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The Nun

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A true story but not my finest moment. Happy ending though.

Admittedly, I'm an alcoholic, though recovering now. In my early thirties my addiction to alcohol had reached its peak and I was on a slippery slide downhill. I had become a blackout drunk, unpleasant to be around, at best. Old friends shunned me and when I wasn't drunk, I was physically ill with the DTs. The only cure was to get drunk again. A merry-go-round of horror, familiar to any drunk who has survived long enough.

I did odd jobs as infrequently as possible to pay for my habit. I lived on a derelict houseboat in San Francisco Bay. My last girlfriend had said goodbye some time ago. In short, I was miserable when drunk and even more miserable when sober.

I hit that proverbial 'bottom' when I found myself in jail after a second drunk driving ticket. A Public Defender managed to convince a Judge to sentence me to a hefty fine plus a few years of probation, so I wasn't in jail long.

The terms of my probation kept me busy. I had to attend a drunk driving class, which wasn't cheap. Twice a week Alcoholics Anonymous meetings were mandated. Unscheduled meetings with my probation officer where I had to pee in a bottle, were frequent. And finally, a weekly group therapy session was in the schedule. All that, plus I had to work steadily to pay the thousands of dollars fine.

I didn't like any part of it but liked the thought of being in jail even less.

The therapy sessions were supervised by a middle-aged nun, Sister Rosa. The sister was a large woman. It was impossible to know what shape her body was, under the loose-fitting habit she wore. The one thing that stood out, so to speak, were her massive breasts. And, judging by their movement under the robe, she never wore a bra.

During the meetings, I amused myself by watching her enormous mammaries moving under her habit, and trying to imagine what she would look like nude. In my imagination, she was quite fat. Obese even. My focus on her breasts was not unobserved by the Sister.

Strangely, my interest was not unwelcome. Sister Rosa was suddenly growing aware of herself as a woman. Awfully late in life for one's sexuality to surface and I certainly don't take any credit or blame for that. I just happened to be in the proverbial right place at the right time.

Rosa was a smart, seemingly self-confident woman, massively built but not unattractive or ugly by any means. I was startled when one night, after the session, she approached me and invited me to drive to the beach with her.

I thought it was strange but the moon was full and the weather was nice so I accepted her invitation. She drove us in the new Chevy Chevette the Catholic Church leased for her use. We chatted idly on the trip and I learned she entered a convent in Texas as a girl of sixteen, and had since risen through the ranks of her 'Order' to her present position.

She lived alone in an apartment attached to the halfway house where the therapy sessions took place. The church paid all her living expenses and gave her a tiny 'spending allowance'. Pretty good deal for the church, I thought, considering what the State of California paid for her services.

I asked about the gold ring she wore and was told all the nuns wore them, like God's wedding ring. She also wore a gold cross on a chain around her neck, which she pulled out and showed me. Without thinking. I said, “Lucky cross,” imagining its home between her giant breasts.

She surprised me with a giggle when she put it back in place. I was sure she had read my mind.

The drive took almost an hour but we finally reached the Pacific Ocean. She parked in a deserted beach parking lot, south of Half Moon Bay. We held hands, walking from the car toward the waves breaking in the moonlight and heard the thunderous crash as tons of water hit the sandy beach.

Walking with her, my awareness of her body was heightened by her hip and breast bumping me with each step. Both were surprisingly firm and I was becoming aroused. So was Sister Rosa.

I put my arm around her waist and discovered it was quite small in proportion to her massive ass and bust. We took off our shoes and walked into the water until it reached my knees. Sister Rosa pulled her habit up to mid-thigh to keep it dry.

For the first time, I got a look at her legs and wanted to see more. She wore dark, almost opaque stockings on her big and beautifully curvaceous calves and round, firm-looking thighs.

We sat on a driftwood log and I worked up enough nerve to kiss her. She certainly didn't hold back and returned my kiss with some passion. We made out there, on the log, my hands and hers busy caressing each other.

With her cooperation, I pulled her habit off and we used it for a blanket to lie on. I made her stand up, almost naked in the moonlight, and was awestruck by her big body. She could have been a model for some of the cartoon characters, drawn by R. Crumb in the 1960s.

Each of her massive breasts was big as my head. Her smooth,round thighs were huge with no sign of flab or fat. They rose to her enormous but solid round ass. Her waist was tiny in comparison. If any woman was ever 'made for sex' it was Sister Rosa and I told her so. 

