couldn’t control herself, although at least she didn’t say the full swear word. However, she was disrespectful, which for a maid was unacceptable. Of course, she also remembered just last year when one of the girls swore in class because she threw a rubber at her and caught her by surprise, she called the girl to the front of the class and gave her a very long and hard bare bottom spanking. It just goes to show, she told herself, just how easy it was to swear when caught off-guard. 

So, whilst contrite, Janette obediently placed her hands on top of her head and grimaced as she felt the hairbrush being rubbed around her bottom. Then, it wasn’t being rubbed anymore but she didn’t dare look sideways and then yelped when the hairbrush landed with a hard spank on her right bottom cheek. She yelped again with the third spank and yet again with the fourth spank. Each spank really hurt but, she told herself, did encourage her not to swear anymore. Two more to go, she told herself as the fifth spank landed quickly, followed by the sixth spank, and again her eyes filled with tears, but rightly so, she told herself.

Janette even felt a growing respect for the girls because she really did deserve these spanks for her disrespectful attitude, which was inexcusable. What she couldn’t understand was why she was feeling slightly aroused by being punished by the girls as they were so young, but maybe she was just imagining that, she thought.

The girls watched as Janette’s bottom was spanked really hard with the hairbrush and reminded themselves that this same dominant granny aged maid used to spank them so freely just last year. They also wondered whether the maid was getting as aroused as they did when spanked in class, as they invariably went to the toilets afterwards, hid away in a locked cubicle, sat on a pan, and fingered themselves to huge orgasms. Yes, it had hurt, but afterwards the stinging always turned them on, although they never understood why and reckoned there was something wrong with them until they all realised that they were each turned on both when being spanked but also when watching the others being spanked.

Happy Janette’s bottom had been smacked enough, as a starter anyway, Madison ordered, "Right, maid, get across my lap."

As Janette eased herself down across Madison’s lap, so she grimaced as reminded herself again that just last year it would be her lowering Madison’s knickers before making her bend across her lap, and spanking her tight sixteen-year-old bottom really hard, for no reason at all, except as the teacher in a college that used spanking as a method of control, she was free to do it. Now that was reversed, with her bending across Madison’s lap, a girl only about a quarter of her own age, and in front of her friends as well. 

As she lowered her full weight across Madison‘s lap and saw her upside-down legs, so Janette remembered last year those same legs would be kicking and flailing as she spanked Madison’s bottom, and now fully expected it to be her own legs kicking and flailing as her own rather fleshy bottom was spanked for no real reason other than Madison could. What surprised her though, was that she found the humiliation of bending over and the fear of the anticipated spanking sent quivers flying around her vagina, and whilst the spanking was bound to hurt, she hoped she would feel like fingering herself afterwards and get a fabulous orgasm just like she did after a dressing down. 

As Madison looked down at the maid’s fleshy bottom cheeks and thighs her main thoughts were that this was the revenge that she had wanted for all those humiliating spankings in front of her classmates. As she raised her hand, she savoured the fact that she was going to be giving a granny-aged maid a very hard spanking, not just as revenge, but, in her position of authority, was also teaching the ex-teacher-come-maid a valuable lesson that what goes around so often comes around.

Janette did feel humiliated being across the lap of a teenage girl, particularly one that she spanked herself only last year, but settled into the submissive persona easily because of her training to be a maid, and accepted that anyone in charge of her should be fully entitled to discipline her. Also, she saw the justice of this spanking being carried out when she hadn’t done anything wrong because of how often she spanked Madison at college when she hadn’t done anything wrong. 

So, with everybody settling down, Madison tapped Janette’s bottom a few times before raising her hand and bringing her palm down on her far bottom cheek and loved the way that the maid’s bottom cheek surrendered to her hand, flattened, bounced back out, swirled around, and settled down, just as she spanked Janette’s near bottom cheek. As she then landed spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks, she was able to look up at her friends, who were all smiling and giggling and making more derogatory comments about Janette’s creased skin, and how she really did deserve this spanking.

Initially, Janette heard the comments being made about her, and still couldn’t fault the girls because she now supposed that she had been so wrong herself, and this really was the right thing for Madison to do. However, as the spanks continued, so she had to focus more and more on dealing with the increasing pain rather than listening to the comments that she knew were intended to humiliate her. After all, she was actually comfortable with her body and all of her creases, which were normal for a woman her age.

The girls watched as Janette’s bottom and then her legs were spanked really hard; they smirked at each other as they made more derogatory comments about the granny-aged turkey neck, creased skin, fleshy bottom and thighs, making sure the comments were loud enough so that she could hear them and hoped that she was now feeling the same humiliation they did.

