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Didn't see that coming

Didn't see that coming

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Well thats not how i expected the night to go!

I mentioned to a fellow Lushie recently that my husband had brought me a train ticket to London as a present. I had always wanted to visit a famous shoe shop there and this was my chance. I knew he worked in London and was hoping for some tips on navigating the tube system and hidden places to visit. Little did I know this would trigger a rather vivid dream! This story isn't full of sex and very naughty, it's just a retelling of my dream as I remember it.

It started as I got off the train in London. Knowing I was terrified of trains and that the journey would already have taken a lot out of me you were there outside the carriage to greet me. Strangely you were in your uniform but not working. You took my hand and guided me through all the barriers treating me like a VIP, stating each time,

"She's with me" meaning everyone stepped aside, no-one stopped us. I felt like a VIP for the first time in a very long time.

From there you placed me close to you, almost tucked under your arm, using your body as a barrier against the crowds. You smelt gorgeous. I wasn't sure what the scent was, it was light, almost citrusy in smell, but I can tell you it had a direct link straight down my body to my pussy. It was a scent that would be imprinted on my mind for a long time to come. Using the excuse of feeling nervous I snuggled closer under your arm breathing you in.

Reveling in the admiring looks I was getting from others. I was proud to be seen out with someone so hot and caring. Placing your hand gently on my bottom you assured me you knew a short cut away from the crowds. Guiding me with gentle but firm pressure through multiple corridors we ended up in a disused part of the station. I threw you an enquiring look and you just smiled and indicated I carried on walking. Following a maze of corridors, we ended up at an old staff room, still fully functional with kettle, fridge, and very oddly a purple velvet sofa. Why there would be a purple velvet sofa in a disused train station staff room eluded me but I was sure it would all make sense soon.

You pushed me down to sit on the sofa telling me to relax whilst you made tea, knowing somehow how I take it without asking. I sat quietly taking in the view before me, your trousers hugging your ass, your buttocks gliding in them like 2 peaches in a bag. The tea made, you placed it on the table next to me and sat down, pulling me close once again. I loved this feeling of just sitting, no words needed, just a natural comfortable silence enveloping the room. A few minutes passed and you turned to me, took my face in your hands and kissed me slowly, sensuously and like you needed to remember every second of it. The song "This Kiss" by Faith Hill popped into my head, it really was a case of "This Kiss" 

The kiss seemed to go on for the longest time, yet seemed over in seconds. We both surfaced, looked at each other and knew. Knew that this couldn't end here. We had no chance of this stopping. It was like the universe knew we needed each other.Taking me by the hand you pulled me gently onto your lap and I rested my head on your shoulder. We sat like this for a while just being. It felt like nothing else existed at that moment other than the two of us and the room. After what felt like forever I felt you move. Your hand grasping my ponytail and pulling my head down, leaving me no doubt where this was going.

Your mouth sought out mine and before we knew it the mood had changed, everything had become more urgent. There was no tenderness or romance. This was raw animal lust. Your soft lips were hard on mine, your tongue searching and probing. As the kiss grew deeper and needier I felt your hand on the back of my head. It was holding me there, not forcefully, but there was certainly a sense of "I'm in charge" about it. I certainly wasn't complaining, I needed this, I needed someone to take charge.

The kiss grew deeper, our jaws were aching but something had taken over, we couldn't stop. I gradually became aware of your other hand. It had been resting on my stockinged thigh but it was now creeping up my body. Inch by inch it was stroking, squeezing and exploring as it moved. Very soon I felt you brush your fingertips over my nipples through my dress. Back and forth, your fingers insistent, just enough pressure to bring them to life. Arching my back slightly I pushed my breasts into your hands begging for more. Reading my body language you moved swiftly to pull aside my dress, push my bra to one side and pinch my nipples firmly. A groan escaped our locked lips as I pushed harder into your hands. Deciding I had too much control over the situation you removed your hand from my nipples and your mouth from my lips. In one smooth motion, I was off your lap and lying flat on the sofa. A wry smile crossed my lips 

"Ah, that's what the sofa is for" I laughed silently to myself.

A properly dirty chuckle gurgled out of your mouth as you read my mind. Very quickly you were straddling me, the filthiest grin on your face. I loved that the sense of humor that had connected us was still alive and well. Trapping my arms at my side with your knees you pushed my dress up from the bottom exposing my red lace panties and black stockings. With similar speed, the top of my dress was pushed to my waist and my matching red lace bra straps pushed down my shoulders exposing both breasts. You sat back, seemingly taking in the view as I squirmed beneath you.

