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Ms. Sherrington Deals With Zoe's Poor Parenting

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Dawn visits Zoe at home after Peter had misbehaved at school again

“Have a nice weekend, Steph.” Dawn Sherrington smiled as she watched her younger, dark-haired colleague pulling on her coat.

Stephanie Brown smiled back as she opened the door to the School Nurses’ office at Hillheads School. She checked that she had her bag, phone and car keys before replying.

“You too. I’ll see you on Monday. Don’t stay too late.”

Once the younger woman had closed the door behind her, Dawn reached across her desk and picked up her own mobile phone, scrolling down her list of contacts until she found the person she was after. The woman with the dark blonde hair smiled to herself as she pressed the “call” button.

The woman answered on the fourth ring.

“Hello. Zoe Rudd.” The quiet voice replied.

Ms. Sherrington took a deep breath before she spoke.

“Hello Zoe. It’s Dawn. Ms. Sherrington, the School Nurse from Hillheads School. How are you?” She replied, licking her lips as she thought of the beautiful, older woman.

Zoe Rudd paused for a moment and then replied, a hint of panic in her voice.

“Oh no. What’s happened. Is Peter okay?”

Ms. Sherrington laughed quietly.

“Oh, nothing like that, Zoe. Relax. Although he has been in our office this morning with Stephanie, and that’s sort of why I’ve called you.” She spoke calmly.

“Really? Why was he in your office? He promised me that he would behave himself after the home visit all those weeks back. I’ve had no issues with him since – I think.” Zoe replied, a hint of concern in her voice.

Dawn laughed again.

“Well, it’s a bit odd really. I’d rather not discuss it over the phone so are you at home over the weekend. Maybe I could pop over and discuss this with you. It’s nothing to worry about really, but I just thought it was very strange.” Dawn unintentionally opened her legs and placed her right hand in her lap, touching her crotch over her nurse’s dress.

“Oh. I just thought the spanking had sorted him out, Dawn?” Ms. Rudd asked.

Dawn Sherrington struggled to prevent herself from laughing. Peter Mitchell’s spanking had definitely not sorted him out. In fact, the young man had deliberately visited Miss Brown that morning and pushed her into spanking him. However, it was what the young, no-nonsense dark-haired woman had done afterwards, that played on Dawn’s mind.

“I’m sure it did, but I’d just like to come for a chat and perhaps revisit what we discussed at your house the last time he had his bottom spanked – about you disciplining him in future.” She replied.

“I could pop over tonight if you’re home. I finish in about an hour if that’s convenient?” The blonde-haired woman added.

Zoe Rudd was sitting on her leather chair, behind her desk in her office, a look of absolute shock on her face. It took her a short time to reply.

“Y... Yes, that’s erm, fine. I can be home by five seen as it’s a Friday.” She hesitated.

Dawn Sherrington licked her lips as she felt her juices flowing. She was hot and could feel the dampness in her knickers.

“Great. I’ll pop over at about five and have a chat. It’s nothing to worry about. Honestly.” She reassured.

The two women continued chatting for a few moments before Dawn ended the call. She then busied herself by completing the Punishment Book for that day, ensuring that everything was filled in correctly. The thirty-year-old nurse shook her head as she realised that one of Stephanie’s punishments that she had administered that day had not been recorded in the book. Dawn Sherrington knew that Peter Mitchell had been spanked that day – she had walked in as he stood there, getting dressed. The implements had been lying on the desk. So, why had the young nurse not written it in the book as she knew she had to?

Perhaps it was to do with what Ms. Sherrington had suspected her young assistant had been up to that morning? The School Nurse had resisted looking in the bin where she had seen Steph throwing her pair of used latex gloves.

“Why would she wear latex gloves whilst spanking him?” She had thought to herself.

Dawn had walked in and noticed that they were both looking hot and bothered and Peter was breathing heavily. He had been crying – that was obvious, but he was not sniffing, sobbing and gasping for breath. Peter Mitchell was simply just breathing heavily as if he had been doing something strenuous. She had said nothing to her young assistant, but really wanted to talk to Zoe about this. Ms. Sherrington was determined to get the quiet, sweet, blonde-haired woman to put her eighteen-year-old adopted son back in his place, as well as getting the very attractive older woman to go to bed with her.

The experienced School Nurse spent a while ensuring that her office was tidy and that everything was in order, before walking over to one of the tall cupboards in the corner of the large room. The thirty-year-old woman opened the door and pulled out her long, black leather carry case and walked back to her desk where she placed it down. The young woman then returned to the cupboards and spent a few minutes selecting what implements she was going to take to Ms. Rudd’s house. Once satisfied, she placed them in her case, zipped it closed and smiled. Dawn put her jacket on and made sure that she had everything in her handbag before turning off the lights, leaving the office and locking the door with her key.

It took just five minutes to drive the short distance from the school to Zoe’s home and Ms. Sherrington smiled when she saw that the older woman’s car was parked on the driveway. She pulled up on the road and took a moment to check her appearance in her rearview mirror. Once satisfied that she looked immaculate, Dawn opened her car door and got out, pulling out her handbag and long carry case from the passenger seat. The blonde-haired woman closed the driver’s door quietly and then clicked it locked with her key fob. She stuffed her car keys in her jacket pocket and walked the short distance up the driveway until she had reached the front door.

Ms. Sherrington reached up and pressed the doorbell with the index finger on her left hand and smiled, waiting as the bell rang around the house. A few moments later, through the frosted glass panel in the door, she noticed the woman walking towards the front door. Dawn heard the key turn in the back of the lock and then the door was opened slowly. She stood looking at the older woman with the long blonde hair that she wore, tied up with a black hair clip. Ms. Rudd smiled nervously as she noticed Dawn Sherrington standing there, jacket undone, showing off her light grey nurse’s uniform. Zoe Rudd could not fail to notice the woman holding a handbag in one hand and the long, leather case in her other.

“Hello there, Zoe. How are you?” Ms. Sherrington asked cheerily.

Ms. Rudd stood there with her right hand on the door.

“I’m fine. Just shocked that Peter has been in trouble again.” She replied softly, her voice becoming quieter as she noticed the long, leather case.

