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Saving Atlanta (Chapter 12): New Atlanta

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A story finishes

After the various characters encountered each other, they ended up having a mutual meeting in the mansion. The meeting was unlike any other, taking place in a giant jacuzzi with the characters nude and talking while they were occasionally served food. Kash sat nude with Aria on his lap, Trent with Bri on his, and Nyla with Leah on hers. 

The positions for each of the members of the meeting was quite unique in the way they sat with each other. Trent sat with the nude Bri on his lap, her upper body still smelling of musk as it was not all wet yet. Kash sat with Aria on his lap, her pale skin grinding and laying against his tan as his arms coiled around her waist and his lips sniffed and kissed her neck. Nyla sat with the nude Leah on her lap, her hands grabbing the paler brunette waist as she aggressively made love to her.

“Our problem is, you are fucking us financially with your actions,” said Bri, moaning as Trent’s arm grabbed her.

“How? We are just making life better for the women here who want sex,” replied Kash, tightly grabbing on to Aria.

“You know this, the whore who had you started on this path knows all about our operation,” replied Bri.

“Whore?” shouted Leah, feeling Nyla arm coil around her more tightly as her body aggressively moved.

“Cool calm,” replied Nyla, kissing Leah behind the neck and softly biting her shoulder, making the paler brunette moan.

“Fuck ah shit,” said Leah, her body vibrating from the love.

“Yeah cool the fuck down bitch,” whispered Nyla, fingering the skinnier paler Leah while now softly biting her ear as she occasionally kissed the neck and cheeks.

“Go on Bri, I’ll keep her quiet. A naughty little whore huh,” said Nyla, smiling as she fingered Leah, making her moan and groan throughout the way. Bri looked awkwardly as Trent kissed her behind the neck, occasionally sucking on her nipples.

“Kash just one second,” said Aria, breathing intensely as her lover kissed her behind the neck and occasionally locked lips with her.

“Here, have this, there ya go,” said Aria, stuffing a nipple inside of Kash’s mouth and putting an arm around his head to keep him steady.

“Nice idea,” said Nyla, sucking on Leah’s nipples now.

“So here is what I propose, Atlanta at this point is too corrupted and too hedonistic. We just let sex happen,” said Bri.

“No, we capitalize off of it. Make massage parlors, whorehouses, and any form of sex that can be paid for legal so that we keep our wealth,” said Aria.

“Wait, how are you guys going to do all that?” asked Trent.

“We have more power than you can imagine in this city,” replied Bri, being fingered by Trent.

“I say we get all forms of prostitution legalized and make it easy for men to find sex, we change the culture and refer to Atlanta as New Atlanta,” said Aria.

“So that is it huh,” said Trent.

“Yeah, that is it,” replied Aria, having her nipples sucked on by Kash who also started to finger her.

After having sucked the nipples enough, Kash softly bit the brunette’s shoulder and started to kiss her neck. Aria closed her eyes in pleasure and threw her hands up while Bri watched. Bri had naturally larger breasts which were a treat for Trent to suck on. Trent tightly put a hold around Bri while making out with her. Nyla was working Leah into multiple orgasms, tightly grabbing on to her.

The ordeal ended and Kash went inside with Aria, sucking on her nipples as he had her down on the bed and eating her pussy. Kash fucked the brunette raw in a missionary position, forcing her into quite a few orgasms. Despite the evil vibes that came from the mansion of orgasms, the whole day felt like paradise to Kash. 

“You know, this cannot last,” said Aria, laying down nude next to Kash while being covered in sweat.

“What do you mean?” asked Kash, still having a finger inside of Aria’s butt.

“I mean that you have to leave this city soon, I know you are not sticking around,” said Aria, as Kash continued to kiss her sweaty face. Not much was said as the two locked lips, making sweet love to each other. Kash came inside of Aria’s butt as the beauty herself let the cum sit and rest in her.

“I want you to know, whatever happens, you always have a place here,” said Aria, kissing Kash on the forehead.

Kash would go back to NYC as Trent soon joined him but Atlana was no longer the same. In some ways, Atlanta was no longer Atlanta. Atlanta was now called New Atlanta, a city a shell of its former self. Self-righteous goody two shoes were fewer in number and the city had become more sexualized. Whorehouses, sex salons, and other avenues to sex became available for men and the city became less on edge. All thanks to the bravery of two New Yorkers that came down, one with a problem to solve. 



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