"Sit still Woman you know I like to look" you retorted knowing I didn't mind really. Clearly deciding that this wasn't enough, you moved off the sofa, and at lightning-fast speed, my dress was in a puddle on the floor and you were back straddling me on the sofa. With my arms pinned again, I was helpless to do anything. My knickers were already damp with excitement, but the moment your lips suddenly hit my nipples was my undoing. The moan that escaped my body was nothing but utter need and desire. Your lips, sealed around what were now bullet hard nipples, and your tongue flicking hard over them was sending electric currents through my whole body. 

I could, through my lust, feel you growing hard against me, You were still fully dressed and this only served to make the whole situation hotter. Here I was virtually naked, pinned to a sofa, in a disused staff room of a train station by a fully-clothed man. The whole situation was, on paper, absurd, but somehow the hottest thing I had ever experienced. A slight adjustment of your weight to reach my other nipple allowed me to squirm an arm free. Quickly my hand was on your cock through your trousers, rubbing and squeezing, loving what I could feel. Your first serious groan of the day came as I unzipped your trousers and worked my hand inside. Grasping your rock hard cock I started to work it. You allowed me to work your cock, feel it grow in my hand for a minute or two before reality seemed to catch up with you. 

"You cheeky mare," you muttered removing my hand and firmly pinning it back with the other one.

I saw where this was going and surrendered to the feelings washing over my body. Deciding that my nipples had been sufficiently attended to I felt your mouth leave them. The cold air rushing over them after your warm mouth only heightening the feelings. As you looked up I caught your eye, the look of lust on your face was something that I hadn't seen before. It punched me in the gut with its honesty.

A subtle change in your body positioning found you further down my body. You had your hands on my arms still holding them in place and your head between my legs. I felt gentle kisses and nibbling work its way up my left leg, up to my hip, across my stomach and down my right leg. This was repeated several times before you placed a kiss right where I wanted it. Feeling my now wet panties on your lips you grabbed the edge in your teeth, pulled them aside and sunk your tongue into my pussy. No preamble just deep inside me.

My hips bucked as your tongue hit the sweet spot deep inside my pussy. You continued to tongue fuck me hard, using your tongue to drive me closer to orgasm with every thrust. Pretty soon my groans were echoing around the room and I was writhing on the sofa desperate for release. Still, your tongue continued, there was to be no let-up, no stopping until I came. Within seconds I was begging you to stop, let me breathe a little before I came. This only seemed to spur you on as your tongue moved from my pussy, and three fingers were suddenly deep inside me, fucking me. My loose hand found itself on your head holding you there. The orgasm hit me like a train. I was bucking and writhing on the sofa as it took hold of my body. My hand was still on your head as I begged you to stop. I seemed incapable of removing it.

Eventually, you stopped, let me breathe a little, my body limp with exhaustion but I felt good. You sat up, my juices coating your face. Leaning over and kissing me I tasted myself in your mouth. It was not something I had tasted before but I loved it. I loved tasting what you had tasted. Taking the hand that only seconds earlier had been buried in my pussy I gently cleaned each finger, taking them deep in my mouth and licking every drop of my cum from them.

Helping me to sit up you positioned me in the middle of the sofa, feet on the floor. Standing at eye level in front of me I became aware of the bulge in your trousers. Reaching up and unbuckling your belt I eased your trousers to your knees. Savoring the sight in front of me I leaned forward and took you in my mouth. What was left of my red lipstick coating my lips as I took you as deep as I could? I gradually worked you deeper into my mouth, flicking my tongue over your head on every thrust. Very soon my hands were on your buttocks pulling you close. I couldn't get enough of you as you thrust deeper and deeper. Soon your hand was on the back of my head, holding me deep on your cock, your moans starting to build as you fucked my face. There was no stopping now. You needed to cum and you were going to cum in my mouth. Soon a moan of epic proportions filled the air and you released what felt like a bucket load of cum. Relaxing my throat I took your load. I don't normally swallow but this felt natural, and the right thing to do.

"I'll put the kettle on then shall I?" you joked as you zipped up your trousers and smoothed your shirt.

