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The Music Festival (Part 3 - Much, Much Later)

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Part 3 - Based on a true story. Years later Emily makes contact again...

"Do you guys remember the music festival?" Dave asked across the table in the local pub.

"Oh yeah. How long ago was that now?" Steve replied.

"Must have been eight or nine years ago," I said.

"What a weekend that was," said Dave. "Although, hearing my little sister hooking up with some random guy put a bit of a downer on it for me."

"Did you ever find out who the guy was?" asked Steve.

"No. It's probably for the best that you guys talked me out of going in there and dragging him out! She wouldn't tell me who it was, just that it was someone she already knew."

"I bumped into a few guys I used to teach from the local school. I bet it was one of them!" suggested Steve.

"No. She said he was some older dude that she already knew. That's all she would tell me. Anyway, can we not talk about this please?" said Dave. 

I felt my face going red as the guys discussed my night with my friend's eighteen year old little sister. Now aged thirty-eight I had been married to Sarah for four years and that remained the only time either of us had ever cheated on the other (as far as I knew anyway). Sarah had never found out, and I intended to keep it that way.

"You missed all that commotion didn't you Mike?" Steve laughed. "Didn't you get lost on your way back from the dance tent and end up sleeping in a a hedge?"

"Yes. Yes," I said feeling myself getting redder and redder.

"No need to be embarrassed. It was pretty funny though. Sarah had us all out looking for you for hours!" Dave remembered.

The guys finished their drinks and headed home.


I woke up as my phone beeped.

"I hear you were talking about me last night?" read the message from an unknown number.

"Sorry? Who's this?" I replied.

"Deleted my number did you? I'll give you a clue if you'd like?"

"Go on..."

"The last time we saw each other we were both naked in my tent."


"Glad to hear you still remember me. See you soon ;-) xxx"

I didn't reply and quickly deleted the message, but saved the number as "E" in my phone.


Later that day I was out for a run when I bumped into Dave who was out walking his dog with his little sister Emily in tow. I tried to wave a hello and swerve past, but Dave was having none of it.

"Mike, Mike," he shouted after me.

Reluctantly I stopped and walked over.

"How's the training going?" Dave asked.

"Not too bad thanks," I replied, trying to avoid Emily's stare.

"Looking pretty good for your age," Emily teased.

"Oh, yeah. You remember Emily don't you Mike?" Dave asked.

"Yes. Didn't you come to the music festival with us all those years ago?" I innocently replied as I drank in Emily's outfit.

Emily looked stunning. Her dark hair was now long and straight and her pretty face beamed with a natural smile. Her tight cropped top showed off her petite body and large breasts and the short skirt she was wearing drew attention to her slender, shapely legs. Now aged twenty-six, she had only got more beautiful in the eight years since I last saw her.

"I did indeed come. I knew you'd remember!" Emily said excitedly.

Dave shot Emily a confused look. "Emily's moved in with us for a while after finishing Uni in Spain. Anyway bud, you'd better get back to your training. We've all gotta fight off that middle aged flab."

"He deosn't have any flab like you Dave. You keep that body in good shape Mike!" Emily winked as I waved and ran off.


"Great seeing you earlier" read the message from 'E' on my phone later that evening as I was getting into bed.

"Yes. It was good to see you and Dave," I replied.

"I didn't see you checking Dave out the way you were staring at me ;-)" came the reply.

"We shouldn't be talking like this. I'm going to bed." I sent back.

"You've got a great body for a guy your age. Sarah's a lucky lady."

"Thank you. I think! Sarah will be here any second. I'm off."

"Okay. Well here's a little something to remember me by while you're having 'fun' with Sarah tonight." came the reply with a picture attached.

I opened the picture and saw Emily stood infront of a mirror. She looked incredible - like a lingerie model. I slowly moved my eyes over the photo. She was wearing black high heels with dark stockings that clung to her shapely legs. Her stockings stopped midthigh and showed off the contrast with the milky skin above. She wore black lace panties that looked as though they were almost see-through. My eyes scanned over her toned tummy and pierced belly button. Her breasts stood high on her chest, supported by a matching black lacy bra that showed just a hint of her nipples underneath. Her collar bones stood out below her delicate neck and she wore a sultry look on her face.

Needless to say I was instantly hard but quickly put my phone away as Sarah walked into the bedroom wearing a silky nightdress.

Sarah climbed into bed next to me and draped an arm and a leg across me.

"My, my. What do we have here?" Sarah asked as her hand traced the length of my now fully erect cock.

I grinned in reply. "I guess I was excited about you coming to bed." 

"It certainly seems that way. I wonder what we can do about that excitment," said Sarah as she manourvered herself to sit astride of me and removed her nightdress.

I pulled her down to me for a kiss and slid my hands down her sides then up over her stomach to her breasts.

Sarah reached back and took hold of my cock then slowly sank her already soaking pussy down onto me. We both grunted as Sarah settled all the way down with my cock fully buried inside her.

As Sarah started to ride me I closed my eyes. Images of Emily flashed before my eyes. First how she looked earlier in the day in her tight little top. Then that photo of her in her lingerie. I had to get her out of my head!

I lifted Sarah off me and rolled her onto her front. I crawled behind her then grabbed her hips to lift her bum up in the air. Leaning in, I licked between her pussy lips, eliciting a long "oooo" from Sarah as the sensation took over her body.

I kept up the work with my tongue as I pushed two fingers into Sarah's soaked pussy. Sarah was rocking back towards me and her juices were coating my chin as her breathing got faster and shallower.

I raised myself up and angled my cock at her entrance before thrusting into her in one movement. My hand reached around and found her clit as I started slowly sliding the full legth of my cock in and out of her warm, silky pussy. As my fingers went to work, Sarah was a wreck. She started panting uncontrollably, shaking and groaning as her orgasm took hold of her.

As Sarah came down from her orgasm she started to push back against me, urging me to pick up the pace. I took hold of her hips as I started to thrust harder and faster into her, our bodies making loud slapping noises with every contact.

Images of Emily flashed before my eyes again. I shook my head, but I couldn't shake that image of her.

Flash backs to Emily's tight body riding me in that tent eight years ago were running through my mind. I remembered reaching up to her large, firm, teenage breasts as she bounced on me. I remembered her soft, smooth skin as my hands ran over her hips. I could remember her taste and her smell.

All of these thoughts drove me over the edge. I thrust hard into Sarah as I lost it, filling her up with my cum as my head filled with images of Emily's smiling face.

I collapsed on the bed next to Sarah as I caught my breath.

Sarah cuddled up to me, kissed my cheek and said, "Wow. That was pretty intense."

I drifted off to sleep with Sarah cuddled up to me but with my mind full of Emily.


"What did you think of the photo? Bit rude to not reply!" read Emily's latest message the next morning.

"You're very beautiful Emily. But you shuldn't be sending me things like that!" I replied

"I guess that means you like it then ;-) Did you think of me when you were with Sarah last night?"

"I'm not answering that."

"So you did! I think about that night in the tent all the time by the way. Even when I'm with my boyfriend.

"Emily. We need to stop this. That was eight years ago!"

"I know. But I wonder what it would be like to do it one more time. Just to get it out of my system."

"Emily. Please stop this."

My phone beeped again to tell me that Emily had sent another photo.


To be continued...

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