That was when she confessed to me that she was a virgin. I was struck dumb. How could a woman who looked like this get to be thirty-five years old without sex? She told me she'd been having erotic dreams for the past year. She wanted to know what lovemaking felt like and asked me to be gentle.

She removed her ring and cross and lay back on our 'blanket'. I'd never fucked a virgin. I could hardly believe there was such a thing. I spent some time fondling her breasts and sucking her protruding nipples, They had grown stiff in the cool night air. Her brown areola were the size of saucers and quite sensitive to my touch.

I scooted down and began kissing her feet and sucking her toes, then slowly worked my way up those magnificent legs. I made her roll over to lie face down, Spreading her huge buttocks with my hands, I plunged my face into the chasm between them, ending up licking and teasing her flower bud-like anus.

She turned back over to present the prize, her incredibly tight cunt. She was certainly turned on. Her feminine juices joined with my saliva to lubricate her pussy. I fingered and sucked her labia and clitoris for a long time.

When I would pause in my ministrations, I couldn't help but admire her awesome body, now shaking with excitement. She was ready and told me so, almost shouting, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

For once, I was thankful my cock wasn't huge. It was definitely hard though, and my seven or eight inches wouldn't be more than Sister Rosa could accommodate, I hoped.

The head of my circumcised cock slid easily into Rosa's well-lubricated pussy as far as her intact hymen. I stopped pushing, afraid of hurting her, but Rosa wasn't going to slow down for a moment. She grabbed my butt with both hands and pulled me forcefully in, balls deep.

She cried out when her hymen gave way and we lay still for a few moments. Rocking her big hips initiated our fucking. She reached orgasm after about twenty minutes. I came shortly after, filling her with my seed.

After resting awhile, Sister Rosa wanted to walk some more. She couldn't get enough of my obvious admiration and fascination with her big body and left her habit where it lay on the beach. I did put my clothes back on.

I told her she could make a fortune as a porn star. She said she'd never seen a porn movie so, half-jokingly, I told her I'd take her to the local porn theater.

We made love again on some big rocks at Rosa's suggestion. This time she was anything but passive, wanting to try new positions and reveling in the sensations of all her erogenous areas. I thought she was turning into a sex maniac of some sort. I wasn't wrong.

We slept for a while and the sunrise woke us. Walking back up the beach, I hoped no early beachgoers would see us and I urged Rosa to hurry. She seemed untroubled at the thought of being caught nude. In fact, she insisted we slow down and asked if I was ashamed to be seen with her.

Quite the contrary, I told her. I was considering her feelings and would be proud to show her off anywhere. She liked that and slowed her pace even more. I asked if she wanted to be seen and she said the thought was making her horny again.

She questioned me more about her appearance. Would other men like looking at her as much as I did? I suggested if she had any doubts about her effect on men, we could go north to the nude beach at Montara where nudity was the norm and there were always plenty of men. Rosa liked that idea and almost ran back to grab her habit, which she handed to me, and headed for the parking lot, still nude.

We got to the car, unobserved, to my relief but her disappointment. She got into the driver's seat and buckled the seatbelt so I just tossed her habit into the back. She parked at a grocery store in Half Moon Bay and sent me in for breakfast snacks and drinks.

As I got out of the car, she reclined her seat and shut her eyes, obviously displaying her massive breasts for any passersby. I could hardly control my erection at the sight. When I came back to the car I asked if anyone had seen her? She said she kept her eyes shut and didn't know.

It was still early when we got to the nude beach. I was amused to see several older men with binoculars at the top of the cliff. Old voyeurs doing their thing. They would surely get an eyeful when Rosa walked past them to the trail down the cliff.

I told her to keep her thigh-high stockings on, that they were extremely erotic. She asked me about her headdress, which she called her 'veil'. I told her it would identify her as a nun and the sight of a nude nun might get her more attention than she wanted. Somehow, I wasn't surprised when she exited the car, still wearing her veil.

Passing the elderly voyeurs on the path, Sister Rosa made sure they all got a good look. She paused often and bent down to admire the wildflowers. She was so excited by her exhibitionism, I could smell her sex pheromones.

I escorted her down to the beach and cautioned her about getting sunburnt. We found a nice shady spot where she lay on her back, legs spread and eyes covered with a handkerchief.

I told her a lie, then, that I had to go to work that day but would return for her late in the afternoon. I was curious about what her reaction would be and was quite pleased when she did not object to my departure.

