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The Modern Age

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A new age and a new type of relationship.

As the dirigible sailed majestically over the lush countryside, I, Lord Gerald Sykes, scanned the landscape through my monocle before turning my attention to my fellow passengers. I sauntered to the bar and asked the steward for a G&T heavy on the gin.

Recognizing a familiar face across the salon, I approached the stunning blond seated on a divan reading a book. I saw that she was dressed very demurely in a very traditional Victorian fashion. A smile formed on my face as the sight of her dressed that way was a total contrast to her reputation.

She was strikingly beautiful. Long blond hair framed an elfin face, and striking blue eyes surmounted a pert nose and full sensual lips. Regrettably, her figure was hidden under all that unnecessary fabric that was the mode at court. Though the hint of cleavage was delicious and very tempting to both hands and mouth.

"Ah, Lady Felicia, how smashing to run into you up here. Did your husband procure tickets for this inaugural voyage?"

"He certainly did, Lord Gerald."

"Less of the Lord drivel dear, we are after all somewhat related. Third cousins once removed or some bosh of the sort. And where is Lord pompous, your husband now? I don't see him?"

"No, he had to remain in London. Parliament, you know."

"How terribly boring. What brings you this way, Dear Felicia?"

"Her Imperial Majesty has summoned me to Balmoral, presumably to dress me down for my latest peccadillos. I think she took umbrage at the article that appeared in the press about the arrests at the gambling club, the hypocritical old biddy."

"Tsk tsk. She is our Majesty, after all."

"That she is and carrying out like a strumpet with her head gardener while forbidding her subjects from indulging in any pleasures. Not to mention how she treats her son Bertie."

"Ah, true. I now remember that I did see you at one of his infamous parties at Sandringham. Unfortunately that night, I was called on a matter of state and could not join in the after-dinner festivities."

"Well, that was certainly regrettable. I would have enjoyed your company that night."

"You are too kind, Felicia. I will forever rue missing the opportunity."

"Gerald, perchance, there will be other opportunities for you and me to catch up," she said with a flirtatious smile.

A pretty girl barely out of her teens came up to us and smiled at me as she addressed Felicia. "Lady Felicia, I have placed your modern clothes and accouterments in a single trunk that we can leave at the railway station."

"Gerald, this is Molly, my personal maid and friend," she said with a smile. Molly, Lord Gerald, my something or other cousin."

"Glad to meet you, Lord Gerald," she said with a sweet smile.

"Likewise, Molly, and in private, drop the Lord stuff."

"Oh, I couldn't do that, Lord Gerald. It would not be fitting."

"Do as he says, Molly," said Felicia. "Gerald, I have an idea, would you consent to Molly accompanying you as I feel Balmoral would be more than she could bear? I understand you are going to Aberdeen. She could see to your personal needs."

I looked down at Molly, who had turned crimson at her mistress' words. She was a small redhead with a most alluring figure discernable under her bulky clothes.

"Well, Molly, which would you prefer, Balmoral and the Queen, or Aberdeen trailing behind me as I inspect the latest addition to her Majesty's arsenal?"

"Oh, Lord Gerald…"

"I told you no Lord when we are in private."

"Sorry… Gerald, I would love to accompany you and provide whatever assistance I could."

"Gerald, what are your duties in Aberdeen?" Felicia asked.

I struggled to frame my response as I dreamt of the type of assistance Molly could provide. Probably more pleasurable assistance than I could find in the local bars and taverns of the shipyards.

Breaking out of my reverie, I told Felicia that I was going to observe the progress being made on our new submersible dreadnought, the 'Kraken.'

"I did not know such a thing was possible," she said.

"Felicia, we live in a different age than did our parents. A few years ago, could you have imagined traveling in this luxury across the country? The threat made by her Majesty's nephew, the German one was averted due to two things. The first was our superior military position, and the second was the diplomacy of Bertie with his cousin. Great things are happening and will continue to happen due to our British ingenuity. Two years ago, a steam-powered submersible would have been inconceivable."