She had seen it before and knew what Dawn Sherrington kept in it.

“Oh, it’s probably nothing really, Dear. Can I come in and we can discuss it? I thought that it would be better trying to deal with it between us rather than having to get Mrs. Lacey involved in it.” Dawn took a step towards the front step.

Zoe Rudd took a step back and took her right hand from the door. She smiled uneasily before stepping back to allow the younger woman inside. The thirty-year-old School Nurse smiled and stepped inside the hallway, pausing to close the door behind her and then locking the door with the key that was still in the lock. The School Nurse then returned her full attention to Ms. Rudd.

“It’s honestly nothing really, Zoe. But I’d rather deal with it right here, right now.” She said as she took her handbag from her right shoulder.

“Peter’s not here. I’ve let him stay at his friends for the weekend.” Zoe replied nervously.

Dawn Sherrington nodded and smiled at the older woman.

“Shame. As this does have something to do with him, but I guess we can sort something out between us, Zoe.” The blonde-haired nurse smiled at Zoe Rudd.

“Can I get you a coffee or something, Dawn?” Ms. Rudd asked, trying to change the subject.

The thirty-year-old School Nurse nodded and smiled as she took the long leather case from her left shoulder, resting it on the floor.

“That would be lovely. I’ll just go into the living room and then we can have a chat.” She smiled and licked her lips.

Ms. Rudd would have to take Peter’s punishment if he weren’t home to receive it. In her opinion, that young man should be thoroughly spanked, grounded and be confined to his bedroom for what he had done, but she suspected that the older woman had no idea what her adopted son had been up to at school that day.

Ten minutes later the two women were sitting on the sofa, sipping at their cups of coffee. Zoe Rudd tried to hide her shock when she joined the young school nurse in the living room and noticed that she had laid her implements out on the coffee table before her. The long, leather case had been left on the floor on the far side of the room and Dawn smiled sweetly at her. After a few minutes of small talk, the School Nurse got to the point.

“Zoe. Has Peter really been behaving himself? I mean, really behaving himself to the standards that you expect. I did promise to come over any time and spank him if he lets you down.” The blonde-haired nurse spoke softly.

Ms. Rudd nodded her head and tried to avoid looking away from the younger woman.

The blonde-haired, thirty-eight-year-old, nervously toyed with the buttons on her short-sleeved, dark green satin blouse, trying desperately to avoid looking at the stern-looking School Nurse or at the implements that were lying on the coffee table in front of her.

“I mean, anything. No matter how small, then I’ll come and put him straight over my knees and deal with him.” She added, taking a sip of coffee when she finished.

Zoe smiled.

“He’s been fine. Honest. I think what Miss Brown did to him has been enough. It really shocked him, and he didn’t like being spanked by her.” She smiled awkwardly.

“Hmm.” Ms. Sherrington replied.

Zoe Rudd ran her right hand through her long, blonde hair.

“What has he done today, Dawn?” She asked.

The School Nurse smiled and placed her right hand on Zoe Rudd’s left knee.

“I think he did enjoy being spanked by Stephanie – far too much, in fact – and went to her and asked for a repeat performance this morning.” Dawn smiled as she looked into Ms. Rudd’s eyes.

“I walked in on them, just after she had finished with him and it was very odd. I mean, they were both out of breath and he was struggling to replace his trousers.” The younger woman smiled.

“Plus, Steph was throwing latex gloves in the bin.”

Zoe looked confused and bit her lower lip gently.

“Why is that odd?” She asked quietly.

Dawn began stroking the older woman’s leg with her hand.

“Well, it may be nothing, to be honest, but it is just that we usually spank with the bare hand. Nothing against putting gloves on while we spank, but I’ve just never seen her do that before.” She smiled as she watched Zoe watching her hand as it moved up and down her leg.

“Plus the breathlessness – of both of them – makes me worry that she was doing things that she shouldn’t.” Dawn Sherrington spoke in a whisper.

She removed her hand from Ms. Rudd’s knee and thought to herself for a second.

“I suspect that she had masturbated him.” The blonde-haired nurse got to her feet.

Ms. Sherrington stood in silence and ironed the creases from her light grey nurse’s dress and adjusted her belt before continuing.

“I didn’t go in the bin and check the gloves and didn’t ask Steph about it, but I do suspect that Peter had got sent to her, or just dropped in, and asked her to spank him and one thing led to another.” The thirty-year-old nurse spoke softly.

“I just wanted to come and talk it over with Peter, and then we could have dealt with it without involving Mrs. Lacey in all of this.” She said, shaking her head as she did so.

Zoe Rudd got to her feet slowly and stood next to Dawn.

“Are you sure, Dawn? He has been well behaved since he was punished. Honestly, he has.” She spat out in a panic.

The School Nurse laughed.

“I’m sure he has, Zoe. But, you know what I said last time I was here. I need you to either deal with him yourself or, if you feel that you can’t, then give me a call and I’ll come round and tan his backside and sort him out.” Ms. Sherrington replied as she toyed with her silver belt buckle.

“But Dawn, I..” The thirty-eight-year-old woman protested.

Dawn Sherrington placed her right hand on Zoe’s left and stared at her.

“Tut!” “Tut” “Tut!” She shook her head.

“Like I told you, Ms. Rudd, he needs to be spanked and if you won’t do it, then maybe I need to show you how to do it.” The nurse looked down at the implements that she had laid out on the coffee table, before returning her gaze to Zoe.

“I think a spanked bottom will teach you a lesson – the lesson that you need to take that son of yours in hand before he gets totally out of control – and then maybe, between us, we’ll be able to turn him into that nice, kind young man that he used to be.” She smiled wickedly as she let Zoe’s large hand go.

“Yes, indeed Ms. Rudd. A trip over my lap and a smacked bottom until it is very sore, and that may help you to decide to take that young man of yours in hand.”

“And not in the way that Stephanie took him in hand, either!” She laughed loudly.

Zoe’s response came as a complete shock to the experienced nurse.

“I think I should be spanked for being such a terrible mum and not being able to keep him in line. I’m sorry Dawn.” She looked down at her black shoes.

