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Just what he needed

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After a long day at work release is just what he needs...

All characters in this story are 18+

You came home a little late from work so you expect to find me sound asleep. You walk through our bedroom to the master bath to get ready for bed. The sudden light wakes me up from my nap that I was taking waiting for you to get home. Luckily for me, you don’t think about how bright the light is. You turn on the shower and quickly undress, ready to wash away the stress you endured today. I hear you enter the shower and take a quick peek to make sure you are actually in there. I can tell by your body language that you have had a long day and are ready to relax and unwind before bed.

Once you start lathering yourself up with soap I take that as my cue to sneak in. I, as quietly as I can, climb out of bed and tip-toe over to the bathroom door. I stand and watch you in the shower for a minute thinking how did I get so lucky. Watching the water and soap cascade over your glistening, tan body starts to get me wet. I quickly slip out of my lace nightgown and move to the shower.

You, luckily, are not paying attention to your surroundings, thinking that I am fast asleep in our bed, so you continue to stand under the showerhead with your eyes closed just letting the water run over you. I open the shower door just enough to slip in so I can join you but so you won’t notice the cool air. For a second I just stand there admiring your back muscles trying to decide what I should do to get your attention. As I am standing there staring, you reach to grab the shampoo, so I seize the opportunity to press myself against you and place my hands on you.

Startled, you immediately whip around with a weird look on your face until your eyes fall to mine. Your face turns from fright and shock to calm and understanding when you see it is just me that was reaching for you. I lean forward and give you a quick kiss and turn to leave. You stand stunned for a second but quickly pull me back in so that my back is against your chest.

You wrap your arms around me and start nibbling on my ear whispering, “I thought you were asleep, you scared me half to death.”

I try to lean to the side to get a better look at your face while saying, “I know that was the point”.

You turn me back around facing away from you and growl in my ear, “Oh yeah? And what do you suppose we do about that little surprise?”

I push my butt back into you and tell you to, “learn to live with it."

You ignore my snickering and spin me around so we are pressed together chest to chest as you gaze deep into my eyes. Leaning down, mumbling as your lips graze mine. "And if I don’t?”

I pull away from our passionate kiss to look at you and suggest, "Maybe you will just have to find another way to get me back!” I give you the most innocent look that I can and with that, I can see your mouth turn to a wicked grin and feel your cock harden between us.

Resuming our kiss, more hot and heavy this time, you mention against my lips, “Is that so? In that case, I have an idea of what to do with you." You pull away from our kiss to take a step back you look at me and then down at your cock motioning me to get down on my knees. I obey and drop to my knees in front of you.

I reach out and grab your cock and start stroking you to get you the rest of the way hard and to tease you a little. You clear your throat to tell me that I better start using my mouth on my own or you will take control and use it for yourself. I decide to be a bratty tease and only stick my tongue out and lick the head of your cock. You moan out in pleasure and then frustration because you realize that I am just going to tease you. Looking down at me you decide to take matters into your own hands.

You reach down and caress my cheek and quickly move your hand to grab my ponytail. While still looking down at me you demand, “I gave you fair warning that if you weren’t going to use that mouth properly I would!” and with that being said you slowly thrust your cock in my mouth inch by inch pulling out a little in between so that you can get me ready to feel all of you.

We both know that my gag reflex is still in play but you know that I’ve gotten better and can take more of you now. Slowly but forcefully you slide yourself into my mouth until you can reach my throat. You see the worry in my eyes so you reassure me and say, “You got this baby you can take all of me just open that pretty little throat of yours.”

Wanting to please you I try to ignore my reflex as much as possible, we both feel my throat open enough to let your cock slide down. “Fuck that’s it,” you moan out. Your grip on my ponytail becomes more forceful as you pull out and thrust back down my throat.

After a few strokes, you start to increase your speed. Knowing that you need the release I reach up to massage and play with your balls. Ignoring my reflex I try to take all of you down my throat. Your faster thrusts mixed with your increasing moans makes me even wetter than the shower. I can feel you starting to build up getting ready to cum.

You brace your other hand against the wall so you don’t fall as you start to shoot your load down the back of my throat I pull back so that some of your cum ends up on my face giving me a facial. After a few shots, you finish cumming and help me stand up. I wash the cum off my face and you pull me in for a hug thanking me because we both knew you needed the release.

I grab a towel and step out of the shower to thoroughly brush my teeth while you finish your shower. You step out joining me by the sink. I finish brushing my teeth and look down at your cock then back up to your face and say, “Oh we are not done yet. I haven’t had enough of you.....”



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