She wished me a good day and told me to take care of her little car, and that was it. I walked away and was not surprised to see a couple of young men walking toward her. I looked back from the top of the path and could see several guys standing around her. One was sitting down and it looked like his hand was on one of her huge breasts, though I couldn't be sure because of the distance.

I didn't go to work but did drive to my houseboat and slept for most of the day. Well rested, I drove back to the coast and the nude beach. I could see Sister Rosa was still where I'd left her that morning. She had acquired a blanket somehow. A man, also nude, was lying with her and they seemed to be sleeping.

As I got closer I could see Rosa's hand was covering the man's cock and she had a rivulet of cum seeping from her pussy and pooling on the blanket. A rather large pool, I noted.

They both opened their eyes when I made some noise to announce myself. Rosa sat up and gave me a big grin. She asked if it was time to go and tried to introduce me to the guy. Either she had forgotten his name or never knew it. I suspected the latter.

The man got up and walked off and I couldn't control my urge to eat Sister Rosa's well-fucked pussy. Clearly, she hadn't required condoms. She squeezed my head between her massive thighs and shuddered in ecstasy while I cleaned all the semen I could from her cunt. I also licked as much male semen as I could from the blanket.

Rosa loudly climaxed while I ate her. I wondered how many times she'd cum during the day? And with how many men?

Walking back along the beach, several guys waved goodbye and asked her to come back soon. I asked if she had any doubts about her attractiveness still. Rosa giggled at the thought.

Driving home, she told me how wonderful she felt, as if a dam had burst and she'd discovered her true calling. She loved being fucked all day. As a nun, she had been somewhat ashamed of her big body and concealed her curves as much as possible. Now she wanted to show off.

She decided to resign from the sisterhood and was going to give a month's notice so the church could find a replacement for her.

She was thrilled when I offered to take her shopping for a wardrobe of revealing clothes the next day. I also promised to take her to a porn theater and show off her magnificent body to the dirty old men there. She wanted to go right then but I convinced her she needed to eat and sleep. She couldn't live on a diet of sex alone.

Rosa dropped me off at my houseboat and promised me that she would go straight to her apartment for the night. I wasn't sure if I believed her. She was still nude, her habit in the back seat where I'd tossed it that morning.

I told her I'd pick her up in the morning to go clothes shopping, and if she still wanted I would escort her to the porn theater after dinner.

Erotic dreams about Sister Rosa's enormous breasts and ass kept waking me up. I hoped her night was more restful than mine.

In the morning I went to her apartment and was glad to find her there. She was eager to shop. Our first stop was a boutique that catered to swingers and prostitutes. Rosa loved trying on those clothes that fit her. She threatened to burst out of most of the lycra spandex tops that valiantly tried to cover her massive breasts.

One item I bought for her was a 'sling' bikini. It had three tiny heart-shaped bits of pink fabric, held together by some pink string. Two of the hearts covered Rosa's big nipples but didn't come close to concealing her aureola. The third heart covered some of Rosa's bush, with the string hiding inside her pussy lips.

Rosa nearly climaxed when I told her I'd take her to a night club, wearing her sling. She was a natural exhibitionist. She loved prancing around the store and even venturing outside in the abbreviated and see-through clothes she tried on.

Among the costumes was a 'sexy nun' outfit she wanted The top was stretch nylon and see-through, with black crosses that covered her nipples. A shiny black skirt that left most of her huge ass uncovered and thigh-highs that matched the top completed the outfit.

We left with the sling, the 'sexy nun' costume, and three tiny dresses that showed much more of Sister Rosa than they concealed. I took her to my houseboat, where we made love and she modeled her dresses while I took Polaroid pictures of her, with and without clothes.

I took her to dinner that night at a 'Sirlion & Brew' in Oakland. The restaurant was, as usual, full of drunks, mostly college students. Dinners there came with all the wine or champagne you could drink. Of course, I wasn't drinking but that didn't stop Sister Rosa from enjoying enough cheap wine to kill a horse.

She wore her new tiny silver dress. Matching heels and thigh highs completed her outfit. No undies, of course. Everyone stared when we entered. She gave a group of college kids a show when she sat facing them. I sat to one side so they could have an unimpeded view of her pussy when she uncrossed her legs.

In appreciation, the boys sent her a bottle of wine. She opened her big thighs even wider. After eating she told me to go pay the bill while she went to the bathroom. She wobbled off on her heels with all the boys in pursuit.

I paid the bill and waited a few minutes for Rosa to join me. She didn't show and about then I decided to go to the men's room. One of the college boys stopped me and said the men's room was full but if I needed to go, the lady's room was vacant.