The blonde-haired School Nurse stood there in silence for a few moments, slightly in disbelief that the older woman had readily accepted a spanking.

“Very well, Ms. Rudd. I’ll smack your bottom and hopefully, it will teach you a lesson to be a stricter mum. Or, at the very least, to give me a call if and when you feel that Peter needs a spanking.” She spoke sternly, bending over the coffee table and picking up her ebony-backed clothes brush in her right hand.

“I’m sorry, Dawn. I really am.” Zoe replied, almost on the brink of tears.

Ms. Sherrington smiled and nodded, tapping the little brush against the palm of her left hand.

“Well, I will make you very sorry this afternoon, Ms. Rudd and hopefully, realising how sore I can make your bottom, you won’t feel so bad about spanking Peter, or getting me to come and spank him.” She continued to speak in a stern tone of voice.

“And, until I tell you otherwise, you will call me Miss. Or Nurse. Or Ms. Sherrington. Do you understand, Ms. Rudd?” Dawn smiled as she noticed Zoe looking at the small clothes brush, which the nurse continued to tap against the palm of her left hand.

The older woman nodded.

“Yes. Ms. Sherrington. I do understand. I am sorry, Ms. Sherrington.” Zoe answered tearfully.

The thirty-year-old nurse smiled and stopped tapping the brush against the palm of her hand. Dawn looked the slightly taller older woman up and down several times before she smiled sweetly.

“Very well then, Ms. Rudd. I want you to follow my instructions without question, do you understand me?” She spoke softly, but left Zoe in no doubt that she needed to comply without question.

The thirty-eight-year-old nodded.

“Yes, Ms. Sherrington. I understand.” She replied in a whisper.

Dawn Sherrington nodded and then smiled.

“Good. I want you to strip absolutely naked, place your clothes in a neat pile on the dining room table and then come and stand in front of me.” She instructed, licking her lips as she stared at Zoe.

“Yes indeed. A thorough spanking across your bottom and thighs with my hand, my clothes brush, the plimsoll, then the strap and finally..” Dawn paused and looked at the coffee table.

“The cane across your bare bottom, Ms. Rudd.” She spoke quietly and smiled.

Ms. Sherrington stared at her implements for a moment, before turning her full attention back to the taller woman standing facing her.

“Off you go. Absolutely everything off and then come back over here and stand at my right-hand side and then I’ll show you how you should deal with a naughty bottom. Especially one who does not do as you tell them to. Off you go!” Dawn Sherrington continued staring at Zoe, pointing with her right arm towards the dining room.

As Zoe Rudd slowly stripped out of her work clothes, the School Nurse ironed the creases from her knee-length light grey nurse’s uniform with her hands before she retook her seat in the middle of the three-seat sofa. She adjusted her navy belt and brushed the creases from her dress once more, before looking across at Ms. Rudd. The older woman had slipped off her shiny black shoes and had carefully removed her knee-length black skirt, reaching behind her waist and unzipping it before allowing it to fall to the floor. The thirty-eight-year-old stepped out of it before bending down to pick it up, folding it carefully and placing it on the dining room table. She nervously looked across at Dawn, who licked her lips at seeing the older woman standing there in her stockings and suspenders.

Zoe Rudd said nothing and concentrated upon getting undressed as quickly as she could, unbuttoning her expensive blouse and removing it, placing it on top of her skirt that was already on the table. Next, she pulled out one of the dining chairs from under the table and sat down, carefully unfastening her suspenders and removing the suspender belt, quickly followed by her dark stockings. She placed them all on top of her skirt and blouse and stood up, placing the chair back under the table. She looked over at Dawn, who was watching her from the sofa, in silence and seemed to hesitate.

“Everything off, Ms. Rudd. You remember how Stephanie dealt with Peter. He had no clothes on, so neither shall you. Quickly, you naughty girl!” She hissed, not taking her eyes from the older woman.

Peter Mitchell’s adopted mum nodded and quickly placed her hands behind her back, reaching for the catch on her bra. Within moments, she had removed her black, silky bra and placed it on the ever-growing pile of clothes on the table. Finally, Zoe slipped her hands down the sides of her black knickers and carefully lowered them, allowing them to fall, smiling nervously as they hit the floor and covered her feet. She stepped out of them before bending down to pick them up, folding them neatly before placing them on top of her pile of clothes on the table.

Ms. Sherrington nodded across to her and sat back on the sofa, moving her arms out of the way and pushing her large, prominent breasts out in front of her. They strained under the light grey uniform she was wearing as she breathed, preparing herself for what was to come.

“Hurry up and get yourself over here Ms. Rudd. Stand to my right-hand side and prepare yourself for the spanking that is coming your way. I really am going to teach you a lesson that you won’t forget this evening and maybe, just maybe, it will teach you to spank that son of yours every time he even looks like stepping out of line.” She spoke sternly and watched as Zoe walked over to her.

The experienced disciplinarian sat, emotionless, looking up at the older woman, eyeing her up and down, her face not betraying the fact that she found Zoe Rudd extremely attractive and wanted to take her to the bedroom once the woman’s punishment was complete. The blonde-haired nurse ran her small left hand through her hair and licked her lips, trying to ignore the heat and dampness in her knickers. She shuffled around on the sofa and patted her knees. She leaned over to the coffee table and picked up the small, oval-headed clothes brush and large black plimsoll, placing these down next to her on the sofa.

“Over you go, naughty. Let’s not waste any more time tonight, shall we?” She spoke softly and watched as Zoe took a step.

Zoe Rudd took another few, tentative steps and reached over, lowering herself down, until she felt the younger woman’s nurse’s uniform touching her bare crotch. She shuffled around until she found herself lying over the sofa, her head next to the arm of the leather sofa. She took hold of one of the large, grey velvet cushions in her hands and placed it over her face. Out of her view, she felt the blonde-haired School Nurse lifting her legs carefully with her strong arms. Soon, Ms. Rudd was in the perfect spanking position across Dawn’s lap with her legs resting on the far arm of the sofa, her bottom slightly raised as she rested her weight against the younger woman’s strong right thigh.

