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My Student Ch 5

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Bobby teases teacher then has the tables turned

”What do you mean?” Bobby asked, ”Something you'll regret.”

I fought my urge to take him right here and now. He was so young and so strong. His cock was long and thick. It looked to be as hard as a granite mountain. I was so wet, and my nipples obviously erect. 

“I mean, put something on,” I growled, “Or I’m going to kick you right in your nuts.”

He covered his privates with both hands instinctively. I turned away and leaned over the bed for the towel. I could feel his eyes on my ass. Not able to reach the towel, I put one knee on the bed and stretched for it. When I turned to face him he was stroking his hard cock.

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head in mock disgust. “Bobby, if you're going to do that, go to the bathroom. I don’t want it all over my floor.”

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“You know what I mean.”

With a grin, he said, “No I don’t. What are you talking about?”

I shook my head in defeat while he continued to stroke his dick. “Cum, Bobby,” I sneered “I don’t want you to cum all over the place.”

“I knew what you meant Mrs. Williams,” he chuckled, “You could let me cum on your tits.”

I couldn’t help but laugh with him. I tried to cover myself with the towel but laughing made it difficult. “Weren’t you going swimming?” I managed.

“Yes ma’am,” he said over his chuckles, “You going to join me?”

“No, Bobby,” I said, “I don’t think that would be such a great idea.”

“Well, if you don’t want to swim,” he fairly begged, “Come hang out and get some sun. Your tan is fading.”

I looked down at my arms and shoulders. With a frown, I admitted to myself that he was right. “You go ahead and if I can find a bathing suit, I’ll come hang out.”

“Great,” he smiled as he turned to go.

I couldn’t help but watch his tight young ass as he walked out. “Bobby,” I called.


“Put a bathing suit on.” 

He smiled and turned to go. Without closing the door I threw the towel on the bed again. I guess the thought of him walking back in again had me more than turned on. I still shivered from the cold shower. My nipples had been erect for at least the last twenty minutes. 

I pulled my top drawer open and pulled out a one-piece that was conservative and probably the best choice. Holding it up, I gave it the once over. I turned and dropped it on the bed. A little deodorant then I was ready. I put the deodorant back on the dresser and my eye caught a glimpse of a white bikini. 

I had forgotten it. Worn only a few times, it was a tan through bikini. It wasn’t for swimming because, like a white teeshirt, it becomes transparent. I held it up for inspection. The bottoms were small, almost tiny.  My breasts weren’t big by any means so the top, although small in proportion to the bottoms, would have no trouble hiding my precious. 

I pulled the bottoms up my legs and over my ass. The small triangle of material barely covered enough. I modeled it in the mirror and was very pleased. It covered about half of my ass. The top was perfect. I shook my head. If I wore this, it would be the ultimate tease. 

With a smile, I put the one-piece back in the drawer and grabbed another towel.

“Wow, Mrs. Williams,” Bobby exclaimed, ”That's a hot bikini.”

I stopped and posed for him with the towel over my shoulder. ”You think so?”

”You look good in it,” he grinned, ”I thought you were going to put on some old frumpy one piece.”

I smiled as I walked to the lounger and sat down. ”Thanks, Bobby. I figured, if I was going to work on my tan, may as well make the most of it.”

He was sitting on the diving board watching me as I applied sunscreen. “You're doing just that. Making the most of it, I mean.”

  Finally finished, I laid back on the lounger and took in the sun. My arms laid at my sides and my legs just far enough apart to get sun between them. I could feel the small bikini pull tight on my crotch. I knew well that if he walked close, my pussy would not be completely hidden. But that's the problem with tan through bikinis.

I raised my head and asked, ”You going to swim or just sit there?”

He stood up on the diving board and tied the drawstring, but when he pulled it taught, it broke in his hand.

”I told you they were old,” I laughed, ”They will be ok. Just do it.”

We laughed and he bounced on the board a few times to see if they would stay up. He had to pull them up a couple of inches but they seemed stable. ”Here goes nothing,” he said as he prepared to jump.

I watched as he put his hands over his head. His abdomen stretched taught. He bounced once then again. I saw his trunks sag with the second bounce. He launched himself from the board in a graceful dive. His trunks dipped lower when he jumped. The water splashed and he disappeared into the pool.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes. The sun was hot and the little breeze cooled my body. I was suddenly shocked by a wet slap of fabric on my belly. I could feel the cool water soaking into my bottoms and top. Sitting up, I realized that he had thrown his trunks on me.

”They came off when I dove,” he announced, ” If you don't mind, I'm just going to do without them.”

I looked around already knowing that no one could see my backyard. ”I guess it's ok, Bobby,” I said, ”Just stay in or near the pool, just in case.” 

I took the shorts off my belly and dropped them on the deck next to my lounger. Looking down over my bikini, I could clearly make out my nipples. By the wet feeling on my crotch, I knew it was no different. 