Madison continued to spank Janette on alternate bottom cheeks for several minutes, knowing that they had plenty of time on their hands, before changing to spanking her on the same bottom cheek time and again, and then spanking the other bottom cheek time and again. She continued to enjoy flattening Janette’s bottom cheeks whilst turning them deeper and deeper shades of red, and, at the same time, enjoyed listening to the granny-aged maid’s louder and louder gasps.

Janette recalled how she would spank the girls first on alternate bottom cheeks and then on the same bottom cheek repetitively, and so reckoned that her spanking was moving towards an end. She hoped so anyway because she was starting to struggle with the increasing stinging. She was therefore relieved when the spanking stopped but was surprised when she felt something else, which was not a hand, being rubbed in circles around her bottom. She didn’t squirm around because she was pretty sure that her mistress would accuse her of making eye contact and so kept looking at Madison’s upside-down legs, saw her leg muscles tense, and the next moment knew that she yelped as that spank was the most painful so far, pretty much like when spanked with the hairbrush by Mistress Catherine, in fact. 

There were giggles coming from the girls watching as that spank landed, and Catherine was the one who said, “Go for it, Madison. That hairbrush is a good’n.”

As the spanks continued, Janette was horrified to realise that it was that horrible hairbrush being used on her bare bottom again, and this time it hurt even more probably because her bottom cheeks were stretched as she was bent right across Madison’s lap. She was fuming because she had never used that on anyone at college so it certainly seemed unfair that her mistress was using it on her now. However, she knew that she still couldn’t complain because that was not her place, as a maid. So, as the spanks continued, she had learned from Mistress Madison to keep her mouth shut and accept her Mistress’s decisions. However, she just wasn’t able to cope with the pain and knew that the tears started to fill her eyes because when she looked at the backs of Madison’s upside-down legs they were now blurred.

Madison kept landing spank after spank with the paddle hairbrush until she had given her maid fifty spanks, which she and Catherine had both decided sounded like the right number to give. Neither had actually been spanked with a hairbrush, although both had watched others being spanked with one so knew from the way those friends of theirs who had been spanked had reacted, and just how painful it was.

Even once the fifty spanks with the hairbrush were over, Madison and Catherine knew that they weren't yet finished. Madison put down the hairbrush and started to rub Janette’s bottom in circles, knowing that that would make her maid think that the punishment was over, but that was just another false hope.

Janette was starting to relax albeit still crying with tears flooding down her face, but as her bottom was rubbed in circles so she started to think firstly that her punishment was over, and that, secondly, her mistress was trying to help her recover. She even started to find the submissive humiliating position across her mistress’s lap as something safe and almost maternal, and even in her state of distress she managed to smile at the floor as she thought how silly that sounded bearing in mind that her mistress was just seventeen-years-old.

Janette’s relaxed feeling changed, within a second, when she heard the instruction from Madison, “Okay, maid, get up. You will get six strokes of the cane now.”

Jeanette was horrified at the instruction. She had never used the cane on these girls when at college last year, yet here her mistress was now threatening to cane her. In fact, as she felt two very hard spanks land, one on each bottom cheek, and the stern order, “Get up now, maid,” she knew it was more than a threat. So, she had no alternative but to retain her submissive subservient maid-like attitude and forced herself up from Madison’s lap. 

Even as she stood up and knew this was unfair, she still couldn’t fault her mistress as she told herself, once again, how she spanked Madison for no reason at all, and that was also unfair. The major difference was that at college, the cane was not something that the teachers could use, whereas, here, where Madison and her friends could make up their own rules as they went along, so if they chose to use the cane on their maid if her work has fallen below whatever very high and exacting standards they required, then who was she to object?

As Janette got to a standing position the girls were still giggling and laughing, as much as anything because they could see how the maid’s make-up had run. They were surprised a lowly maid was wearing make-up, although thought that maybe where the maid worked at the moment her mistress requested the maid to wear make-up? Anyway, it hardly mattered, because it was far funnier for them to see the maid’s face stained with make-up caused by the tears flooding down her face.

Madison had already picked up the cane and was flexing it in her hands, and swishing it. She could tell, from the look on Janette‘s face that she had heard the swishing of the cane.

Madison then ordered, “Now bend over, maid, and grab the seat of the chair. It’s six strokes but if you get up then it will be more. Understood, maid?”

Janette grimaced but whilst looking at the floor curtsied and replied with a sob, “Yes, mistress.”

The girls now focused their derogatory comments on the maid’s large drooping breasts. Janette heard comments like, “Look at those large breasts. How does she stand up with those?”

In fact, Janette liked those comments because she knew that she had large drooping breasts, albeit a sign of age, but she liked to think that the girls were envious of her breasts. 

