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My Unwanted Transition 11

Series: My Unwanted Transition

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Jenny and Skylar rekindle their relation


My day at work feels like it lasts forever. The only thing I think about is seeing Skylar. I hurry home after work to prepare for my date with him. Leslie helps me get ready too. I do my eyebrows, eyelashes, cheeks, and lips. He never told me where we were going, so I'm unsure of what to wear. To prepare for any outing, I pick out a tight shirt and skinny jeans, along with a pair of heeled boots.

Skylar arrives to pick me up just before I finish getting ready. After a final check by Leslie, I make my way downstairs. It feels like a cliché scene out of a movie or tv show as he stands not far from the bottom of the steps waiting for me. His face lights up with happiness, and mine does too. 

“You look beautiful,” he says.

“You look good, yourself,” I respond, smiling, then I look over his button-up shirt.

He moves closer to me, placing his hands on my waist, then rubs my sides with his fingers. I stand there silently, nervous, just as each time before. As the moments pass, I expect him to lean in and kiss me, but we just look at each other.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Skylar asks. “I mean, giving this, us, a serious chance.”

“Yes,” I say with a nod. I don't even need to think about it.

“I’m happy to hear that,” he says. “Shall we?”

Skylar turns and steps to the side, gesturing with his hand to have me walk in front. I step around him and head outside with him right behind me. He takes me to a restaurant, and during dinner, we talk about everything that has happened in the last couple of years. I tell him about my job, working out, my new social media craze, and even about getting with my boss. If I'm going to be serious with Skylar, I don't want to keep anything back. In turn, he tells me about his job, making detective and the one girl he was with.

“So, are you like some kind of social media celebrity?” he asks.

“No, not really. I mostly just upload post-workout pics,” I answer. “I did put up a couple more risqué pics when I reached a hundred-thousand followers.”

Instead of trying to explain, I pull my phone out to show him. He takes my phone and scrolls through them. I sit there and wait, wondering what he thinks since he doesn't comment at first. His finger continues to swipe the screen, going through months worth of my pics.

“You have some thirsty guys following you,” he says.

“Yeah, I do,” I say in a lower voice, realizing that it could be a problem. “I can stop if you want,” I offer.

“I don’t want you to stop if you enjoy it,” he says. “I get to have you in person.”

“Yes, you do,” I say, feeling the heat rush to my face, probably making me blush. “Here.”

I get up from the booth and scoot in beside him. I put my left arm around him and hold my phone with the other hand. He leans into me, and I snap a picture of us, then upload it. It was true that I like sharing on social media, but I want to be Skylar’s girlfriend too, and I want everyone to know.

We walk back to his car after dinner, and when we stop by the door, he gives me a small kiss. His lips touch and press to mine for a brief moment, then pull back. His eyes look at mine as the kiss breaks, which leaves me wanting more. Instead, he turns and makes his way around the car to the driver’s side.

“I have one more thing planned,” he says, smiling as he gets into the car.

Not long after we pull away from the restaurant, we arrive at a massage and spa place. I look around to see if there are any other places he could be taking me, but since we park right in front, I assume this is it. The other thing I notice is that the place looks closed.

“I think they’re closed,” I say.

“They are closed, but don’t worry,” he responds.

I get out of the car with him and walk up to the door. Just as we arrive, a lady opens it and steps out. She gives Skylar a hug, then turns to look at me with a smile on her face.

“You must be Jenny,” she says.

“I am,” I answer, wondering who she is.

“Aunt Angie, this is Jenny, and Jenny, this is my Aunt Angie,” Skylar introduces us. “My Aunt Angie owns this place.”

“This is indeed my baby,” she smiles. “Anyway, come on in.”

Angie leads us inside, through the empty lobby and into the back. She shows me into a cozy room with a massage table in it, scented candles lit, and a small dressing room in the corner. I assume that this will be a couple’s massage, but Skylar didn’t come in, and there isn't enough room in here for two tables.

“Okay, dear, I’m going to step out, and you can undress to your comfort level. Most people like to remove all their clothes and use towels to cover their bits. When you’re ready, go ahead and lay face down, and make yourself comfortable.”

