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After the Reunion Ch 24


After the week away, husband and wife reunite and another life changing event develops

My thanks to kiteares for his uncensored wisdom and suggestions and cbears52 for his very helpful editing. Mistakes and idiocy are still my own as neither has seen this final version.

December 17, 2028, Sunday afternoon

I loaded my suitcase and garment bag in the Jeep, then went back inside. Ginger and I stood in her living room, looking at each other and holding both hands. When Ginger glanced over at her living room window, this fifty-three-year-old woman began a girlish giggle and I followed suit. “I can’t believe we did that!” she said, hardly able to control her giggles.

“Me neither,” I agreed. But very shortly after, it turned serious and Ginger wrapped her arms around me, crying. My tears started as well. I didn’t want to leave. Ginger gripped my face with both her hands and pulled me to her, kissing me frantically with her wet lips and wet cheeks. We must have kissed several minutes, then she pushed me away and said I had to go.

As I began to close the door behind me, I heard a sobbing Ginger whispering, “I love you,” on the other side of the door.

I drove home. The tears on my cheeks eventually drying. I was on my way home, to Adriana, Kevin, Katie. I had a beautiful family to go home to that I loved. The kids will be with Joanie, anxiously waiting for Mommy and Daddy to get home, especially Daddy since I’ve been gone over a week.

Ginger had… nobody. Not tonight, anyway. I hoped she was being honest about the client who wanted to date her and hadn’t just made him up. I’d fallen in love with her and she with me. I hoped that love didn’t bring more heartache for her, she’s had enough with her husband passing.

I thought back to some of the last week; the topless trip to Grand Coulee, meeting Tammy along the way and it brought a laugh, Tammy suddenly stripping her top off, too. Then the unbelievable coincidence of her applying for the job in our store the next day.

Little bits of the rest of the week played through my mind, our sex together; Ginger laughing about her couch, ‘That’s not exactly how I envisioned using this couch when I bought it’. That made me smile and laugh a little. Maybe she’ll show her new guy ‘the right way’ to use that couch, too

Thinking about Saturday night brought a huge smile to my face; in her front window, with the audience. That was a new experience for both of us. Bet Addie will enjoy hearing about that and hopefully, even wanting to try it sometime. I’d enjoy that. Pretty tame, though, after that night she had, restrained in that glass cage with a vibrator inside her, then Samuel.

Okay, that brought my mind over to Addie, my wife, Adriana. She’ll be on her way home, too, either now or shortly. Maybe she’s with Nick one last time right now, naked, being fucked. Or maybe modeling for another sculpture. I know there’s something wrong with my brain, how it works. It’s not supposed to be this way, but the thought of either was turning me on, sending blood flow down below.

I pulled off the freeway in Umatilla to send Addie a text, ‘Hi, on my way home, call when you can,’ then back on the freeway.

There was just so much to think about; the kids, Addie, Ginger, Addie and Nick, Christmas, our parents. Hell, I’d almost forgotten – they had dinner together last night. Wonder how that turned out? I could probably guess.

The phone chimed a few minutes later with a text message that popped up on the Jeep’s display, I pressed the ‘listen’ button, hearing the computerized voice, ‘Hi, leaving in about half-hour. I’ll call.”

That was it, the end of the message. Made me wonder what she was doing that she couldn’t call then. Maybe nothing, just with Nick and didn’t want him to hear. More likely, though, something a lot more than that.

I’d just gone through Pendleton, climbing Cabbage Hill, the long grade on I-84 up into the Blue Mountains, about an hour later, when my phone rang. “Hi,” Addie’s cheerful voice said.

“I’m just starting up Cabbage Hill, you on your way?”

She hesitated, “Uhuh, just left.”

So, I was right, that hesitation told me everything, one last fuck. She would be about an hour-and-a-half behind. I won’t say that I wasn’t anxious, “I’ll pick up the kids… at Joanie’s?”

“Uhuh, they’re anxious to see their daddy.”

I smiled to myself, thinking about how thrilled they’d be when I got there and how lucky I was.

“Love you,” I heard over our Bluetooth speaker

“You too,” I responded, then thought about Ginger once again, thinking that it could have been me losing my wife like she’d lost her husband, truly hoping she finds love again.

It wasn’t quite eight when I rolled into Joanie’s driveway. Thankfully, the roads were clear. More often than not, that isn’t the case through the Blue Mountains in mid-December. She opened the door when I rang the doorbell and our two little people were there, screeching, “Daddy, Daddy!” rushing into my arms.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can compare with coming home to two small children who love you! I can’t even begin to imagine the joy of military families when mom or dad comes home after a long deployment.

Addie was home two hours later. I’d let the kids stay up waiting for their mom. Their excitement at Mom getting home was just as much as mine.

We let her luggage stay in the car overnight to give us a little time together with the kids before they went to bed. It was fun reading them their stories and hard to believe that Katie was now reading the story to us.