Madison stood behind Janette, looking at her red legs and blue bruised bottom, and positioned herself so that the end of the cane would land on her far bottom cheek to maximise the pain, glanced at her friends, who were all nodding with encouragement, focused again on Janette’s bottom, pulled her arm back, and brought the cane down with a loud thwack. Madison had practised using the cane on her pillow and now that she had given her first stroke, she was happy that it was, almost, hard enough. So, she landed the second stroke, making it slightly harder, and knew that Janette was struggling by the way she yelped this time, and as she landed the third stroke, she was happy with the strength and even more delighted that she could tell Janette wasn’t happy by the way she yelped even louder.

Janette had never been caned before, and whilst she struggled but got through the pain-filled spanks with the hairbrush, she wasn’t prepared anywhere near enough for the actual pain of the cane biting into her bottom. She knew that with only three strokes gone she struggled to stay in place and clasped hold of the chair as hard as she could, throwing her head back and shaking her head from side to side, wondering how she was going to cope with three more strokes. So, when the fourth stroke landed, and it hurt even more than the first three strokes, she still managed to stay bent over because she certainly didn’t want any additional strokes, and again threw her head back and shook her head from side to side. The fifth stroke had her really struggling, and she really wanted to cry out and beg for the caning to stop but knew that her mistress certainly wouldn’t agree to that and it would probably increase the penalty, and, at least there was only one stroke left. When that landed, the pain was greater than anything she had ever suffered and she yelped loudly, but she now hoped that her mistress would be happy that she had taught her a lesson, albeit for no reason at all.

Madison was happy that she had her revenge and ordered, “Okay, maid, you can get up, but no rubbing.”

Janette was relieved but couldn’t stop crying even as she stood up and wanted to rub her stinging bottom but knew not to cross her strict mistress.

Madison smiled when her maid obeyed her order, knowing that she couldn’t see the smile through her tear-filled eyes. She then ordered, “Okay, maid. Go back upstairs and carry on with your work.”

Janette was sniffing back tears as she curtsied and replied a very wet, “Yes, Mistress,” turned and walked out of the living room and made her way upstairs, rubbing her bottom when she knew she was out of the line of vision of the several teenage mistresses.

Madison laughed with her friends, each turning the other on by how erotic they found watching the spanking and caning, and they were soon undressed and in pairs, kissing and cuddling, licking and sucking, easing their fingers inside the other's wet pussy lips and flicking their taut clits as they brought each other to magnificent orgasms.

As they happily chatted afterwards, Madison said that her maid was now her toy, but she shared her toys, and so one of the others could deal with the maid tomorrow, which set them discussing who would get that happy job. Tomorrow would be a good time, Madison told her friends, because the maid's bottom would still be bruised blue and the welts would still be there, and it didn’t matter because Janette used to spank them day after today knowing the girls' bottoms were still stinging from the spanking she had given them the day before.

Janette was still naked as she went upstairs and went into the family bathroom. The first thing she did was look at her bottom in the mirror and gasped as she saw how red her legs were and, far worse, how blue-bruised and welted her bottom was. However, after coming to terms with how fair, on balance, her punishment had been, she started her chores again, the first of which was to clean the family bathroom.

As Janette was kneeling on the floor scrubbing the tiles, she thought over the spanking and caning, and she still couldn’t understand why, but she was so turned on by not just the submission and humiliation, but actually by the pain. How could that be? she asked herself. Even so, she found herself rubbing her inner thigh, then up and along her pussy lips, really surprised at how damp they were, and she eased her fingers inside her vagina and flicked her taut clit as well, and she gave herself one of the best orgasms she had ever had. 

After her second orgasm, Janette calmed down, continuing to scrub the floor tiles, but knew that she was never turned-on when spanking the girls at college but did it more from boredom than anything else. This, though, was something that really turned her on and she was momentarily horrified to think that, just maybe, being submissive and humiliated and suffering the pain of this type of punishment was what she was all about? So, if that was the case, should she let her standards fall below that required just to earn one more punishment, or would her mistress, who she now saw as being fabulously dominant and hopefully very strict with her, punish her again even for no reason?

So, as the girls got dressed and were chatting happily about how they would definitely discipline Madison’s maid time and again, upstairs Janette was hoping that she would be punished at least one more time so she could really work out whether she really was turned on having a mistress being so strict with her and making sure the punishment was pain-filled. Maybe next week after her bottom had recovered, she thought. 

The opposite approaches clearly showed the difference in decision-making between the mistress and her maid. Janette wanted to be spanked once more, but after a week to allow her to recover. Madison decided one of her friends would be spanking and caning the maid again tomorrow, not caring she would be spanking and caning a still stinging and welted bottom. Of course, as she was the one in charge, it didn’t matter to her, which was the beauty of being the mistress.


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