I wait for Angie to leave, then I begin to undress. The dressing room has hangars to hang my clothes on and a selection of towels. I take one of the smaller ones, which is plenty to cover my bottom. The room is empty as I walk out, so I position myself face down on the table just as she explained. There is a cushioned spot at the end to rest my face on.

After a long day of work and a good meal, lying on the table makes me sleepy. It doesn't take long before I can feel myself almost falling asleep. Before I drift all the way off, I feel a bit of warm oil being poured on my back, followed by a pair of hands smoothing it over my skin. Their fingers pressing and kneading into the muscles of my back. It is a little weird that there is no introduction, but with me being sleepy and the massage being so relaxing, I don't care enough to say anything. I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of their hands, the scent of the oil, and the sound of the rubbing.

Their fingers travel up and down, from my shoulders and neck to the small of my back where the towel is resting. There is a short pause, then their hands return and begin on my legs. They do each leg from my thigh, calve, and ankle, then do my feet. After another pause, I feel their hands return to my thigh, this time moving up and going under the towel. It makes me open my eyes, and my heart speeds up from the sudden and unexpected touching of my butt. This is my first time ever getting a massage, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

Either way, their fingers feel good, the way they knead and squeeze into my soft flesh there. Their hands move back down, lowering to the inside of my right thigh. With each press and squeeze, their hands move higher up my leg until they hav to push the towel to continue. As their hand push the towel some, I audibly clear my throat to show a sign of discomfort, hoping they take the hint.

They press into my flesh again, then move even higher. Another move follows, and their fingers touch where my thigh and crotch meet. They continue to massage, then I feel a light brush against the folds of my vagina, or at least I think I do. When I feel it again, I move my hips some. Once I settle, their hand turns and directly cups my vagina, with a finger sliding up between the folds. I press my legs together, but there is no way to guard myself in this position.

“No, I don’t need it there,” I say, trying to be polite. The only person I want to touch me there is Skylar.

“I want to make you feel good,” I hear him say.

I lift my head from the cushion so I can turn enough to see. Just as the voice alluds to me, it is Skylar. I smile at him and laugh a little, both relieved it isn't some stranger trying to touch me and that it's him trying to. Without saying anything, I carefully turn over, pulling the towel away from my body at the same time. Skylar’s eyes look away from my face and down my body. He always looks at me like he can't get enough.

He puts more oil on me, right on my chest, just above my breasts. His hands then rub into me just as he did on my back. He moves across my chest, covering my shoulders and collar bone area. I keep looking at his face, and he looks back. His hands move lower, between my breasts then over them, his fingers gripping my flesh firmly. My nipples being brought to attention by his touch, with the tip of his finger circling them both.

“You’ve got a lot bigger since the last time I saw you,” he says as he squeezes.

“I thought they were never gonna stop growing,” I smile.

“They’re perfect,” he adds before moving his hands down further.

I watch as he touches my flat stomach, his fingers still pressing into my skin. My skin is soft, but the muscles in my abdomen are firm. I can tell he is surprised by the resistance he receives when he looks at my face again. It is hard to know if he likes it or not, though. Not all guys are fans of women with fit stomachs like mine. My abs don't show unless I flex them, which is the way I want it to be.

“You have a tight tummy,” he says.

“I’ve been staying in shape,” I respond.

“I can tell. I felt the muscles in your legs too,” he says. “Please tell me you have abs.”

I smile, then look down as I flex my abdominal muscles. They aren't as defined as most guy's would be, but undoubtedly visible as I hold them taut. He touches them with his fingers, sliding the tip between each small crevice. Then, despite the oil on my skin, he bends over and kisses my stomach. When I started working out, it wasn’t to impress him or any other guy. Now that he is admiring my hard work, I’m glad he likes it.

Skylar kisses my neck, then my lips. I move my hands up, placing one on his arm and the other behind his head, urging him to kiss me more. I wonder if he is as aroused as me. In fact, if he took me right here on the massage table, I wouldn’t stop him. Fortunately, and unfortunately, he does stop. The fire that he ignites inside me wants to continue, but my mind knows that his aunt is still in the building too.