"Gerald, I think we are descending. I feel pressure on my inner ear."

"Just swallow with your tongue forced against your palate that will equalize the pressure, my dear."

"It worked! You're a genius."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far," I said, blushing.

We landed, and I escorted the two beauties down the gangplank. Parked a short distance away was a gleaming train of a type I had not seen before. An equerry came trotting across the landing field towards us. He came to a halt saluted smartly and said, "Lady Felicia, Lord Gerald, her Majesty's compliments. Her Majesty requests your presence."

"Me?" I inquired surprised.

"Yes, Sir. Lady Felicia, come with me, and I will get you settled in your carriage."

I walked across the field, admiring the sleek lines of the royal train. It was mounted on rubber tires, and I could see the new steam turbine, which propelled it, exhaling a plume of white steam. The bullet shape must provide minimal air resistance. I wondered how fast it traveled.

As I approached, a door sprung open, and a liveried page motioned for me to approach. I climbed on board and was ushered into Queen Victoria's presence.

"Your Majesty has requested my presence?"

"Sit, Lord Gerald. Tea?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Lord Gerald, I demand that everything you say from now on be said in absolute honesty. In turn, I will be equally open with you and demand your absolute discretion as to what we will be talking about."

"Of course, Majesty."

"Recent experiences have somewhat altered many of my points of view. I see that the aftermath of my husband's death left profound scars on me. I became extremely authoritarian and repressive on many subjects, including sex and relations. I have made a decision to alter some of my views in this regard."

"Really, Majesty?"

"Yes, really, and I would prefer you not to comment unless I ask you a question."


"Have you finally grown up, and are you ready to settle down?"

"I truly have given it no thought, Your Majesty."

"Well, I have. Your mission here is not a routine one. I demanded you be chosen for the assignment. You have been a faithful and devoted servant and certainly smarter than your superiors. I wish to elevate you to Ministerial rank as my head of innovation. For that to happen, you will have to be suitably married to avoid the pitfalls of a single life."

"Me, married?"

"Yes, you married. Now, what do you think of your traveling companion, Lady Felicia?"

"She is a charming and beautiful woman. However, she is already married."

"If she weren't, would you be interested?"

I was too stunned to verbalize an answer.

"Well, you will have a week to decide. I have already talked to the Bishop of Canterbury about having her marriage annulled. Her husband is a depraved pederast, and I believe her marriage was never consummated. The husband will be posted to the far reaches of the empire."

"Now go and think about things. Lady Felicia will join you day after tomorrow after I have put the fear of God and the greater fear of displeasing me into her."

"Thank you, your Majesty. I will give my total consideration to your proposal. I will get word to you as to my decision before I leave Aberdeen."

"Do that, grandson."

I felt very touched by that parting statement as she had never addressed me in that way. As a matter of fact, I had never gotten any acknowledgment of our relationship. I thoughtfully made my way off the train and walked to where the engineer sat at the front of the train.

I climbed up into his compartment and asked him to show me around. His evident pride in his train was infectious. I found out that it could travel at an incredible speed of 100 miles per hour when it had its head of steam. "You mean from Balmoral to here in less than a half-hour?"

"Yes, Sir," said beaming with pride. "These here turbines are mighty powerful."

I stored that fact in the back of my mind for future use should I be elevated to the rank of Minister of Innovation. Then glancing out of the glass cockpit, I spotted Molly standing in the field holding a parasol. I made a hasty exit and went to join her.

"Well, Molly, my excuses for having let you languish in this heat. Shall we go and find our accommodations?

"As you wish, Sir."

"Molly, am I going to have to spank you before you use my name?"

"Sorry, Gerald, of course, should you wish to spank me that is your prerogative," she giggled. "After all, my Mistress did say I was to provide you with any assistance you might require."