As we relaxed back on the sofa I was acutely aware I was still half-naked and started to adjust myself. Your hand rested on mine, stopping me. You smiled, reached down the side of the sofa, and returned with your jacket. I hadn't seen you remove it but it tickled me that you had remembered I had always wanted to put a man's jacket on as I relaxed after sex. I shrugged on your jacket and snuggled back under your arm to a place that felt natural to be now. Sitting in comfortable silence our ragged breathing returned to normal after what had been a surprising turn of events. After a few minutes, I became aware of your hand gently tickling the skin on my side. Something I had mentioned in the past I adored. Letting out a small sigh of pleasure I moved in closer and let you continue.

Within seconds of giving you the go-ahead, your hand was moving again. Your fingers were making small circular motions as they went wandering. No discernible pattern or direction, just wherever the movement took you. Up, down, left, right, I couldn't tell where you were and where you had been. Every inch of my skin was tingling, my nerve endings on fire. I wanted, no I needed, more. Pulling away I maneuvered myself so I was straddling you, close enough so I could breathe in your smell, see the look on your face and hear your breathing change. Moving in closer I kissed you again as I untucked your shirt from your waistband. Slipping my hands inside I caressed your chest, my fingers brushing your nipples, not knowing how you would react. 

Needing to feel skin on skin I quickly removed my hands and unbuttoned your shirt, pushing it to the sides so I could expose as much as I could. Pulling you upright from your reclined position I pressed against you, reveling in the feeling of warm skin on skin. A feeling that is ingrained in the human mind as relaxing. Between my thighs I could feel you starting to get hard again, growing quickly. I felt a little naughty so I wriggled a bit, pressing firmly against you. You moaned, slapped my bottom and pushed me down harder. Continuing to kiss you, I started to move, loving the feeling of what I was doing to you. You arch your pelvis up towards me, unbalancing me slightly. Pushing me further to one side you lift your pelvis further, slip your trousers down and without pausing, plunge into me 

"Fuck I need this," you swear in what I can only presume is pleasure.

Two hands are quickly on my hips guiding me, pulling me down, pushing me away, taking back one hundred percent control of the situation. My hands brace on your bare shoulders, feeling the muscles in your arms rippling as you position me for your pleasure. The pace soon quickens as you start to thrust into me hard and fast, no finesse or romance. This is pure animalistic fucking. I'm not complaining as you pull me down hard so you are deep in my pussy, my juices pooling beneath us. My eyes close and my head drops back as I surrender myself to the feelings of being used for your pleasure. I wasn't missing out, the friction on my clit was driving me fast to orgasm. 

You push my arms behind me so I'm bent backward, my hands resting on your knees as you continue to thrust into me. This felt amazing. You were hitting all the right spots and I wasn't quiet about it. I was glad we weren't anywhere more public. I felt your tempo change. You were thrusting harder and more erratically. 

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum," you growled. 

One final thrust that almost threw me off your lap and I felt you fill me with more cum than I thought possible, especially after the amount you had unloaded down my throat only thirty minutes earlier. Your hand soon joined in, rubbing my clit hard as you continued to thrust into me, driving me forcefully towards an orgasm. An orgasm bigger than ever before hit me like the trains that would be thundering along the lines outside. I convulsed on your lap, the waves hitting me over and over until I could take no more.

You stopped moving, your cock softening inside me, your finger still on my clit firm but not moving. I slowly gained my breath and before I knew it your fingers were moving again, pushing me hard towards another orgasm. Knowing I had another in me you were unrelenting, pushing me hard not allowing me to move away or stop you. Your mouth moved down to once again capture my nipple between your teeth. That was it, you had pushed me over the edge once again. The noises coming from my mouth were not words, I couldn't formulate a single word as I came hard once more.

Giving me time to recover you let me lean against your bare chest as I tried to formulate my thoughts. After five minutes I was able to sit up again and talk properly. We chatted quietly about nothing of consequence for a while before I moved off your lap and settled back on the sofa. This time you let me rearrange my clothing and finally dress again. Passing you back your jacket I realized that this was probably the end of our time together that day. 

Taking my hand and on weak legs, we left the room, both a little disheveled, it was obvious what had happened but to be honest I'm not sure either of us cared. Guiding me back through the tunnels we reached public areas once again. Leading me back through the barriers we were greeted by one of your colleagues, 

"The sofa has never seen action like that before," he winked.

Blushing beetroot red I just had to brazen it out. I had no idea how he knew and I wasn't sure I ever would.




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