When we pull up in front of my house, Skylar smiles at me. I smile back, happy with the night we shared. His eyes look at my face the same way he looked at me back then. The same look he had when he put the necklace on me. It makes me nervous, but underneath that, I now realize that it feels good too.

“Do you want to come in?” I ask, my question driven by the warmth in my loins.

“I want to,” he answers with a half-smile. “But, we are just getting back together, so I think we should take it one step at a time.”

“Okay,” I say, worried by his answer. I can’t help but think he’s still wary of me, which he has good reason to be.

He reaches his hand and touches my cheek, giving me one more kiss before we leave each other for the night. It’s a soft kiss with just our lips, but a lengthy one. I wonder if he can feel the sexual tension in my body, the urge to have him against me, in me.


(Skylar’s Mind)

It takes everything I have to pull away from the kiss with Jenny and not follow her inside. I watch as she leaves my car and enters her house. Even as I drive home, the solid erection in my pants doesn’t subside. Jenny’s scent, skin, eyes, everything turns me on so much. I think about how she used to be a guy, and the thought should make me feel grossed out, but it doesn’t. When I talk to her, look at her eyes, touch her, there’s nothing there to resemble a male.

When I get home, I take a shower and continue to think about Jenny. I had fallen for her ever since that night in the mall parking lot. Even when she broke things off with me, I had never gotten over it. I wondered if it was fate that brought us back together at the party. The party wasn’t something I wanted to talk about, though, or even think about for that matter. It made me hurt to think about what happened to her.

I shift my thoughts to our date tonight, from dinner all the way through to giving her a massage. Her skin so smooth and soft, and how much restraint it took to keep me from going too far. I walk to my room, almost finished drying myself, my dick growing hard with every thought. The way she willingly turned over, letting me see her naked brought me to a full hard-on.

I get into my bed, pulling up her social media on my phone as I began to stroke myself. She had given me permission to keep her nudes before, but it didn’t feel right, so I delete them after breaking up. Jenny had plenty of photos online that showed skin, so I scrolled through those. I eventually find a photo of her that was just an ordinary selfie. She is lying in bed with her hair a little messy and wearing a simple t-shirt. My hand moves faster and faster, my fingers gripping. I keep my eyes locked on the screen of my phone as the picture of her looks back at me. All of the intense arousal in me wells up in one spot, then explodes in a cascade of cum, which makes a mess of my bare body.

“I had a great time tonight, and I hope I can see you soon,” my phone beeps with a text message from Jenny before I can clean up.



It’s late now, so I’m not sure if he’ll text me back tonight or not. I know he said he wanted to take it a step at a time, but I can’t help but think about him as I touch myself. I lie on my bed fully nude, wishing he was here with me. I reach my phone out with my hand, then snap a picture of my naked body, wanting to send it to him, wanting him to see me, and how turned on I am. It’s a terrible idea, though, because it would betray his wishes to take it slow. Even so, I continue to snap more pictures myself, each one a treat I’d like to send but won’t.

Before long, I have probably two dozen nude pictures of myself, which I put into a new album called ‘for Skylar.’ I smile to myself, thinking about the time in the future when he’s comfortable again, and I can send these to him. I think back to the ones I sent him a couple years ago before I probably shattered his heart. I wondered if he still has them, looks at them, or even masturbates to them.

Even though I’m still aroused, I decide to finish getting ready for bed without getting myself off. With Skylar so heavily on my mind, I know it will be one of those nights where I can’t make myself cum anyway. Though, my decision to go to sleep horny haunts my dreams.

I’m on my knees with a hard dick in my mouth. I look up and see my boss looking down at me from his office chair, his hand on my head. I push down, then pull up with my lips sucked firmly around his shaft. I do it again, then again, moaning softly. I’m the best in my position, not only for work but also in sucking dick. Seven other female managers are trying for the double bonus, each having their own day and chance to give him a blowjob. Only one of us will win, though. I’m the youngest of the managers, and I know I have the tightest body.

The competition is supposed to be only giving head, but I decide to take the initiative. I stand, then turn around, lifting my skirt as I guide his saliva-covered cock inside me. I put my hands on his desk for balance and bounce my body up and down.

