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At The Stables

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Just another day at the stables...

First attempt... I’m sure there's lots wrong with it.

The mist is rising off of the fields as we arrive at the stables, and the sun is just beginning to peek through the clouds. The air is humid and it's already getting sticky. Soon those extra layers you put on this morning may seem like a bad idea, but for now, you get on with you morning rounds, putting on the head collars and lead ropes and bringing the horses out of their stables.  

You pass me a lead rope and I follow you down to the field. We are moving like a weird elephant troupe, one after the other. I get the pleasure of watching you walk along in front of me your pert and perfect buttocks swaying to and fro, your hips moving so rhythmically, almost hypnotically.

You look over your shoulder and see me staring at you and not paying attention so you stop and I walk straight into the rear of the horse you are leading. A little smile creeps across your face as I faceplant the horse’s rear end, and then you burst out laughing.  

We reach the field without further incident and put both of the horses into the field, and then interlocking our fingers we head back up to the stables. About halfway up, I pull you towards me and move your hair out of your eyes and plant a gentle kiss on your lips, but before I can move away you put your hand on the back of my head and hold me in place.

You force your tongue inside my mouth and explore searching for my own.  You soon find it and they begin to wrestle for control twirling around each other, pushing side to side. What seems like hours passes in the space of minutes as you break away from the kiss saying, “come on lazy arse we got a lot of work to do!!”  

We reach the stables and take in the smell. As we reach the stables doors, the ammonia fills the air and almost burns your eyes and the back of your throat. You pass me a fork and a barrow and suggest that if we both do one each, this will go much faster. You are not wrong and neither am I when I suggest earlier you are overdressed.

You are soon stripping off your layers. First, your thick coat, then your fleece and finally your jumper, just leaving you in a strappy top, jodhpurs and boots. I look across the stable as you are bending down using the fork to collect up the dirty hay, and in an instant, my cock stands straight to attention. The sunlight is glistening off of your sweat-soaked skin, and your figure looks perfect. 

You notice me staring as you stand up and before you can say anything, you notice the huge bulge in my shorts. You drop your fork and push me back against the stable wall. In what seems like one swift motion, you undo my shorts, remove my throbbing member and begin to circle the tip with your tongue whilst gripping the shaft with your hand.

With your other free hand, you cradle my balls and begin to massage then. You slide you mouth down my shaft taking almost all of it into your mouth. Moving up and down still massaging my now tightening testicles, you continue to play with the tip of my cock with your tongue until I can’t take it anymore and I fill your mouth with my hot semen. As if nothing has even happened, you stand up, kiss me on the lips and say, “that stable isn’t going to clean itself…”  

Sometime later, we have both finished the two stables and filled them with fresh hay, straw and water. At this point, I ask you to come and look at something I found in the stable whilst I was cleaning it. But as you walk through the door, I push you down onto the bed of straw and pull your jodhpurs and small panties down. You look at me, lost for a brief second until my head disappears between your thighs and all of a sudden you can neither speak or appear to see.

Using my tongue, I part your pussy lips and quickly find your waiting clit. I entice it out from its hiding spot and begin to work my tongue around it in a circular motion. I lick it, nibbling it, applying enough pressure to make you buck, writhe, and moan softly. 

During this time, I slide a couple of fingers into your waiting wet hole and go as deep as I can, exploring finding all of your sensitive spots. Just as you’re about to cum, I stop. You grab my hair and pull my head up and angrily ask why I stopped. I just simply look at you and go back down repeating the same things again, but it takes nowhere near as long this time and just as your about to climax again I stop.  

Smack. Your palm hits the back of my head! I giggle and go back to work, almost moments later you're there again on the edge, so close your body begins to clench, and I stop!

“For fuck's sake what is wrong with you!” You scream at me! But still giggling, I start again. This time you grip with your thighs and force my head in tight, so I can’t stop again. It doesn’t take long and this time your body spasms, bucks and writhes and then jet after jet of clear sticky liquid comes flowing from your swollen vagina, of which I get a face-full. And then as you did with me, I simply move to your face and kiss you on the lips. 

I lie next to you for a few moments whilst you regain your breath, and then we both get up together and head down to the field to grab the horses to bring them back up to the stables so that we can tack them up. We then head off in the direction of the woods and I follow your lead. as we have a gentle ride before returning several hours later. 

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