“Right, Ms. Rudd. I am going to show you how to spank a naughty, naughty, bottom and hopefully, this will help you to take that son of yours in hand when he needs to be punished. Am I making myself clear to you, Ms. Rudd?” She scolded, placing her left-hand flat on Zoe’s lower back as she did so.

Peter’s adopted mum moved her head from the cushion and nodded.

“Yes, Ms. Sherrington. I promise that I’ll spank him in the future – or call you to come and spank him for me if he misbehaves.” She spoke frantically before returning her face to the cushion.

Dawn nodded and pushed down on the older woman’s back with her left hand, meaning that Zoe’s bottom was raised further in the air, presenting the ideal target. The School Nurse placed her small right hand on the centre of Ms. Rudd’s small bottom and smiled as she began gently rubbing her hand in circles over every inch.

“Yes you will, otherwise you’ll be getting spanked on his behalf.” She hissed.

The thirty-year-old Nurse continued to rub Zoe’s cold bottom for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling it was giving her, but also enjoying watching the older woman gasping as she became aroused from feeling Dawn’s fingers touching her thighs and the backs of her legs. Zoe Rudd began to wriggle and squirm about on the nurse’s lap as the younger woman’s fingers touched her between the legs. Ms. Sherrington concentrated upon touching Zoe in that area, smiling as Ms. Rudd’s gasps became heavier and heavier. Once satisfied that she had Zoe exactly where she wanted, the School Nurse stopped rubbing the woman’s bottom and raised her right hand in the air.

A few moments later, without warning, she brought it down hard against the centre of Zoe’s small, pale bottom. It landed with a loud “Slap!” The sound echoed around the living and dining room.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Dawn Sherrington laid another half a dozen solid slaps with her small right hand alternately across Zoe Rudd’s tiny bottom. The older woman winced into the cushion as the pain registered in her brain but was determined to show the younger woman that she could take no matter what punishment

Out of Zoe Rudd’s sight, Ms. Sherrington said nothing as she laid out another six, slow and full-force slaps across the older blonde-haired woman’s backside. Again, Peter’s adopted mum tried to show little reaction, even if the pain was starting to burn into her delicate bottom.

The strict School Nurse continued to smack Zoe’s bottom slowly and as hard as she could, for another five minutes or so, smiling as the older woman began to wriggle and squirm in a vain attempt to avoid the younger woman’s hard hand, which continued to connect with her bottom at regular intervals. Dawn simply smiled to herself and slipped her left arm around Ms. Rudd’s slim waist, pulling her into her light grey nurse’s dress and pinning her tightly. There was to be no escape.

“You’re going to learn a lesson this evening, Ms. Rudd. And if you don’t learn from it, then I’ll come back each and every time your son misbehaves, it will be your bottom that suffers for it. Am I making myself clear?” Dawn unintentionally raised her voice.

Zoe’s tears had started, and she pushed her face deeper against the velvet cushion that she held in her hands. She did not reply and winced once more as she felt Ms. Sherrington continuing to spank her bottom.

Ms. Sherrington deliberately smacked the older woman hard across the creases in between her lower bum cheeks and the tops of her thighs. The experienced nurse expected Zoe to struggle and squirm and simply tightened the grip she had on her with her strong left arm, unleashing a rapid-fire two minute spanking which concentrated upon this area. It would be a long-lasting reminder to Zoe of her spanking and why she had been spanked, as well as what would happen to her in the future if she did not take her adopted son in hand.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Despite Ms. Rudd’s sniffs and sobs and her wriggling and struggling to escape the nurse’s hard hand, Dawn used all her experience and strength to hold the blonde-haired woman in position, smacking her small bottom at regular intervals, saying nothing as she did so.

After about fifteen minutes or so, Ms. Sherrington stopped and placed her right hand on Zoe’s hot and sore bottom. She removed her left arm from around the woman’s waist and rested it flat on the thirty-eight-year-old’s lower back. The disciplinarian sat, with Zoe Rudd draped over her knees, and listened to her sniffing and sobbing into the cushion. Eventually, Dawn leaned over and inspected the bottom lying in front of her. It was a mixture of shades of pinks and dark reds in places. Ms. Sherrington licked her lips and began to gently massage every part of the warm bottom, ignoring the sniffs, sobs and gasps coming from Peter’s adopted mum.

“There, there, naughty. I’m sure that you’re beginning to learn your lesson and realise that a spanked bottom is the only way to get someone to behave themselves.” She spoke soothingly as she continued to massage and caress Zoe’s small bum cheeks.

The blonde-haired woman continued to hold the damp cushion across her face, sobbing and sniffing from her first-ever hand spanking.

“So, I’m going to spank that lovely bottom of yours just to show you how effective a spanking is when you want to show your displeasure with someone.” She whispered, giving Ms. Rudd’s small buttocks another gentle squeeze as she did so.

Once Zoe had calmed herself, only giving the occasional sniff and sob into the velvet cushion, Dawn reached over and picked up her small, oval-headed, clothes brush and smiled as she contemplated the innocent-looking implement in her hand. Without another word, she replaced her left arm around Zoe Rudd’s slim waist and pulled her tightly into her nurse’s dress, holding her securely in place. The young disciplinarian smiled as she laid her ebony-backed clothes brush across the older woman’s already hot and sore bottom and began tapping it gently against her skin.

“I’ll continue by giving you a good hiding with my brush and I’ll be expecting you to do the same to your son’s bottom in the future if he misbehaves. Is that clear, Ms. Rudd?” She asked as she raised the small clothes brush in the air.

Zoe Rudd did not reply, instead beginning to sniff and sob once more. Dawn Sherrington simply nodded and smiled. A few moments later, she brought her clothes brush down, at full-force, against Zoe’s right buttock.

“Smack!” The sound it made as it kissed her bottom echoed around the large living room.

The School Nurse tightened the grip she had around Zoe Rudd’s slim waist and took a few deep breaths before laying six smacks alternately across the older woman’s bottom, three on each buttock.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

Peter’s adopted mum wriggled and squirmed for all she was worth as the pain burned into her bottom. Her shouts and screams muffled by the cushion that she held hard to her face. Behind her, the blonde-haired School Nurse smiled, giving her a few moments to recover, before unleashing another half a dozen smacks, landing them within millimetres of her previous ones across the older woman’s backside.

