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Rental Agreement, Chapter 3

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Melanie seals the deal with her landlord and gives herself to him gladly!

"Oh, my GAAWWDD!!" Melanie cried out loudly as Carl's mouth fastened itself to her naked waiting pussy. She spread her legs wider, inviting him to dine on her juicy, ripe peach. 

Melanie lay on the bed, moaning and grinding her hips up at Carl's ravenous mouth. She couldn't remember the last time a man had been down there, and Melanie loved to have her pussy eaten–more so even than having her tits licked and sucked! 

And Carl was pretty damn good at the art of orally pleasing a woman! It wasn't long before Melanie, already hornier and more turned on that she had been in a long time, was absolutely lust-crazed. 

She was writhing and squirming and trying to back away from Carl's tormenting tongue, but he kept right up with her, his mouth securely fastened to her drooling pussy until she backed up against the headboard and could go no further. 

As Melanie's passion engulfed her and she neared the edge of herself, she began clawing and pulling at her nipples, trying to reach that point where relief would come and she would explode in that glorious burst of heavenly light known as orgasm.

"Oh, God, Carl! Oh, I'm going to cum! Please make me cum! Please, I need to cum so badly! It's been such a long time! Please, Carl baby, please make me cum! Pleeease!" she begged him. Melanie did need to cum desperately.

Carl wanted it as well, and he worked her pussy to get her to that point. His tongue squirmed and wriggled inside her, searching every nook and cranny, every soft pink fold, looking for the sweet honey it might find hiding there. 

Melanie felt herself about to let go and she grabbed his head, holding him hard against her pussy as the end came.

"Ohhh, Shiiitt!" she screamed out, "I'm cuuummminggg!" Melanie bucked and pitched as her orgasm took over her body. She threw her legs wide and pushed her hips high, driving his tongue deeper into her. As she lay there, hips high in the air, her legs trembled violently with the strain. 

Carl licked and lapped even harder wanting to make her orgasm one for the record books. He held her up placing his hands under her ass and helped take some of the strain off her legs but the way he was laying, he couldn't take it all off. 

Melanie rotated her hips slowly in small circles as he kept burrowing into her. Her orgasm seemed to last for hours to her, but in reality, it was only a couple minutes before she fell back onto the bed gasping for breath, the convulsions causing her to jerk and spasm as they worked through her body.

Carl lay there next to her as she recovered from her orgasm. He ran his fingers lightly over her breasts and down her stomach as she panted to get her wind back. Her sweat damped skin still felt good to him and she mewled softly as his fingers made her skin ignite all over again.

As his fingers worked their way slowly down her body, teasing her and taunting her, she closed her eyes, once more giving herself over to his touch. She was loving the way he played her–she hadn't given this man enough credit! 

Until now, Melanie had looked at the landlord as someone to dodge and avoid, unless there was something broken. And when he suggested she spend one weekend a month with him in return for free rent and utilities, she was appalled. 

Faced with the grim prospect of homelessness if she didn't, she reluctantly agreed to his arrangement.

Now laying next to him after an incredible orgasm, she couldn't believe she had been so hesitant. This man who lived in the basement and who she had avoided and feared was not at all the heartless money-grubbing landlord she had him out to be. 

And she was sorry that she hadn't come to him before all this. It would have saved her a lot of sleepless nights and it would have brought them together sooner!

However, they were together now and Melanie wanted to start this new relationship off right. Carl's hand had moved lower and was now playing with the fur above her dripping pussy. He ran his fingers through her soft blonde curls as she moaned and pushed her hips up at his hand. 

He knew what she wanted.

"So I see you are ready for more! You certainly are a playful little thing aren't you!" he said.

"Ohhh…" Melanie moaned out her reply.

"Tell me what you want Melanie… tell me what you want me to do to you," he growled.

"Oh God, Carl, I need you to fuck me! I need you to fuck me hard and deep! I need to feel you inside me, please!" Melanie cried. Carl's hand found her eager hungry pussy and his fingers dipped into the warm, wet hole. 

He began sliding them in and out of her, dragging them across her throbbing swollen clit. Melanie spread her legs wide, raising her hips and twisting towards him so he could have better access to her pussy. 

