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Daughter Confronts Her Cheating Mother’s Lover (Part III of Lust On The Pier)

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She was mad, she was horny, what should she do?

Jodie rang the doorbell and steadied herself while holding the lasagna dinner. She had all night to think about what she would say to Mister Hunter. Her mind was clouded with mixed thoughts. At one time, she wanted to fuck Mister Hunter, but after seeing her mom come home last night looking embarrassed with messy hair and smeared lipstick, she was mad. She was mad that Mister Hunter made her mom suck his cock and cheat on her dad. It made her so mad that she tossed and turned all night long. She wanted to slap him and tell him off and tell him never to touch her mom again.

She decided Mister Hunter was a nasty man for cheating on his wife and for ordering her mom to do things like pull on her nipples and to suck on his cock. Yes, her mom seemed blissful though frazzled when she came home but it was wrong of him. And yes, she really did want to see, feel and stroke his cock, but that would be wrong as well even though the thought of his cock shoved down her throat made her pussy tingle. No, it was just all wrong, she kept telling herself as she adjusted her clothes and made sure her lips looked glossy and moist. There was nothing wrong with being presentable, she told herself.

Jodie made sure she wasn’t dressed like her mom in some sexy revealing outfit. That would make her a tease. She wore a baggy dull grey sweatshirt over a red tank-top and a pair of black yoga pants. She made sure she wore a red lace bralette so no nipples would be poking through her top like at the pier. She wasn’t wearing panties so she wouldn’t be showing any panty lines underneath her tight yoga pants. She also pulled back her hair into a ponytail.

Mister Hunter finally opened the door. “Hi, Jodie! Come on in. I was expecting your mom but she texted me telling me that you insisted on delivering dinner since you were on your way past here to go study with Julie.”

Jodie’s resolve weakened a bit as Mister Hunter opened the door with a wide warm smile, dressed in a crisp white dress shirt with an open collar and black pressed slacks and polished shoes. He looked so manly and professional, not like some high school senior boy dressed in casual clothes.

“I thought you work from home, Mister Hunter. Why so dressed up?’ Jodie inquired.

“I had a business meeting and lunch with a client but come in and set that dinner in the kitchen,” as Mister Hunter led the way.

Adam watched as Jodie leaned over the counter and set the lasagna down on the counter. He admired her tight ass in her yoga pants and how the pants highlighted the curves of her skinny but firm ass and her shapely legs. He couldn’t see any panty lines and he immediately thought of her pants rubbing against her naked body. His cock twitched. He noticed her red shirt underneath as the sweatshirt pulled up as she leaned over the counter. It was such a bright inviting surprise under the grey sweatshirt. His monster began to swell.

Jodie turned around, catching Mister Hunter looking at her ass. It flustered her. She really didn’t think boys or men would like her ass since it wasn’t wide and curvy like her mom's or Julie’s ass. She always thought it was too small.

“Mister Hunter, Mister Hunter,” Jodie repeated, finally getting Mister Hunter’s attention. “We need to talk.”

“Sorry, Jodie, certainly we can sit in the living room and talk. Please go ahead and sit on the sofa, and please call me Adam.”

Jodie walked towards the sofa, very aware that Mister Hunter was looking at her ass again. Unconsciously, she moved her ass a bit more seductively then normal and as she walked towards the sofa, she remembered that was where Mister Hunter went down on her mom. She was beginning to get a bit nervous and warm. She tugged at her sweatshirt and then decided to take it off as she sat down. Again, she felt his eyes on her as she pulled the sweatshirt off, pulling the tank top slightly up, revealing her bare midriff and belly button.

“Would you like something to drink, Jodie?” Adam asked as his eyes drifted down to her red tank top. Jodie tried to stay focused, but his lustful glances were making her nipples plump up.

“Yes, water would be fine, Mister Hunter, I mean Adam,” Jodie replied. It was now her turn to admire Adam as he walked back to the kitchen. He looked so good in his crisp white shirt, his black slacks, and he had a damn fine ass as well, she noticed.

Adam handed her a glass of water and sat down on the sofa with her, a respectable distance apart. He noticed the red lace strap of her bralette under her red tank-top along with the gap of bare skin between the strap and her face. Her ponytail revealed more of her smooth skin and neck to him. A perfect place to kiss her, he thought.

Jodie took a sip of water and realized this was going to be more difficult than she expected. Again, she felt his smoldering eyes admiring her body and it felt good. She puffed out her chest a bit as she struggled to find the words to start before Adam interjected.

“So, what did you want to talk about? Did I embarrass you at the pier?” Adam nervously asked.

“What do you mean?” Jodie replied as she leaned forward, a bit shocked by the question.

It was now Adam’s turn to take a sip of water as he looked at Jodie, wishing he could see better down her tank top and had a flashback of seeing her puffy nipples pressed against her damp top the other day at the pier.

“How do I say it? I became aroused,” Adam cautiously replied as he felt his cock expanding in his pants. “I hope you didn’t tell Sara,” he added.

