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The Office Intern (Part 1 - The Christmas Party)

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This is a true story, but I have had to change some of the details slightly (mainly around the incident on the dance floor and Kelly's name) to protect the people involved.

When I had just started my current job we had an intern join us for a year from university - she had started a couple of months before me. Kelly was given the job of showing me around the building and making sure I was settled in ok.

After a week or so I was into the swing of things and didn't really see much of Kelly, except on lunch breaks or in the car park in the morning.

Kelly arranged a staff night out, just some drinks at a local bar one evening. About twenty of us went along. It was the first time I'd seen Kelly outside of work. She looked incredible in a figure-hugging little black dress, with her long dark hair straightened and flowing behind her.

I should probably describe Kelly properly. She was nineteen years old, about five foot nothing tall and somehow managed to be both incredibly petite and curvey at the same time. 

All the younger guys were giving Kelly their full attention. Later in the evening Kelly came and sat next to me. "Hey, Mikey. I was hoping you were going to come and rescue me from those pervy guys earlier," she said.

"Oh sorry," I replied. "I thought you looked like you were having a good time and they're all around your age, aren't they?"

"Those guys?" She hissed. "They're definitely not my type. I get enough of those kind of pervs in the student union at uni."

We chatted for the rest of the evening and I walked her to her taxi when the bar closed.

The following week at work I hardly saw Kelly. Then the invite for the Christmas Party came round. I accepted the invite and booked a room for the night at the hotel.

Fast forward to the Party, I walked in wearing my tuxedo. Kelly was wearing the same black dress from the bar. She came straight over to me and said, "My, don't you look handsome all dressed up?"

I stuttered for a work-appropriate response. The best I could come up with was, "Erm, thanks. You look good in that dress too."

Kelly looked disappointed with my response and walked off to talk to some of the other girls.

Later on, after the drink had been flowing, we were all up on the dance floor. The younger guys (and some of the older ones) were trying to get Kelly's attention. The girls formed a tighter and tighter circle to protect her. But one of the guys who report to me moved up behind her and started trying to grind against her ass. This got me more angry than it probably should have done.

I marched over and grabbed him by his wrist, told him his night was over and that we'd discuss his behaviour on Monday. With that, the party seemed to die down and people started leaving for their taxis or hotel rooms.

I walked through the hotel lobby hoping to get one last drink before bed. Kelly came over and said, "Thanks for rescuing me this time. Those guys are creeps."

I said, "No worries. It was completely inappropriate behaviour. I'd have been wrong not to intervene."

"I suppose so," Kelly said. "I liked the way you marched him out of there though." Kelly looked up into my eyes as she said it and I involuntarily leaned down to her as if I was about to kiss her on the lips.

I stopped myself in time and said, "Anyway, how are you getting home tonight? Or are you staying over?"

"No. I've got a room booked," Kelly informed me.

"Oh great, me too," I replied. "Fancy one last drink?"

Kelly nodded, so we got our drinks and went to sit down. The conversation flowed easily about her studies and interests. We were both into the same bands and supported the same football team.

When it was time to go to bed we said our good nights and walked towards our rooms. I looked over my shoulder and Kelly was following me. It turned out our rooms were opposite each other on the same hallway.

As I was about to open my door Kelly was having some trouble with her keycard. I came over and helped her. Her door opened suddenly and we both fell into the room. She ended up with her back to the wall and I was leaning over her, my hands on the wall either side of her head.

Kelly reached up and pulled my head down towards her. Then she kissed me hard. I didn't resist - I couldn't. Our tongues found each other's and Kelly's hands slid down my back. She kicked the door shut behind me and then wrapped her arms around my waist.

I moved my hands to her face and then her shoulders. Kelly pulled me tighter against her body. I could feel how warm she was and I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. It was at this point that I realised she could probably feel the bulge that was growing in my underwear.

Kelly pushed me back, a wicked grin on her face. She looked down at the tent that had now formed in my trousers and said, "Did I do that?"

"I, er, I should probably go," I stammered. "This isn't right. You're an intern and I'm too old to be doing this with you."

"Nonsense," laughed Kelly. "No-one needs know anything about this anyway." And with that she reached out and grabbed my bulge through my trousers and pulled me to the bed, never letting go.