I blushed violently at the thought of this vivacious young woman lying naked across my lap with her arse offered to me for my discipline. I hastily chased the thought from my mind as we stepped aboard an Austin Steamer vehicle.

"Where to, Sir?" The driver inquired.

"Take us to the Ardoe House,” I directed.

"Now, Molly, is this the first time in this type of vehicle?"

"Yes, Sir...Umm… I mean, Gerald."

"This, Molly, is the wave of the future. Soon horses and horse carriages will be put to pasture. This type of vehicle will travel at many times the speed of a horse, make less of a mess and does not need to be fed."

"Gerald," she shrieked, "we are going so fast. Is this not dangerous?"

She had grasped my arm in hers, and I could feel the delightful swell of her breast against it.

"No, Molly, we are perfectly safe. See, we are already at our destination. We will go in and repair to our rooms and refresh ourselves. Then we will go out for a bite to eat."

I entered and identified myself to the hotelier, who acknowledged my room reservation. I asked for an adjoining room for Molly and was told that it would be no problem. We were then escorted to our respective rooms.

I had just taken off my coat and shirt when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, Molly stood there with a bewildered look on her face.

"What's wrong, Molly," I asked.

"Gerald, I think they have put me in the wrong room."

"What's wrong with it?"

"That room is not meant as servant's quarters, Gerald."

"Why not!"

"Gerald, that's a room for posh people and not for the likes of me."

"Don't worry your head about it. Go and get changed. Do you have some of those modern clothes Felicia was talking about?"

"Yes, I do."

"Wear those, please, I'll be ready in half an hour. Will that give you time to get ready?"


"I'll knock on your door in half an hour. Then we will go and sup."

I hastily took a bath and changed into different clothes. Feeling greatly refreshed, I took my walking stick and went to knock on Molly's door. My jaw fell as she opened the door. The creature who opened the door bore scant resemblance to the young lady who I had seen earlier. Gone were the voluminous gown and corset.

She was clad in an ensemble made of a soft leather bustier and a matching skirt that revealed her enchanting limbs. The bustier lifted her small breasts, and the swell of those drew my eye like a magnet.

She had her hair done in a long plait, which was elegantly displayed over her shoulder and reached down to her breast.

"Is this suitable, Gerald?"

Tearing my eyes from her breast and looking into her green eyes, I mumbled, "Oh yes, smashing, my dear."

Leaving the hotel, we strolled down to the Palace Hotel and Restaurant. I asked for a secluded table, and we were ushered to a table in an alcove where we would have some privacy. I ordered a magnum of champagne, and we scanned the menu, which the waiter left with us as he went to get the champagne.

I watched as she scanned the menu wide-eyed. "Anything strike your fancy, my dear? I asked

"Gerald, there are so many choices. My head is spinning. Why don't you order for us both?"

"Fine, if there's anything that does not suit you, please tell me."

I ordered Pate de Foie Gras, Roast Beef with oven-roasted potatoes, asparagus with sauce Hollandaise. Molly smiled her approval.

"So, Molly, how long have you been with Felicia," I asked.

I discovered that under subtle questioning, Molly had been with Felicia since her wedding and did not think highly of Felicia's husband. She confirmed that he, to the best of her knowledge, had never consummated the union.

When I enquired how Felicia satisfied her female urges, she blushed and said that she could not betray her mistress's confidences.

"Molly, I respect and applaud your discretion. Now tell me a bit about yourself. How did you come to your present position? I can discern from your manner of speech that you have had a good education. Your demeanour and manner indicate breeding. How did you end up in the position you're in?"

"Gerald, it's a long and sad story I'm also sure you can't be very interested in how I came to be where I am. Mind you that I am quite satisfied where I finally ended up."

"Come on, girl, you now have my curiosity aroused. Felicia told you to see to my personal needs. I need you to tell me all. I have my private reasons for asking, and they are not just prurient curiosity. Tell me."