I wake up to Leslie standing beside my bed, asking if I’m okay. Apparently, I was moaning and groaning in my sleep. I vaguely remember my dream about so eagerly sucking and fucking my boss. Leslie is quiet, and I realize she’s looking at the wet spot between my legs, which stained the bed.

“Girl, you went to bed horny, didn’t you?” Leslie asked, but I don’t answer. “Here, lemme help,” she says, taking my hand.

I follow Leslie back to her room, where she removes my gown. She kisses me as she lets her own gown fall from her body. Her body pressed into mine, her smaller breasts grazing my larger pair. I’m confused, but her lips are soft and taste good. We eventually move into her bed, and I notice the camera on us. The screen on her laptop shows thousands of people watching. I keep looking at the video of us on the computer.

Leslie kisses me as she has me lie back, then moves down, pecking her lips across my skin, my breasts, until she finally reaches her goal, my clit. The camera zooms in on her mouth, focusing on how her tongue flicks my most sensitive spot. The viewers increase each moment, and the chat room seems to get busier as I get closer and closer to cumming.

I open my eyes, and this time I know I’m awake for real. There’s a wet pressure I can feel between my legs, and as soon as my fingers graze my clit, I cum. My orgasm is soft, much less intense than the ones I’ve had in the past, but it still feels good.



The days at work feel longer now, especially when planning days to see Jenny. Three months went by since she came back into my life, and we’ve managed to go on six dates. Three others I’ve had to cancel because of work. Tonight will be our seventh date as long as my job doesn’t get in the way again. We won’t be going out for dinner, a movie, or to get a massage. Instead, I decided to go to the gym with her. She posts pictures after every visit, making it easy to see how important it is to her. If it’s important to her, I’d like to try and be a part of it. Seeing her working out in person, especially anything with her abs, is definitely going to make it challenging to keep from having sex with her.

On the drive home, I think about Jenny. I can tell she wants to have sex, and I appreciate the effort she has put in to respect my request. I still don’t know if I’m ready to take that step, though, maybe I am. When I get home, I change my clothes, then drive to the gym, where we planned to meet. I decide that if sex happens naturally today, I will go with it.

Even with my police training, it’s hard to keep up with Jenny.  The two things I do manage to beat her in are pushups and pullups. Her training routine isn’t focused around her arms, though, but rather her mid-section and legs. Tonight is an arm day for her, so I get the pleasure of spotting as she does weights. I notice as she lifts that her breasts seem bigger. They had grown since the first time we dated, but they definitely look even larger now.

Jenny spots for me once she finishes her reps. At the end of the session, she takes a few pictures of herself, then we both go to our respective locker rooms and change. We meet back up after and walk to our cars. It’s clear to me after the last few months that Jenny has changed from back then. She seems to have focus and less confusion about her. I hope that it means she’s ready to commit fully to this relationship like I am.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” I ask, but she hesitates briefly.

“Um, I mean, I guess I can,” she starts, then pauses a moment. “It’s that time of the month for me.”

“Oh,” I say, though not too disappointed. “I’d still like you to come over.”

When we get back to my place, I pick out a random movie for us to watch. It doesn’t matter to me what it is as long as I get to spend time with Jenny. Truthfully, I was hoping to get more physical with her tonight. It was my choice to abstain from sex for the last few months so that we could build the other parts of our relationship, but my desire to have sex with her is burning deep now.

At the start of the movie, we’re sitting upright on the couch, still talking. She shares some things that happened at work, and I do the same. Our conversation fades away as the movie progresses, and we move closer to each other on the couch. We go from sitting upright to lying down on opposite ends. I don’t realize how it happened, but I find myself giving a massage to one of her feet. It’s hard to tell if she likes it or not since her eyes are focused on the t.v. Either way, I continue to rub, pressing my thumb against the arch of her sole, through her sock.

