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Uncle Carlo

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Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

Expect the unexpected during a pandemic

When I woke up, I'd received an email from the dean that announced that we would switch to remote learning as of Monday. It went on to say that to comply with social distancing regulations, the dorms would be closed indefinitely. They would leave one building open for those who had nowhere to go or who couldn't fly home. 

I considered my options. Did I really want to head back home to be isolated with my parents, grandma, and siblings? Not to mention the ten-hour drive to get there. No way!

When I spoke to my mom last night, she told me that my sister's school had already shut down, and my brother's high school was going to remote learning as of tomorrow.

I sat at my computer and drank my coffee. I pondered where else I could go. Suddenly I remembered that my dad's best friend, Uncle Carlo, lived about an hour away and alone. I had called him Uncle Carlo since I was a toddler, he worked long hours, and I remembered he had an extra room. When I first moved into the dorm, Mom and Dad came with me to help me get settled. On their way home, they stayed with him before heading back. 

I quickly grabbed my cell phone and called home.

Groggily my mom answered her cell, "Hello, Lizzie. Is everything okay? It's not even 7:00 on Sunday."

"I'm sorry for calling so early, Mom. I just received an email from Dean Withers. They are shutting the campus down tomorrow, and we will be going remote," I explained. 

"Are you coming home, Lizzie?" Mom asked warily. 

"Actually, that's why I called, Mom. Do you think Uncle Carlo would allow me to stay with him during the lockdown?" 

I heard Mom walk down the stairs as she asked, "Are you sure you don't want to be home with us during this crisis?”

“Mom, you have your hands full and don’t need another mouth to feed. If Uncle Carlo could take me in, it would permit me to do my remote studies and not be in your way.” 

“I’m pretty sure that Carlo would be okay with that, but..."

"Mom, you have so much to deal with already. You already have Tommy with his schoolwork, Jenny has her classes, Dad will have to work, and you will be going stir crazy with all of us underfoot. We each have our own work habits. I'm really hoping I can stay here," I pleaded.

"Okay, Lizzie, I will call Carlo and see if he would mind you being quarantined at his house."

"Thanks, Mom. Please text me as soon as you hear something. I am going to pack up and gather my classwork."

For the next hour, I packed my car with everything I'd need to do my classes remotely. I filled my suitcase with some clothes and carried them out when my phone chimed. 

It was a text from my mom. She told me Uncle Carlo would be happy to have me stay with him and that he was glad he wouldn't be alone. I felt as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders with that news. 

I finished packing my car and was on my way. I stopped off at a mini-mart to grab a coffee and a bagel as I'd neglected to have breakfast. The bagel was yummy, but the coffee was disgusting; it tasted as if it was the dregs of the pot.

As I finished eating these roadside delicacies, Mom sent me Uncle Carlo's address, and I was off.

The whole situation was surreal to me. Yesterday all seemed normal in our area, and yet here I was, headed to isolation with a man I had not seen for years. I remembered him as a virtual giant. Tall and fit with massive arms and a kind smile. I wondered if he had changed over the last three years.

I had changed since then. My scrawny body had filled out. My page boy hairdo was now a flowing mane of shoulder-length black curls. 

With my CD player blasting some of my favorite tunes drowning the sound of the noisy engine, my car raced past farms and woods as I enjoyed the wind streaming through the open windows. My AC had died and the sun was hot. I could smell the parched-earth smell of this arid summer.

I pulled up to the address Mom had texted me about an hour later. I parked my car in the driveway and walked to the door. It'd been a while since I'd seen Uncle Carlo, and I wasn't sure if he was home. When I went to knock, the door suddenly opened.

There stood Uncle Carlo, larger than life in soft-looking worn jeans and nothing else. I stared at him, unable to speak. Thankfully, he didn't notice as he reached for my hand. 

"Hello, Lizzie. Come in, come in. We can get your things after a while. It's been some time since I've seen you. I believe it was at your graduation. Right?" he asked pleasantly.

"Thank you very much, Uncle Carlo. I don't know what I would have done if I had to drive all the way home and share a space with my sister again. Yes, it's been three years since my graduation. I'm doing well in college. It’s only an hour from here," I told him.

“Come in out of this heat,” he said, “the AC is going full blast.”

