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The Way To Learn

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Zoey is disciplined by her older walking partner along the trail.

Zoey was quite happy at being paired with someone her mum’s age to go on the nature trail. It wasn’t intentional, because names were pulled out of a hat, but she loved being with older women and imagined herself as their daughter even at her age of twenty-two-years-old. Better still, was that it didn’t take long for Diane, who was forty-six-years-old, to do exactly that and act pretty much as the mother and treat Zoey as her daughter by telling her what to do as they walked along the nature trail. 

What was interesting was that whilst Diane was an alpha female at her office, Zoey was pretty much the alpha female where she worked. Would there a clash, Zoey wondered, and then smiled at the thought Diane was her mum’s age. However, it was Zoey who happily submitted to Diane’s strict maternal persona, and things worked out as Zoey had expected because Diane didn’t just stay in charge of the two of them, she disciplined Zoey severely when she didn’t do as she was told and, as they got close to returning to the base, Zoey knew that she had a bottom that was literally covered in welts, given to her by Diane. 

Well, the nature trail was supposed to be educational and Zoey took heart from the fact that she certainly learned a lot about herself, as well as nature.

On the plus side, the sky was blue, the weather was warm, and both women enjoyed looking out over green fields, farm animals, different plants, different birds and the like. What transpired quickly was that Diane pointed everything out to Zoey and pretty much told her what she should and shouldn’t do, which fitted her character of taking control in every situation she was in.

Zoey didn’t mind that Diane was the one in control as not having to make decisions helped her relax, and once Diane wagged her finger at her a couple of times and told her off, she thought it easier just to let Diane get on with it. She was also the older of the two so it made sense to Zoey from that perspective as well.

What Zoey knew about herself was that she rather liked the company of older women, Diane’s age in fact, so that made it even easier.

Diane and Zoey were following the nature trail. The walk was for six miles through woods and across farmland and they hadn’t seen another person for about half an hour. 

Zoey wore a red vest top and tight white cotton shorts with bare legs as it was a very hot day. Diane was in a short-sleeved top with cropped trousers just below her knees. 

They both thought it rather funny when they got to a lake and saw a stranger swimming. What they found particularly funny was that the stranger had left his clothes on the side of the lake and was swimming in the nude.

When the stranger stood up in the lake, they reckoned that he was about Zoey's age. They made sure that he didn’t see them because they wanted to see him come out of the lake with his private parts showing.

They didn’t have to wait long and put their hands over their mouths to stop the sounds of their giggles reaching the stranger. He clearly didn’t know they were watching as he got to his clothes and bent down, they thought to pick them up. However, what the women hadn’t noticed, but now did, was the stranger picked up what looked like a thin branch. They were then shocked when the stranger knelt on the ground and whacked himself with the branch. In fact, he continued to whack himself a full dozen times.

Diane was quick enough to get out her phone and film the last nine strokes the stranger gave himself, giggling as she did.

That wasn’t the end. When he finished whacking himself, he threw the branch on the ground but clasped his penis and energetically brought himself to a groaning gyrating orgasm. He then casually got dressed and walked away.

Diane said in amazement, “I’ve never seen that before. Judging from the welts he gave himself he must’ve really hurt himself hard.”

Zoey agreed. “His bottom looked just someone who had just got the cane.” 

Diane was surprised at the comment and wondered how many caned bottoms Zoey had seen, but let it go and just agreed. “You’re right, Zoey, but why would anyone do that?”

Zoey blushed as she replied, “Actually, as I watched him, I wondered how much it would hurt and as I did, well, I was getting so turned on and I know my knickers are wet from just watching him. Then, I realised, I rather fancied being caned with that thing.”

Zoey didn’t admit that, although an alpha female, she did have a hankering to submit to someone else’s authority to relieve the pressure of being the one who made all the important decisions at work. In fact, it was more than a hankering but a long-held desire to be spanked by another, older, woman, for misbehaving.

Zoey blushed an even deeper red when she saw the surprise on Diane’s face, and regretted telling her about her feelings and expected her to make fun of her and even tell everyone back at the base camp. Suddenly, she just wanted to move on along the nature trail and forget about everything that had just happened.