We snuggled into bed together, both of us naked. Neither of us talked about our lovers that night. We kissed, held each other, caressed bodies, wanted to make love. But I couldn’t purge Ginger out of my brain, her sleeping alone, and that thought that it could have been any of us; that it could have been me sleeping alone tonight. Or Addie.

Addie knew that something was wrong, bothering me, “Hon?” she asked.

I felt ashamed, like I’d let her down, guess she deserved an answer, “I’m sorry, sweet, was just thinking… about Ginger…” and realizing from the expression on her face what she must have been thinking, “No, not that; her husband… even Samuel and his wife so suddenly taken away… that it could so easily have been us.”

Her expression changed and a tear fell from her eye as well. We spent the rest of the night snuggling and holding each other, appreciating what we have, until we went to sleep.

We went together to take the kids to school Monday morning, then came home to finish unpacking from the trip. I carried in my things out of the Jeep, then Addie’s from the Odyssey. One of the items she brought home was a wrapped picture. When I got it in the house, she unwrapped it, a 16x20 framed photo of her sculpture, obviously professionally taken.

Adriana was proud of how beautiful the sculpture was and so was I. I had a hard time taking my eyes away, almost unbelieving that the beautiful, sexy woman in the photo was my wife. He’d captured the most realistic, sultry, lusty look on her face, almost like it was actually her, rather than just a sculpture. I can’t even begin to do it justice with any kind of description. It was her, that morning, through the one-way mirror, that expression on her face when she was begging for Nick to be inside her.

The realization hit me, “What, my love,” I asked her, “are we going to do with it?” We sure as heck couldn’t put it up in the house where our kids would see it.

Addie scrunched up her face, realizing the same thing, “The office? At the store?”

I laughed, “Kayla takes some of her customers in there. You want them to see it?”

She frowned, both of us recognizing the problem. It was beautiful, sexy as hell, deserving to be seen, but there wasn’t anywhere we could put it. It was just too… sultry, and so obviously Adriana.

She sighed, then suggested, “There’s a gallery downtown, Avignon Fine Arts, I was there once, they show nudes. I wonder if they’d like to have it as a loan?”

So we re-wrapped the picture, loaded it in the Odyssey and a few minutes later were carrying it into the Avignon Fine Arts gallery, downtown Boise. An older woman, probably early sixties or so met us and asked if she could help us.

The gallery is beautiful, paintings hung on the walls, sculptures on display cases throughout the floor, all beautifully displayed and lighted. And several nudes… nothing quite like Addie’s, but some quite sultry.

When Addie unwrapped the picture, her jaw dropped open and she, her name tag said Brigitte, called a man over, Claude, said they owned the gallery. He looked at the portrait, said it was incredible, that they’d love to display it. She asked if we were interested in selling it, “I know it would bring at least a thousand dollars,” in her pretty, French accent.

Addie laughed, “No, thank you, though. We just want it to be seen, just a loan.”

They both gazed at the picture, then Claude to Addie, “And you’re the model, quite obviously. It’s so sensuous… so passionate… so…”

Addie’s face flushed, started to turn a bit red, “Thank you,” was all she said.

“The sculpture, you have it?” Claude asked.

“No, it’s still with the artist. There’s only one completed. There will be four more, but they haven’t been painted yet,” Addie explained.

“Ahh, but we would love to have one if possible,” Claude said, “you know what he will be asking for them? I presume they will be for sale?”

Addie nodded, “He told me in the vicinity of thirty-thousand dollars. I don’t think he’s set a firm price yet until they’re all completed.”

“Please wait, I’ll be right back,” and he went into a back room, returning a moment later with a display easel, putting the picture on it.

“Beautiful!” he exclaimed all over again. “You know how many photographs he will have?”

“No, no idea… he just had this one made to give to me. I don’t know if he’ll be making more,” Addie told them.

“Ahh, if he does…” letting his thought float away, then his mind came back to the present, “you have his card?” and then, apparently thinking that he’d committed some faux pas, “forgive me, I assumed the artist is a man… to sculpt a beautiful woman in such a way.”

Addie smiled at him, “His name is Nick...” beginning to dig in her purse for a business card.

I don’t know what she was going to say next, but I interrupted, “… her lover,” then smiled, getting a surprised reaction from Addie. She looked at me, with a sharp look on her face, opened her mouth to begin to say something, “I’d have liked to have been there for that modeling session. I’m guessing it was quite enjoyable,” I said, before she had the chance. Addie’s mouth had dropped open.

Both Claude and Brigitte gazed at the photo again, not acting shocked at all by my admission, like it was the most normal thing in the world for an artist and model. Made me wonder if it is normal. “I would imagine so,” Brigitte said, a knowing smile on her face, “may I show you something?” taking Addie’s hand and leading her into the back. I followed along, Claude behind me.

We went into their office in the back of the gallery, Brigitte pointed to the painting on the wall opposite the desk; a beautiful young woman, nude from the waist up, obviously a much younger Brigitte, “The artist, he was not my husband, perhaps very much like your Nick…?”

