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Sofia, A Youthful Vision And Tease

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A random glance can lead to trouble

I mindlessly glanced out my car window while waiting for the stoplight and I saw her. She was walking with purpose, a bounce in her step and more noticeably a bounce in her chest. She was braless and that got my attention. She had a look about her, something about a young woman with nice toned legs, short frayed-edge denim shorts and an off-white sleeveless blouse with bouncing tits that can get one thinking hot sexy thoughts. Her hidden breasts looked just the perfect size for her slim frame, just big enough and plump enough to make her blouse jiggle.

I took a moment to examine her closely through the open passenger window. She was a brunette with shoulder-length hair, red pouty lips. But it was her boobs that lit a fire in my groin. They were very bouncy and I could just imagine that she had puffy swollen nipples underneath. The loose blouse was not very revealing from the side view I had, but the bounce her boobs produced with every step she took made me lick my lips unconsciously.

My mind flooded with lusty thoughts of sucking and kissing her breasts as my cock swelled. It seemed like time had stood still, but all this happened in a few brief moments. A honking horn behind me brought me out of my trance as the light turned green and I noticed that she caught me staring at her. Did she smile or look mad? I couldn’t tell as I continued my short trip to the nearby market.

Now I really needed that beer I had come to buy to cool off. I was looking forward to having the house to myself since my wife and girls had gone away on a long three-day girls' weekend with another family. As I was rounding the corner of the aisle, I suddenly bumped into my bouncy brunette, causing her to drop her grocery basket and inadvertently rubbed my hands against her fleshy boobs, giving me an intense erection in my shorts.

“I am so sorry,” I exclaimed as I knelt down to help her with her spilled groceries.

“No, no, I should have been paying attention to where I was going.”

Our faces were just inches apart as we both picked up her groceries. I caught a whiff of her sweet perfume, which did nothing to calm my roaring erection.

“Haven’t we met?” she said as she eyed me while brushing back her hair, pondering why I looked familiar.

We both stood up.

I confessed sheepishly, “I think you might have seen me looking at you at the corner up the street while I was in my car.”

“More like staring,” she replied with a devilish twinkle in her eyes. “Were you checking me out? Aren’t you married?” she asked as she glanced down at my ring.

Pausing for an appropriate answer, I noticed her nipples pressing against her blouse.

“Yes, you were staring and checking me out, just like now. Were you staring at these?” as she innocently brushed her fingers against one of her straining nipples.

My face was turning red. “I confess, sorry, but you are a sexy young temptress.”

“What would your wife say?” she asked as she looked down at my bulge.

“Again, I am so sorry. Please let this be our little secret. I am Brett, by the way.”

“I am Sofia and you can help me finish my shopping since you made me drop my things.”

I then helped Sofia with her shopping while trying to steal admiring glances at her body, her tight ass, her long smooth legs and of course, her jiggling bouncy boobs. I found out that she was a second-year coed at a nearby college, living with a roommate who was also away for the long weekend.

“Weren’t you going to buy something here as well?” she asked as we walked towards the checkout line.

“Oh yes, I was going to get some beer.”

“Can you get me some too?”

“How old are you?”

“Nineteen, how old are you?” she asked.

“Fifty-one. So are you asking me to corrupt you? You know you need to be twenty-one to drink?”

“Legally, yes, but I think you still owe me for bumping into me. As for corrupting me, let me think about that,” she teased as she walked towards the checkout line.

I grabbed the beer, two six-packs of a nice local IPA and met Sofia in the line.

“Let me give you a ride home,” as we walked towards my car.

“That would be nice.”

“So what are you thinking about, Brett?” she asked suddenly as I was driving.

“Nothing, really.”

“Come on, you must be thinking something. That bulge hasn’t gone down since we bumped into each other,” she replied as her fingers lightly touched my thigh, making my cock twitch.

“It does seem like you like my breasts. You have been looking at them every time when you think I am not looking,” she continued as she cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it while looking at me, her seductive dark eyes turning me on even more.

“Fuck,” I moaned with a low whisper.