Without a word, she eventually turns and positions herself on her side in front of me. She then nestles her soft body into mine, facing away. I put my arm over her, which causes us to lock into one another firmly. After a few minutes, I realize how her shapely butt is pressed right against my crotch. I manage to keep myself under control for nearly thirty minutes, then Jenny adjusts, which makes her body rub me. The contact pulls memories of us forward in my mind. I remember our naked bodies against each other, being between her legs, my cock stuffed in her tight pussy. I remember the way her toes curl when she cums, and the way her cheeks flush.

My dick is solid now, trapped between my body and her butt.  I wonder if she can feel me through our clothes and what she might think about it. If it wasn’t for her period, I’d probably make a move right now, and she’d probably let me have my way. Instead, I keep it to myself and decide that I’ll have to masturbate tonight.

I finally get my attention on the movie again when I notice her hand reaching back. She fumbles around momentarily until her fingers find the band of my pants. Two of her fingers clench my zipper and pull it down. My cock throbs like crazy at the anticipation. Soon, she manages to pull my dick out, and her hand clasps around my shaft. It feels incredible as she starts to stroke back and forth, but she never looks back. The movie apparently ends, but I’m too distracted to notice. Jenny turns to face me, her expression soft and warm.

“Does that feel good?” She asks as she continues to stroke me.

“Very,” I say, in a low voice, my mind focused on the warmth of her soft hand around me.

“Here,” she says, pausing to reach her phone. “I took these for you before, but I didn’t send them because I didn’t want to be disrespectful.”

“These are hot!” My cock throbs in her hand at the sight of the nudes on her phone.

I start to swipe through the pics, and she moves down, settling on her knees between my legs on the couch. Her mouth engulfs my erection, and I let out a pleasured groan. My attention is divided between the pics and how she moves her head up and down to suck me. Her mouth is making wet noises that mix with the sound of little moans she makes. The way she sucks dick is incredible, each movement aimed to please and make me feel good. Each time she pushes down, her lips wrap firmly around the base of my shaft, then glide up as she sucks. Inside her mouth, I can feel her tongue moving back and forth, circling.

The album on her phone comes to an end, leaving me with visuals of her remarkable nudity. I look back and forth between her and the phone, which gives me the idea to record her now. With the way she seemed to enjoy taking these photos, I hope that she’ll like this too.

“Can I record you?” I ask, then she looks up at me with my dick still in her mouth. She nods.

“You should use your phone, though,” she says, parting her mouth from me to speak.

I reach and grab my phone, hurrying to get the camera app open. Jenny waits for me to begin recording, then starts to suck me again. I watch her on the screen, and she looks up at the camera often. I imagine that she’s comfortable with being on camera now after being so active on social media. Being recorded seems to spur her into putting on a show. Not only does she suck, but she starts at the bottom and runs her tongue slowly up my shaft.

After several minutes, she puts in the full effort, which drives me toward my orgasm. She alternates between sucking and jerking my cock swiftly with her hand, sometimes combining the two. I warn her that I’m about to cum with an audible groan, and she strokes me until I explode. It’s the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a long time, and my cum rockets straight up into the air before falling on her arm, hand, and my stomach.



I watch Skylar’s face and the camera as I jerk him with my hand. Even without him warning me, I can tell he’s close just from the way his cock throbs. I smile as he squirms, and his cum makes a mess of both of us. It gets into my hair, on my face, and my arm and hand. The way he melts into relaxation makes me happy. To make his recording better, I lick up some of the cum from the tip of his cock, which makes him squirm more. I smirk at his sensitivity, remembering how most guys need a rest after cumming. That’s all I can remember, though. I don’t recall how it actually feels to have a sensitive dick or an erection for that matter. Now, it feels like I’ve been a woman my entire life.

In the morning, I wake up next to Skylar in bed, wearing one of his shirts. As soon as I pick my phone up to look at the time, I feel his arm hold my body as he wedges himself up behind me. I have to get back home soon to get ready for work if I want to be on time, but I love the feeling of him holding me. I eventually get up and take a shower, and by the time I finish drying off, he has some breakfast made. We eat quietly for a few minutes until he breaks the silence.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says.

“Are you just saying that because I sucked your dick so good?” I smirk, but I can feel warmth flooding into my cheeks.

“You did, but you were beautiful before that,” he affirms.