Molly lowered her eyes and almost became teary-eyed. Then taking a deep breath started to recount her tale.

"Gerald, you are right; I was not born to this station. My father is a wealthy landowner near Norwich. I was raised in a close and loving family. My father insisted I receive a good education. I was sent to an all-girls boarding school, which believed in teaching beyond the usual cooking, sewing and other housekeeping courses. So I learned reading, writing and cyphering. When I turned sixteen, my father sadly took me out of school as he had four sons he wanted to be educated and could not afford to put us in school at the same time.

"He urged me to go to London to seek employment. I soon found work as a junior clerk with a firm of barristers and solicitors. I had minimal contact with men up till then. One of the junior partners, the son of a senior partner, paid court to me. I was very flattered as he was a dashing figure, and I eventually succumbed to his advances.

"When his father discovered that we were involved, he was enraged. He went to the authorities and declared that I had stolen from the cash box. On investigation, they discovered the stolen funds secreted under my mattress. I was detained and brought before the magistrate. I had no defense except to deny the charges. I was sentenced on the spot to a jail term of five years or transportation to Australia.

"My father was devastated by this news. He pled my case with the Prince of Wales, who he had consulted for regarding the Sandringham farms. The Prince had the matter investigated. It was discovered that the informant who had told the authorities that the stolen money was under the mattress in my room was none other than the son of my accuser and my former paramour.

"The conviction was overturned, and I was approached by Lady Felicia at the suggestion of the Prince to be her companion."

"So truth be told you are not her maid, are you?" I asked.

"Not really, however, it is a useful fiction."

"Why would you need that fiction? Does it have to do with her husband?"

Under the effect of several flutes of champagne, Molly's reticence had been, in large part, overcome. She blurted out, "The bastard."

"My dear Molly, I concur with your opinion. He is despicable. Now tell me the truth about your relationship with Felicia. I presume you do more than have tea and read books to her."

"Sir, I cannot enter into those subjects with you."

"Well, Molly, why don't I tell you what I believe the relationship to be? You two are lovers. Isn't that so?"

"How did you guess?" she blurted tears coming to her eyes.

"Now there, don't cry. Your secret is safe with me. I could see it in the dirigible when I met you that there was more than a mistress servant relationship. I also don't object to that type of relationship. Not where my future wife is concerned."

"Your future wife?" she exclaimed. "How can that be she's already married?"

"Don't worry your head about that all will be made clear to you soon."

"Now come, we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

We retraced our steps to our hotel and ascended the staircase. When we reached her door, Molly turned to me and placed her arms around my neck while lifting her face to mine. Her green eyes bored into mine, and her lips parted as she gave me a kiss.

I backed away in surprise. "Felicia's instructions, Gerald. Now relax and permit me to thank you properly for a delightful evening."

Her second kiss was even more voluptuous as her tongue gently insinuated itself between my parted lips. "Now, take me and bed me so I can comply with my mistress's instructions."

We proceeded to our room where no sooner the door was closed than Molly began to disrobe me. She had me sit and slowly removed her leather skirt and bustier. She came to me wearing only her calf-high hose and some silky French lingerie.

I sat her on my lap and kissed her. "Molly, you are a very naughty girl!"

"Maybe you should punish me then, Gerald."

She proceeded to turn over and place her stomach across my lap and raised her pretty arse. "Please spank me, Gerald."

I hooked my fingers into the lacy underwear and proceeded to reveal the cutest little arse I had ever seen. Molly squirmed with delight in my lap, relishing the feel of my cock, which had risen in all its majesty against her flank. My hands caressed the gem that lay under my eyes before giving her some sharp slaps across her rump.

She mewled with delight at each slap, and I could feel the heat rising from her crotch against my lap.

I soon tired of this game and stood, carrying her to the bed. She lay there, and I could detect concern in her eyes. "Anything wrong, Molly?" I asked.