We looked at the painting a moment longer, then Addie spoke, “It’s beautiful… you were… are beautiful.”

She smiled, “There were many modeling sessions for that painting… each quite… ‘enjoyable’ as your husband says,” she went on, “My husband, Claude, was quite pleased with the results,” looking at her husband. “Weren’t you, my love?”

There was no embarrassment, only pride in his face as he responded, “Oui, certainement,” speaking in his native language for the first time.

“We will display your photo with pride,” Brigitte said. “It will be up before the day is over.”

“And we will contact the artist about possibly contracting for one of his sculptures as well,” Claude added.

After we left, on our way home, “I was surprised you told them about Nick being my lover,” Addie told me.

“They seemed very nice. Thought they’d enjoy knowing the ‘prominence’ of the sculpture,” I told her, with a smile on my face. “Seems I was correct.”

“Seems so, her painting is beautiful, too bad it isn’t displayed, guess it’s just a bit too… personal,” she said.

“You know,” I told her, “Boise’s not so big that you won’t run into people who have seen that picture. Maybe even some of your customers who know you.”

She giggled, “Give them something to think about, hunh.”

We stopped at the store, and Addie suggested to Kayla that she might want to visit the Avignon Fine Arts Gallery, that there was a surprise there she’d enjoy.

After a short visit with Kayla, we drove to Mountain Home, to the store there. Addie and Nicki discussed the upcoming wedding, only twelve days away. I’m not going to bore you with any of that. Suffice it to say that it was almost three hours. What is there to talk about a wedding for three hours?

That night, after putting the kids to bed, it was time for Addie and me to go to bed. We were a bit emotionally drained last night, but… tonight…

I at least hoped so, enough to take off my boxers when I climbed into bed in anticipation. I hadn’t had sex with my wife for the last two weeks. I hadn’t exactly been abstaining those nights, but still…

And thinking of her with Nick over the weekend just added that much more gasoline to the fire. Like I said earlier, I know that I have a brain defect.

Anyway, I was in bed, naked, waiting for my Adriana, my little man fully engorged, no errant thoughts to kill the mood. I just needed my wife. Badly!

What is it about women? Do they just enjoy tormenting their men? Why is it that all women leave their men waiting? It’s ingrained, sadistic, that’s what it is! Intentionally sadistic, I think.

Addie finally came out of the bathroom, and my waiting was worthwhile, wearing a short, black babydoll I hadn’t seen before; lacy over her breasts and triangle-shaped panties, the rest totally sheer - sexy as fuckin’ hell! Red lipstick, that jasmine perfume I remembered from a few weeks earlier. My heart rate spiked when I saw her.

I expected her to climb in bed with me. Well, at least I sure as hell hoped so! Instead, she took my hand and tugged, “Come with me,” she said.

Okayyy, I followed, my hand in hers, trailing behind, watching that sexy butt… and the rest of her, as she led me into the kitchen. She must have known what I was doing, watching her, “You like?” she asked, without turning her head. “Bought it for Nick, for Friday night. He liked, too.”

I couldn’t help but respond to her little tease, “Ginger, too, bought a couple… I bought her one, too. Sexy!” I hadn’t, but what the heck, seemed like a harmless little fib.

She pulled out a chair and directed me to sit. “When you texted me Sunday afternoon, Nick and I were together, in his kitchen; he was sitting. She sat down on my lap, straddling my legs, stretching the fabric of her thin panties, trapping my hard cock between our tummies. “I was on his lap, like this,” then she whispered, in her sultriest voice, “except I was naked… so was he. I’d already teased him with a little strip-tease… he liked it.”

She glanced down between us, where my cock was trapped between our bodies, “Difference was…” she ran her fingers down her tummy, tickling the tip of my cock for a moment. I moaned from the sensations running through my body. Ginger and I had had that incredible sex Saturday night in front of her picture window only two nights earlier, but that had seemed an eternity ago. But this was my wife… and we hadn’t been together for two full weeks. Exactly, two weeks tonight.

Her finger tickled upward on her tummy to right below her belly-button, a couple inches above my cock-head, “… Nicky came to about here.”

So, it’s ‘Nicky’ now!

Then her finger worked higher on her tummy, a couple inches above her belly-button, “Jonah and Samuel, Mmmm!” She knew what this teasing did to me. I’d seen both Samuel and Jonah. She wasn’t exaggerating. It did a number on my libido, thinking about another guy’s cock that deep inside my wife’s cunt! Sick, I know. Even Nick, I’d seen for myself that morning she modeled for his sculpture.

“We started with a little kiss,” and her lips were on mine, her tongue probing, hands in my hair, pulling me to her, grinding her satin-covered baby-bump-tummy against my cock, pressing her tits to my chest.

