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Where the Hell is My Tapemeasure

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Jeanie gets her wish

Just a fun quickie maybe to be continued

“Jeanie,” her dad called, “Can you run these plans over to Mr. Austin?”

I was on the job with my dad. It was summer, school was out and I had nothing else to do. All my friends were gone on vacation. Me, not so much. Truthfully, I wish school would start back sooner. I would be starting the tenth grade. A sophomore, I could hardly believe it. 

I took the tube of plans from my dad and started to walk them across the site. I  wasn’t on the payroll or anything like that. I was just helping my dad and to tell the truth, Mr. Austin was a total hunk. He wouldn’t notice me though. He was forty-six years old. I just turned sixteen two days ago. 

Jerry Austin, my dad’s boss, was single since going through a costly divorce last year. Dad talked about it over supper a lot. He had short blond hair and steely blue eyes that cut like a knife through my soul. When he looked at me, I went weak in the knees. I wouldn’t say this to anyone else but yo,  but he made my pussy feel funny too.  

I tried, you know. My tight little tank tops, usually white and I wore a black bra under it. They really highlighted my B-cup breasts. Tight jeans, really too tight. I’ve been told that I have a nice ass. I don’t really know, you be the judge.  I just wanted him to notice me. If he did, then, well I don't know really, what I would do. 

Today it was hot out, a Georgia summer, you know. I wore a pink tank top with Spaghetti strings and a pair of loose-fitting cutoffs rolled up as far as I could get them. The legs fit very loosely, and since they were rolled up, the pockets hung out. 

I was not in a hurry, the day was almost over and it was time to start the cleanup. Most of the guys were leaving and dad was going to another job when he left here. I had my bicycle so I could go straight home.  I got to the foreman’s trailer as the last guy was leaving.

“Bye Mr. Tommy,“ I waved. 

“Bye Jeanie,” he answered with a smile.

I opened the door to the trailer and the air conditioning shocked me. I could feel goosebumps on my sweaty skin, and I felt my nipples tighten under my little bra. 

Mr. Austin was on the phone but waved me in with a friendly smile. I walked over and put the plastic tube on his desk and turned to leave. “Hold up a second Jeanie,” he said, motioning for me to have a seat. He turned his attention back to his call and I climbed up on a James Hardie swivel stool. It was cold on the backs of my thighs.  I looked out the window and saw my dad’s truck bouncing out of the driveway. He was always the last to leave. No one around but me and Mr. Austin now.

My knees were apart and my hands clutched the stool between my thighs.  I turned the seat back and forth as I waited. Looking around the room at all the gear hanging on the walls, I missed Mr. Austin’s eyes on my legs.  When I did notice, my heart just stopped. No really, it stopped. I drew a quick breath and nearly fainted. The shorts hung loosely around my thighs and he was getting a peek at my panties I was sure. 

Well, that was what I wanted, he was looking at me. I had to remember to breathe. If he wanted to look, well, I would let him. I innocently pulled one of my feet up on the stool, then the other, crossing them. In this position, my knees were at my chest and my crotch was more exposed. 

I looked around the room and then back at him. His eyes were still locked. I dropped my knees to both sides, giving him maximum visible access. I continued turning back and forth and faked a yawn, stretching my arms over my head and arching my back. 

The stupidest thing went through my mind. I wished I had not worn panties. Panties. Dropping my hands to my lap I spun the stool a little further. I stopped with my back to him as if to look out the window. 

His phone call was about done so I snuck my hand to my crotch and pulled them to the side. My panties.  After a few seconds of coaching my nerves to settle, I slowly spun back around. I don’t know how much he could see. Maybe nothing. It could have been everything. I know he smiled. 

“Jeanie,” he smiled again, “You’ve been out here all summer.”

“Yes sir,” I fidgeted on the stool. 

 “I have been watching you,” he said.


“You are a good worker, and you keep the guy's morale up,” he said.


He laughed, “Yeah you,” he stood up from his chair and walked to the front of his desk and leaned on it, crossing his feet. “I was just thinking about how you haven’t been paid. You know, since you started.”

“Oh, Mr. Austin,” I said, “I’m just helping out. And as long as I can keep the guys' thing up,” I blushed, “You know, moral.”

He nearly doubled over laughing, “I knew what you meant,” he struggled to say, chuckling, “But you’ve probably kept some of the other up too.”

It was my turn to laugh at myself, “I don’t know,” I said, “But maybe. I hope so anyway. “

“Really?” Mr. Austin, said in mock surprise, “I’m surprised at you.”

“Surprised, at me? Weren’t you looking up my shorts just now?”

“I guess, you caught me,” he held his palms up, “But you pulled your panties to the side, not me.”

“Well,” I said with a laugh, “Did it get your moral thing up?”

With a laugh, he shook his head in his palm, “It got my thing up, and my moral.”

“Yay,” I said, putting my fists up. 

“But you do know the old saying, right?” He teased, “If you wake him up, then you have to put him back to sleep.”

“Well,” I conceded, “A girl has to do, what a girl has to do.”

I surprised myself and him by pulling my tank top over my head, dropping it on the drafting table. My little bra was next. I was a late bloomer. My breasts amounted to a couple of puffy nipples and a couple of lemon size B-cup breasts.