Diane laughed, and, to Zoey’s surprise, didn’t make fun of her but said. “Well, I’ll be more than happy to use it on you, so long as it was on your bare bum.”

Zoey even seemed relieved as she replied, albeit laughing nervously, “Well, that is the only way.”

Diane focused again on the stranger who was now some way away and said, “We could do it as he’s left the branch on the ground?”

Zoey blushed as she said in an embarrassed tone, “It’s called a switch.”

Once again Diane wondered if Zoey had a fascination for being caned, and to test her in a light-hearted way she laughed as she replied, “Hey, young lady, you really are into this aren’t you? Come on then, why don’t you go and collect it then, and I’ll use it on you.”

Zoey thought it would be such a good opportunity to try out being disciplined. After all, Diane had pretty much taken on the maternal role as they walked along the trail and dealing with her was only one more step. So, she nodded and ran down to the side of the lake, scooped up the switch, and then ran back up the hill.

Diane watched as Zoey seemed so enthusiastic as she went and collected the switch. She even had to admit to a few flutters flying around her vagina at the thought of using the switch on Zoey as she watched her make her way back up to her. She pictured Zoey taking down her shorts and knickers and then it would be fun if she was made to get fully undressed. It was worth a try, she reckoned.

Once Zoey got back, Diane looked at Zoey as she held out the switch and ordered, “Go on then, young lady, get your clothes off. I need to use this thing on you.”

Zoey was shocked and she replied, “Hey, Diane, I only have to drop my knickers and shorts and you can cane my bum with this thing.”

Diane wagged her finger and replied firmly, “Heck, no, Zoey, I want you in the nude like the bloke was.” She then added, “We are on a nature trail so naked sounds right for sure.”

Zoey supposed that she didn’t mind being naked if it was just Diane. However, she didn’t want to be undressed in front of a stranger who might come along and wasn’t sure what to say.

Diane saw Zoey wavering and ordered more firmly, “I said get your stuff off, girl.” 

Zoey then reconciled that in the changing rooms at the gym she happily walked around fully naked and there were strangers. However, this was out in the middle of nowhere and who knew who would come along. On the other hand, she realised that Diane was exactly the type of woman she had reckoned on submitting to when away from the office and when else would she get the chance?

Diane saw Zoey still wavering and threatened, although still smiled, “You do realise that I recorded on my phone you telling me that you liked the thought of being caned. So, here’s the deal. Get undressed and let me use this thing on your bum, or I will tell people when we get back to base.”

Zoey doubted that Diane had recorded what she said, but that may not stop her telling people in any case. Equally, as the conversation went on, she realised that her knickers were wet because she was so turned on by the threat, so she reckoned that if she did get undressed and Diane said anything back at the camp she could accuse her of blackmail and then she would be caught out because she wouldn’t have the recording.

Diane was amazed but delighted when she saw Zoey pull her vest top over her head and throw it on the ground. She then put her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra, let the straps slide down her arms, caught them, and then threw them on to her vest top, revealing her full lickable and suckable breasts. She kept looking as Zoey then undid her shorts and pushed them down to the ground, catching her knickers on the way, stepping out of them both, and leaving them on the ground, showing off her fully shaved pussy lips.

Zoey was now happy undressing in front of Diane and felt the warm air on her body pretty much as she would if in her bikini on the beach, except she was naked. Once Zoey was undressed, she stood back up and looked at Diane and knew she was up for this and had an expression on her face that said, ‘Come on then, do what you said you do.’

Diane knew that she fancied Zoey, but hadn’t dared to say anything because of their age difference. However, as Zoey was now deliciously naked out here in the open, she didn’t even feel bad about lying to her about recording the conversation and reckoned that she lied in order to encourage her to get undressed so that she could do to her exactly what she had asked for. So maybe it was six of one and half a dozen of the other, she reasoned. 

Diane stopped thinking through what she had done, and ordered, “Okay then, girl, get on your knees like that bloke, and don’t get up until I’m finished with you.”