Again, Zoe Rudd cried and wriggled around, but it was all in vain. Dawn Sherrington had spanked hundreds of bottoms in her near seven years as a School Nurse and had seen it all before. She simply used all of her experience to tighten her grip on the woman’s waist and to wait until she had stopped wriggling and kicking her feet as the pain registered in her head.

“Quite finished are we, Ms. Rudd?” She asked soothingly, lifting her nasty little brush as she did so.

“Because I’m not!” She added, quickly wrapping out another half a dozen swipes with her clothes brush.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

Almost instantly, Peter’s Adopted mum began crying and shuffling about over Dawn’s lap to try and avoid the punishment, but she soon realised that it was a futile gesture and settled, holding the cushion tight against her face and allowing her tears to fall freely into it. Ms. Sherrington concentrated on the task in hand, and for the next five minutes or so, she slowly, and as hard as she physically could, laid the tiny little ebony-backed brush across Zoe’s bottom and thighs, smiling as she could see the deep red marks where the solid piece of wood kissed Zoe’s silky buttocks and thighs.

Once she was satisfied, the thirty-year-old woman placed the brush down on the sofa beside her and removed her arm from around Ms. Rudd’s waist, placing her hand flat on the sobbing woman’s back. Dawn immediately began gently touching and massaging the woman’s bottom and thighs, not saying a word as she did so, listening to Zoe Rudd crying, sniffing and sobbing. The School Nurse could feel how wet she was between the legs and licked her lips as she felt the intense heat on her lap from having Peter’s adopted mum lying over her knees for what had seemed like an age. She paused for a moment and used her right hand to unbutton the button at the top of her uniform.

Ms. Sherrington then looked down and picked the slipper up from the seat on the sofa next to where she sat. The young disciplinarian looked at it in her hand for a moment before she laid it across the lower part of Zoe’s right buttock.

“We’re getting there, Ms. Rudd. This is what I expect you to do to that naughty son of yours if he misbehaves.” She scolded as she began tapping the large, rubber-soled canvas shoe against Zoe’s hot and sore bottom.

“I want you to remember each and every smack and also remember that this is what I’ll come and do to you each and every time he misbehaves in and out of school.” She whispered, replacing her left arm around Ms. Rudd’s slim waist and pulling her tightly into her nurse’s dress.

“I’m sure that eventually you’ll get the message and tan his arse when he steps out of line.” She added, adjusting the grip she had on the slipper in her right hand.

“Your arse – or his arse – it's all the same to me, Sweetie. Just as long as someone gets their arse spanked.” She smiled raising the large black slipper in the air.

“Whack!” The rubber sole connected heavily across the small centre of Zoe’s sore, hot and swollen bottom.

Dawn Sherrington nodded as she watched Zoe Rudd’s reaction. The older woman pushed the cushion further against her face and was crying uncontrollably as her bottom became increasingly hot, red and sore.

“Do you think that I enjoy smacking bottoms, Ms. Rudd?” Dawn asked, holding the slipper tightly in her right hand.

The School Nurse did not wait for an answer. There wasn’t one anyway as the older woman cried into the cushion. Besides which, the thirty-year-old nurse already knew the answer to her question. She thoroughly enjoyed spanking bottoms – male or female – and it was such a turn on for her that she tried to spank as many bottoms as she possibly could every day. She began to bring her heavy-soled slipper down at frequent intervals against the defenceless bottom lying over her knees.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

Ms. Rudd continued to cry into the cushion and Dawn patiently waited for her to calm herself between each smack with the slipper before landing the next one. Zoe could not escape and by the time that Ms. Sherrington had decided that she would conclude the woman’s punishment, the older woman’s bottom and thighs were hot to the touch and were a dark shade of red.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

The strict disciplinarian laid out a final half a dozen smacks with the slipper across the lower part of Peter’s adopted mum’s backside and smiled as Zoe kicked up her right leg, almost catching Dawn in the face with her right foot. The nurse threw the slipper onto the sofa beside her and landed a hefty slap across the back of the woman’s right leg, the sound it made echoing around the house for a moment. Zoe Rudd cried and shouted something inaudible into the damp cushion in front of her.

The School Nurse sat on the sofa and held Zoe until she was sure that the older woman had calmed down and removed her left arm from around the sobbing woman’s waist. She placed both hands on Zoe’s swollen bottom and began to soothe and massage it gently with her hands, running her fingernails between the older woman’s buttocks and legs, smiling as she felt how wet Ms. Rudd was. Dawn smiled. As soon as she had punished the thirty-eight-year-old, she was going to take her upstairs to her bedroom and soothe her, with her hands, her tongue – just anything that Zoe would allow her to use.

A few minutes passed, Zoe lying there sobbing as Dawn Sherrington touched and massaged the woman’s throbbing bum cheeks and thighs with her long fingernails. Once satisfied, Ms. Sherrington tapped the older woman on the bottom gently.

“Up you get, Honey. Go and lie face down on your bed and I’ll be up to finish your punishment in a moment.” She smiled as she touched the blonde-haired lady between her legs once more.

Ten minutes later, the blonde-haired school nurse was standing in the doorway of Zoe Rudd’s bedroom watching the thirty-eight-year-old lying face down on her king-sized bed as she had been instructed. Dawn kicked off her black shoes and stepped inside, placing her heavy tan-coloured leather strap and crook-handled cane down on the dressing table across from the bed. The older woman was still sniffing and letting out the occasional sob, but remained lying there, legs slightly open, red and bruised bottom standing out for all to see.

Ms. Sherrington walked over to the bed and sat down on the left-hand side, smiling as she ran her warm right hand over Zoe’s bruised bottom. Peter’s adopted mum let out a moan, but Dawn continued, trying to soothe her.

“Ssssssshhhhhh, Dear. I’m sure you’re learning a lesson this evening, aren’t you?”

“You just need to learn to take that naughty son of yours in hand, Sweetie.”

