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Adventurous Teens

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Teen quartet makes beautiful music as they lose their virginity

Bobby, Scotty, Betty and Suzie and been a quartet since they were in day school as youngsters. Their mothers were the best of friends.

Growing up together they were as close as siblings. There were no secrets in this group. Even into their Junior year in high school.

When Bobby began dating Betty and Scotty began dating Suzie their mothers could not have been happier. Their first big date was the Junior/Senior Prom.

Following the prom, the quartet all went to Suzie’s house, as her parents were out of town, and they had the place to themselves. Bobby the titular leader of the group suggested they all get naked. Off came the Tuxedos and Prom gowns. Leaving four bare ass teens. Bobby and Scotty were quickly sporting nice thick cut hard cocks. This was not the first time the quartet had been naked together. They often skinny dipped in Suzie’s pool.

Somehow all knew tonight would be different. The guys were hoping to fuck the girls and deflower them. But Suzie and Betty decided that before the guys got to fuck them, they had to do something else first.

Bobby and Scotty were shocked and flabbergasted when Suzie said. “You guys are not going to fuck us until we see you suck each other off.”

“You got to be fucking nuts,” stammered Bobby.

Scotty stood mute unable to respond as both girls giggled.

“That is the price you have to pay if you want to fuck us,” Betty said.

“Come on girls you got to be kidding,” Bobby replied.

“No joke, we are dead serious.” said Suzie.

“We have seen how each of you are always checking out each-others cocks when we skinny dip, and have thought, that perhaps you both secretly think about sucking each other's cock. And we have wondered how hot it would be to see you suck each other off,” said Betty.

Tongue tied Scotty finally responded, “I admit I have secretly though about sucking Bobby’s cock for some time, but never had the nerve to say so.”

Bobby reluctantly admitted that he had similar thoughts about sucking Scotty. Both Bobby and Scotty were very surprised by the others admission and wondered how the girls had picked up on it.

Bobby and Scotty had jerked off together a number of times, but neither of them had the courage to suggest that they suck each other.

“Now let’s see who goes first. I will flip a coin and you call it Bobby. The loser goes first,” said Suzie.

“I call heads,” said Bobby.

Both girls giggled and Betty said, “Heads, that is funny Bobby.”

Suzie flipped the coin and it came up heads, which meant Scotty had to suck Bobby first.

Betty giggled and said, “On your knees Scotty and make it good”

Slowly Scotty dropped to his knees and Bobby presented his hard cock to Scotty’s lips. Scotty started to speak, but before he could, Bobby pushed his cock into Scotty’s mouth. With a little more than the head in, Bobby thought, damn that feels good. Scotty was thinking, Damn Bobby has his cock in my mouth, I can’t believe it.

Bobby began a fucking motion with each stroke going deeper until he hit the entrance to Scotty’s throat. Scotty gagged and began to drool.

“Suck it Scotty,” Bobby yelled as both girls applauded.

Scotty began sucking Bobby’s cock in earnest enjoying it as he did. The big question was who was enjoying it more, Scotty, Bobby or the girls.

Bobby had a huge load in anticipation of fucking Betty and was about to feed it to Scotty.

Both of the girls were rubbing each others pussies. The entire scene was surreal. Little did the guys know the girls had been going down on each other for several months.

Bobby felt his orgasm fast approaching and was knew he could not stop and was going to blow his load in Scotty’s mouth. With a loud moan, he unleashed his cum coating Scotty’s mouth and tonsils, and thought, damn that was great.

As Bobby withdrew his cock, cum was coming out the corners of Scotty’s mouth and nose.

In unison the girls yelled, “Swallow it Scotty.”

Scotty began to swallow the salty bittersweet tasting cum and realized it did not taste bad at all. He actually liked it.

“Kiss him Bobby,” Betty yelled.

Without hesitation, Bobby kissed Scotty using lots of tongue and tasting his own cum, as he did. Oh my god, my-cum tastes awesome, thought Bobby. Scotty was shocked, but returned Bobby’s kiss using his tongue, as well.

“Hey you two, break it up, time for Scotty to suck off Bobby,” Suzie said.

Reluctantly they guys separated and Scotty put his hand on Bobby’s head and pushed him to his knees.

“Time to reciprocate and suck my cock,” said Scotty.

Bobby wasted no time engulfing Scotty’s rock-hard cock. No sooner had Bobby began to suck Scotty’s cock than Scotty erupted and blew his load in Bobby’s mouth.

Laughingly Betty said, “I guess that is what you would call a premature ejaculation.”

“If he ever did that while fucking me, I would bite his cock off,” Suzie said.

Gagging and choking Bobby swallowed Scotty’s cum as fast as he could.

Bobby and Scotty had now both sucked cock. Although Scotty had the much better experience.

The girls decided to give the guys a short respite. During the interim, to give the guys a chance to recharge, they agreed to put on a little show for them. They got into a 69 position and began licking each-others pussy. Both guys got instantly hard again and began stroking their cocks, as the girls were moaning and mewing.

“Holy fuck, it looks like they have done this before,” said Bobby.

“They have definitely been holding out on us,” said Scotty.

Betty was the first to orgasm, as Suzie licked her clit. Betty let out a loud scream and said, “Damn Suzie I love it when you suck my clit.”

Suzie was not long in reaching her orgasm, yelping and moaning, as she did. Both girls were now well lubricated for the forthcoming deflowering.

Bobby could not stand it anymore, he had to fuck Betty. Scotty felt the same, he had to fuck Suzie. Both girls were more than ready.

Bobby took Betty in his arms and deep kissed her shoving his tongue in her mouth, Betty virtually swooned. Scotty followed suit and Suzie melted in his arms.

The guys laid the girls side by side and crawled between their legs making easy access to their well lubricated pussies.

Both guys started rubbing their hard cocks across the lips of the girl’s pussies. Bobby began inserting his cock. Scotty quickly followed suit. Both girls yelped as their hymens were simultaneously broken making them into women. Entry had not been difficult, as both pussies were very wet. When both cocks were fully inserted, the guys began fucking the girls with gusto to the point the girls soon were being slam fucked.

Betty screamed, “Fuck me Bobby.” Bobby could only grunt in response as he was fast approaching orgasm.

In the meantime, Suzie was moaning and screaming as Scotty rode her toward mutual orgasms.

The four teenagers were having the best experience of their young lives.

It was like an echo chamber with the screaming and moaning. If neighbors could hear, they would probably call the police convinced that somebody was being beaten or killed. 

Bobby and Scotty were having similar thoughts. Thinking how great the girl’s pussies were and how fucking them was better than they could had imagined.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming,” the girls yelled in unison, as the guys blasted their tight little pussies with their first load of cum.

“Damn that could not get any better” said Bobby.

“I couldn’t agree more,” replied Scotty.

The girls were surprisingly speechless.

The orgasms Bobby and Scotty achieved were far better than anything they had previously experienced.

The two well fucked girls were exhausted, but not finished for the night. Before the night was over, Bobby and Scotty fucked them again.

The quartet had made beautiful music together.



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