“Aroused how?” she innocently asked as she inched closer to Adam. She was going to make this difficult for him, if she could. “What excited you?” she added, very curious about his reply.

Adam struggled for the right words as he tried to repress his growing lust and embarrassment. “The bulge in my shorts,” he whispered.

“Like now?” Jodie replied as she lightly touched his knee and stroked his thigh, enjoying Adam’s struggle. “Tell me, what excited you?” she asked again softly as she licked her glossy lips.

“You did, your wet shirt, your sexy boobs, your puffy nipples,” Adam blurted out.

“These?” Jodie questioned seductively as she cupped both of them with her hands and jiggled them. She enjoyed the power her body seemed to be having over Adam. His lust and his words turned her on. It confirmed that indeed Adam found her sexy and thought of her as a woman and not a girl that he once knew.

“Yes,” he admitted reluctantly.

“Do you want to see them?” she shyly giggled as she squeezed them.

“Yesss,” Adam growled.

Jodie watched Adam’s face and his dark lustful and longing eyes as she slowly took her tank top off, revealing the thin red lace bralette. Adam saw the outline of her upturned boobs and puffy nipples underneath. Jodie rubbed her nipples through her bralette. “They are getting hard for you,” she teased. “Do you want to see them?” she asked again.

“Yes!” the urgency in his deep voice was making her very wet.

“I want to see your cock first,” she teased as she squeezed it through his pants. “Take it out,” she ordered firmly.

Adam took off his shoes and socks and then stood up in front of Jodie. He seemed so tall and intimidating standing there. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and then dropped his black dress pants. He stood there with only his dark blue Jockey underwear on along with a throbbing bulge underneath.

“Is this what you want?” he taunted as he stroked his stiff cock through his underwear.

“Yes, take it out, stroke it,” she purred as she slid her foot along the inside of his thighs and rubbed his crotch.

“You are a naughty one,” Adam groaned as he felt her foot rubbing against his shaft and balls.

Adam pulled down his underwear and his cock popped free. His tip leaked gooey, sticky pre-cum. Jodie licked her lips with growing hunger.

“Stroke it,” she purred again as she pulled down a strap of her bralette, exposing one of her puffy nipples. “Are these what made you hard at the pier?” she questioned as she tugged on her exposed puffy nipple and then completely exposed one breast.

‘Yes,” Adam panted in reply as he stroked his shaft and smeared his pre-cum all over his tip with his thumb. “Take off your bra and come here,” he continued.

Jodie stood up and removed her lacy red bra. She reached out with it and rubbed it all over his wet cock tip. Adam moaned. She continued to rub her bra over his cock and balls.

“Keep stroking your cock," she said as she unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his hairy buff chest. She had never seen a guy stroke his cock before and it was driving her crazy. The power that she felt she had over him was intoxicating.

“You are beautiful,” Adam said softly before pulling her close and kissing her lightly on the lips. His words, his kiss and his touch were melting her. She felt his hard shaft against her stomach and she pressed tightly against him.

“You are beautiful but also so naughty,” Adam growled as he suddenly spun her around and spanked her on the ass.

“Ouch!” she yelped as she moved her hands to cover her ass.

“Move your hands away or I will spank your ass again,” Adam ordered.

Adam spent a moment admiring Jodie’s ass covered with her tight yoga pants. He needed to see her ass now, and he started to pull her pants down.

Jodie grabbed the edge of her pants and held them tight. “So, you want to see my ass now too?”

“Yes!” Adam replied as Jodie shook her ass and slowly slid her pants down just below her ass cheeks, revealing her two naked globes.

“Oh, so perfect,” Adam moaned as he admired her firm cheeks, two hand-fills waiting to be touched, squeezed and yes, even spanked. He kissed each cheek softly and then flickered his tongue back and forth down her crack as she moaned and pushed against his face. Adam’s finger slid around the front of her thighs and found her soaking wet pussy.

Jodie gasped as his fingers touched her pussy lips, exploring them and spreading them as she moaned.

“Please lick my pussy,” she pleaded as he continued to finger her slick pussy.

“Turn around, spread your lips, show me how you played with yourself as you watched me last night with your horny mom,” Adam said.

“What?” Jodie gasped as she turned around facing Adam. “You knew it was me?” she asked incredulously.

“Now I do,” Adam smirked. “I wasn’t sure if anyone was there but then you came over and I just had a feeling. I should tell your mother.”

“What, are you crazy! I should tell your wife and my dad!” Jodie yelled as she turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes so she could leave. “You had sex with my mother!”

Adam quickly smacked her on the ass again, twice, and then roughly pulled her towards him. He wrapped his arm around her chest while his hand cupped her breast as he kissed her neck. “Don’t leave,” he growled as she felt his hard shaft between her reddened ass cheeks. He kissed her ear lobe and then her neck again as he felt her resistance weakening. His fingers found her swollen nipple and he rolled her nipple between two fingers. She moaned and trembled as he held her tight, fondling her boob and nipple while he kissed her neck.