“You know you are old enough to be my daddy. So tell me, daddy, what do you want to do with your bad girl?” she cooed as she unbuttoned the top few buttons of her linen blouse, revealing the edge of her soft breasts.

I shouldn’t, I thought to myself as I glanced over at Sofia, her fingers still stroking my thigh inches from my straining hard throbbing cock. But I did; I reached over and slipped a hand under her open blouse and cupped her boob.

She pressed her free hand against mine and held it tightly against her boob. I felt her hard nipple against my hand.

“Squeeze it, daddy,” she cooed. I did, and then I rolled her erect nipple in my fingers.

“Yes!” she quietly moaned as she reached for my bulge and squeezed it.

“Damn, girl, you are so hot and have me so hard,” I gasped as she squeezed and stroked my hard shaft through my shorts as we pulled into her apartment complex.

“Help me with my groceries,” she replied as she licked her glossy red lips and slowly let go of my shaft. “Is that hard for me?” she asked innocently as she got out of the car.

I followed her up the stairs to her second-floor apartment, holding her groceries while watching her sexy ass sway up the stairs.

Once inside, I put the groceries down and pushed her against the wall and kissed her. It was not a gentle kiss, but a kiss with burning passion and lust. She met my probing tongue with urgency as I cupped her ass, pressing my bulge against her groin. She wrapped her legs around mine and ground her body against my rigid shaft.

I grabbed her as she wrapped her legs around me and carried her towards her bedroom, kissing the tops of her breasts as we went. I threw her onto the bed and she giggled.

She looked delicious, lying on the bed, her legs spread wide, a hint of her light blue panties showing from under the tight denim shorts. Her blouse was half open and she was licking her lips.

“Do you want to fuck me, daddy? Haven’t you been thinking that since you saw me walking?” she asked as she rubbed her crotch seductively.

“Yes, you sexy tease. Are you always such a naughty girl?”

“Only for daddy. I always wanted to fuck an older man and how you were looking at me, it gave me a tingle. Then you bumped into me and felt my breasts and I saw the smoldering hunger in your hazel eyes. It made me wet.”

“Show me your cock and I will show you these,” she taunted as she rose up from the bed and cupped her boobs with her hands, her two hard pointy nipples showing through her blouse.

“Fuck, baby, how I want to suck on those,” I growled lustfully.

I ripped off my shirt and dropped my shorts as I stared at her.

“Oh, how I love your hairy chest, and look at your wet spot, daddy!”

I looked down and saw a huge pre-cum wet spot on my underwear from all the teasing.

“So you want this?” as I pulled down my briefs, releasing my cock.

“Oh, look how it is throbbing for me,” Sofia gasped.

“Take that blouse off for daddy now.”

With a sultry, come-here look, Sofia slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing one breast and then the other. They indeed looked delectable, full, up-turned and plump as I imagined, with slightly puffy areolae and eraser-tipped nipples.

“Suck on these, daddy,” she said as she pinched and pulled each nipple.

My throbbing cock was pointing the way as I walked towards the bed and then crawled between her open legs and first kissed her and then slid down and slowly kissed down her chest. Teasing her, I avoided her nipples, kissing and fondling her breasts and blowing warm air onto her nipples until she was squirming. Then I sucked on her hard nipples.

“Oh yes, suck on your naughty girl’s nipples,” she moaned.

I couldn’t get enough of her fabulous breasts and nipples. I continued to suck, kiss and pinch her nipples and breasts, working one with my lips while teasing the other with my fingers as she caressed my hair and pulled me closer. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and every time I pinched them, her body twitched.

She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, squeezing it while her thumb found my leaking slit, teasing and milking it. It was now my turn to moan.

“Suck my cock, baby. Wrap those luscious red lips around it,” I whispered as we rolled over in the bed. She started by running her hands through my chest hair and then teasing my nipples before sucking on them and then working her way lower with her hands and lips to my cock.

“Look at your needy cock, daddy,” she teased as she stroked my shaft and then innocently ran her finger lightly over my pulsating veins. Her finger then wiped some pre-cum from my tip and she licked it off.

“Oh baby, suck it,” I moaned as I thrust my hips upwards while pushing her head toward my cock.