Uncle Carlo gave me a quick tour of his home. It was built on the side of a hill and was beautiful. The main floor consisted of a living room, with a massive stone fireplace, a dining room, the kitchen, and a bathroom. Huge plate glass windows allowed a view of the valley below and of a river that flowed right past the house. In the distance was a rampart of hills, which made the place seem to exist in a world of its own far removed from the rest of humanity. 

On the lower floor were another washroom, a home gym, and the garage. 

On the top floor were three bedrooms, one of which had been turned into an office. One was a spare bedroom where I would stay. Uncle Carlo's bedroom was across the hall from mine. There was also a huge bathroom with a sunken therapeutic bath and a walk-in shower with all those doodads and sprays I had only seen in decoration magazines. Uncle Carlo had an on-suite bathroom of his own. All the rooms had the same plate glass with the magnificent view as I had seen downstairs.

“Uncle Carlo, your home is magnificent,” I gushed.

“Why, thank you, Lizzie. One of the joys of being single is that when you build your own home, you can build it to suit your taste. Now we also need to change something. Lizzie, I am not your uncle and when you call me Uncle Carlo, you make me feel like an old man. From now on, I am Carlo to you. Deal?”

“Sure, Unc… oops. I mean, Carlo,” I said with a grin.

“From now on, what would you prefer to be called… Liz or Elizabeth? Lizzie was your little-girl name, but now as I can see, you are a woman.”

My face felt hot as if I was blushing and I felt a twinge of my pussy at those words. My god, this hunk thinks of me as a woman. It struck me like a lightning bolt on how I was attracted by his masculinity.

I stammered, “Liz, please, not Elizabeth. I think that would make me feel like an old lady.”

“Okay. Liz, it is, young lady,” he said with a chuckle.

We went back down and outside where Carlo showed me his garden. The scent of mowed grass and the fragrance of roses permeated the air. Leading me through a privacy fence, he said, “This is where I often come to relax and to cool off.” He pointed to a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi surrounded by patio furniture. “Please feel free to use both the pool and the Jacuzzi.”

The vision of him in a bathing suit activated those tingling sensations again. I could imagine seeing his ripped suntanned body lying on one of those lounge chairs. What was happening to me? Carlo was probably close to my father’s age. I was no virgin by any means, but never had I felt such attraction for a man.

“Well, Liz, do you feel you can make yourself at home here?”

“Carlo, I might never want to leave again. This place is fabulous.”

“You will always be welcome in my home. Now, let’s go unload your car.”

Carlo insisted on helping me. "Liz, you are my guest. I will carry your bags upstairs. You can take your schoolwork into the office. We can both use the space. I only use it at random times as there are business associates I occasionally need to call overseas."

"Thank you very much. I promise I won't be any trouble. You won't even know I'm here," I told him. 

After I got my things unpacked, we had dinner and went our separate ways.

Over the next several days, we developed a routine of sorts as the days of quarantine continued. We'd watch the news in the morning over coffee. Uncle Carlo would go down to the gym, and I went to shower and start my work. We would come back together again at dinner. Nights were free for whatever we wanted to do. 

Late one night, the third week I was there, I was up in my room reading, when I heard something from Uncle Carlo's room. I went into the hallway to listen. His door was not closed all the way, allowing me to peek through the opening. I gasped at what I saw. Uncle Carlo was naked with his dick in his hand. I realized what I heard came from his television. Uncle Carlo was watching porn. I couldn't believe it.

I was frozen where I stood. I couldn't stop watching him. I always thought Uncle Carlo was hot and even had a crush on him for a while. I was in the tee-shirt I usually slept in. As I watched, I felt my pussy get wet. The tee-shirt brushed over my ample breasts, which made my nipples harden.

Even from where I was watching, his cock was magnificent. Oh my god, I thought, that would hit the spot. It probably would hit every spot in my pussy and completely fill it. I could see it glisten as his hand stroked it.

I slid my hand over my soaked panties and rubbed my pussy through the fabric. It wasn't enough, so I slipped my fingers under the fabric and ran them over my lips before I moved between them. My juices were flowing. I don't think I'd ever been so turned on. My clit begged for attention, but I wanted to prolong this feeling for as long as I could. 

