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The Naval Proxy, part 3


Louise has something to be spanked for

Life went on for Louise. She missed Mike, of course, but her weekly sessions with Janet kept her much more grounded, and feeling much more herself. The spankings were almost always the same, and always ended with a cathartic, soul-cleansing cry while Janet held her. And more often than not, there was a little bit extra before Janet sent her back home. But this week, Louise knew would be different.

It was stupid of her, she knew. She had gone to the library to return some books on Monday morning. The library had no actual parking lot, and the street parking in downtown was all parking meters. As she found a spot, she dug into her purse and found no change in it. She cursed at herself for not getting some change the last time she went to the store. She furtively looked around and decided to chance it. She grabbed her books and ran to the front of the library and the book return slot, shoved the books all on quickly. As she turned to run back to the car, her heart sank and she stopped in her tracks. A little golf-cart like car labeled "Parking enforcement" was sandwiching her car in and a cop was standing in front of her car, copying the license plate number onto the ticket pad. It only took him a moment before he tore the ticket off and with a flourish deposited it under her car's windshield wiper and got back in the cart.

Louise was crestfallen. She walked back to the car and retreived the ticket. It was for fifty dollars! Her first thought was how mad Mike was going to be, but she quickly remembered he wasn't due back from patrol for almost a month yet. And then she realized she would have to tell Janet about this on Thursday and she felt a sudden chill. Normally, she'd have just gone home and only had to wait until Mike got home from the base to confess. And she knew Mike would sentence her on the spot and immediately execute her punishment. But how would Janet handle this? In the end, she decided she would have to just wait until Thursday to find out.

Thursday came and although Louise had by now gotten used to the routine of getting ready for her session with Janet, the added dimension of knowing she would have to tell her about the parking ticket made her just as anxious as she had been the very first time. Despite that, Louise didn't alter her preparations any. She showered and got dressed in the usual manner - a pleated skirt, flowing blouse and sandals and made the drive over to Janet's place, arriving just on time.

Louise walked to the door and rang the bell, and Janet answered as usual, wearing a pantsuit and remarking on Louise's punctuality before ushering her into the sitting room and taking her place in the easy chair. Louse took her usual place in the middle of the couch opposite the chair.

Janet, always the businesslike woman, jumped right into the heart of the topic at hand: "Now then, Louise. How have things been this week?"

Louise took a deep breath. She had been rehearsing this for the better part of the week. "I have to tell you something, Miss."

Janet raised one of her eyebrows just a fraction, but otherwise remained dispassionate. Louise continued, "I got a parking ticket."

Janet replied, "I see. Tell me how this happened."

Louise blushed her embarrassment and said, "Well, I was at the library and I didn't have any change for the meter and all I had to do was run to the book return and back. I wasn't gone thirty seconds and boom, the cop pulled right up."

Janet said, "Thirty seconds or not, it was still against the law to not pay though, right?"

Louise said, "Well, yes, but..."

Janet interrupted, "No "buts," Louise. And how much is the ticket going to cost you and Mike?"

Louise looked at the floor, "Fifty dollars."

Janet raised her voice a little, "What did you say, Louise?"

Louise looked back up, "Fifty dollars, Miss," she repeated.

"And would Mike punish you for this if he were here now?"

Louise felt a definite shiver at the question. "Y-yes, Miss."

"I'm sure he would. So in his stead, I am going to give you a dose of the strap and we'll see if we can't make you a proper model citizen going forward. Stand up!"

Louise shivered again and stood in front of the couch, holding her hands in front of her crotch nervously.

"Now, take off all of your clothing, Louise, and don't dawdle."

Louise moved her hands up to the top button on her blouse and began to unbutton it clumsily; her hands were trembling as she did so. She shrugged it off her shoulders and reached behind her to lay it down on the couch. She then reached down to the waist of her skirt and twisted the whole garment around to get the snap and zipper to the front where she could open them. She turned to the side as she bent at the waist and lowered the skirt down enough to step out of it. She stood back up and placed the skirt on the couch.

