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A man with a taste for tiny women gets lucky during a vacation.

The wave crushed my body against the surfboard, and I felt how I began to slide off it into the sea. I came up spitting and coughing a few yards away feeling the adrenaline coursing through my body. I looked up and saw John surfing a wave and he made it all the way to the beach before he simply stepped off the board and picked it up. I took mine under my arm and began wading through the water towards the beach.

“Dude, you look like an elephant on that board,” said John and handed me a bottle of water from a cooler.

“Fuck you. I don’t live in a surfer’s paradise. Some people actually have to work for a living.”

He lit a cigarette and after blowing out the smoke he used it to point at the waves. “C’mon, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget it.”

“Maybe it’s just because I’m out of shape.”

“Could be. Talking about shape, what do you want to do for lunch?”

“What about hamburgers?”

“Sure, but we have to stop by the supermarket to buy meat and buns.”

John drove along the beach community with its pretty villas and small narrow streets. We used an electrical Golf Cart for some reason I didn’t understand. Maybe it was to save the planet but it sure was uncomfortable on the bad roads full of potholes. After a 10-minute drive we arrived at the supermarket and inside John went to get the meat and other items missing from the house. I wandered the aisles just looking at what they had. I was pleasantly surprised that the shelfs were well stocked with local and international products. Panama sure catered to the international community.

In front of me stood a girl in the uniform of the supermarket and I wondered if child labor was legal because she didn’t look more than 14 at the most. As I came closer, she turned to me and when our eyes met, I realized she wasn’t a kid but a woman. Her body was just that of a woman at least ten years younger. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Her almond eyes showed that she had indigenous blood mixed with something else. Whatever it was, the result was stunning.

I met up with John at the tellers and noted to my pleasure he had added beer to his shopping cart. I nodded towards the girl who was now walking away from the aisle.

“How does that happen?”

“What, you mean the chola?”

“The what?”

“Chola. That’s what you get when a white person has a kid with an Indian. It’s a bit of a hit and miss. Some turn out very pretty and are locally called Cholipies, the others are just cholas.”

“Hm, you are full of knowledge, aren’t you?”

He shrugged his shoulders and began putting the items on the belt. I helped and after he had paid, we walked to the cart. All I wanted to do was to take a shower and have a cold beer.

Back home I was a single man. At 45 I had one failed marriage behind me and I wasn’t going to try for a second. Luckily that marriage didn’t spawn any kids, so the bitch and I just went our separate ways. I worked long days, partied hard but still had time for the gym and yoga classes twice a week. For me it was important to stay in shape. The pounds add on quickly at my age, so you need to be on top of things. My sex life was alright, I guess. I didn’t have any one steady but dipped my dick maybe twice a month in some chick I met at a happy hour or over the weekend at a bar. They usually left before the sun came up and that was fine to me. I enjoyed having my breakfast alone without the chit chat.

My thing was tiny women, and that is hard to come by. Most are either normal or overweight and that just doesn’t do it for me. I like small tits, small asses and slight bodies. As a young man in college it wasn’t such a big of a deal. It was easy to find some legal aged high schooler or a freshman with the body type I liked. But as a grown man, it was fucking hard work. Most of the time I had to make it with a woman who was just slender but I sure missed that feeling of a tiny woman in bed, the ease with how I could move her around and that tight, tight little pussy.

“Hey, stop daydreaming, Hank and watch the burgers.”

I opened my eyes and took a sip from my beer before getting up. John went inside to do something and I flipped the four burgers lying on the grill. The smell made me even hungrier than I was.

“What’s the plan for tonight, any bars around here?”

John wiped his mouth. “Not in the way you think. We are off the grid here and the closest thing you get to a bar is a Jardin.”

My Spanish was limited but I knew a little after living my entire life in Southern California. “A garden?”

“Yep, that’s what they are called. It’s basically an open space where people dance with a small bar at one end. The music is salsa, merengue, and the local tipico.”

“Any hot women?”

“Well, that’s a hit and miss right there. Do you remember the girl from the supermarket? It’s that type who frequent jardines.”

I thought back to her and realized I had no clue as to what type of body she had. Her unisex uniform had that covered. “Oh well, when in Panama, do as the Panamanians.”

John laughed and lifted his beer can in a toast.

The place was dark, and it was hard to see how many were on the dance floor but as my eyes adjusted, I figured there we at least 20 couples dancing to the salsa music blaring from the four speakers. The place had large and tall plants around it and they were high enough so that no one could see inside. John saw me looking and said, “Privacy, people come here to cheat on their husbands and wives. With the flower beds this high, it’s almost impossible to see inside from out there.”

We walked in and headed for the bar where John said something to the bartender. We were given two white plastic cups with a clear liquid inside.

“Is this okay to drink?” I asked with suspicion.