I pushed two fingers into my aching tight pussy. Biting my lip to keep from moaning, I thrust my fingers in and out. I mirrored the pace with which Carlo was stroking his cock. As he started to speed up, I pressed my thumb against my clit. Carlo’s back arched and his hips rose off the bed. I felt my muscles tighten as my orgasm crashed through me. Uncle Carlo shot his load on his hand. As he lay there panting, Carlo lifted his head, and our eyes connected in the mirror. 

Quickly, I turned and went back into my room. Breathless, I leaned against the door. That was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Not being a virgin did not mean I’d had many partners in my past. But the couple I did have were more of a grope and fuck event than a fulfilling sexual experience. The one blow job I’d performed was to Tommy, my neighbor, when we experimented with sex. His cock certainly did not measure up to the one I had just seen. 

Back in my own bed, I replayed the scene I had witnessed and rubbed myself off, trying to get to sleep while fantasizing what it would be like to make love to Carlo. As I lay in bed, I couldn't get the sight of him cumming out of my mind. I hardly slept at all between being turned on and embarrassed. 

In the morning, I tried to pretend nothing happened. I hoped he was already up and had gone downstairs to work out. Just my luck as I poured my coffee, he came up the steps glistening in sweat and wearing only a pair of shorts. I tried to avert my eyes, but I couldn't help but follow his chiseled chest down to where his abs met his shorts. Fuck he was sexy. 

He just grinned at me and said, "Good morning, Liz. Did you sleep well?"

"Uhm, I slept okay," I stammered. In my head, I chastised myself. Come on, Elizabeth, get it together. Don't act like some love-struck teenager. 

He came up beside me to pour some coffee. He smelled masculine, a mixture of sweat and pheromones, a faint musky odor. My body reacted to him. My pussy clenched, my breath caught, and my nipples tented in my bra. 

"I wasn't able to sleep at all," he told me. "My mind had this picture of a gorgeous lady right after she reached orgasm. Her face glowed red, which I hope was from the exertion and not embarrassment."

Suddenly, I felt his arms wrap around me. He whispered in my ear, "You looked very seductive. I didn't see the girl I watched grow up but a beautiful woman. Did you like what you saw? Did you go back to your room and feel like I did? Unable to sleep, with visions of you beneath me while I savor your body to make you feel like a woman?"

My heart raced, 'Did he really think I was sexy? Wasn't this wrong? He was old enough to be my father. On the other hand, I was a grown woman. I should be able to do what I want.' 

Before I lost my nerve, I turned in his arms and kissed him. As soon as our lips touched, I knew I was a goner. He didn't just kiss; he turned it into a meal, something to slowly savor. He parted my lips, and his tongue explored my mouth. Our tongues did a sensual dance. My knees weakened as he deepened his kiss. I delighted in the warmth of his tongue as he explored and when in turn, I slipped my tongue into his mouth, he did not just suck on it, but he made love to it. 

I was utterly breathless when he moved from my mouth to my jawline. He kissed his way to my ear. He nibbled my earlobe as his hands slid up my side and lifted my shirt. He cupped my breasts while his tongue and lips played along my neck.

He pulled my shirt over my head and off. His hands moved to my waist, and he lifted me on to the counter. He freed my breasts with a twist to the clasp on the front of my bra. Then pushed them together as he pulled on my nipples. He toyed with them, sending sparks shooting through my body. When he lowered his head and sucked on them, I felt indescribable sensations coursing through my body.

My mind was in a fog. I couldn't believe this was happening. This hunk of man really wanted me. His touch sent shocks right to my pussy. His mouth nibbled on my tits before he pushed me back and kissed down my body. I lifted my ass so he could pull my leggings off. 

Carlo knelt before me and ran his hands up my legs. He looked up at me as he brought his fingers to my soaked panties. 

His voice was husky with lust as he told me, "You are very sexy, Liz. You've grown into a beautiful woman. I need to know you want this too?"

I sat up and pulled him to me. My hands in his hair, I told him between kisses, "I've never wanted anything more than I do you. I am old enough to know what I'm doing. As you said, I'm a woman and not a little girl anymore."

With that, he lifted me off the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me to his room. He laid me on his bed and slipped my panties off. When his shorts came off, his stiff cock stood straight out. 

Carlo started at my ankle and kissed his way up the inside of my thigh. He nibbled on the sensitive spot on the back of my knee and up over my leg. Each inch he moved up sent a shock directly to my core.