I did need to go so I went into the ladies' room, and discovered, to my delight, the bathrooms were connected by a ventilation duct. I couldn't see what was happening in the men's room but I sure could hear the action.

A gang bang was in full swing and Sister Rosa was loudly enjoying it. All six of the college boys took turns fucking her. Rosa was shouting encouragement and announcing their ejaculations. When drunk she wasn't a quiet fuck.

I listened until it seemed like the action was about to end, then went back to the front of the restaurant to wait for my date. She soon appeared, even more wobbly than before, on her new shoes. She was also oblivious to the fact that her dress had been rearranged and one of her enormous boobs was completely exposed.

Male cum was making glistening slimy trails down both her magnificent thighs. I was so turned on I could have dropped to my knees to clean her up right there but Rosa was intent on going to the movies and the Zanadu theater was calling her.

The theater was right across Broadway from the restaurant. She headed straight there, crossing the busy street, one spectacular boob bouncing unfettered. Rosa slowed down when we entered the theater lobby. She asked me, sounding hopeful, if the men in the audience would be able to touch her. She smiled when I said it would be impossible to stop them. There were no rules against contact.

Standing in the lobby with a few guys already admiring her, she peeled off her new dress and handed it to the guy behind the counter, telling him she'd pick it up on her way out.

Inside the theater was pitch black, the only light coming from the little screen in the front. Rosa and I couldn't see a thing but the men in the audience had been there a while and their eyes had adjusted. I was aware of movement as some of the men drew closer. I knew that they could see Rosa.

She whispered to me that she hoped every man there would fuck her. I suggested she walk down the aisle to the front of the theater and let the light from the movie illuminate her big body. I assured her that every guy there would rather look at her than at any of the actresses on the screen.

She said “wish me luck” and strutted slowly down the aisle. I followed at a distance. As she moved down the narrow aisle I saw hands reaching out and groping her. She would pause for each one and then continue.

At the front, she turned and faced the unseen audience. She held out her giant breasts and smiled invitingly, then turned to show her huge perfectly round ass and bent over. There was a rush as almost every guy in the theater raced to get to her first.

She was mobbed by what looked like fifteen or twenty guys and she disappeared from my view as they piled onto her eager body. I sat close by and enjoyed the grunts and slaps of the men. With a cock in her mouth, Sister Rosa couldn't make her usual amount of noise.

The gang bang continued for about two hours. It took that long for every man to deposit his load into one of Rosa's orifices. She was taking men's cocks in her ass now and I was eager to use that hole myself.

One by one the men departed. Sated, they left the theater. At last, there were just four guys left and they were each trying to make a date with her. Rosa asked me for some of the Polaroids I had in my pocket. She borrowed a pen and signed each picture, writing her phone number in the margin. She gave one to each man, promising him a date. One especially lewd picture she asked me to leave prominently displayed in the men's room.

We drove to my houseboat where I fucked the horny nun in her ass and her very sloppy pussy. With several dates for her to keep, I knew I wouldn't be seeing Sister Rosa for a while.

I was horrified the next week when I got a call from the hospital, saying Sister Rosa had a heart attack and was asking to see me. Racing to the hospital I was consumed by guilt over my role in turning the nun into a nympho slut.

I was relieved to learn the heart attack had been a minor one and Rosa would recover completely. She confided in me that she'd gone on a date with one of the black men who had fucked her at the Zanadu. When he learned she was a nun, he'd asked her to wear her habit. On their date, he told her that he wanted to whore her out to a bunch of his friends, in her nun costume, of course.

She eagerly agreed and met his friends. She stripped for them and after much fondling, took them, one at a time into the bedroom. She said it was very exciting, being a whore for a large group of Black men, and it was in the bedroom while getting fucked she'd had the heart attack.

Fortunately, the guy fucking her noticed something was wrong right away. He stopped and told her 'pimp'. They cleaned her up, dressed her, and took her straight to the hospital.

Rosa told me that the episode had so frightened her that she was through acting the slut. She was still retiring from the church but hoped to live a more 'normal' life. With some regret on my part, we kissed goodbye. I didn't see Rosa again for several months, though I dreamed about her often.

One day I ran into her on the street. She was with a nice looking guy, about the same age. She was visibly pregnant and introduced me to the guy. He was her husband. She seemed happy and comfortable and I felt a pang of envy for the guy.

I do feel privileged to have known Sister Rosa and her incredible body. Following her heart attack, I did feel some guilt for my role in her sexual awakening but the guilt faded quickly.

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