"Please be gentle, Gerald, you will be only the second man I have been with."

"Molly, I intend to make love to you, not to destroy you."

"But your…cock is so big and thick. My God, it's easily twice the size of that of the cad who took my innocence."

"Not to worry, my dear, I'll go slowly and prepare you before I penetrate you."

I stood at the foot of the bed, gazing at the young ingénue clad only in hose and presented to my eyes in all her innocence. I grasped her slender limbs and spread them, revealing to my lecherous eyes all her beauty. She was the perfect redhead. A slight reddish fuzz that matched her hair partly covered her mons and left to my imagination what it partially concealed. Her stomach was taught and surmounted by two adorable boobies with cherry sized nipples.

I lowered myself between her parted thighs and approached her quim while licking my way up her inner thigh. She squirmed delightfully as I made my way upward. The object of my desire was now in reach, and I ran my tongue on either side of her small and partly hidden labia. She was very wet and exuded an intoxicating aroma. Eagerly I used my tongue to spread her petals as she moaned in delight. Her hips bucked up in an endeavour to obtain greater contact with my devouring mouth. I let her languish as I teased the outer portals of her quim.

"Please! Please, Gerald, use your tongue on me. You're driving me crazy."

Only too glad to oblige, I thrust my tongue into her and lapped at her treasure. I saw her little pearl of delight rising from its hood in front of my eyes. I ceased my tongue action and substituted my fingers to thoroughly arouse her tight quim. My mouth moved upward, and I licked around the marble-sized protuberance before taking it between my lips and suckling on it.

Molly exploded at that point and drenched my fingers and mouth with her essence. I slowly ceased, and she lay panting and sweaty in front of me.

"Oh, Gerald, that was out of this world."

"Wait till I take you, and then you will see what is out of this world, little one."

I made my way up her body with brief stops to pay homage to each of her titties, paying particular homage to her tempting nipples.

We ended up in a passionate embrace our mouths exploring and our tongues playing a most lascivious game.

"Take me, Gerald, I'm ready, and my quim wants to feel that magnificent cock fill it up."

"Get on top and straddle my loins that way, you'll be able to control the speed and depth. Plus, I'll be able to play with your delectable boobies."

"I didn't realize that you could do it that way. I was always flat on my back."

"Dear heart, there are multiple positions to enjoy oneself and your partner."

"Will you teach them all to me, please." she cajoled.

"Well, we will need to discuss that with Felicia and see what she thinks."

"I'm sure she will also be most interested. Maybe we could have group lessons."

"Enough talk, you lascivious slut. Get to work and take my cock and feed it into your heavenly quim."

Her small hand enfolded my cock while she gingerly parted her lips and fed the head of my cock to enter her portal. She paused a few moments and wriggled her arse to adjust the angle, then she descended on me in one fell swoop.

The sensation was sublime as she enfolded me in her hot and very wet hole. "Oh! Oh! That feels so good. You're filling up all the space in me." On saying that, she started to rise and fall on my shaft, causing me the most exquisite sensations.

I reached up and fondled her boobies. She moaned as I pinched her sensitive tips. When I started tugging on them, her eyes betrayed the intense excitement she was feeling. Her tightness gripped my cock and massaged every millimetre repeatedly. I could feel the throbbing and pulsing as my testicles tightened.

Knowing I would not last long, I reached between us and treated her clit as I was treating her nipples. The effect was immediate; I felt her clench down as she let out a piercing shriek. Her body shuddered, and her hot juices flooded my embedded shaft.

Unable to hold back, I released my accumulated load in stream after stream deep into Molly's quim while she writhed above me before finally collapsing across my body. She kissed me and simply said, Thank you," before shutting her eyes and falling asleep. I did not have the heart to move her and, in turn, closed my eyes and let sleep overwhelm me. It had indeed been a tumultuous day.


Early the next morning, we rose and kissed deeply before I sent Molly to her room to bathe and get changed before we went to the shipyard.