“Think I’ve mentioned how good his kisses are.” Pressing her lips back against mine, her tongue in my mouth. My hands were roaming her sides, her back, her butt, over her babydoll, under it, our lips smashed together.

She pulled her lips away, “And then…” She slipped a strap off her left shoulder, exposing her breast and pushed my head down, “He sucks my nipple every bit as nice as he kisses,” letting out a long moan as I sucked it in my mouth. I almost thought I detected a little liquid leaking into my mouth with a sweet taste as I sucked on her tit.

“Ohh, God!” she moaned as she repositioned her body just a little, pulling her panties aside and letting my cock sink inside her delectably hot, wet pussy. I moaned at the feeling enveloping me.

“Nicky… likes my pussy… I like him inside me!” she said, grinding herself down on me, squeezing hard with those Ben-Wa-ball-toned muscles.

“Ginger’s pussy… so hot!"

“Couch,” she breathlessly grunted.

I stood, carrying my wife, leaning back against my arms and pressing herself onto me, legs wrapped around my waist. I climbed onto the couch, struggling just a little with my wife wrapped around me until she could fall back on the seat.

“Different… position…” she whimpered, breathlessly.

She rolled over on her tummy, then up onto her knees, spreading them as wide as she could on the relatively narrow couch. It’s more comfortable for her with her tummy. Besides the little fact that it’s sexy as hell!

“… how Nicky fucked me… after your text.”

God! I pictured it in my mind and drove my cock into her, pushing her panties aside again and pulling her hips back. Good thing our kids are sound sleepers and their doors were closed with the moaning noises coming from both their parents. Quiet just wasn’t going to be on the agenda.

“Hard… show Nicky how it’s done!” as I drove my cock into her pussy a second time. Addie’s teasing about ‘Nicky’ was driving me out of my mind, my eyes closed and I pictured Nick driving his cock into my wife. The morning of their modeling session was like it was happening in front of me all over again… watching through that two-way glass. For just a moment, it wasn’t me pummeling my cock into my Addie, it was him.

“So hot… like Ginger! Show… Ginger… how… you… fuck your husband!” She drove herself back onto me, pressing my cock so deep inside her, trying to stifle a groan.

Then she pushed her legs further apart, almost falling off the couch before I caught her, bringing me back to the present. It wasn’t him behind my wife, it was me! And I realized how badly I needed this. This was MY wife and I intended to prove it to her. I’ve read about men ‘reclaiming’ their wife, but never thought that way, it had never even entered my mind… not until now.

I fucked my wife like it was our first time in months, driving my cock, full length into her, over and over again! She pressed back onto me with every thrust, groaning anew with every one. My vision of her and Nick had reverted to Sunday afternoon, his couch. And I couldn’t hold back my orgasm a second longer. I tried to stifle my scream as Addie was muffling her own. On my final thrust into her, I felt those muscles once again, squeezing, pulling, multiplying the intensity of my orgasm.

When it was over, both our bodies were slick with sweat. She was laying on the couch, still on her tummy. I’d pulled out of her and was sitting, unable to move. It was several minutes before Addie struggled, rolling over and sat beside me, her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you,” was all she said.

We sat several more minutes before she pushed her panties down. They were soaked with the combination of my cum and her juices. She looked at me and asked if I’d please get her a cloth.

By then I’d recovered enough to walk. I retrieved a kitchen towel and handed it to her, watching as she wiped the goo from between her legs. She smiled as she worked, “That was fun… almost as good as Nick.”

But from her tone and her twinkling face, I knew she was teasing once again. If there was such a thing as ‘reclaiming’, I was more than happy at what we’d just done. And maybe it had worked both ways – she’d reclaimed her husband as well.

After we climbed in bed and were snuggled together like we used to before any of this started, Addie asked me, “Tell me about Ginger… did she like my present?”

It took me a minute to realize what present she was talking about, then it hit me – the vibrator.

I laughed, thinking about Ginger’s first foray with a remote-controlled vibrator. “We went to Fujiyama’s the first Saturday night. I gave it to her right before we left.” I couldn’t help but laugh, thinking of Ginger when I turned it on the first time in the restaurant, “There were three other couples sitting with us. The time we went to Kyoto’s here in Boise, how they did the onions then made a little surprise volcano? That’s the instant I turned it on the first time. Her shriek was hilarious. She’d completely forgotten it was inside her.

“Then through dinner, when I kept it on; turning it up and down, she wasn’t good at all at hiding her feelings. I think there was a time or two when she moaned, the chef thought he maybe should call 911… she put on quite a good show during dinner.

“Then when we got back to her house, we used the back of her couch in a manner that she said she hadn’t ever expected.” And I hoped she’d never forget.

“That’s all the further we could get into the house, before…” I told her.

Addie giggled; god, I love that giggle! “The back of the couch… you mentioned that the other day. Then we got a little, umm, busy and I forgot to ask you about it. Any other momentous times?” she asked.