He laughed. “It’s Seco with Tonic, or as they call it here, Quina. It’s fine.”

I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised. “Not half bad, what is it?”

“Seco is basically rum, but with no flavor and a lower alcohol content than your standard rum. You can drink quite a lot without getting a hangover.”

I finished the drink and indicated to the bartender I wanted another. Armed with it, John and I sat down at a plastic table with chairs in the same material that looked like they couldn’t hold my weight. There were a few single men and women sitting at tables talking to friends and sipping on drinks or beer bottles, all in the dark. I didn’t feel that I was going to get lucky since no women that I could see seemed attracted me. They were all cholas but the rounder version, which I wasn’t into.

We drank and listen to the music and after my fourth drink I realized I wasn’t half as drunk as if I had a normal rum and coke for example. This Seco was really good that way. The place was filling up and more and more couples ended up on the dance floor.

“Hank, check out the bar.”

I turned and my heart skipped a beat. There we two girls standing there holding plastic cups and looking out over the dance floor. The one to the right wore a short skirt and a white top with flip flops on her feet. The other in blue jeans and a halter top. They looked like they were jailbait but obviously they weren’t since they could order a drink. I stared at them fascinated by their small but firm looking tits with narrow waists and tight asses. I didn’t think they were more than five feet tall if that. I felt my groin react and adjusted my growing hard on.

“I need a drink; do you want another?”

John handed me his cup without a word and I got up. As I approached the two women, they stepped away from the bar to give me space and a small smile played on the face of the one wearing the skirt. I gave them a smile back and a nod.

“You like tipico?” Said the girl in the skirt in broken English.

“It’s okay, I guess. Not much else to do around here. How come you speak English?”

“Me and my friend work for old American couples, we learn.”

I put out my hand. “Hank.”

“Yamileth and my friend is Isabel.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, Seco and juice.”

She didn’t tell me what kind of juice but the bartender knew as I made the order and it was pineapple. I thought I should try it and ordered the same.

“Thank you. Do you live here or visiting?” asked Yamileth when I gave her the drink.

“Visiting, my friend over there, John, he lives here.”

“Do you like it?”

“Sure, it’s very nice. I like to surf.”

“All Gringos do, and drink beer.” She laughed and said something to her friend in Spanish which I didn’t understand but made Isabel laugh to.

“Do you have a girlfriend or wife?” asked Isabel.

“No, it’s just me, a single man.”

More giggles and laughing with some whispering involved. Then Yamileth asked. “Do you and your friend dance?”

I had no idea if John was a dancer. He wasn’t back in California but that had been some 20 years ago, but I figured I better say yes. “Sure, we aren’t any good but we do our best.”

Yamileth took my hand in her tiny hand and lead me to where John was sitting.

“Dude, they want to dance, so get up.”

John grabbed Isabel’s little hand and it disappear completely. We danced to the tipico and it was fun trying to follow Yamileth’s steps. She was so small that I was afraid I would send her off into a corner when I swung her around, but I didn’t. When the song changed, we went back to the table and finished our drinks so John could get another round.

I sat next to Yamileth and while she spoke to her friend, I took a closer look. Her skin color was hard to figure out a word for. It was dark brown with a hint of gold in it. I could hardly see any pores so her skin must be soft as velvet. When she leaned forward I noted that her boobs touched the blouse she was wearing so she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Hank, does John have a girlfriend?”

“No, he is single. Why?”

She gave me a sly smile. “Isabel and I were thinking that we could go back to your place after buying some drinks on the way.”

I was very surprised at how forward she was. I had always thought that Latin women in general weren’t easy to get in bed. They are religious and many felt that sex before marriage is a sin. I guess out here in the boondocks, things were different.

“Sure, let me ask John, it’s his house after all.”

When he came back with the drinks I asked and he said he was fine with it, so we finished our drinks and then did another song on the dancefloor before going back to John’s place. In the car I sat in the back with Yamileth and her hand crept into mine and gently squeezed it. She was looking out the window but I knew what that meant.

Back at the house John put on some music, he was a big rock fan so Aerosmith filled the house and probably a large part of the neighborhood. I was in charge of drinks and while the girls danced on the terrace, I whipped up Mojitos for everyone. Drinks in hand we cheered for new friendships and the girls told us about working for retirees in the area. John worked online and they didn’t quite understand how you could make money on the internet.

As slower song came on and Yamileth slid into my arms and we dance out on to the grass from the terrace. The moon was full and it was easy to see where to place our feet. I Looked over her head and saw John and Isabel making out. He had her against the railing and she had hooked a leg around his legs.

“Look, I guess they are having fun.” I said to Yamileth.

She looked over and then took my head in her hands and pulled me down where we kissed deeply. She tasted of mint and sugar and I loved it. My cock grew hard and she must have felt it against her naked thigh.

