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Book Club Part One The good girl

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Book club memebers try out the book.

This is the first in a three-part series dealing with women in a Book Club. The events are all three separate stories that do not intersect. They all come from the same Book Club events. These are all fantasies of Sam and I but there are some similarities to people we know.


I guess you could say that it was our monthly book club that caused “it”. We have about twelve women who meet monthly and discuss books. Every six months we decide the books we read for the following six months. Anyone can nominate a book and as a group, we can veto a request. The books have a wide range of topics that include crime drams, suspense novels, philosophy, comedy, and romance. Romance novels are usually very popular.

We are all similar in age, from thirty-five to forty-five and live in the same neighborhood. My best friend Anna and I joined at the same time; we do most things together. Me? My name is Jennifer, everyone calls me Jenny. I’m forty-two, the same age as Anna. I married my High school sweetheart Matthew when I was twenty. Matt, as everyone calls him, was a junior when I was a freshman. After our first date, we were inseparable. I gave him my virginity at my senior prom, God it hurt. We married after Matt graduated from college. I received my diploma two years later walking across the stage carrying our daughter Julie protruding from my belly.

Anna has a similar story getting married about the same time as Matt and I to a man named Carter. Anna didn’t graduate college, she quit when she and Carter got married.

Anna and I are both empty nesters now. It was our kids going off to college that was the impetus for us joining the book club. I have so many of the same tastes that Anna has. We do like the crime drams and the suspense novels but we really like the romance stuff. I have to admit, for me the trashier the better. The group, thankfully, had similar tastes to Anna and me. The book votes were more and more towards the romance genera and getting more and more steamy.

While getting steamy, the books that we chose hadn’t crossed that line, you know what I mean. On the last book list, was a book called “Truth or Dare: A First Time Menage Romance.” After the list was approved, I picked up the book with extreme curiosity. Somehow, I figured it was going to be a racy romance novel. It was racy, but so much more. The book had explicit sex scenes including bisexuality and partner swapping. It crossed that line I was talking about and I couldn’t put it down.

By the middle of the book I was reading with one hand and my other hand was fingering myself while I read. I couldn’t put it down, except when I was orgasming.

Anna and I would always plan a weekend coffee to discuss the “book of the month” the Saturday before the upcoming book club meeting. On our first time with the group, we both thought we sounded stupid and decided that we would bounce ideas off each other to keep that from happening. We also had to discuss what wine we were bringing. Drinking wine is very important at book club. I think some of the women go just to give them an excuse to drink and gossip. Anna and I enjoy that aspect of the book club too.

Before I had finished pouring the coffee Anna started in. “Damn, that was a hot book. I wonder if that prude Betty will boycott the meeting saying that this book was porn like did a few months ago.”

“Well, it was pretty close to porn. This book goes a little beyond those tame romance novels we’ve been reading. The editing left a little to be desired.”

“Please, this wasn’t a book about the literary skills of the author. It was about breaking boundaries and doing things just for the fun of it. I remember when we use to get together comparing notes about our sex lives. God, I remember when I talked you into trying anal with Matt. You complained that your ass was sore for a week but you let him do it again the next month. Why don’t we do that anymore?” Anna asked me.

“Probably because our sex lives are shit. Matt and I do it now once a month if we are lucky. He hasn’t put his tongue to good use for a long time but I have to admit I haven’t given ‘little Matt’ a tour of my mouth in a long time.”

“I know what you mean. I really thought with Holly out of the house our sex drive would kick in and we would be doing it all the time. Either Carter is tired or I’m tired. We just don’t seem to have that spark”

I laughed, “We’re so pathetic and our sex lives are just as pathetic. You know I got really pissed at Matt when I was reading this book when he was out of town a few days this past week.”

“Why? What did he do?” Anna asked.

“Nothing, that was the problem. I stayed up reading this book. Let’s just say without him here I had to have my fingers take care of business.”

“Oh honey, you needed your little nightstand friend for those times.” Anna giggled, “I know you have one just like I do and yes, mine has been busy lately too.”

“Oh shit, you too? I was embarrassed that I did “it” while reading, I relieved that you did too.”

“The other night when I was reading the book Carter was snoring so loud I grabbed my little friend and I spent a long night in my study. I should have gone back and woke up Carter but I was so engrossed in the book while my little friend was doing his job, I stayed up all night.”

“Oh great, so now we are getting off with books rather than our husbands. Like I said we are pathetic.”

“Who says we have to stay that way. We need to find a way to break up our routine, a way to re-kindle our drives,” Anna said taking a long sip of coffee.

“Right, like finding a time machine that will take twenty years off our mom bodies,” I cut back at her.

“Oh, come on, we aren’t in bad shape. I think we look good. So our tits aren’t as perky as they were when we are in high school. Heads still turn when you wear those low-cut tops. Hell, I can’t count the times I’ve caught Carter staring at your boobs.”

“Just like my Matt watches your little ass when you wiggle it in front of him.”

We both laughed when Anna got a strange look on her face, “That’s it,” she said.

“What’s it?” I asked.

