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Loud moans of pleasure filled the room along with the familiar aroma of sex, as Meg's eyes closed and her fingers tightly gripped into the cold silk sheets.

The more she bucked and screamed the harder her nails pressed into the sheets. She could hear them tearing now and for a vague fleeting moment, she wondered if Emily would mind.

But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered except this moment. It had been a long time coming and just knowing what she knew now turned her on even more.

Her hips humped and writhed as she began grinding herself harder into Emily's face her juices smearing what was left of Em's thoroughly smudged makeup making her look the part of a wanton used-up whore.

Meg's teeth dug into her bottom lip as Emily's talented tongue flickered across her swollen needy clit before wrapping her lips around it and drawing it into her mouth causing Meg to tremble all over.

Emily's tongue moved again until it was deep inside her flooding cunt passionately making out with it and eagerly gulping down Meg's cunt nectar.

"No one eats my cunt like you do," Meg said in between moans and gasps.

Emily's tongue noisily thrust in and out of her tight gushing fuckhole.

"God, yes... Fuck my pussy with your hot tongue," Meg practically screamed.

Em's face was moving back and forth devouring her with an insatiable hunger. It was one of those things that she had loved about Emily, She always had a hungry fuckable mouth and a never-ending thirst for hot girl cum pouring down her greedy throat.

Emily's thumb pressed against her clit applying pressure as her tongue continued slurping and sliding inside of her.

"I'm going to squirt all over your face," Meg moaned.

Her cunt was in spasms and wildly convulsing all over Emily's hot wriggling tongue.

Meg's hips thrust upwards, her legs wrapping tightly like two anacondas around Emily's head, toes curling in absolute pleasure as her juices began to spray out of her and flood Emily's face and mouth.

"Drink me you fucking bitch," Meg screamed out as her juices kept pouring out of her.

She felt her stomach muscles clench as she pushed every last drop of squirt and liquid gold out of her and into Emily's thirsty mouth.

She half expected Emily to freak out and stop but she also knew that Em had a lot of hidden desires that needed quenching.

After Meg had finally stopped her Niagara Falls drenching of Emily's face and mouth she began to climb up off the bed to get dressed, legs still wobbling from having what was probably the best cum of her life.

Emily, still completely soaked and looking like she just came back from a water park, stared at her dumbfounded. 

"Um... What about me? My pussy needs attention, too," she whined.

"Get it from the person you've been cheating on me with," Meg said with a satisfied smirk.

Emily looked as if she had been smacked in the face and she had been with the truth.

Meg had been letting it bottle up for months ever since she had learned the truth. She didn't mind that her girlfriend wanted to be treated like R. Kelly's sheets but what she had minded was the fact the Emily had played her like a dumb cunt.

"I don't get it. Why did we just fuck if you knew that?" Emily said tilting her confused soggy face and looking up at Meg.

"Because I wanted to squirt all over your face one more time before I said goodbye," Meg said, her tone ice-cold as she walked towards the door.

Emily just sat there on the soaked bed looking like a miserable wet towel.

"Goodbye," Meg said before walking out the door and closing it sharply behind her.

Her fingers moved out of habit into her jacket pocket and toyed with the soft velvet ring box she had been carrying around for months and as darkness burned into dawn she made a silent vow to never fall in love with a whore again... Unless the whore was completely faithful, that is.


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