“I have never been with a gringo,” she said as we came apart.

We kept on dancing. “I guess it’s the same as any other man.”

She giggled and looked down at my shirts where my erection was clearly visible against the fabric. “You are bigger.”

It was my turn to laugh. “I don’t think so, I have an average cock, nothing special.”

She moved in closer and slid a hand down my shorts and I breathed in. “Oh, my, no, no, Senor, this is very big.” She said and giggled.

Her hand began to stroke me slowly, with her thumb playing over my cockhead. I slid a hand down her back and grabbed her ass cheeks. It was firm and so perfectly round. I moved my hand under the skirt and up, searching for a pantie but I found none.

“Naughty girl, no pantie?”

“No, it’s too warm, my pussy likes to breath.”

I lifted her up and it was like she was a feather. She wrapped her legs around my waist and reaching down she undid the button on my shorts which fell to the ground. I stepped out of them and we kissed again. While we did, she slowly began to slide down and when I felt her moist soft pussy against my dick she said. “I will do this slowly, okay?”

“Sure, date your time.”

I saw John on the terrace with Isabel and she was holding on to the rail with her jeans wrapped around an ankle. He was behind her fucking her deeply and hard. I could hear her moans and groans which was another turn on, like having my own private porn flick playing in front of me. My attention turned back to Yamileth who slowly but surely was skewing herself onto my cock. She leaned back and when the moonlight lit her face her mouth was open and her eyes half closed in pleasure.

“You okay?”

“Mm, it’s big but almost there, just a little bit more.”

Her pussy was the tightest thing I had ever fucked. It was almost like it hurt me as it squeezed my shaft as it slowly slid down.

“Ay, ay, si, si, si!” she moaned as she finally had my entire cock in her.

She began to move up and down and I helped her by placing my hands under her buttocks and she rode me, her breathing became faster and faster. I grabbed her hips and moved her up and down and it was like nothing, she was so light.

“Ah, si, si, aquí voy, ay Hank!”

Her pussy squeezed me hard three or four times before she relaxed. I literally lifted her off my cock and put her down on the ground.

“Oh, look at them,” she said pointing at John and Isabel.

He was sitting in one the chairs and she was riding her. I took Yamileth by the hand and on the way up to the terrace I pulled off my shirt and she her top. As we walked up to the fucking couple John looked up and grinned.

“Hey buddy, do you want to switch?”

I gave Yamileth a glance and she nodded. “Si, why not, might as well fuck two gringos when I have a chance.”

We waited while John and Isabel had finished with her being loud and him shooting his cum onto his own stomach while she jerked him off.

Instead of getting off John she just slid down so she was between his legs with her pert tight ass in the air. She turned to me.

“Come and try me, I bet I am tighter than my slutty friend.”

We laughed and I did what she had asked. Aiming my cock at her pussy she pushed back a little and I slid in, easier now since John had stretched it a little but she was right, had he not, she would have been tighter than John.

Then something amazing happened. Yamileth straddled John and guided his cock to her pussy and from where I was, I could clearly see how it stretched out and I thought it would rip apart, but it didn’t. Instead, Isabel was quickly there with her pink tongue licking John’s shaft when it wasn’t berried in Yamileth and around her anus. I figured these two girls had partied before.

“Hank, fuck my ass, please, fuck me slowly and deeply” Isabel said over her shoulder and then went back to licking.

I was a bit concerned. She and Yamileth were just tiny and I didn’t want to hurt them, but at the same time I was so horny and I knew if I didn’t take the opportunity to fuck women like them now, I most likely never would.

I put my dick to her anus and began to push, not too hard just enough so I felt her tight hole begin to give away. To my surprise it did so faster than I thought. As I watched, her anus just suddenly relaxed and my entire seven inched of US Prime meat slid all the way inside her. And that’s when she began to do her magic. I don’t know how she did it but her anus began to massage my shaft. I had never felt anything like it and I had fucked a few women through the backdoor. Her little hand came up between her legs and played with my nuts, one second squeezing the other teasing with sharp nails.

Yamileth was having a blast riding John. She bounced up and down like a kid on a bouncy castle with John’s hands on her hips keeping her safe and steady. She thrashed her long black hair from side to side and dug her nails into John’s chest until he moaned with pain.

And that’s when I came. The pressure in my balls had built up from Isabel’s attention to them at the same time as her anus did its magic. I came hard and sent several shots of hot cum inside her.

“Ay, dios mio, you are filling me with your milk!”

She said something in Spanish and Yamileth translated through short bursts of word as she herself was almost coming.

“She..says..you..shoot,..like..her..father’s..bull! Ayy, que rico, ay ay, si, si, John, dame lo, dame lo!”

After she came I pulled my dick out and watched as a large amount of cum trickled out and if I must say so, I was pretty impressed. I guess I was a bull after all.



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