“Well,” I start, my cheeks probably full red now. “You’re quite sexy yourself.”

“Can I ask you a question?” He breaks the silence again after a few more minutes go by.

“Sure,” I say.

“Why did you let me record you yesterday?” He asks.

“Because you wanted to,” I answer.

“I know that, but is there more?” He asks again.

“Not really. I could see that you were excited, and I wanted to make you feel good,” I said, my voice getting lower at the last part.

“Did you like being recorded?” He asks again, more specifically.

“I liked you recording me,” I say, putting an emphasis on you, and he smiles.

I drive back home in the best mood I’ve been in in a long time. I didn’t feel scared of my feelings for Skylar at breakfast. They were strong, and the way he looked at me made my heart flutter. I just hope that I make him feel the same way, which I think I do.

As I’m getting ready for work, my phone rings with a call from the medical center. They want me to come in to talk about something, but they don’t elaborate. I explain that I won’t be able to go until after I finish work unless it’s an emergency. When they agree to see me after work, I hang up and finish getting ready before leaving.



I reach my eighth orgasm of the session in front of the five thousand people watching me on cam. It’s the end of the second of three shifts I do per day on most days. I usually do three three-hour shifts per day unless I have other things to take care of. On peak days like today, many of my fans send lots of tips, which they continue to do even after I just came.

The tips activate the vibrator inside my pussy, and it makes me shiver. It’s a genuine shiver, and not an overreacting version like some girls tend to do. As the tips come in, I rub my clit and tug the vibrator back and forth. I hear a knock on my door, which I assume is Jenny. When I don’t hear a second knock, I know it isn’t an emergency and that she’ll wait until I’m finished. It only takes me another five minutes until I start to cum again. My vaginal muscles contract, and ejaculate my essence all over the towel in front of me. Squirting isn’t something I’ve gotten the hang of, and it still just happens at random with me, but my fans love it when it does happen.

When the show is over, I down nearly an entire bottle of water before cleaning myself up. For now, I tie my robe on then go out to meet Jenny in her room. She’s still dressed in her work clothes: a blouse, skirt, stockings, and flats. I’ve never been into other women sexually, but Jenny is definitely attractive. I still find it amazing that she used to be a man.

“Oh, hey Leslie,” she says as she notices me come in.

“What’s up?” I say.

“The medical center asked me to come in, but they didn’t say why, so I was hoping you could go with me,” she says.

“Today?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m going to go in a little bit,” she says.

“Um, sure, just let me get showered and dressed,” I say.

I get right in the shower, letting the cool water rinse the sweat, lube, and cum from my body. I spend extra time on my girl part as always, making sure I keep myself properly clean. After the shower, I dry off, then get dressed before meeting Jenny downstairs. We make final preparations, then we start the drive to the center in her car.

I’ve been to the center with her several times now. It isn’t a typical doctor’s office, so there is no standard waiting room. Instead, we check in with the receptionist, and a person from their team comes out to get us. We follow them back to an office rather than an exam room. I feel nervous for Jenny, hoping that they didn’t call her in for anything bad.

“I’ll just get right to the point if you don’t mind,” the doctor says after we’re all seated. “When you came here several years ago, Jenny, you were an extraordinary case. Your body had us baffled, but we learned a great deal and were able to help you.” He pauses for a moment before continuing. “In the last year, we’ve had reports of several other males undergoing the same symptoms that you had back then. For each case we were able to confirm, we reached out to make contact with those families. Unfortunately, two of them passed away before we could establish communication.” Again, he paused. “The other six are now here in our facility. Based on our work with you, we confirmed the same diagnosis on each of them. We’ve completed the surgical part of the transition, but as you might remember, it isn’t easy to suddenly be a part of the opposite sex.”

“I can’t say that I do remember,” Jenny says. “I mean, I do, but only that it happened. The emotions attached to it are gone, just like my emotions of being male.”

“I do remember you speaking of that, but still, you were the first and only person to date that has completed this procedure and lived it. With that being said, the reason I asked you to come here today is to ask for your help,” the doctor says, then waits.

“My help?” Jenny asks.