Now she turned her attention to the snaps at the front of her bra. Once they were loose, she pulled the cups apart and slid first one arm out and then the other before it joined the pile of clothing on the couch. Still turned to the side, she reached down and pulled her thong panties down until they fell to the ground on their own. She stepped out of them and then bent down to pick them up and put them on the pile on the couch. She then slowly turned back to the front, holding one arm across her chest to shield her breasts and the other in front of her crotch.

Janet frowned, "That won't do, Louise! Put your hands up behind your head! You're going to be punished for your delinquency and a little embarrassment is part of that."

Louise felt her face get impossibly hot as she peeled her hands away from hiding her privates and put them behind her head.

"Stand up straight, Louise! Elbows back, and move your feet a little further apart, please."

Louise brought her shoulders and elbows back, which had the effect of thrusting her bosoms out prominently. She walked her feet a little further apart, knowing that her slight thatch of pubic hair that she kept trimmed would do nothing to shield the chink of her sex from Janet's gaze.

Janet stood and turned towards the easy chair and muscled it out away from the wall and turned it 90 degrees. Louise marveled at how easy Janet was able to move the heavy chair. She was quite strong. Once the chair was in its new position, Janet looked back at Louise and said, "Wait here, I'll go get the strap and then we'll attend to your punishment," and walked out of the room.

Louise stood still, waiting on pins and needles. It wasn't long before she heard Janet's footsteps return. Louise's eyes grew wide when she saw the thick and long leather strap in Janet's hand. It nearly reached the ground from the hand holding it by Janet's side.

"Now, stand by the back of the chair there. I want you to bend over the back of it and put your forearms on the seat."

Louise moved as Janet directed. As she did, she felt like her bottom was a thousand miles up in the air.

"Move your legs apart, Louise!"

Louise did as she was told, and felt the room air wafting across her pussy. She could imagine what she must look like!

"Now, hold still and take your punishment like a good girl, Louise. I'll warn you now that this is going to hurt quite a bit, and you're going to be sore long after we are finished. And every time you have to sit down on your sore bottom it will remind you about proper ladylike and lawful behavior. Is that understood, Louise?"

Louise choked out her reply, "Yes, Miss."

"And you must remain perfectly still for your punishment. This is your punishment. You earned it, and you are to comply fully with it. Any misbehavior and your punishment will be longer and more severe. Is that understood as well, Louise?"

"Yes, Miss."

Louise felt the stiff leather tap twice on her bottom and then disappear. Louise prepared herself as best as she could and then felt the explosive force of the first stroke on her ass. The force would have knocked her forward but for her posture over the back of the chair, but that was replaced a millisecond later by the painful fiery stripe left by the strap. Louise picked her head up and shrieked her lungs dry. As she was breathing in, the next stroke arrived and she shrieked again. The third stroke was enough for the tears to begin in earnest and for her shrieks to be mixed with sobs and full-on crying. After that, Louise couldn't count them anymore, as the fire and the crying crowded everything else out of her mind.

Finally as she cried and cried, distantly she realized that she wasn't being strapped anymore. A few moments after that, Janet tugged on her arm, dragging her back to her feet. Her hands instantly flew behind her to her bottom and she shifted her weight back and forth from one foot to another. After a few seconds of this she could hear Janet's voice piercing through her crying-cloud, "That's quite enough of that, Louise. Come here and face the wall, hands behind your head again!"

As she said this, Janet steered Louise over to the wall next to the chair and brought her hands back up behind her head. With her field of view filled with nothing but blank wall, all of her remaining senses were attuned to nothing but the fire in her bottom and her own crying. When her thoughts returned to her, she felt deep remorse for her carelessness and deep shame and embarrassment from being stripped and spanked. At long last, the crying came fully under control and left Louise just sniffling occasionally as her bottom throbbed in time with her heartbeat.

Eventually, Janet spoke again, "Alright Louise, your punishment is complete. You can come here and dress again."

Louise turned around. Janet was seated on the couch and Louise's clothes were neatly folded next to her. Louise walked over to the couch and began to re-dress. When she was done, she turned to Janet and said, "Thank you, Miss."

Janet smiled and replied, "Of course, Louise. Now, I trust you'll be well behaved this week, won't you?"

Louise nodded vigorously and said, "Oh, yes, Miss. I promise."

"Good girl. I'll see you next week."

Louise smiled and turned towards the front door.



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