Jodie turned around and kissed him passionately on the lips as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

“I have been thinking about doing that since I saw you at the pier,” she gasped as they broke their long kiss. “And this,” she purred as she kissed his chin, and then his hairy chest, stopping briefly to suck on his nipples and then slowly downward as her hand stroked his pulsating cock. Jodie pulled his cock upward with her hand while she kissed and licked slowly up and down his shaft.

“Oh fuck! Suck my cock!” Adam moaned.

Jodie looked up at Adam’s face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open, panting as she sucked on just the very edge of his cock tip while her fingers caressed his balls

“More,” Adam begged.

“Am I good cock-sucker like my mom?” Jodie tormented as she sucked harder on his tip.

“Yes, baby, you are a good cock-sucking girl,” Adam gasped as she took him deeper and pressed her finger lightly against his asshole. “Fuck,” he moaned as she pressed her finger harder against his asshole as he pulled against her ponytail.

Jodie’s head bobbed up and down as she took more and more of Adam’s cock. She loved the feeling of it hard and pulsating in her mouth, and she knew he was close.

“Fuck!” Adam roared as he flooded her throat with cum. She milked his cock with her mouth and while she fingered his rosebud. Every time she pressed against his rosebud, another stream of cum shot down her throat. Finally, his orgasm subsided as his cock slipped out of her mouth, her glossy lips coated with some of his milky cum. Some of his cum also leaked from the edges of her mouth before she swallowed the last remains of his hot cum.

She stood up. “Kiss your little cock sucker,” she purred with Adam kissing her passionately as he cupped her exposed ass cheeks.

“Wow,” Jodie panted, “No boy would ever kiss me after I gave him a blow job.”

“They were missing out,” Adam replied as he licked his lips, tasting his own cum. “Now take those yoga pants off so I can watch you play with yourself like you did last night.”

Jodie took her time removing her pants as Adam sat down on a chair and watched. First, she wiped the cum from the edges of her mouth and rubbed it on her two upturned perky breasts and puffy nipples as she looked into Adam’s eyes. Then she slid her hands down over her flat stomach towards her pussy. She paused as she rubbed the dark brown landing strip above her slit.

“Tell me what you were thinking as you watched me last night,” Adam urged.

“I was spreading my pussy lips with my fingers like this,” Jodie purred as she spread her moist wet outer pussy lips. Adam’s eyes were riveted to the display in front of him, of this eighteen-year-old high school senior, the same age as his daughter, spreading her soft velvet pink lips for him. He watched her close her eyes, heard her moan softly as she continued to massage and rub her deliciously wet pussy.

“I kept thinking how much I wanted your hard cock in my tight cunt. How I wanted to squeeze your cock and feel you cum inside me,” her voice rose as she buried two fingers inside her pussy while her other hand was busy massaging her nipples.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped as she hooked her fingers deep inside herself as Adam watched her body tremble.

“Suck on my fingers, taste my juices,” she pleaded as she offered her slick coated fingers to Adam’s lips. He sucked her fingers like they were coated with honey until she pulled them away.

“You are so beautiful. I want you,” Adam said as he licked his lips, enjoying the taste of her nectar. Jodie noticed his cock coming back to life as she rubbed her pussy and her moans and lust growing along with Adam’s cock.

“I want your cock, your seed, Mister Hunter,” Jodie said as she straddled his legs, placing his now rigid shaft against her landing strip. Her breasts were now level with his face and Adam dove in, hungry to kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples.

“Oh yes!” Jodie cried out as he sucked on her nipples while she ground her cunt against his cock.

“Spank your bad girl,” she taunted as she kissed him. Adam spanked each ass cheek as they kissed.

“Fuck me!” Jodie panted as his shaft found its way between her moist tender pussy lips. She raised her body slightly as Adam teased her pussy and clit with his cock head.

“Oh my, please,” she begged as he bit her nipple and pressed his cock against her opening. She slowly impaled herself on his pole.

“You are so tight,” Adam growled as he pulled her head back by her ponytail and kissed and nibbled on her neck.

Inch by inch his cock sank inside her, their bodies tense and overflowing with lust until Adam had completely impaled her with his cock. They held each other tight for a moment, enjoying the sensations until Adam thrust upward, eliciting gasps and moans from Jodie.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me harder!” Jodie urged.

Adam held her tight, one hand wrapped around her, the other cupping her bouncing ass and his face pressed against her soft upturned breasts as her moans and his panting increased with every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” she groaned as her body tensed and her head jerked backwards. Her spasms squeezed his cock as Adam felt his own orgasm rushing forward until he exploded moments later.

“Oh fuckkkkk!” he yelled as he felt her body shake and his own orgasm ripple through his body.

“Holy shit! That was incredible,” Adam gasped as he opened his eyes seeing Jodie’s glowing face staring at him.

“Wow, even better than I imagined,” replied Jodie before she took his face in her hands and kissed Adam.


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