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Fuck This Virus

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Teen lovers become involve in huge scandal.

This coronavirus madness is driving people insane. Like stocking up with ten years of toilet paper. Forcing people to stay home with nowhere to go.

No hockey playoffs, no NCCA basketball tournament, no Masters golf, and worst of all, no baseball.

The virus has the most physical and mental effects on the older generations, like me. I’m a seventy-eight-year-old widower. What are we supposed to do?

Perhaps watch porn on the internet and stroke soft cocks that no longer get hard and rarely cum seems to be one of the few alternatives. But I have one other alternative available, i.e. I spend my time at my computer cranking out short erotic stories and posting them on I have cranked out four so far, here is number five.

Tommy and Molly grew up as neighbors in a middle-class neighborhood in the Village of Gahanna just outside Columbus, Ohio. Tommy was a three sports star and Molly was a Cheerleader and Homecoming Queen at Gahanna Lincoln High School.

To everyone, including their parents, Tommy and Molly were the perfect couple. Tommy had taken Molly’s virginity during their Junior year and they fucked like rabbits during their Senior year.

Tommy was not aware that he had created a nympho by fucking Molly. She could not get enough cock. Tommy was a horny lad, but even he could not give Molly all she wanted.

Tommy was always very careful not to impregnate Molly by always inserting Emko foam, a vaginal spermicide before fucking her.

But soon Molly was fucking others, including Mr. Robinson, the boys basketball coach, and Mr. Phleger, the boys football coach. The coaches were very careful, but others were not.

Molly was the most popular girl in school, and the one most guys wanted to fuck. The other girls were very jealous of her.

Molly was drop-dead gorgeous with long blonde hair and the bluest eyes you ever saw. The boys would describe her as built like brick shit house. That meant she had big firm tits and flared hips that indicated she was just made for fucking.

Marty Moore was a huge guy built like Greek God with a body that girls drooled over. Molly very subtlety let Mary know if he wanted to fuck her, she was available.

Marty had lusted after Molly for some time, but was a bit reluctant, as Tommy was his best friend. But his cock was so hard it hurt whenever he was around her. So, he gave in to his desires and agreed to meet Molly on the sly.

On the front seat of his 1948 Ford coup, Marty’s hard cock made entry into Molly’s very wet pussy. Marty was unable to control himself, he prematurely ejaculated filling Molly’s pussy with his potent cum. Molly was not only unprotected, it was her fertile time of the month.

Marty was so embarrassed at his lack of control, he was unable to get it up again, leaving a very frustrated Molly. Molly had expected Marty to be a great fuck, but was sorely disappointed. He is not going to fuck me again, she vowed.

A few weeks later, Molly experienced her first bout of morning sickness. It was bloody awful. She had been somewhat worried, but now was sure Marty had knocked her up. She was so distraught, she did not want to fuck Tommy that night, leaving him bewildered. She had never refused him except during her periods.

Molly was perplexed and depressed trying to figure out what to do. She began to formulate a plan that would entrap Tommy into thinking he had knocked her up. Her plan was to deny him her pussy for a week leaving him so fucking horny, he would do almost anything.

Finally, a tearful Molly apologized for being in such a funky mood and told Tommy how much she wanted him to fuck her, but said she was out of Emko. Tommy was so horny, he was unable to help himself, he had to have her.

There were no preliminaries, Tommy was quickly on her plunging his hard cock deep on the first thrust. Molly felt some discomfort, but soon was fucking back with gusto. As Tommy slam fucked her, he thought, damn I love it when she fucks back like that. The deprived Tommy soon blasted her cunt with a big load of cum. When she felt the unleashing of the cum, Molly experienced her biggest and best orgasm ever.

While coming down from their orgasmic highs, Molly said, “Oh my god Tommy, this is my most fertile time of the month, you have probably knocked me up. I thought since we had no Emko, you would pull out.”

Tommy shivered at the prospect. He had plans to attend Otterbein College and play football. He hoped Molly would attend and become part of the Cheerleading squad. Plans that would go astray if Molly was truly impregnated.

Now not only was Molly in a funk, she knew she was pregnant, but Tommy was in a funk with the idea Molly might be pregnant.

Tommy’s father noticed the change in Tommy, he was very quiet and hardly spoke. Figuring there might be an issue between Molly and Tommy, he took his son aside to have a fatherly talk.

“Look, son, there is something wrong, I can sense it. Do you want to tell your dad about it, perhaps I can be of help,” he said.

“I’m not sure there is anything you can do. And I do not want to talk about it,” Tommy said.

Tommy’s dad could not get him to open up and decided to give up.

For the next several weeks, Tommy was on pins and needles, but his worst fears were confirmed when Molly told him she missed her period. Actually, it was her second missed period. She was two months pregnant.

Then Molly did the unspeakable. She admitted she was pregnant and said she did not know who the father was as she had been having sexual relations with both coach Robinson and coach Phleger.

The scandal rocked Lincoln High School. Both coaches were put on suspension and a police investigation was begun. A doctor verified that Molly was indeed pregnant, but everybody assumed it was Tommy that had impregnated her. Molly adamantly insisted it was not Tommy’s baby, which, of course, it was not. Probably the only truth she told.

Tommy remained mute refusing to talk. He was as shocked as everyone at the prospect of the coaches fucking Molly. He highly respected them both as they had each been his mentors. There had even been speculation that coach Phleger would be moving on to coach at Otterbein College, which suited Tommy to a tee.

After a thorough police investigation, it was deemed there was not enough evidence to bring charges against either of the coaches. It boiled down to a she said, he said situation. This was long before DNA evidence and the Me-Too movement.

Both coaches resigned and left town. While not charged with any wrongdoing, their reputations had been sullied and it was best they moved on.

Molly’s parents sent her away to have the baby and decided it would be put up for adoption.

The only one not directly affected by the scandal was Marty Moore, the guy who actually knocked up Molly. He came out unscathed.

Tommy went on to play college football at Otterbein College and made Little All American. While considered too small for professional football, Tommy decided to enter coaching. Ten years later, he was head coach at Otterbein. He married a fellow teacher he met while coaching at Upper Arlington High School in Columbus.

Molly became mentally ill and was eventually was placed in an institution where she became a favorite of the male orderlies, when they discovered she was a nymphomaniac.

Fuck this virus.


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