Bobby smiled as he rested his chin on his hands, looking at me from the pool's edge. I shook my head and laid back. I heard him splashing as he made laps. ”Fuck it, ” I thought, ”He wants to play, I can play.”

I spread my legs open further, probably a little too much. My pussy had to be visible. He swam and I tanned for at least twenty minutes. I decided to turn over to sun my back. I would only spend about fifteen minutes there because I could not put sunblock on. My arms hung from the lounger and my legs parted. 

I heard a splash, figuring he was still swimming. It was then that I heard wet footsteps. I looked over my shoulder to see Bobby standing by my right side, naked and trying to open my sunscreen.  His cock jutted out with a slight downward bend at his crotch.

”No, Bobby,” I said, ”I'm only going to be here a few minutes.”

He smiled as he squirted a trail of cream on my back. ”I don't mind Mrs. Williams.”

I felt his hand smoothing the cold lotion over my warm skin. Retiring to the fact that this was happening, I laid my head on the lounger and relaxed. His strong young hands we're exploring as much as applying lotion. “I’m sure you don’t.”

I fought the urge to moan under his ministrations. My back sufficiently covered, he cautiously moved to my legs. Starting at my calves he massaged slowly and sensually. I could feel an orgasm building and he hadn't even touched my pussy. 

Bobby started working the lotion up past my knees. ”Are you cold, Mrs. Williams?”

”No,” I answered, ”Why do you ask?”

”Because of your shivering, and you have goosebumps.”

”You're making me nervous, Bobby, ” I replied, ”I am still your math teacher.”

He chuckled, his hands kneading the flesh of my thighs. The feeling of impending orgasm still grew in my body. I had to do something now or I would be in trouble. I thought of my grandfather naked. I thought of my grandmother naked. His hand was dangerously close to my sex. 

I knew if he touched me, I would explode. He removed his hands from my legs and stood up straight. I looked back to see him stepping over my lounger, straddling me. He resumed the massage just above my bikini bottoms. My panic abated along with the looming orgasm.

His hands forging a desire in my body. There was something new. As he leaned forward to rub my shoulders, I felt a pressure on my ass. His cock was brushing over the curve of my ass. An acute burning at the point of contact brought me back to the edge. This time there was no turning back. 

He knew what he was doing, his touch was at first, soft. Now he was firming up. He pushed his hips forward and his hardening cock bent into the crack of ass. My bikini was all that protected me. 

”Bobby, please,” I whispered as my back arched. 

He pressed harder. I was frozen in place as his hands trailed down my back to my hips. His cock withdrew as he pulled his hands down my back. I could feel it on my leg. I was so close to orgasm that I bit my bottom lip.

He pressed again, pushing his hands up my back, but his cock was pushing my bikini into my pussy now.  I squirmed under him, not fighting but repositioning. His hands now brushing the sides of my tits. I was ready to surrender and give him what he wanted. 

A soft moan as he kneaded the lotion into the exposed part of my ass. His strong hands made big circles on my flesh. My pussy had to be soaking my bottoms. 

Surprised by a pat on my ass, I turned to see him step away from the lounger. His cock stood hard and pointing straight out.  He smiled at me and said, ”That should do it.”

With that turned and walked the few steps to the pool and dove in. I felt surprised, frustrated, and relieved all at the same time. The orgasm that was building faded in an instant. I looked over my shoulder in surprise. That fucker was teasing me the whole time. I felt so stupid.

If he thinks he can do that to me, I'll make sure he learns a lesson. I'll just have to make sure he stays the night again. I was not letting him get away with that. I would surely get even. 

I figured it had been at least an hour since he had put my sunscreen on. “Bobby,” I called, “I’m going in for a shower. I need to get this sunscreen off.”

“You could jump in the pool,” he suggested.

“Not in this bikini,” I answered, “It’s made for tanning.”

I was standing at the edge of the pool when he suggested that I take it off and just jump in. I looked him straight in the eye with a don’t tempt me stare. 

“I dare you, Mrs. Williams.”

Raising my eyebrow I slipped my hand behind my back, untying my bikini top. I let the strings droop by my sides. My eyes never left his. He was staring at my slack bikini top as I untied the neck and let it fall to the deck. I put my hands on my hips, taunting him.

“You're not brave enough to take the bottoms off?” He teased.

I untied one side then squatted by the pool. I smiled and held the other string out, offering it to him to untie. “Think I’m chicken now?”

He just gulped and looked at my hand holding out the string. I looked at him for a few seconds then pulled the string slowly. The loop in the string got smaller and smaller until it just disappeared. I stood back up. My feet together and my hands on my hips. The bikini bottom hung between my legs, untied.

With a look of shock, his mouth fell open. I took the scrap of material with one hand and pulled it away. My pussy glistened in the sun, exposed for Bobby. Spreading my feet, I stood with a victory smile. “Any more dares, Bobby?”



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