When he reached his destination, he took his time as he nipped and licked my labia. He spread me open and lapped up my juices, being careful not to touch my clit.  

I wanted more. I needed more. I moaned as I gripped the blanket in my hand. Carlo teased me as he blew soft breaths on my pussy.

Finally, he penetrated me with two fingers that he moved slowly in and out. He was driving me mad. He looked up at me before he began to move his fingers faster. With a smirk, he went back to devouring my pussy. Simultaneously he curved his fingers against my G-spot and bit down on my clit. 

I came harder than I ever had before. I writhed under him as colored stars filled my vision. I moaned loudly with pleasure as he continued to lap my nectar like a starved man. He was relentless as he drove me from one orgasm to the next. 

Sweat beaded on my body, my hands tangled in the sheets. When I could finally put two thoughts together, I couldn't believe he did this with just his tongue and fingers. 

Carlo moved beside me; slowly, he kissed over my abdomen. He suckled and bit each nipple before he finally reached my mouth. He kissed me sweetly. I tasted myself on him, and it made me want him more. 

I gently rolled so that I ended on top of him. Our kiss was passionate, with a promise of what was yet to come. I nipped at his lip and began a slow journey over his body. He tasted salty, masculine. 

When I finally reached my destination, I took his hard cock in my hand. He was larger than any of the dicks I'd ever seen and much thicker. I couldn't close my hand around it. 

I licked around his bulbous cock head, and I tasted his sweet precum. He throbbed in my hand as it moved up and down slowly. He was my own lollipop, and he tasted better than any of the lollies I'd ever had. When I reached his balls, I gave them my full attention. First, I licked around them before suckling each one into my mouth.

I delighted in his moans and groans as I worshiped his cock.

Finally, I worked my way back to the tip and gradually down his shaft. He was large. I couldn't take even half of him in my mouth before I gagged. He moaned as I moved up and down. My saliva dripped all over his shaft. When I pulled back for air, there was a string of saliva that connected us.

Carlo reached for me, pulled me beside him and kissed me hard. We rolled over until he was above me. He looked into my eyes and whispered, "You are so beautiful, Liz. When your mom asked if you could stay with me, I never dreamt we'd end up here."

With my heart pounding, I asked, "No regrets? We could stop, and I will go to my room. We could pretend this never happened. I could drive home if you'd like."

Carlo's eyes darkened as he spread my legs wider. His shaft pushed into my tight entrance. With a groan, he asked, "Does this answer your question? I don't think you will be going back to that room unless it's to grab some clothes. I plan on keeping you beside me tonight and every night."

With that, he kissed me with a passion that I'd never felt before. He moved slowly inside of me. He pulled almost all the way out then slipped in deeper each time. His cock felt amazing as my pussy clenched around him. He made love to me. This was so much deeper than any fuck I'd ever had.

I wrapped my legs around him and pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts. He was buried to the hilt. I moaned and reached up to kiss him. We moved to this slow dance of our bodies until we needed more. 

Carlo moved faster as he hit my pleasure spot each time. I yelled out, "Oh, fuck! Fuck, oh my, yes!" As I came hard, he kept a relentless pace, and I didn't know when one orgasm ended and another began. 

Carlo grunted, "Oh fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum!"

His cock pulsed inside of me, which set off another orgasm as he filled me with his essence. Carlo kissed me sweetly while he began to soften inside of me, and our mixed juices flowed out of me. 

Carlo took me in his arms and held me as we lay together and enjoyed the quiet after our orgasms subsided. I felt safe in his arms and dozed off to sleep. 

When I woke up, Carlo was just staring at me. I felt unsure as he looked into my eyes.

He spoke softly, "I could watch you sleep for hours. Your hair splayed around you, your skin flushed, and lips swollen from our love-making. I couldn't decide if you were an angel or a sorceress. I know you have me under your spell."

I looked up and smiled at him. “Maybe I’m an angel who has been enchanted by a sorcerer. Whichever it is, I know that I love you, Carlo. I want to be by your side from now on. To sleep in the same bed. To be loved by you.”

That night, after we had made love for the fourth time, I could only lie there and hope that the lockdown would last for many months. I didn’t ever want this to end.



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