“Well, they were pretty much all momentous, almost every night.” And I told her about our road trip on Sunday, how I talked Ginger into taking her top and bra off, then meeting a young couple at Dry Falls.

“At what?” she asked. “This something I would know about?”

I’d forgotten that we’d never been there before. “We need to go, take the kids on a trip. I’ll tell you about it later, but… “ And I proceeded to tell her about the couple we met, the girl taking her top off, too, then starting to make out with Ginger. “… and then Monday morning when Susan was hiring, guess who one of her new employees was.”

She sat up in bed. “No! You mean Tammy?”

I nodded. “I couldn’t believe it when Susan introduced her to me.”

“I liked her, she’s a good worker, good with people, will be great in the store,” Addie added.

“Yeah… and she has nice tits, too,” I told her, getting a giggle.

Our conversation went on like that for the next few minutes, talking about Tammy, complimenting what a fun person Cathy is, until Addie asked me, “What about you and Ginger, you in love yet? She’s pretty spectacular.”

Ginger, what to think about Ginger? I’d fallen for her, pretty hard, “Yeah, she is, it’d be easy to fall in love with her…”

“But? I hear a big but in that,” she asked.

I took a breath, I knew if I’d been single… or even if my wife and kids weren’t so spectacular, I likely wouldn’t be here now, because I had fallen in love with her. “She’s lonely, she wants more. Said there’s a guy, one of her clients that’s been asking her out… said she’s going to accept next time.”

Addie was sitting up on her elbow, watching me, “So…?”

I almost felt in tears. “She wants a man to love… full time. She’s been afraid to even date again, but now… it’s changed. She has a friend, been asking her out. She’s going to accept. We’re not seeing each other again… but I have you, pretty good consolation prize, don’t you think?” She threw her pillow at me, I guess for calling her a ‘consolation prize’.

Then she hugged me. “So you opened her up so she can date again, you can feel good about that.”

Yeah, I knew she was right. It was still hard, though, seeing that beautiful face in my thoughts.

“Fell in love with her… if you and the kids weren’t so wonderful…” I left that statement hanging, I didn’t know what to say next. Addie just hugged me tightly.

The next day we reviewed the new store’s weekend sales, updated to closing Monday. We were thrilled. Sales had profited, not gross sales, but after costs and an allowance for salaries and expenses, almost eight-thousand dollars. In one weekend!

Of course, that was the grand opening, but if the other stores’ history was any indication, it boded well for repeat customers, too.

Christmas was quickly approaching. Presents were wrapped and under the tree. Addie loves opals; I bought her a beautiful set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet, probably the prettiest set of jewelry I’d ever seen.

Kevin loves Daddy’s Jeep, so he’s getting a ride-on electric Jeep and Katie a pink convertible. We’d bought cards and written a Christmas bonus check for every one of our employees, even the temps that are working during the Christmas rush. I think they’ll be pleased.

Every day that went by and I hadn’t heard anything from Ginger was painful, though. I couldn’t stop wondering if her ‘client’ friend had asked her out. I hoped so. She had planned to spend Christmas with her parents so at least she wouldn’t be alone. I wanted to call her, hear her voice. But that was up to her. If it hadn’t been for that final ‘goodbye’, I’d probably have been calling her every day.

The other thing that was getting closer was Nicki’s wedding. Friday, when Addie went to Mt Home, she came home in the evening just bubbling about Nicki’s excitement. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy,” she told me, “even Livvy… and wait till you see the dresses Livvy and Lily are wearing. They’re going to be so cute. They’re going to be the ring bearer and flower girls.

“Speaking of which,” Addie asked, “is Ginger getting the trip to Disney World lined up?”

“Last she said, was that she’d have it to us before the wedding,” I told her. “She said she could get better rates if she waited until right after Christmas to book it; she said she’d let us know the cost, probably by Wednesday.”

Oh, one more little thing – Mom and Dad’s dinner with Laura and Travis Saturday night. I hadn’t talked to my dad since then, but when Addie came home Tuesday, she told me she’d talked to her mom. Mom and Laura had gone on another clothes shopping trip last week and the dinner had been very, umm, ‘interesting’ as Addie put it, the ‘after-dinner’ even more so. Even to the point that Laura went home with Dad and Mom spent the night with Travis.

She didn’t elaborate, didn’t need to.

Saturday morning, it started snowing. Hard. By the middle of the afternoon, we had five inches on the ground. Kevin and Katie were ecstatic, “White Christmas, Mommy!” they were shouting in their excitement, gazing out the living room window. I didn’t blame them, it was so pretty. We’d had a couple of little snows by then, but not like this. And it was still snowing. Sunday morning, when it had quit and it was fourteen degrees outside (Fahrenheit, not Celsius, for you non-Americans out there), there was eight-and-a-half inches.