Carl split the two fingers inside her placing one on each side of her clit. As he slid his fingers in and out, they rubbed against her sensitive clit. 

Melanie began humping her hips up in opposition to the thrusts his fingers made. This caused him to push deeper into her and draw his fingers back across her clit harder. Melanie was moaning and whimpering and crying as he finger fucked her.

"Please Carl, please don't tease me! I can't stand it! Please I need your cock, your hard thick cock! Please, baby, fuck me! Fuck me now!" Melanie cried desperately.

Carl knew this woman was ready. She had already had one amazing orgasm and she was close to the second. He pulled his sticky fingers from her and licked the juices he had scooped out off them. 

"You taste delicious my dear!" he said. Then he leaned forward to kiss her once more. Melanie could taste herself on his tongue and agreed. He got up on his knees between her legs.

"Now, show me that pussy," he ordered. Melanie reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart, revealing the wet, pink interior. 

Carl took his cock in hand and rubbed the swollen head across the slick, pink hole and in small circles around her opening. He lubricated the head with her juices before pointing it directly at her core and moved forward just enough so she could feel it press up against her tunnel entrance.

"I have waited a long time for this Ms. Chambers. I have dreamed about this moment ever since I first saw you when I took over here. And I finally have you," he said. 

He teased her impatient pussy with his cock, poking at it very gently with the head just enough that each time she thought he would enter her, but he pulled back instead.

"Please, Carl, please!" she whined, humping her hips at him, "Please shove that cock in me!"

"Patience my eager slut!" he said, "Are you my little slut, Melanie?"


"Tell me. If you want me to fuck you with this cock, then tell me and make me believe it!" he said, giving her pussy a light smack with his cock.

"Yes, Carl, Yes! I am your slut! Please I'll be anything you want, do anything you want. Just please, please fuck me! Oh, god, please!" Melanie sobbed.

That was all he needed to hear. Carl placed one hand on her mons and leaned forward, His cock slipped into her passageway and she moaned as she felt him expanding her. 

Carl inched forward until he felt the head pop inside her and he stopped for a moment to let her adjust to him. It had been ages since she had anything bigger than her finger inside her and she was very tight.

Then Carl began pressing himself further into her and Melanie moaned louder as he stretched her pussy. "Oh God, Carl! Oh, you feel wonderful inside me! Yes, baby, yes! Oh, fuuuck yes!" Melanie moaned encouragement.

With her pussy secreting lubricating juices by the bucket, Melanie was plenty slick and Carl's cock slid easily into her. He sank down deeper and deeper until, at last, he felt the bottom of her woman well. 

He stopped there for a few moments, letting Melanie bask in the sensation of being full of hard cock once again. He held her in his arms as he moved ever so slightly within her, touching all of her nerve endings and sending the impulses to her brain. 

He bent to kiss her and held the kiss as he started pumping a few inches in and out of her only moving enough to cause her to moan into his mouth. She clung tightly to him her arms wrapped around his back and her fingers digging into his back. 

She didn't ever want to let him go. She loved this feeling of being full of man meat.

Carl started moving more and more inside her. Melanie let go of him and allowed him to move freely and he started stroking in and out fully. He pulled back until just the head was inside her, then thrust powerfully and fully into her again. As his thrusts grew in length and speed, he found out he had unleashed a monster!

"I want it! please give it to me! I want it so bad!" Melanie cried. 

Carl's cock began pumping in and out rhythmically sinking deep into the warm embrace of her pussy walls then pulling slowly out, only to plunge back in again. As he pistoned in and out, she kept spurring him on, "Oh yeah! Yeah! Oh god! Oh, fuck! Yeah!" she chanted.

Occasionally she would change up her moaning cry with something like "Fuck me, please! Fuck me, please! I want that fucking cock!" which let Carl know that he was doing a really good job and that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. 

He increased his efforts wanting to ride his beautiful new slut until she was completely played out. He wanted to give her such a sound fucking that she wouldn't even look at another guy. Carl was somewhat withdrawing and lacked self-confidence around people. 

He felt his job as a maintenance man was menial and common and that he couldn't compete with others. And when he became the landlord, this character trait remained. That's why he purposely made the basement apartment his.

