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A Final Ride

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Lisa takes control

A few days had passed since Lisa had contacted me. Given the circumstances, I should have been surprised, but not much Lisa did seemed to surprise me anymore. I didn't want it to happen, but I knew I was falling under her control, losing any form of resistance to her.

My messenger displayed the simple message that I should be at her house at two o'clock for a bike ride. That was it, not a question of whether it's convenient or not, just be there. I was taken aback by the presumption, but deep down I knew I was going to go, why wouldn't I?

I arrived at her house five minutes early, I could see her bike ready to go as I rang her doorbell. Lisa's shape moved behind the frosted glass of her door but it didn't open. I knew I was in trouble when I found my hand involuntary stroking Lisa's bike seat, stroking the fabric that had been against her sweet arse. I was being ridiculous, I knew that, but I still carried on stroking it.

Two o'clock arrived, the door opened, she had deliberately left me waiting. A cheery smile greeted me as we both set off; me, of course behind her, studying her curvy arse cheeks, looking for those panty lines. The weather was mild with little wind as we made our way down the long straight riverside cycle path. I watched every time Lisa reached for her water bottle.

She seemed to be going for it today, no stops and a fair pace as we cycled passed the benches overlooking the river. Non-stop, we continued until we reached the pub. With anticipation running through my mind at what Lisa was going to say, she sat down at the table outside. I went straight in and ordered the drinks before returning to sit opposite her. Beads of sweat on her forehead as she took a long cool drink. There were a few other people there and I saw more than one guy looking at her.

"Enjoy yourself with Joanne?" (a switched ride) she asked, smiling wickedly.

I smiled back and told her it hadn't gone quite the way we'd all thought, but it was none the less very enjoyable. Then it came, the famous Lisa bomb arrived again.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed our ride outs because this is the last one." My face dropped as Lisa stood to remove her gilet top, her large boobs strained at her lycra vest, many eyes turned to view the sight.

She drained her glass and stuffed her gilet into my rucksack before jumping on her bike and cycling off. My head was a heady mix, I didn't know what the fuck I'd done to deserve this, I quickly jumped on my bike to catch her up. She had a full minute start and I was struggling to catch her. My emotions were running high and I wasn't concentrating as my front wheel went into a rut causing me to brake sharply. Any chance of catching her disappeared in that instant.

I cycled on slowly, no point in rushing until I caught sight of her sitting on our bench. My heart lifted as I got closer, her arms behind her thrusting out her lycra covered tits.

Lisa laughed, her smile broad. "What kept you? You must be getting old," she said, still laughing. I sat next to her and asked her what I'd done, we seemed to get on well and we'd certainly had fun and shared some very personal moments.

"Personal moments?" Lisa looked at me staring into my eyes. "You mean I've pissed on you twice, and wanked you off once?" I stuttered out my agreement, shocked at the abrupt, but factual, a summary of our time together.

"That is why our rides have to end," she said as she stood with her back to me. I was more confused than ever but still studied her curvy arse not knowing if this was going to be the last opportunity. I told her I really didn't understand.

Lisa turned to me, a faint smile on her lips as she raised one leg, placing her foot by my side. My eyes were drawn to the view between her legs of her lycra-clad pussy, slowly they traveled up her body until my gaze rested on her pretty face.

"We can only go so far here, can't we?" Lisa said by way of explanation.

This did nothing to clear things up in my mind until she started to spell it out to me.

Lisa told me that sure she could straddle me right here and now, piss on my cock, wank me off again no problem, but that would get boring. At that stage, I'd have taken that chance. Lisa continued to explain, she had three people in her sex life; me, Joanne, and Dan, her other man. I wasn't surprised or disappointed at this announcement, I had no claim on her. She explained that she wasn't bi, as Joanne was only of novelty value to her. Dan was most definitely bi, but really didn't like pee play, and then there was me.

She sat, straddling me, her tits in front of my face, her hands around the back of my neck. She slowly moved towards me pulling my head towards her warm sweaty tits until my face rested against them as she whispered in my ear.

"If you want these tits, as I know you do, you can't have them here can you?"

The question was rhetorical as she continued to weave her web.

"I'm not going to get these big, warm, tits out here now am I?"

Her hand moved to between my legs as she began to rub my cock through my shorts.

"If you want more from me, I'm going to want more from you, that's fair isn't it?"

I'd have sold my very soul to the devil right at that moment as I agreed to every word she'd said.

"Good boy," she whispered.

She pulled away from me, her curvy arse resting on my thighs as she released my head. Smiling broadly, her hand retreated from my bulge.

My cock was desperate for relief but Lisa had not finished with me yet, my torment was to continue. She looked left and right, not a soul to be seen.

She lifted her cycle vest over her tits, they sat restrained in her tight sports bra as she looked down at me smiling.

"You must want these pretty bad, yeah? And this?" She sprang to her feet, pulling her shorts down as she showed me her curvy arse concealed only by her pink knickers.

She stood and turned laughing at me as she pulled her shorts back up.

"You'd better do as I tell you then."

I stood before her, hopelessly lost. I could refuse of course. I could, but she would simply leave and go onto the next guy. I asked Lisa what she wanted me to do, here, now, desperation in my voice.

Lisa turned and laughed before getting on her bike.

"I'll be in touch," she said as she rode off.

The ride had ended, the journey had begun.


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