Nobody cared that it was a little chilly. All four of us were out making a snowman. The snow was a little too dry, but we worked at it, anyway. Maybe ‘worked’ isn’t quite the right word. It was about as cheerful and fun a Christmas Eve day that I can remember having. We had the obligatory snowball fight, made snow angels and managed to finish the snowman, complete with button eyes, carrot nose, stick arms, corncob pipe (just happened to have one from a long-ago Halloween), and all. All seemed right with the world. Even the political battle in Washington had seemed to take a short break. Kevin even helped Daddy shoveling off the sidewalk and driveway.

Both our sets of parents were coming for present-opening that evening, and, because of the snowstorm, were staying in the Best Western that night to be here Christmas Day, too. I found it amusing that they’d opted for a single room with two queen beds. Could be quite the Christmas Eve for them!

Since it was Sunday, our stores were all closed, despite the likelihood of last-minute, Christmas Eve shopping. The snow wasn’t a factor as that much snow wasn’t uncommon, except right at Christmas. That it was the first significant snowfall of the winter and over Christmas had made it special. If anything, it would bring out more shoppers in the Christmas spirit.

That evening, the scene, with the bright moon and street lights lighting the snow, was a scene straight from a Thomas Kinkade winter scene. It was beautiful out. I don’t remember a prettier Christmas Eve. It made me laugh just a little – give it a couple months. If it’s still this snowy, it won’t be nearly so pretty by February.

But it wasn’t February yet and it was pretty. “The freeway is horrid!” Dad said, “prob’ly should have closed it, must have been ten accidents.” Guess not everything is pretty from the snow. Both sets of parents came together in Mom and Dad’s AWD Subaru. He always has good snow tires every winter, too.

We had dinner and were ready to open presents. The kids had been anxious all day, in spite of having fun in the snow. Their presents from us were big packages and they couldn’t even imagine what might be inside them. And they were excited, too, for Mom and Dad to open ours from them. Addie and I had gone shopping with them separately to buy presents for us, for each other, and their grandparents and they were anxious.

My dad wore his Santa Claus suit like he always had on Christmas Eve, but by then, Katie and Kevin knew it was him and not the real Santa Claus. “He’s just Santa’s helper,” Katie explained to Kevin, with all the seriousness that a seven-year-old can muster for her five-year-old brother.

Addie’s rounded tummy was a reminder that next year there will be one more in the family for Grandpa to convince that he’s the real Santa Claus.

I briefly wondered about Ginger, hoping that she was enjoying Christmas Eve with her family. I still hadn’t heard anything from her since I left a week before, not that I expected to… maybe just hoped a little.

Dad dressed up in our bedroom, then out our patio door, around the house and came in the front door with his big, hearty, “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.”

A few minutes later, Katie and Kevin were racing around the house in their new cars, thrilled to death. Both cars have two seats so when Livvy and Lily visit, they’ll have a ‘ride’ when they need one. Never can tell when a kid might need a ride from one bedroom to the other or even all the way into the living room.

Addie loved her opal jewelry and I was the proud owner of a brand-new Fuji mirrorless XT-7 camera and three fabulous lenses; a 100-400mm, 10-24mm and a 56mm F1.2. She’d apparently noticed my drooling when Robert was taking the pictures of Tanya to send to Playboy and misinterpreted it as drooling over his camera. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been wanting a new camera for a long time. And this is about as close to perfect as I could imagine.

It was a little after ten before our parents bid farewell for the night. “No need to be early tomorrow, dinner’s going to be about three,” Addie told them, knowing full well why they wouldn’t want to be up early. Mom and Dad had resolved Dad’s little infatuation issue with Laura. I bet their Christmas Eve night is going to be different than last year!

Between their ride-on cars and the RC car and tractor from our parents, not to mention the books, clothes and other little things from Santa, the kids were way too excited to go to bed. It was after eleven before they finally went to sleep. Addie and me? Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll just say that we had a very pleasant rest of the night. Not the first time since last Monday but definitely the best.

Fortunately, anticipating the cold, I’d bought a thermal blanket for the pellet grill so I could cook the prime rib for Christmas dinner in it despite the seven-degree outside temperature. It had gotten down to three during the night and was forecast to be three below zero Christmas night, the coldest it’s been for the last couple years. Later in the week, the forecast was for minus twelve by Wednesday night (brrr!), then starting to warm up a little. Not exactly conducive to the kids riding their cars up and down the sidewalk. Don’t think they would go so well in the snow, anyway.

Our parents didn’t get there until eleven-thirty. Boy, they seemed to be in a good mood. Wonder what could have caused that? Mom and Laura’s complexion and demeanor seemed to be just sort of glowing, much like Addie’s is after we… you know. Dad and Travis were just as happy, both showing lots of extra affection to their wives.

Luckily, Addie had thought to charge the kids’ cars during the night. Unfortunately, they only run a little over two hours, so by the time grandparents arrived, they were parked and charging all over again. Not hard to see that we’re going to need an extra battery for each. Wish we’d have thought of that when we bought the cars. Ah well, they did have the RC cars, too. Those were zipping around the house when grandparents arrived. That didn’t hurt grandparents’ moods any, either, to see the kids having so much fun with their presents.