Standing, I pushed my shorts down with my panties. I had just shaved my young pussy that morning. I'm not really a hairy girl, but I just think it's sexier. He eyed my four foot ten frame and I could see I was going to have to put it back to sleep. His pants bulged out in front and it looked huge. Unzipping his jeans. He pulled it through the opening. I guess he saw my eyes widen. ”Are you sure you can handle this?”

“I’m sixteen, Mr. Austin,” I said, “I’ll try at least.”

I stood as he kicked his boots off and pushed his pants down. When I saw it, I started to have my doubts about handling it. His shirt landed on the desk and he walked naked to the door. Twisting the deadbolt he then walked to the window and closed the blind. He was hard and throbbing. I think his dick arrived about two feet before he did. It pressed into my belly button as he stood in front of me. 

I was never one to back down so I took him in my hand. He was thick. He reached for my shoulder and pulled me in for a kiss. I was soaking wet between my legs. Pushing myself up on the stool, I spread my legs, ready to be penetrated. 

He had other ideas. Dropping to his knees, he drove his tongue into my pussy. I came right then, flooding his tongue with my juices. My orgasm strengthened as he swirled his tongue over my nub. 

My hands were on his head as he ate me. I couldn’t get my legs far enough apart. I wanted him deeper. He pushed a finger into my hole and just like that, I came again. My young body shook like a five-point five on the Richter. He pushed me onto the drafting table and turned me face down, flat on my belly. My asshole was his next target. His tongue wriggled and snaked and thrust. 

I didn’t know, come here from sick-em. All I knew was how good he felt tongue fucking my ass. I pulled my knees under me then pushed back against his assault. His tongue parted my little asshole and he tasted my rectum.

I was panting and my hands were slipping as I tried to get traction to push against him. Papers slid off the table and fluttered to the floor. At one point I must have jerked the blind off the window. It clattered to the table, draping our bodies.

He moved his head to my ear and said, “I’m going to fuck you now, Jeanie.”

“Good,” was all I could get out. 

He rolled me over, the blind crackled as the metal leafs bent and broke. He pushed it off the table and pulled me to the edge. I didn’t have a tape measure with me. It was lost on the floor amidst the broken blind and the stray papers. All I could do was judge him to be somewhere in the neighborhood of nine inches and who the hell knew how big around.

I curled my young fingers over the edge of the slanted table as he pointed his formidable battering ram at my little pussy. I was so fucking wet. I wanted to feel him in me, stretching my almost sophomore pussy. 

I felt his tip slide up and down my slit, wetting himself in my girl juices. Another second and I felt his purple head push between my down there lips. My eyes narrowed but I was determined. Another inch, we had two in. Just a guess, as I said, I lost my tape measure.  He pulled back then run his shaft up and down my slit, driving my clitoris mad. He was trying to lube up. He was so fucking big. 

His head again pushed between my teenage pussy lips. Another inch, then another. Pulling out then back in, he seesawed for too fucking long. “Fuck me,” I demanded. 

My whole body clenched, my head fell back, my back arched. He was in, I felt his hairy balls on my ass. I swear, he was as big around as a coke can.

I grunted but I wanted it. That was why I was working here for free. No wonder I couldn’t keep up with my fucking tape measure. 

“Fuck me, Mr. Austin.” He pulled his wob out of my tight pussy then slowly back in. A tear trailed down my cheek. Looking down, I could see his cock swell my belly with each thrust. I would tell you I came again but I couldn’t tell when it started. Was it a bunch of orgasms or just one? I’ll just say I was cumming the whole time. 

“Oh, Mr. Austin, yes,” I repeated with every stroke. My life could end right then and right there. I wouldn’t complain. 

His face contorted and I heard him begin to moan. My thought went from yes, yes, yes, to, I’m not on the pill. So what, I didn’t care. 

“I’m going to, to, I’m,” he choked, “Cum, I’m going to cum.”

I felt each jet of cum splash my cervix. I felt his cock contract with every rope he shot into my young pussy. I watched as his cum squeezed back around his cock and drip to the floor.  He gripped my hips until his cock slipped out of my cummy hole. 

He fell back onto the stool and tried to recover. I watched a lot of cum seep back out of me. 

“Jeanie, you are amazing.” He said as I slid off the table and stood naked. I smiled at him, my pussy so sore, ”Thanks, Mr. Austin.”

”Call me Jerry,” he said, his cock hanging at half-mast, ”Are you in a hurry?”

I told him I was supposed to go straight home.

”It's Friday,” he said, ”What if I call your dad and ask f he minds if you help me with a few things?”

”I don't have anything pressing,” I said, ”You could tell him that you need a house sitter tonight.”

”Smart,” he smiled, ”You could stay all night.”

”We could fuck all night,” I laughed.

Jerry made the call and my dad agreed. I would make a hundred dollars. But, does that make me a whore? I'm a slut, may as well get paid. Yep, I'm a whore tonight. Wow, a whore tonight and a sophomore in two weeks. Things are looking up.

I picked up my clothes and started to dress. ”Don't bother,” Jerry said, ”let's go like we are.”

”Ok, ” I smiled, holding my clothes and walking to the door.

”Wait, Jeanie,” he called, he held a chrome tool in his hand, ”Don't forget your tape measure.”

”Son of a bitch,” I swore, ”I though I had lost it.”;

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