This self-effacing nature now made him work all the harder to win this woman over. He felt that if he fucked her good enough and made her cum hard enough, she would want to be his girl and he would finally have the girl of his dreams. The girl he had until now been too afraid and shy to approach.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Carl! Oh shit! Oh fuck yes!" she cried out again as he relentlessly pounded into her. Melanie could feel another orgasm building and she clawed at the bed looking for something solid to hang on to before it happened. 

She could feel the earth beneath her seem to be falling away and knew it was only a few more moments before she too would be falling into the inky blackness.

"Yeah! Oh fuck yeah! Yes! Ohhh! Melanie cried again. The mounting pressure had her writhing and squirming under him so much he was having a hard time staying in rhythm. 

He pounded her pussy with everything he had slamming into her and feeling his balls slapping against her ass. His cock made wet squishing sounds in her soaked and dripping pussy adding to the cacophony of moans and cries and whimpers she was making.

Suddenly a new sound reached Carl's ears. "Oh, shit! Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah, make me cum! Ohhh, fuck me!" she cried out, louder than ever. 

He leaned forward and slipped his arms under her shoulders, pulling himself to her in a deep, passionate embrace. He fastened his mouth securely over hers and plunged into her a couple more times before she erupted in a flood of pussy juice. 

She screamed out her joy and Carl caught it in his mouth, wanting it to be a part of him forever. He felt her womb filled with the sweet, slippery fluid and bathe his cock in a fresh heat. It seeped out from around his cock and ran down the crack of her ass to soak the bedding below her. 

He held her close as the orgasm wracked her exhausted sweat covered body, and he felt the tremors as they raced through her.

Her orgasm hadn't completely left her when he began once again thrusting into her. "Please Carl! Please, I.. I can't…" she protested. 

But she'd had two orgasms now and he hadn't had any. It was his turn and he was determined to get his as well. He thrust mercilessly into her and she took every brutal thrust. 

Melanie's pussy clamped down on him milking him and coaxing him to release his load. She could feel his cock swelling, getting larger, and Carl felt his balls draw up tight, a sure sign he was about to cum.

He pulled out of her then. Since he was "riding bareback" and he wasn't sure about her form of protection if any, he didn't want to risk it. He moved quickly up her body and straddling her just under her tits. 

He gave a final couple of tugs on his cock with one hand and grabbing her by the hair, holding her head up with the other. "Open that slut mouth!" he said and she did, preparing to accept his load. 

He shot the first jet of cum into her mouth and Melanie swallowed it right away waiting for another. But she wasn't quite fast enough as the second spurt caught her across the face. Then he aimed a little lower and shot a couple of spurts onto the wonderful tits he was so fond of. 

He inched forward and she took the last spurts into her mouth and then took him into her mouth, sucking the last of his load from him. He rubbed his cock in the cum that he had deposited there, making sure he smeared it all over her tits and nipples and rubbing it in good. 

Then she licked him clean before he got off her and lay down next to her both exhausted and covered in a sheen of sweat.

They lay together in his bed for about an hour, him holding the prize that he had wanted for so long, her just as happy to be his.

"Carl, I can't believe…" she started to say.

He hugged a bit tighter "What Melanie, what can't you believe?" he asked.

"I can't believe that you have been living down here all this time and you–I–hadn't tried to get together like this. I never thought I could feel like this, I never imagined it could be this wonderful, this amazing," she said, softly.

"Me either, Melanie. But we are together now and we can get together anytime. I am so glad that you are staying at Meadow Lands," he said.

"Well, I hear that the landlord is a really great fuck. I think I'll see if I can hook up with him… make some sort of arrangement with him. Maybe I can even get him to knock a bit off the rent. I can be a pretty hot slut if I want to be!" she giggled.

"Certainly a loud one! I'm glad I live down here–I don't think the neighboring tenants would appreciate all the noise!" he chuckled.

"Well, I only make noise like that when properly motivated. And you definitely turned up my volume sir!" she said, smiling.

"Maybe next time we can try to blow the speakers then!" he said, playing along.

"I look forward to it!" Melanie said.


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