The prime rib was… how do I say it without bragging a little… damned good! There are some things that God must have intended to be cooked in a pellet grill, and prime rib is one of them. Other than the prime rib, dinner was relatively simple; baked potato, steamed corn, my homemade sourdough rolls, and a shrimp salad.

Mom, Dad, Travis, and Laura left for home shortly after dinner. The freeway was still slick, it doesn’t thaw much at seven degrees; but at least it had been graveled, unlike the day before. But they still didn’t want to be too late getting home.

The day after Christmas was going to be a workday for both of us. It’s almost always the busiest day of the year. Besides merchandise, we sell a LOT of gift cards and they’re typically redeemed on the twenty-sixth. Plus, a lot of returns. Joanie came over to watch the kids during the day, and Addie went to Mt Home and me to Nyssa to help out. Those stores are the smaller ones and consequently, have the least employees to help out in a rush.

It was a good thing that I went to Nyssa, too. Carol was bombarded with customers. She had another girl working with her, Becky, but they were deep over their heads and another person was a lifesaver. If there’s anything we don’t want, it’s customers unhappy with our service.

It slowed down late that afternoon. I’d heard my phone ping earlier with a text and hadn’t had a chance to look at it until then. It was a text from Ginger, the first I’d heard from her since I heard that tearful ‘I love you’ when I left her house that Sunday. I was excited to see it from her, ‘Had a wonderful Christmas, hope you did, too. Went on that date Friday with the client I told you about. Will go out with him again. He’s nice. Not sure about you-know-what in front of the window with him just yet, but will see.’

I read that, happy for her, remembering that little window episode with a smile on my face, then scrolled to the next, ‘Disney World package, 7 nights, 4-day DW tickets, $3,948 incl airfare. Log on to my website, security code 48393.’

I typed out a reply, ‘Thank you so much! And hope things work out in front of the window. Was exciting. Will be on your site when I get home.’ It seemed like I should be saying more, but I didn’t know what.

The next three hours till closing at seven went quickly as our short respite from the rush of customers was short-lived. Susan locked the doors at seven and the last customer left fifteen minutes later. We don’t announce closing time like a lot of stores, let whoever is in the store after closing browse unrushed to their heart’s content. It sometimes costs us a little overtime, but even a single customer is important to Adriana, even if they don’t buy a thing. That attitude is the biggest reason the business has thrived.

It was almost eight when I got home, tired from a long day’s work. The kids were in their jammies. “Busy day?” Addie asked me as soon as I took off my coat.

“Uhuh, guess you could say that,” I told her, plopping myself down at the dining table.

“We had hamburgers tonight,” she said, plopping one on the grill side of the Jenn Air

After I ate my hamburger, I showed Addie the text from Ginger regarding Nicki and Samuel’s wedding gift. She apparently read a little more of the texts than just about the trip, “What’s this about the ‘you-know-what in front of the window’?”

My face must have turned a bit red before I answered her, “Tell you about that later,” I told her.

Addie nodded, opening her laptop and Ginger’s website, then entered the security code in the little box. The information for the trip opened, everything except dates; they’d fly out of Boise to Orlando, four days of four tickets to DW, another two days of free time, then home on the eighth day, seven nights in the Disney Coronado Springs Resort. She entered her credit card and instantly received a link to a printable gift certificate. Just like that, the trip was confirmed; Nicki and Samuel only had to reserve the dates.

“I have something interesting to tell you, too, after the kids go to bed,” she told me, “and you can tell me about the window.”

Katie got a new series of books from Addie’s parents, ‘The Boxcar Children’ for Christmas. I was thrilled when she opened that present because I remember reading them when I was little and loved them, especially the little boy, Benny. “I read these when I was a little girl,” Addie told us, surprising me. Wow, we had something in common even then. Anyway, Kevin sat on Katie’s bed with her and we read; Addie the first chapter, me the next. We alternated, four chapters before the kids would let us stop. By then, the ‘children’ had found their old boxcar in the woods, moved in and made it their home. It brought back the most pleasant memories of my parents reading to me when I was a little boy. Then by the later books, I was reading them myself, the same as I expected Katie to do, probably reading them to Kevin.

After we tucked them in and then ourselves, I asked Addie about her news that she’d mentioned earlier. The way she mentioned it, her tone, kind of gave away that it was something pretty significant and I was dying to know.

Like I said before, it was cold outside. When we went to bed, the outside thermometer said negative six degrees. Brrr! That has nothing to do with Addie’s news, except it explains why Addie was wearing a heavy flannel nightie to bed. Not exactly my favorite. I’ll admit, though, that she looks good in anything.

“Okay, sweet, what’s your news?” I eagerly asked her after we were snuggled in the warm bed.

“I’ll tell you, but first, I want to know details about the ‘in front of the window’,” she lay on the bed on one elbow glaring at me, just waiting for the story.