“Yes. Because you have the only experience living this, we would ask for your help in sharing your experiences with the others. A few of them are wholly devasted, and it is our hope that you might ease their burden.”

Jenny looks at me, probably looking for advice of some sort, so I nod. I do think that Jenny could help them at least a little bit. I picture myself waking up one day as a man, having lost the softness of a woman’s body, my breasts, long hair, and, instead, having hair all over the rest of me. In place of my vagina and wonderful clitoris, I’d have a dick just dangling there between my legs. The only positive thing I can conjure up in my mind is not having a menstrual cycle. Though, I do wonder what it might feel like to have my dick sucked.

“I will be happy to talk to them. I just don’t know what to say,” Jenny answers.

“Perhaps, just telling them a little about yourself. If they have questions, any answer you can offer might also be of help,” he explains.

When everything is agreed upon, a lady enters the room with some paperwork. It’s a simple non-disclosure agreement that prohibits Jenny from sharing any personal details about the patients. Jenny signs the documents, then I’m led to a room with a t.v. so that I can wait for her.



I’m nervous as I wait in the room for the nurses to bring them in. I still can’t believe there are now six others going through what I went through, which seems so long ago now. It also makes me sad that two others passed away. I was the first, and no one knew what was wrong with me, so I could have easily been one to die. Then again, maybe others died before it even happened to me, and no one knew. Nurses and techs bring them in on wheelchairs and set them in front of me in a semi-circle, then we proceed with introductions.

“So, now that we all know each other’s names, why don’t you tell them about yourself, Jenny? None of them have been told about your past,” the nurse says.

All of the staff exit the room, but there is a large glass mirror on one side, which I assume is a two-way mirror that they can see through. I look at each of the six of them. I vaguely recall what I looked like back then, fresh out of the surgical procedures. Already, their features are softening, and they all have small breasts just beginning to form. Seeing them suddenly pulls the emotional part of my memories back. I understand how hard it is for them to be going through this. To have no penis and instead have an opening between your legs. Memories continue to rush into my mind. This is just the beginning for them, I think to myself. Their gonna have to learn how to deal with a female body now. How to handle longer, thicker hair, havings boobs, having a period, and dealing with obnoxious men. Then there will be the whole sexual side of things too. I’m not sure where to begin, so I just start talking.

“My name is Jenny, and they asked me to come here today because several years ago, I went through this same thing,” I say.

“The same thing?” The girl on the far right chimes in. “You were a guy before?”

“Yes, I was born a male, then I fell very sick. Eventually, I was transferred to this same facility, and they saved my life by helping my body adapt,” I answer, then smile.

Each of them looks at me more closely then look at each other before looking at me again. It makes me a little happy that some hope returns to their eyes.

“I’m not saying it was easy. In fact, I had a hard time learning how to be in a female body. My tastes changed, not only for food, but also in colors, clothing, and other things. My mood and emotions changed. You’re going to have a period, and it’s going to suck most of the time. You might bleed a lot; you might bleed a little. You’ll feel happy, sad, angry, and everything else.” I pause to see their reaction.

“Your mind is going to work differently, too. I’m able to multitask better now. I don’t have to worry about random erections either,” I say and laugh some.

“Can you still have sex?” One asks.

“Yes, you can, in time. I actually have a boyfriend, and I enjoy sex with him very much. And before you ask, yes, everything works as intended.”

“You’re with a guy? Isn’t that weird?” Another asks.

“It was bizarre at first,” I say. “I was never attracted to men before, but as I said, the way your mind works might change. I’m actually only attracted to men now. I mean, I think girls are pretty, but they don’t arouse me like before.”

The questions continue to pile in, and I answer each of them the best I can. It goes on for an hour before the nurse comes back and informs us that time is up. From what I can tell, most of them seem to be happier now. I gather from the number of sexual-related questions that they can't wait to experiment with their new bodies. It makes me think of my first time with Andy and the way we haphazardly had sex. I smile to myself as we walked down the corridor, thinking about how Andy made me cum. My mind then turns to Skylar and how bad I want to have sex with him. In a few more days, I will likely get my wish.

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