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Social Distancing

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We enjoy a nice fulfilling shower together

This story is true and while we are under threat form the Corona virus, life sometimes continue.


23 March 2020.


Week 3 of CoVid-19 here and believe me, in a few days, the threat became real. People suddenly started having the shits; no toilet paper in the shops, shelves were stripped of essential groceries. For me, as shopping is a daily chore, I shopped smart considering others.

When my wife told me, a lady was diagnosed in her office, naturally, I was alarmed, but decided to take it as it comes. On the Thursday, her company went full-tilt into ICE mode, testing Internet protocols for them to work from home. On Friday, she came home saying she felt flu-ish. She refused to kiss me or the girls and though, disappointed, I left it at that.

I am not complacent and, I think here in South Africa that may be one reason for the spread of the virus (and you can Google the stats). But I am, and always will be a touch person, intimate in gestures and loving contact with people. I am also extraverted in nature and love interacting with people. I left it there, even after reiterating that I have a strong immune system to which she countered, “but I need you to be healthy to keep the fort running in any eventuality.”

Prepping dinner was a breeze, she had a nap after some meds and as usual, I had a few glasses of wine. To admit, I was concerned about activities for the rest of the weekend. With her work schedule and pressure, we only have weekends for sex and then usually in the shower; with two teens in the house who operates sonar systems instead of ears, it does become a problem. Not so much for me but, she doesn’t want the girls to know we’re actually having sex.


Saturday morning found me horny. We enjoyed snuggling for a few minutes before getting up, my arm around her, cupping a nice full breast over her sleepshirt. She could probably feel my morning semi pressing between her butt cheeks as I stretched languorously. But nature called and we both headed out eventually, grabbing coffee and enjoying the early morning air out on the porch.

In between our conversation I wondered about the prospects. She didn’t particularly emphasise still feeling queasy but knowing her well enough, it was probably the case as she normally hides stuff like that quite well.

Her traipsing around in sleep shorts didn’t do my case any good either. Look, she is weeks away from fifty and she’s still got it. Slightly greying, she still looks thirty-five, a bit of extra around the hips but still a looker in many ways. She’s not very sexual, not like me, (hell, I am halfway through my fifties and not slowing down yet) but she gets drenched in seconds the moment I enter her. Looking at her, moving around I groaned inward and thought, ‘Toots, I’d love to take advantage of your little body’, you know, said with that smirking expression.

Eventually, we announced it was shower time for us; we do it together most of the time except maybe during the week. It’s our time and the opportunity I particularly look forward to as I get to get close to her, skin on skin… and try my luck.

I was already semi-hard and rubbed my cock purposely as I brushed my teeth. When she joined me under the water, I was sporting quite the threat which, as usual, she didn’t really notice. She rinsed and I held her close while she did her face. There was no way she could not have felt what was forcing its way into the cleft of her butt.

She rinsed her face and I rubbed her back with my drenched face cloth, cupping her full breast and urging my body against hers.

She turned and looked at me, half annoyed but I stood my ground, “Sorry Hon, I am just so horny for you.”

I pulled her into me, “Its weekend Baby,” and my cock pushed against her lips. While pushing deeper, she dropped her hands to my groin. I wanted to kiss her, but she denied me the pleasure. Instead, she took a firm hold of my now rampant cock and started rubbing me firmly, interchanging her ministrations to give deserved attention to my swollen balls.

I was thinking her aim was to make me squirt my cum onto her hip and mentioned, “carry on like that and you’ll make me cum.”

Apparently, that was not her intention as she lifted her foot to the tiled edge around the shower and guided me home. I thrust strongly up and into her as she folded the said leg around my hip into the Ballet Dancer’s position. She was tight, in fact, tighter than usual due to the angle at which I was entering her. She accepted my deep thrusting, holding onto my shoulder for dear life. While there was no foreplay in the form of kissing, she was drenched in seconds and I could feel the effects of her tight pussy around me.

I withdrew from her; I wanted something else and groaned, “Outside!” I wanted to do her over the vanity which was a bit more comfortable.

“No,” she defended and turning around, offered me Doggy as an alternative. I hated doing it in the shower due to the size of the cubicle. It is quite cramped in there for two people doing the Kama Sutra.

She grabbed me and after guiding me in, seized my boiling nuts in a firm grip. I wasn’t gonna last long; I knew it by the way she started massaging me while I shafted inside her slippery but gripping cunt.

My wife is not particularly orgasmic but does have her moments. She started moaning softly and it was my cue to started trusting harder. The harder I thrust, the more she moaned. I could imagine her tits swinging around as a result of my picking up the pace. Seemingly it did not bother her either as her one hand was kept for support and, as I picked up speed, the other grabbed my bicep.

I never asked her if she was close, I just told her breathlessly, “Gonna cum soon!” at which I felt her nails piercing the skin on my leg. I started banging her with all I had, she gripped my leg harder and as I fired the first shots up her cunt, she shuddered in her own release.

We remained bent over for a few moments, catching our breath and me grazing her back with my teeth. I was sensitive as I finally withdrew from her.

On swiping her pussy with her fingers, it came away with sticky blobs of cum.

She sighed. “So much for social distancing.”

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