I’d have rather heard her news, but anyway, “Saturday night, after dinner, Ginger opened her blinds to show me the view, told me that she and Eric used to enjoy it so much. It’s a big picture window, almost floor to ceiling; there’s a pretty park right across the street, always people out walking… Ginger was in front of the window, her living room light on so people could see in… and dropped her robe. Just had on a thin babydoll under it.

“She was horny, asked me to fuck her in front of the window… said she’s always wanted to but never been brave enough before.”

Addie laughed, “Guess you bring out the best of her, huh?”

I smiled, a little laugh, remembering that night, the people watching us, “Guess so… people were watching from her sidewalk, parked in cars…”

“And you enjoyed every second.”

“Reminded me a little bit of you in that glass cage… maybe not quite that extreme, but still…”

“You’d have liked that, wouldn’t you? To have been there instead of Samuel?”

I hesitated before answering, “Yeah,” then smiled at her, “was sure fun to watch, though!”

She gave my arm a gentle slug, like she was pretending disgust with me, “That was awful… god, I was so horny!”

She should have been. I think I remember that it had been forty-six days then since her last time. And with what Jonah had already put her through that weekend…

But enough of that, I wanted to know, “Okay, your turn, what’s your news?” I asked her.

She took a breath, “Tawns called…”

That brought forth a sharp intake of breath, Addie’s college-years best friend, my first ‘extracurricular’ girlfriend; the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, Playboy Playmate of the Year. We haven’t seen them for what seemed like months. Just hearing her name made my cock tingle and grow

Last we’d heard from them, she’d hired an agent and was going to be modeling for Victoria’s Secret; a pretty drastic change in their lives. All because I’d sent that picture to Playboy suggesting her for their ‘professional women’ pictorial. When Playboy sent a photographer for that pictorial, they decided she was going to be a Playmate, instead.

Addie went on, “She’s home now, has to go back to Los Angeles on the second.”

“She happy with how things turned out so far?” I asked her.

Addie nodded, “Very, they’re both enjoying her newfound fame… but that’s not exactly the news…”

Now I was confused, “Not…? What then?” I assumed when Addie told me about Tanya, that that was the news she’d been waiting to tell.

Addie took another deep breath before going on. “Victoria’s Secret… is starting a new lingerie line, sexy maternity wear,” she hesitated again, “and they’re looking for a model… someone new…”

I sat up in bed, my mouth agape. What the fuck? Was my wife telling me what I thought she might be? “And?” I asked, still incredulous, almost holding my breath.

She nodded at what I knew had to be coming next, “Tawns showed them my picture… they want me to come to LA and interview…” Her face was a mixture of fear and excitement. Not sure what my face showed, probably the shock.

“And you told her? What?”

“That we needed to talk about it… it’d be a big commitment; modeling, appearances, the TV special…”

“Yes!” I blurted out, the vision of my wife walking down that runway on national television in some tiny little lingerie vivid in my mind.

She smiled, “Just like that, yes? You know they might not even choose me, it’s just an interview… but if they did, I’d be gone a lot, probably Los Angeles.”

They’d choose her, how could they not! And we could live with her gone a while. Hell, this was a once-in-a-lifetime!

But I knew that just like Tanya and Tanner, it would be a major impact on our lives. Probably not something we should decide based on how that vision affected my little brain, not that it was my little brain’s decision, it was ours, together.

“Tawns said we don’t need to decide right away. They’d want me there on the second. Let’s think about it for the next couple days."

“That’s reasonable. I agree, it’s not something we should decide right away. But, what exactly did she say?”

We both pushed a pillow behind us, leaning back against the headboard. “Pretty much just what I already said, that they’re looking for someone to headline their new maternity line, obviously someone pregnant… pretty; she said she showed one of the photographers one of the pictures with me in it… from that night, that Robert took. He showed it around and from that, they think I’m the person they want.”

“She have any idea how much you’d be gone, have to be there instead of here?”

She shook her head. “No, not really, but from the way she was talking, I’m guessing it’d be mostly full time. And the baby’s due first of March.”

“Sooo, we might not see you for a couple months? That’s a long time.”

“I know. I guess if we do it, you guys could fly down on at least some weekends. Surely we could make it work.”

“Sounds like you really want to do it?”

She hesitated before answering, then nodded, “Yeah, I do… not every day a girl gets an opportunity like that. And Tawns would be there. She even said I could stay with her.”

“Sounds like you’ve already decided,” I told her.

“No, I want to, but we have to decide this together,” she said. “Biggest thing is the kids.”

I nodded my agreement but thought about living without Addie for the next two months. Somehow, just an occasional weekend didn’t appeal to me in the least. But… but, that vision invaded my mind again… Addie walking down that Victoria Secret runway on national television. Even her picture in their glossy catalog and website sounded so exciting.

“Tomorrow,” I said, “or the next day, we can decide then.”


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