“Spank and beat his bottom – or get me to come and do it – or I’ll have to smack you, naughty, naughty Ms. Rudd!”

“Such a lovely bottom.”

Dawn leaned in close and began to kiss Zoe Rudd’s bottom. She gently kissed and licked the woman’s sore and red buttocks for a few minutes before she stopped and got up from the bed. Ms. Sherrington smiled as she looked down at Zoe lying face down on her bed and walked across to the dressing table where she picked up her two-foot-long, heavy leather strap in her left hand. The experienced School Nurse smiled as she pulled two of the pillows from the top of the bed and placed them next to Ms. Rudd, who continued to sniff into the other two pillows on her bed.

“Lift your hips, Ms. Rudd. I’m going to place some pillows underneath so that your bottom is in the ideal spanking position.” She spoke softly and waited for Peter’s adopted mum to comply.

After a couple of minutes, Zoe was lying with her face buried into her pillow, which she held tightly with both hands. Her hips rested on the other two pillows, raising her small, beautiful bottom in the air as it awaited the next part of her punishment. The blonde-haired School Nurse stood to the older woman’s left-hand side and carefully laid her trusty, well-used, thick leather strap across the fleshiest part of Ms. Rudd’s small bottom.

“Right, Ms. Rudd. Twelve with the strap across your bottom. Please do not move and wriggle about as I do not want to wrap this around your legs by accident as that really will hurt.” She spoke calmly, taking her tan-coloured strap back over her right shoulder.

She paused for a few moments, thinking about where she would land her first stroke with the strap, taking several deep breaths and listening to Zoe, who was lying face down on the bed, still sniffing and sobbing from what had gone before. Once she was happy, Dawn stepped forward and let the tan-coloured piece of leather go. It landed a moment later across centre of the older woman’s bottom with a loud “Whap!”

Zoe Rudd let out a scream into her pillow and moved around on her bed for a few moments as the strap ignited a new fire across her bottom. Ms. Sherrington re-took her position at the left-hand side of the woman’s double bed and waited until she had stopped wriggling and moving on the opposite side of the bed. Once she was happy, she slowly and expertly, laid her first six strokes with the strap across Peter’s adopted mum’s bottom.

“Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!”

Once she had administered her first six smacks with her nasty leather strap, Dawn leaned over the bed and smiled as she looked at how red the tan-coloured strap had turned Zoe’s lovely bottom. The School Nurse listened to the older woman sobbing into her pillow before running her right hand over the already well-punished bottom lying in front of her. Ms. Sherrington said nothing, licking her lips and smiling as she listened to Zoe Rudd sniffing. After a few minutes, Dawn resumed her position and took the strap back over her right shoulder, taking about ten minutes to lay her final six strokes across the bottom lying on the bed in front of her.

“Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!”

Zoe had screamed with pain after each swipe with the strap and Dawn stood and watched her as she tried to calm herself after that final stroke with the tan-coloured strap. The thirty-year-old School Nurse laid the heavy piece of leather down on the dressing table and smiled at her cane which also lay there. Before she completed Zoe Rudd’s punishment, she turned and left the bedroom, heading back downstairs and into the living room. The short, blonde-haired nurse opened her handbag and took out a tube of cream, a pack of plasters and a pack of antiseptic wipes, which she carried back to the bedroom, where she found the older woman still lying there, face buried in her pillow, with her hips still resting on the other pillows at the bottom of the bed.

Dawn placed the items down on the dressing table and picked up her crook-handled dragon cane in her right hand, studying the two-foot-long implement closely before walking back to the left-hand side of the bed. She could hear that Zoe had started to settle her breathing and she had stopped crying. Ms. Sherrington resisted the urge to swish her cane through the air, like she always did when she was about to cane someone in her office at school. Zoe Rudd did not deserve that.

“Okay, Honey. Just six of the best with the cane and then we will call it a day. I think that you have done really well and also that you realise the positive effect that a punishment can have.” She spoke soothingly as she gently laid the thin, but dense, cane across Ms. Rudd’s lower buttocks.

Dawn began to tap the crook-handled cane softly against the older woman’s already red and sore bottom.

“Unless you think that you deserve extra strokes for your continued failure to punish your son, Ms. Rudd?” She added, coldly.

Zoe Rudd said nothing. Six strokes were more than enough for what she had done. She did not wish to take any more punishment.

“Very well then, Sweetie. Just lie there and take them. Please do not move and we’ll get this over with quickly and then I’ll clean you up.” Ms. Sherrington spoke quietly, raising her cane in the air and thinking about where that first stroke would land.

A few moments later she sent the crook-handled cane on its journey towards Zoe’s small bottom, that journey broken when it landed across the lower part of Ms. Rudd’s right buttock.


The thirty-eight-year-old woman yelped into the pillow which she pushed over her face. She swayed on her bed as the pain registered in her brain and took a few moments to resume her position, face down on the bed, hips on the pillows, raising her bottom in the air. Dawn paused and smiled as she noticed the first thin red line which had appeared from that first stroke. It was straight and had landed just down from the centre of the woman’s bottom. Ms. Sherrington allowed her some time to recover before taking up her position once more, taking a deep breath before landing her next stroke.


The older woman’s left buttock received the next stroke, an identical, thin red line appearing as soon as the School Nurse had lifted her cane away from the bottom. Again, Zoe Rudd shouted into the pillow and was crying once more. The experienced disciplinarian gave her a while to recover before she laid the cane against the older woman’s bottom, bringing it down solidly against Zoe’s right bum cheek a few moments later.


Again, Dawn Sherrington landed her third stroke against the lower part of Zoe’s right bum cheek. Once more, the blonde-haired School Nurse remained emotionless as she listened to the older woman shouting and crying into the pillow, simply raising the cane n the air and pausing until she was happy that Peter’s adopted mum had settled back into position. She then delivered the next stroke with the cane.


Ms. Rudd’s left buttock received a full-force swipe with the dense dragon cane. More shouts, cries and sobs into the pillow, but Ms. Sherrington simply waited until they had subsided before delivering her next stroke across Zoe’s right buttock.