I requested that Molly take notes to refresh my memory for my report to her Majesty.

Arriving at the shipyard, we stared in awe at the huge mass of the submersible dreadnaught. The Captain of the vessel had us escorted to the quarterdeck by a nattily uniformed young Ensign who had a hard time keeping his eyes off Molly.

We ascended seemingly endless companionways before arriving at our destination. The Captain, a grizzled veteran, greeted us courteously and, with evident pride, volunteered to guide us through the tour.

We started from the adjacent wheelhouse housed in an enormous glass bubble and the command center of this behemoth. The Captain explained that from this vantage point, he could direct all operations both under sail as well as in battle.

When I asked him what size of crew it took to run his operations, he shocked me by stating it required a team of 100, including officers. He explained that while many activities in the past had required a significant number of men, they were now automated and run by one of the new Babbage analytical engines.

"But, Captain, why is the complement listed at over 2000 men?"

"Lord Gerald, we will also be carrying a battalion of Royal Marines as well as two artillery batteries and an engineering company. Those are to be used in cases where we have to occupy an objective or conduct boarding operations. With the support staff required, this comes to over 2000 troops."

We then proceeded to visit the ship's lower levels—crew quarters, mess, galleys, workshops, athletic facilities, and so on. We finally arrived at the parts that interested me, the machine room and the armoury.

The engine room was occupied by two gigantic steam-propelled turbines, which stood about twenty feet high. Each one could develop upward of 30,000 horsepower and propel the ship at 30 plus knots per hour at the surface and 15 plus knots while submerged.

After a luncheon at the Captain's table, we went to inspect the battle room and weaponry.

The battle room was filled with Babbage analytical engines clanking and whirring incessantly. The Captain explained that these machines constantly monitored all the ship's events from temperature and the supplies in the larder to depth, speed, direction, and all the requirements needed to navigate this behemoth.

He frankly admitted that it was as bewildering to him as it was to us. However, all he needed to do was to read the dials on display at different locations to be ultimately au fait with the information he required to command the Kraken.

At our last stop, we were met by the young Ensign who had greeted us on arrival. He was introduced as Mr. Christian, and we were told he was the weapons specialist. Mr. Christian showed us around explaining the function of the steam-propelled rounds called torpedoes, which would be launched at enemy ships through watertight bulkheads. Apparently, these munitions would disable or sink an opposing vessel up to ten nautical miles away while the Kraken was underwater.

"Captain," I asked, "when will you be ready to launch and undergo sea trials?"

"Next fortnight," he answered.

"Well, this has certainly been an informative day. I will report that the Kraken will shortly be the HMS Kraken to her Majesty. No doubt, she will sleep more easily knowing that her Kingdom is so well defended."


On our way back to our hotel Molly was babbling excitedly about all we had seen.

I teased her about the looks Mr. Christian had given her. She blushed and said, "He is certainly a comely young man. However, I prefer my men to be more experienced, I think."

We each repaired to our own room. I to get my thoughts together and Molly to transcribe her notes for my use. My mind, however, was distracted with thoughts of Felicia. I had admired her since she was a chit of a girl. The idea of having her for a wife had enormous appeal. Would she want me and what would we do about Molly?

I was perfectly happy that the two of them continued their affair but wondered how she would see my involvement with Molly. As I was ruminating these thoughts, there came a knock on the door. I went to open it and was faced with a man wearing the garb of Royal Messenger with Felicia standing next to him.

"Lord Gerald, Her Majesty has asked if you have an answer for her."

"Already?" I asked.

"Yes, she is most anxious to get this matter settled. I bear two envelopes for you. I am to give you one depending on your answer."

"Would you give me half an hour to discuss matters with Lady Felicia?"

"Certainly, Sir."