Zoey dropped to her knees onto the grass and then onto all fours, and looked at the ground, wanting to be totally submissive to Diane. As she did, she was getting more and more aroused as Diane walked across to her and her bare calves were just inches from her face. She had told herself as they walked and Diane kept telling her what to do rather than asking her, how she had one of those, ‘Do as I say or else,’ voices, and she had even imagined herself being spanked by her as they walked along the nature trail. After all, being spanked and caned was a long-held desire, and one she could’ve satisfied by misbehaving at sixth form college, but she didn’t have the nerve to then. Now, out here, in the middle of nowhere, she had the opportunity to satisfy her long-held desire of not just being beaten, but being beaten by the very woman who she fancied.

Diane was so turned on by the sight of Zoey on all fours, with her breasts dangling beneath her so sexily, and was just as turned on when she positioned herself and tapped her gorgeously kissable bottom cheeks with the switch.

Zoey thought that she was on the verge of cumming as she felt the switch tapped on her bottom but yelped as soon as the first stroke landed. She panicked for a moment thinking that, maybe, she had underestimated the pain as the second stroke landed. Should she stop it now, she wondered, bearing in mind Diane hadn’t told her how many strokes she would actually get, as she yelped again with the third stroke. However, her character as an alpha female took over as she told herself she had wanted this to happen for several years now, so she would just have to cope.  

Diane could see that Zoey was struggling, but she was enjoying herself. She saw the three red welts develop on Zoey’s bottom and bent down and rubbed Zoey’s bottom in circles, loving the feel of the raised welts, but also liked the way that Zoey had raised her bottom as though asking for more strokes. It immediately struck her that, maybe what Zoey really wanted was to have her pussy lips caressed? She could, but only after the rest of the six strokes she was going to give her.

As Zoey felt Lisa’s hand rubbing her bottom and running her fingers along the raised welts, she thought her beating was over and she raised her bottom, offering up her pussy lips. This was how she had quite often imagined her caning was going to end in her fantasies, although it wouldn’t be Diane’s fingers but her tongue licking her wet pussy lips and edging inside as she flicked her taut clit. It was, therefore, a shock when she felt the switch once again bite into her bottom and she yelped again. How many more, she asked herself, as the fifth stroke made her yelp even louder.

Diane didn’t stop there, even though she wondered whether Zoey was struggling too much with each stroke, but she had to give the sixth stroke, so pulled her arm back and landed the switch with another loud thwack. 

Diane was aware that Zoey was actually sobbing and she quickly looked around to see if anyone was there. There wasn’t anyone, as after all they were in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of nature, and then she looked back at Zoey who was crying but wasn’t clutching her bottom and she wondered whether that meant she wanted to take some more strokes. 

Zoey couldn’t stop herself crying but felt embarrassed she couldn’t even take six strokes. What must Diane think of her, she wondered?

Diane decided that Zoey had taken more strokes than she could actually take, and, now feeling some sympathy, said, “Okay, Zoey, get up.” 

In fact, Zoey had wanted some more strokes and saw crying as something that was natural when caned. However, she did stand up as ordered and, when she did, she rubbed and clutched her stinging bottom cheeks, stepping from foot to foot as she did. 

Diane looked at Zoey stepping from foot to foot, focusing on her breasts which were swaying so sexily in the open air, and on her stretched pussy lips which she saw were dripping with her sex juice. Diane knew that she enjoyed having authority over Zoey, and didn’t see any reason why that shouldn’t continue. She, therefore, ordered, in what was more like a maternal tone rather than a friendly one, “Okay then, Zoey. Let’s get going. I will need you to make another switch just in case I need to use it on you again. You can do that as we walk along. Put your clothes in your duffel bag and let’s get going.”

Zoey listened to all of the instructions and was horrified. She wasn’t so concerned about having to make another switch but was much more concerned about putting her clothes in the bag. She replied, in an anxious tone, “Are you saying that I have to walk along still naked?”

Diane smiled and she replied, “Well it is a nature trail, and what better than going au naturale, in other words naked?”

Zoey retorted “Well, what about you?”

Diane immediately replied, “We will need one of us dressed just in case we come across anyone else.” After a moment, Diane’s face changed from maternal to angry as she said sternly, “I don’t like the way you are answering me back, young lady, so, go and cut another switch right now and then get back on all fours.” She stood there with her hands on her hips looking really annoyed although it was an act.