She turned around and unzipped her dress. I was mesmerised as it fell to the floor. She wore no bra, but her breasts stood up proud, looking impressively large against her small, flawless body. She stepped out of the dress and stood in front of me, wearing just a pair of black, lacy french knickers and nothing else.

"Still think this isn't right?" she asked.

I stepped forward, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss, squeezing her bum as our tongues danced around each other.

We fell onto the bed and Kelly set to work on getting my clothes off. Within no time I was lying there just in my underwear, showing off the large tent that had formed.

Kelly climbed on top of me and started grinding on my bulge. I reached up to grab her breasts as they swung from her chest. Kelly wriggled down my body and pulled my underwear off in one smooth movement. Then she took hold of my cock and sunk it straight into her mouth. She held it in place while looking up into my eyes. It was an incredible sight and I'm amazed I didn't come there and then!

Then she came up for air and started swirling her tongue round and round the head of my cock before going to work on it again. I was in heaven. But I was getting close and I didn't want things to be over too quickly.

I sat up and lifted Kelly back on top of me. We kissed passionately again as my hands found their way into her Frenchies. I squeezed her bum and slid a finger up and down between her cheeks. When I reached forward I could feel how wet she was and the touch of my fingers on her lips made her squirm and moan into my mouth.

I flipped her over onto her back and pulled her silky Frenchies off to reveal her perfectly smooth pussy with just a faint landing strip above it. I kissed my way up her thighs and then slowly licked between her lips, not losing eye contact the whole time.

Kelly's hands found their way into my hair as I started flicking my tongue faster between her lips. Then I slowly pushed a finger into her and tickled her insides as my tongue finally found her clit. Kelly jumped and squeezed my head hard between her legs. For such a petite girl she had some real strength in those thighs!

"Don't stop," Kelly panted.

I circled my tongue around her clit and then gently sucked it into my mouth as I inserted a second finger. Kelly was panting uncontrollably by now, her hips bucking forward into my face.

Another couple of minutes and she was writhing uncontrollably as a shattering orgasm hit her. As Kelly came down she released my head from her vice grip and gave me a huge smile. "No-one's ever made me cum like that before," she told me. "Now it's your turn."

Kelly pushed me onto my back and straddled my face, giving me one more taste. Then she slid down my chest, leaving a trail of her juices right down my body until her bum made contact with my cock.

Kelly reached back to grab it. "Wow, you're so hard. I guess this intern could turn you on after all."

"How could I not be turned on?" I replied. "You looked so incredibly sexy in that dress tonight."

"Well, why didn't you tell me that earlier? We could have been on round two or three by now if you had," she said with a wink.

"Oh my god, a condom!" I said panicking.

"Don't worry, my ex made me go on the pill," she said. "Plus I want to feel you inside me properly!"

Then she raised herself up, angled my cock at her entrance and slowly sat down on top of me.

I groaned a long deep moan as I was engulfed by her warm wet pussy.

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Incredible," I said, barely audibly.

Slowly Kelly started to rock her hips forwards and backwards then side to side, her hands braced on my chest.

She started to lift up off me and slowly sink down again. And then she threw all caution to the wind and went at it full speed! The headboard was banging against the wall. The bed was squeaking loudly. Kelly was panting and I just couldn't believe my luck!

Kelly's pace started to drop as she tired. I sat up, cupping her bum in my hands and kissed her. Then I slid us off the bed, picked her up and pinned her against the wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I started pushing into her again, her back making slapping noises against the wall.

I was getting close and my legs were starting to give way. I laid Kelly back onto the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders and went as deep as I could. Kelly let out a loud growl as I did and then she bit into my shoulder.

I went harder and faster until I couldn't go anymore.

"Cum in me, please," Kelly cried.

And I did. Letting go with a loud grunt as spurt after spurt filled her up.

I collapsed on the bed next to Kelly, both of us a sweaty mess. She gently stroked my softening cock and whispered to me, "That is without a doubt the best I have ever had. Thank you."

"Thank you too," I said. "That was incredible."

We drifted off into a deep sleep.


To be continued...


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