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The Present - Part 6

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Jayne begins to reveal her deepest desire

Moving slowly and deeply, looking deep into Jayne's hazel eyes as he moved deep inside her, Nick was taking his time. They had all night and until ten the next morning before checking out. Glancing at his watch on the nightstand, it was only six o'clock, an hour since Leigh had taken off after the young stud. Somehow he didn't mind, he had one of his longest-time friends with him and she was just as eager to make the most of their time together. Fifteen years of pursuit and a few relationships on each side, they had finally embraced the opportunity. Her curvaceous body, large breasts, and dangerous red lipstick drove him wild. She was also very fertile having raised seven daughters.

The first daughter Beth was now twenty-one; he hadn't even entertained the thought until she turned eighteen and he began to see how she was becoming a beautiful woman like her mother. A few supporting posts on social media, they had been well received by both Beth and Jayne. Now he knew Jayne was also receptive to him seducing her first-born in her presence, he wondered what else was on her mind.

"You're totally okay with this?" he asked with a hint of wariness.

"Absolutely," Jayne smiled up at him. "I just had to get first dibs. You won't want me after."

"Don't be so sure. She's going to be in Birmingham for a few more years and then who knows. You're just ten miles away from me."

"Hmmm," Jayne sighed as she felt him against her cervix. "We'll just have to be careful where we meet. You still want this bloated mass then?"

Nick stopped her doubts with a kiss on the lips, her hands through his hair.

Rolling over, she ran her hands over his chest as she worked her hips. Their bodies shimmering, his hands felt her magnificent E cups, the nipples sensitive to his touch. Having taken the decision not to use condoms, she was loving the risk, she even considered Nick's time with Beth should be the same. Deep down, she wanted a grandchild even though she was just into her forties.

"I always thought it was just a man thing," she said as she began to grind. "This mother-daughter thing can be awkward, but I know you well enough that it will work out right."

"So you want to participate?" Nick asked as his hands brushed down to her hips.

"Hmmm, yes." Jayne lowered herself onto him. "I'm not just there to chaperone."

The kissing was longer and passionate, her body against his, pulling the sheets up over themselves. Keeping the pace slow, she didn't want it to stop anytime soon.

"You thought about incest before?" Nick asked as she began to nuzzle at his neck.

"Mm-mm," she replied in a way which could only mean yes. Looking at him again, "This turns me on as much as it does for you. I just worried if I told anyone they'd think me a freak."

"Does Beth know what we're actually up to?"

"Yes, and she thinks it's great. It's going to be a magical moment with you two."

"So," Nick asked he tried to get her to expand on her earlier answer. "Who else do you think about?"

Jayne kissed him in an effort to delay her response, some of the lipstick rubbing off onto his lips. Moaning softly as his penis continued to fill her, her eyes shining bright when she smiled. "You gonna cum in me plenty tonight if I tell you?"

"In you. On you."

"You know how some girls have a dad thing..."

"Wow," Nick smiled as her pulled her in to kiss again. His own wife has serious father issues but not in a good kind, but hearing that Jayne had been holding onto this taboo feeling made their friendship even stronger. "Reckon he thinks about that too?"

"I don't know. You think he does?"

"Maybe when your mother has gone to bed perhaps," Nick grinned as she giggled. "You're a stunning beautiful woman. I'm sure he takes a look at your pictures sometimes and wonders. Even though you removed some of those older pictures."

"James thinks I should be more modest. Remember that one picture I sent you once."

Nick remembered all too well, some amazing cleavage going on, a quick glance and he'd have to lock himself in the bathroom wishing he could have buried himself in there. All that remained now was a doctored photo but it was fresh in his mind. "Keeping you wrapped up except when alone with him then?"

"Yea but what he doesn't know," Jayne giggled again. "I feel a release with you. I'm sure Leigh does too and that's why she's probably enjoying some toy-boy time. Now, let's pick up the pace here."

Doing as he was told, Nick took the top position once more as Jayne spread her legs. Thrusting fast, he tried to keep his eyes on her at all times, even as it became a blur. She was tight but wet, a soft wet sound as he went in and out over and over. Her hands on her breasts while he supported himself, his ass going up and down. Biting her lip, holding back, her head pressed into the pillow.

Their bodies as one, Nick could feel himself ready to let go, the beautiful woman beneath him enticing him. Closing his eyes as the pace built to a furious pace, hearing her moan much louder now. Ejaculating inside, she cried out as the thick hot cum filled her. Still going, more cum than even he had imagined. Pulling out of her pussy, with a shared look and smile, he pushed inside her tight ass and thrust once more, her fingers scooping at some of the cum that had dribbled out when he withdrew. Licking it slowly, she began to mimic another penis going in and out of her mouth. Beginning to wish Leigh had left the dildo behind, her other hand ran downwards, curling two fingers inside.

"Ohhh," she cried again. "Yeah, fill me up again."

"Thinking of him too?" Nick asked.

"Yes," she replied, almost a hiss as she grinned. "Definitely."

"Roll over," Nick said calmly.

Doing as he asked, he momentarily pulled out, his rock-hard penis running between her buttocks for a few moments before penetrating. From this angle, he could get deep inside her ass as she gripped the top of the headboard. She would love to be spit-roasted at this moment, perhaps something for when they got home - a thank you for looking after her younger ones.

"Da..." she moaned as Nick came inside again. Some of the cum in her pussy running down her thighs, she reached down and licked once more. "Pull out, cover me."

Rolling onto her back once more, they began to masturbate together as Nick knelt over her. Pumping firm and fast, he shot thick jets of his still hot cum onto her belly and breasts before moving further up to her mouth. Lowering to her lips, she took him in her hand and began to lick and suck the head, then deeper still. Now would be a good time to have someone else eating her cream-filled pussy as she moved from two to three fingers, soon four. Feeling Nick fucking her mouth, her body trembling as she squirted imagining that older man, the one who had been there from the beginning. Also picturing Nick fucking her own first-born, then in time the others as they reached that point. Multiple naked bodies, taking him as she watched, being taken herself.

Pulling out as she felt his cum down her throat, another long slow kiss. It was time to rest, time to recharge. Seven o'clock.

Jayne's phone was buzzing, a video message from Leigh on Whatsapp. They watched together as she made love to the young man, and then an older man, then both together. Looking to Nick, her mouth parted as the ruby lips invited him in. "We really need to film ourselves too."

"Agreed," Nick replied as they kissed, his fingers rubbing her pussy. "Be mad not to."



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