“Soon,” she replied as she looked at me while stroking and milking my shaft.

“Look how it is dripping for me.” I could see my pre-cum running down the side of my shaft as she continued her hand job.

She finally lowered her lips to my cock, kissing the shaft and my balls, then running her lips the length of my shaft until she wrapped her lips around my tip and sucked.

I gasped and pushed her head firmly down while thrusting my hips up and down.

“Oh my God!’ I gasped as she took my whole cock down her throat.

I continued pumping as she wrapped her hands around my butt cheeks.

She gasped for air. “Cum for me, cum for your slutty girl,” she said before again taking my cock into her mouth while rubbing my balls.

Squirming, thrusting and moaning, I cried out. “Cumminng!”

I shot my load into her mouth, my body stiff as I exploded. Sofia swallowed it all and then kissed me. I tasted the remnants of my salty cum on her lips as our tongues passionately danced and probed each other.

“Was I a good girl, daddy?” she teased as we broke off our kiss.

“Yes, but now I want to taste you,” I replied as I rolled on top of her and then slid to the side and started to unbutton her jean shorts revealing her light blue panties. I pulled down her shorts and stared at her panties and the stray pubic hair peeking out from the edges.

“I am not the only one with a wet spot,” I said as I rubbed my finger over her pronounced wet cameltoe. My finger slid between the folds of her pussy and she moaned.

“Take them off for daddy,” I commanded as she wiggled out of her skimpy panties.

Her pussy was trimmed fairly short in a nice V-shape. Her outer lips were swollen, pink, wet and I wanted my cock between them, but that would wait.

“Yum,” I said in appreciation before sliding between her legs and kissing her inner thighs.

“Don’t tease me,” Sofia pleaded as she tried to pull my face closer to her wet pussy.

I looked up at her and smiled and continued to kiss up her thighs. Her arousal was evident, her aroma was fragrant and musky and it was driving me crazy. I slid two fingers between the folds of her outer lips. She squirmed as my fingers rubbed her young cunt while my tongue swirled around her clit.

“That’s it, daddy, suck on my clit,” she gasped as my tongue finally flickered across her clit. Her body jerked when I pulled and pinched her nipple while sucking on her pussy and clit.

“Faster, harder!” she begged as I finger fucked her while sucking on her clit and labia, my face now covered with her succulent juices.

I moved both hands to spread her legs and cheeks wider, pressing one thumb against her rosebud as she trembled with pleasure while my tongue and mouth continued to probe and tease her clit.

“Oh shit!” she cried out as my thumb pressed inside her ass and her legs wrapped around my head as her orgasm ripped through her body. She continued to hold my head in place as the waves of pleasure enveloped her. Her ass clamped down on my thumb and then her body twitched again in torment and pleasure as I wiggled my thumb in her ass.  Meanwhile, my cock had regained its hardness, and I only craved her more.

I pushed away and then slid my rigid shaft along her wet slit, and she pressed my cock harder against her pussy as I teased her.

“Fuck my little hot cunt,” she urged as she looked into my eyes with burning lustful intensity.

I took a moment to look at her sweat-covered body, her lovely breasts and her swollen pussy lips before plunging my cock deep inside her, hard and fast.

“Do you like daddy’s hard cock?” I whispered as I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy.

‘Ohhh,” was her only response as I thrust faster and faster while sucking on her nipples.

I gasped as she squeezed my cock with her pussy.

“Fill me, daddy,” she pleaded as we rolled over. I was in heaven as my orgasm began to build and I could see her turned-up boobs bouncing inches in front of my face.

We both sensed our orgasms approaching as she continued to ride my cock, pressing her hands against my chest.

“That’s it, keep it up, daddy,” as I thrust my hips and cock upwards.

“Fuck!” I moaned as my head cocked backward as I shot streams of cum inside her. Sofia collapsed on my chest as her body reacted to my orgasm with her own.

“Yes, daddy,” she mumbled as we held each other tight while our orgasms washed over us.

I woke to soft kisses and Sofia’s nipples rubbing against my chest.

“So when is your wife coming home?” she whispered as she nibbled on my ear.


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