Zoey saw the sense of Diane’s reason to stay dressed, but then rather than focus on whether she would remain naked herself, she realised that Dyane was going to use the switch on her again. She wanted to object but realised she was turned on by having to submit to what she saw as a maternal figure again, but now more as a teacher or even her boss at work, and almost started to smile at the thought of it.

So, Zoey decided to accept Diane’s continued authority over her and whatever punishment she deemed was right, and obediently went and cut another branch and carefully removed the twigs and leaves so it was as smooth as possible. As she made it, she told herself it was exactly the right implement to use on the nature trail, after all. She then walked back to Diane and handed the switch to her and, like before, bent down on all fours and presented her bottom which already had six raised welts across it, and prepared herself mentally to take several more.

Diane watched Zoey do as she was told. When at the office she always expected the staff to do as she told them, so, here, it was almost natural to tell Zoey what to do. What was an added bonus, was Zoey admitting to her the desire to have her bottom caned with the switch. Diane even told herself there was no need to restrict the punishment to just the few strokes Zoey had asked for, so why not give her a few more now?

Diane positioned herself again and tapped the switch on Zoey’s now beautifully welted but now even more kissable bottom, pulled her arm back, and landed the first of what were going to be six more strokes. Zoey, noticeably, stayed in position as she landed the second stroke and then the third stroke all of which were rewarded with louder and louder yelps. 

As each stroke landed Zoey let out another yelp and clenched her fists and shook her head from side to side knowing that she was hissing in and out through clenched teeth as the pain intensified. She really couldn’t understand why she was just letting Diane use the switch so freely but she had no desire to get up and wanted to experience more and more strokes. After all, she had wanted this for so long, and what if she didn’t come across anyone else who was happy enough to do this to her. Not just that, but better to be fully naked in the heart of nature. Her thoughts were interrupted and she yelped with the fifth stroke and again with the sixth as she kept her fists tightly closed as she yelped again.

Diane listened to Zoey’s crying but had to admit to being turned on by using the switch on her but hoped that Zoey was still okay with it.

Zoey was okay with it, and, in fact, more than that, wondered how come she was so turned on by the almost unbearable pain. Yet she was turned-on and hoped that Diane would find more reasons to use the switch again on her before they got to the end of the nature trail. 

Diane knew they needed to move along now, and said in a still quite firm tone, “Come on, girl, get up. We need to get going.”

When Zoey didn’t get up but continued to cry, Diane decided it was disobedience that needed to be dealt with and brought the switch down again on Zoey’s bottom and ordered more firmly, “I said get up, young lady.”

Zoey yelped at the extra stroke and this time made herself stand up, and when she did her hands again flew to her bottom and she rubbed feverishly. She was going to make some caustic comment but realised that, if she did, she would just be told to get back onto her knees and take some more strokes. Well, whilst she might want some more before the nature walk was over, she thought it best to do as she was told this time. So, she got up. However, she did smile to herself at the realisation that she was being totally obedient, and actually loved the feeling of submission as much as the pain, both of which were once again making her wet.

With just about half-a-mile to go, Zoey was still turned-on even though she had received eighteen more strokes with one or other of the several switches she had been told to make on the way. Even after all those times when she had to bend over to take six more strokes of the switch, whilst she found it so painful, she knew that she was wet each time

Diane was also turned-on each time she hit Zoey. On what she reckoned was the last time she rubbed Zoey’s welt covered bottom but this time ran her hand up and down her inner thigh and along her pussy lips which she felt were so wet, edged her fingers inside Zoey’s vagina and gave her the orgasm she knew she wanted.

Once Zoey had recovered, she looked up at Diane who bent down and kissed her on the lips, and, as Zoey parted her lips inviting Diane’s tongue to enter her, so their tongues entwined and they kissed lovingly.

Diane smiled as she pulled back and said in her feigned maternal tone, “We haven’t seen very much of this nature trail, young lady, so we will do it again tomorrow. Understood?”

Zoey knew she loved being talked to like that and replied in an obedient tone, “Yes, of course.”

As they carried on walking Diane added, still in her feigned maternal tone, “You will cut some more switches in the morning so they are freshly ready for us to take with us, just to make sure you do as you are told.”

Zoey felt herself cumming at the thought of having to bend over again, and she knew that Diane would use the switches on her again. “I’ll be a good girl,” she said, smiling, and both knew she wouldn’t be.

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