Dawn licked her lips and adjusted her blonde hair as she waited for Ms. Rudd to calm down. She could feel how aroused she was and was determined to deal with that once she had cleaned the sexy older woman up. She could feel how damp her knickers were and knew that her nipples were erect at the thought of Zoe Rudd. Ms. Sherrington laid her cane across against the crease in between Zoe’s left bum cheek and thigh, bringing her cane down a moment later.


Zoe screamed into her pillow once again and she wriggled on the bed for all she was worth as the burning pain from Dawn’s cane seared into the crease between her bottom and the top of her left leg. The School Nurse smiled and walked over to the dressing table, where she laid her cane down next to the strap before picking up her pack of wipes, removing a couple before returning them to the table.

“Now, Zoe. I’m going to clean you up and take care of you. Don’t move Lovely and I’ll take care of you. You’ve done really well, Sweetie.” She spoke soothingly as the older woman continued sobbing and crying into the pillow on the bed.

Dawn Sherrington smiled as she sat on the left-hand side of the large bed and leaned over, beginning to run the cool, moist wipe over Zoe’s bottom. Peter’s adopted mum continued to sniff and sob, but these soon became fewer and further between as Ms. Rudd calmed down and began to enjoy the soothing feeling as the School Nurse slowly, and gently, touched every part of Zoe’s sore, swollen and hot buttocks and thighs with the wipes. Intentionally, Dawn touched the older woman between her legs and continued working her way upwards, until she touched the wipe against Ms. Rudd’s pussy lips. The School Nurse smiled as she felt how aroused Zoe was.

“She would have to take care of that, too.” She thought to herself as she continued touching the wipes against the woman’s skin.

After about five minutes, the younger disciplinarian got up from the bed and placed the used wipes on the dressing table. She picked up her tube of cream and carried it back to the bed, where she sat down once more. The thirty-year-old smiled as she sat there, listening to Ms. Rudd’s breathing, that, by this time, had returned to almost normal. Dawn flipped open the cap of her tube of cream with her left hand and squirted a handful into the palm of her right hand, before clicking the tube closed and placing it beside her on the bed. She leaned over and began to rub the cooling cream into Zoe’s red and swollen bottom, again, not caring that her hand wandered between the older woman’s legs.

Zoe Rudd had long since stopped sniffing, crying and sobbing. The sounds she made now being moans of satisfaction as Dawn’s fingernails touched her delicate skin. The School Nurse smiled as her hands continued to wander from Peter’s adopted mother’s bottom, down the backs of her legs, then between her legs, finally coming to rest once Ms. Sherrington had inserted the index finger of her right hand up Zoe’s bottom, pausing as she reached the woman’s anus. She held her finger there for a few moments, probing with her finger, smiling as Zoe moaned and squirmed around on her bed.

Feeling that she was becoming hot and aroused, Dawn removed her finger and picked up her tube of cream, returning it to the dressing table, before returning with a few small plasters that she applied carefully to several small cuts that had appeared on Ms. Rudd’s bottom from the strap and cane. Once she had completed this task she got to her feet, picked up the rubbish and went to the bathroom where she placed it in the bin before returning to Zoe’s bedroom. Dawn licked her lips as she looked down upon the blonde-haired woman who was still lying face down on her bed.

“All done, Dear.” She spoke softly as she continued staring at the beautiful older woman.

“I think that that will show you that it would be better for everyone if you were to punish Peter for his bad behaviour or get me to come and punish him if he ever steps out of line in the future.” She spoke quietly.

Ms. Rudd sat up slowly on the bed and let go of the pillows in front of her, turning to the left to look at Dawn, who stood there in her light grey nurse’s uniform, the top, and only, button undone.

“I do, Miss. I’m sorry Miss.” The older woman said almost in a whisper.

Ms. Sherrington laughed quietly and smiled sweetly.

“It’s Dawn, Zoe. I’ve forgiven you for being such a bad, bad, girl.” She laughed, unfastening her navy belt before using both hands to pull the Velcro fastening on her dress apart, revealing her sizeable breasts under her navy bra.

Zoe smiled awkwardly, wincing as she shuffled around on the bed.

The School Nurse leaned over the bed and kissed the older woman on the lips, holding the kiss for a few moments to see how Zoe would react. The fact that she held their kiss encouraged Dawn, who pulled away and stood up.

“I want to show you that I have forgiven you, Zoe.” She purred, staring down at Zoe Rudd, who reached behind her head and removed the black hair clip that had secured her long, blonde hair.

As she sat there with the clip in her right hand, she shook her head vigorously, smiling as her long hair fell down over her face. She threw the clip onto her bedside cabinet before brushing her hair from her eyes.

Dawn smiled at the older woman and quickly began to undress. First, she removed the navy belt and threw it onto the bedroom floor. Next, she pushed her light grey nurse’s dress down and stepped out of it, leaving it on the carpeted floor. She smiled as she stood there in her black tights and navy bra and knickers, but she silently and quickly removed these, the garments joining her uniform on the bedroom floor. The young nurse sat down on the left-hand side of the bed and stroked Zoe’s long, blonde hair with her right hand before removing her own hair clip from behind her head and allowing her flowing hair to fall down.

Ms. Rudd reached across and brushed Dawn’s hair from her face smiling as she did so. Dawn placed her black hair clip on the floor before turning her full attention back to Zoe. She licked her lips before touching the older woman’s large breasts with her right hand, touching and teasing the large, light brown nipples with her fingers. The two ladies leaned in and kissed, Zoe’s hands wandering until they found Ms. Sherrington’s pussy. The older woman gently touching and rubbing her fingers over the neat little clump of dark pubic hair that sat above it.

She placed both hands on the thirty-year-year-old’s legs and gently pushed them wider apart, leaning in even closer as she did so. Zoe Rudd began kissing Ms. Sherrington’s lower stomach, working her way down until she came to the neat little clump of pubic hair that sat above her pussy. The older, blonde-haired woman spent a few moments kissing and licking the School Nurse there, trying to ignore her squirming around on the bed. She used both hands to hold the woman’s legs apart so that she could continue her task. She slowly worked her way further down, intent on kissing and touching Dawn everywhere. As she could hear her breathing becoming heavier, Zoe turned her attention to Dawn Sherrington’s pussy.