Felicia swept into the room with a grim smile on her face. She sat in one of the armchairs and looked at me. "Gerald, I have learnt today that I am no longer married. Apparently, my marriage was annulled by Royal decree. It was also put to me that I might find connubial bliss with you. To be honest, I find you most attractive, but I am scared after my past experience. I am a woman of passion and could not return to a union that would not provide that passion. I also have a guilty secret that no one is aware of, and that might make you unwilling to have anything to do with me."

"Felicia, my dear, I know…"

At that point, Molly swept into the room. "Here is the report, Gerald," she uttered, not seeing Felicia.

Felicia gave a slight cough drawing her attention.

Molly turned and rushed to Felicia's arms. They hugged and exchanged a kiss. Felicia blushed and tried to disengage herself. "He knows, Felicia. I also have a report to make to you. I can assure you that Gerald is all man, and I have tested the waters in compliance with your instructions, so to speak. He is a delightful and attentive lover."

"Well, Gerald, now you know. Am I still desirable to you?"

"If you were to accept to wed me Felicia, it would make my dreams come true. I have always desired you and think that the three of us could make a very happy union."

"You would accept that we have Molly in our life?"

"Why not? She obviously loves you. She is also a delectable woman. I think we could all share and benefit of a type of relationship which would please all three of us."

"Well, Gerald, that being so and based on Molly's recommendation, I joyfully accept your proposal."

I rushed to her and took her in my arms. We kissed while Molly beamed at us. Felicia's hand reached down and felt for my cock, causing me to gasp. Reluctantly untangling myself. I said, "Ladies of mine, we can't keep the Royal Messenger waiting. We will celebrate after we get rid of him."

I summoned the good man to enter and told him the answer to Her Majesty was, yes. He handed me an envelope bearing the Royal cipher, which I promptly opened.

Dear Lord Gerald,

I am pleased by your decision to wed Lady Felicia. That child has been on my mind for a long time. The Archbishop of Canterbury has today granted the annulment from her husband on the grounds of an unconsummated marriage. To soften the blow, he is promptly departing for the colonies, hopefully never to be seen in my realm again.

On a happier note, The Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, has announced that you are our new Minister of Innovation. I would appreciate your report on our new vessel as soon as convenient.

Also, I hereby bestow on you the title of Viscount. We'll choose an estate in due course. Give my best regard to the new Viscountess and make sure she behaves, or she will have to answer to her great grand aunt.



I showed Felicia and Molly the letter, who giggled appropriately at the passage about Felicia's future behaviour. I was about to dismiss the messenger when Molly spoke up. "Viscount, why don't you read this first," she said, handing me a sheaf of papers.

Reading them, I realized that what she handed me was the notes from our visit compiled into a neat, well-written report. "Perfect, Molly," I said, handing the papers to the messenger. "Kindly convey this report to the Queen."

"Oh, by the way, you said you had two envelopes."

"Yes, but I was only to give you one based on your verbal response."

"What was in the other one?" I asked.

"My Lord, I am not privy to the contents but have been ordered to destroy the second one. So by your leave,” he said, walking to a wastebasket. He produced a friction match and set the second letter on fire. That being done, he gave a bow and left us to our own devices.

I have wondered to this day what my fate would have been should I have refused to marry Felicia

"Molly, I regret that your life of idleness is over. You have just been named by the power vested in me by Her Majesty as a personal assistant to the new Minister for Innovation. As for you, wife, to be due to your love for new things and situations, would you accept being my deputy at this new ministry? That I am sure will make jaws drop at the House of Lords. A woman as a Deputy Minister."

"Can you do that, she asked?"

"Well, it will certainly be innovative. It's time we move on to new concepts and new ideas."

"I would be delighted, my dear husband to be. And now you mentioned something about a celebration."

"Why certainly. Molly, help Felicia disrobe out of those dreadful clothes so I can fully appreciate the beauty of my fiancé."

As Molly removed Felicia's long dress, I was shocked and pleased. "Felicia! No bloomers?"


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