Zoe began letting her feel her warm breath against her skin, occasionally kissing Dawn just above her neat little bush of pubic hair. As she moved around, the thirty-eight-year-old licked just above her pussy lips. Ms. Rudd kissed her, using both hands to hold the young woman in place on the bed. When she had decided that the thirty-year-old was ready, Zoe Rudd went for her clit, finding the hood and touching it with her tongue. She took her left hand from Dawn’s right leg and placed it on her pussy lips, gently pushing them apart. Zoe took a deep breath before letting her tongue flick against Ms. Sherrington’s clit, doing this for a moment before moving onto simply rubbing the tip of her tongue against it.

Dawn moaned at the sensation, so she decided to keep going with this, continuing for a minute or so. The young lady with the long, dark blonde hair, moaned loudly, holding onto the pillows to keep herself in position for Zoe. Ms. Rudd started to move her tongue inside the entrance to her pussy before going for it, diving right in with her tongue. The younger woman concentrated upon moving her tongue in and out before going back to her clit once more. As Zoe’s tongue touched her clit, she used the fingers on her left hand to push inside Dawn’s hot and very moist pussy.

As Zoe Rudd worked away with her tongue, she took her right hand from Dawn’s thigh and began stroking her silky smooth skin with her fingernails. The young woman screamed and began thrashing around on the bed as she became more and more aroused. In what seemed like no time at all, Ms. Sherrington came to orgasm loudly, shouting out with pleasure before collapsing back into the pillows and gasping for breath. Zoe Rudd held her fingers inside the School Nurse for a few moments before she had calmed down and Zoe slowly stopped touching her, removing her fingers and moving back up on the bed until she lay on her back beside the beautiful woman.

Shortly after, Dawn Sherrington began to breathe heavily, kissing harder and harder, still rubbing her hands over Ms. Rudd’s impressive breasts. After a few minutes where the two women explored one another, the School Nurse pulled away and smiled as she looked at Zoe.

“On your back, young lady.” She whispered, smiling as Peter’s adopted mum complied immediately, unintentionally lying there with her legs wide open.

The younger School Nurse leaned over, her long hair falling down over her face, until it brushed against Zoe Rudd’s bare stomach and breasts. She giggled at the sensation, but Dawn Sherrington ignored her, concentrating on the task in hand. Dawn gently kissed Zoe on her pale lips and when she was ready pushed her tongue inside the older woman’s warm mouth. She spent a few minutes exploring every inch, still touching and stroking the older woman with her wandering hands. Zoe was aroused and her breath, just like Dawn’s, was coming in gasps, the more and more the ladies touched one another.

A few more minutes passed before Dawn Sherrington moved her hands from Zoe’s breasts, down her stomach until they finally came to rest on Ms. Rudd’s neatly shaven pussy. Within moments, the young School Nurse had placed the fingers of her right hand inside and began touching, teasing, rubbing her older friend. They continued to kiss and touch one another as Dawn began to move her fingers backwards and forward, slowly at first, but then building up the intensity. The older woman was so aroused feeling Zoe Rudd’s hands touching her small breasts, but she pushed on, quickly running her fingers over the woman’s clit and smiling as Zoe let out a loud moan.

Over the next few minutes, Ms. Sherrington concentrated her attention on Zoe’s clit, rubbing her fingers across it, holding her fingers against it before resuming moving her fingers backwards and forwards slowly, increasing the intensity as Zoe began breathing heavily and letting out satisfied gasps. Peter’s adopted mum kissed the older woman hard on the mouth and her screams of ecstasy were muffled as she came to a noisy climax. Dawn held her fingers inside Zoe Rudd for a few minutes until she had calmed herself before repeating the treatment three more times.

The two ladies collapsed onto the bed and lay in one another’s arms for a few minutes as they recovered. Next, it was Zoe who took control, leaning over the younger woman and kissing her lips softly, touching, teasing and squeezing Dawn’s large breasts in her hands. As Ms. Sherrington lay there with her eyes closed, Zoe Rudd began kissing the older woman’s breasts, licking, kissing and sucking on the dark nipples which stood out proudly. The School Nurse began gasping as she felt Zoe’s blonde hair brushing against her skin, but the older woman held her in position with her left hand.

She slipped the fingers of her right hand inside Dawn’s wet pussy and she began touching her, teasing her, smiling as she found the woman’s clit with ease. She then used her fingers slowly to massage Dawn there, and, just like the School Nurse had done to her, built up the intensity, knowing that she was doing the right thing as she heard Dawn Sherrington moaning and thrashing around on the bed as the sensation became too much for the thirty-year-old. Within minutes, her pelvic muscles tensed, and the blonde-haired nurse let out an almighty orgasmic scream. Zoe kissed her on the mouth and resumed touching her, using the same technique to give Ms. Sherrington a second, then a third and finally, a fourth, orgasm, before they both fell back onto the bed exhausted.

The two blonde-haired women continued to play and tease one another for another hour or so, before they got up from the bed and got dressed, Dawn picking up her underwear and uniform and dressing in the bedroom as Zoe watched her from the bed. Miss Rudd wrapped her dressing gown around her and dressed in the dining room where she had left her clothes hours before. Dawn Sherrington sat on the sofa watching the older woman and got to her feet, walking across to Zoe once she was fully dressed before kissing and holding her tightly. They chatted over coffee before Ms. Sherrington packed up her implements and left.

That night, both ladies masturbated in bed at the thought of what had happened at Zoe’s house earlier that evening. Zoe Rudd never told Peter about her visitor that Friday night, nor about the new disciplinary regime that the eighteen-year-old would now face.

Peter never visited the School Nurses’ office again during his final weeks at school. The bottom-blistering spanking that he had received from Miss Brown had been severe and no matter how much he fantasized about another hand job from Stephanie, the worry that he would get caught and then punished by Dawn, or by Mrs. Lacey, the Head Mistress, meant that he kept away from that part of school. He continued to get on well with Zoe, who treated him like an adult.

That was until, inevitably, he upset her, and she made a phone call to Ms. Sherrington.


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