“We do what they did in the book.”

“We play truth or dare?” I asked.

“No, I mean we could, but I’m thinking about what they did after the truth or dare, they swapped.”

I was shocked, “What are you crazy? We can’t do that.”

“Why not, you said it yourself. Our sex lives are shit. We need to do something to jump-start it. I know you get off showing your tits to Carter and yes, I wiggle my ass to get Matt’s attention. What would be the harm?”

“I don’t know, because we are married and married people don’t do that!”

Anna cut me off, “Bullshit, married people do it all the time.”

“Right, it’s call cheating. Those married people don’t stay married very long. Not to mention what would other people say?”

Anna put her hand up, “Why does anyone but us have to know. We aren’t going to tell anyone. Think about it. We were both virgins when we met our husbands. Unless you haven’t told me the truth, Matt’s cock is the only dick to be inside Jenny’s little honey pot, am I right?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever called it my honey pot, but Matt’s been the only one in my ‘sweet spot’ as he calls it. Matt wasn’t a virgin when we met but he has told me I was second.”

“Right, so are you telling me you’ve never wondered what it would be like to have someone different in your ‘sweet spot’?”

Anna had caught me off guard with that question. The fact I was masturbating with the book was proof that I had that thought. “Yes, but that is just a fantasy. I’m not going to cheat on my husband.”

“How can it be cheating if you both doing it out in the open.”

I took a deep breath knowing that Anna was probably right. “Fine, it wouldn’t be cheating but there is no way I can go to my husband and tell him I want to fuck my best friend’s hubby. He will think I’m a big slut. I would never be able to look him in the eyes again, especially if when says no. There is now way he would go for this.”

Anna laughed, “Says no? You have to be kidding. Guys think with their dicks. I can believe that either of our guys would ever consider cheating on us but if we give the high sign it was okay, they would fuck each other in a heartbeat.”

“How can you be so sure?” I asked.

“Don’t get mad, but I’ve seen how your husband looks at me when I, as you put it, wiggle my ass. He has that I want to fuck you look. Don’t worry I see the same look from Carter when he is peaking at your tits.”

I sat there picturing Anna’s husband pushing his cock between my spread legs. The moisture was building between my pussy lips. I must have been a trance imagining Carter fucking me when Anna laughed. “Earth to Jenny, you were just picturing fucking my husband weren’t you?” I looked at her with an embarrassed look. “It would be just as hot to do it.”

“Let’s say I agree, which I’m not. There is no way I can go to Matt and say “Honey, Anna and I were talking and I want to let Carter fuck the shit out of me while you are banging Anna.”

Anna grabbed my hand, “Why can’t you say that to him?”

“Well, he is going to think I’m the biggest slut in the world and never be able to look him in the eyes again.”

“Okay fine, I will come up with a plan. We can play some games like in the book. When it starts getting racy you can act appalled and make it look like you have to be talked into it.”

“Anna, I don’t know about this.”

“Don’t say any more. Let’s both take some time to think it through. Give some hints to Matt to see what his reaction is and we’ll talk some more.”


I left Anna having no idea how I was going to give my husband “hints” that would give me his perspective on swapping. After a couple of hours of thought, I came up with a plan.

After dinner, Matt and I were watching a movie when I moved in close to him snuggling up. Matt immediately started rubbing my tits. Matt had my bra off squeezing my breasts when I turned to him. “Honey, I have a confession to make.”

A startled Matt pulled his hands from my tits. “You have to make a what?”

I grabbed his hands guiding them back to my tits. “No, it’s not what you think. Well, it is sorta what you think. We’ve been reading this book for the club that pretty steamy. It involves a lot of graphic sex. I was reading it the other day when you were out of town. I was so into it that before I knew it, I had two fingers in my pussy getting myself off.”

“And?” Matt asked anxiously.

“There’s no and. That’s it, I fingered myself all night as I read.”

Matt made a big sigh, “Shit, I thought you were going to tell me you were having an affair.”

“Oh God no, but I have to admit that I was fantasizing about the characters in the book. You’re not mad at me for that?”

Matt reached into my pants sticking his finger in my very wet pussy. “Mad? Of course not. You know that I look at porn now and then. Yes, I jack off watching it, so why shouldn’t you too?”

“Do you ever fantasize about people you know? When Anna and I were discussing the book, she told me she was masturbating while she read the book too. Anna said that during the swapping chapters she was picturing a couple she knew.”

“Really, who? Anybody we know?”

“Yes, she said it was us. I got mad at her at first. I told her I didn’t like her imagining fucking my husband.”

“Come on honey, it was just a fantasy,” Matt said with a big grin on his face.

“Oh, you like that she pictures you fucking her. Just so you know, she said the same thing; it was just a fantasy. Anna then told me I should imagine her husband fucking me. So I did, how do you feel about that, smartypants?”

Matt still had the grin on his face, “Hey, if you gonna do it, it should be with people we know and like.”

His comment caught me off guard. Was he talking about a fantasy or actual sex? I didn’t get to ask any more questions; Matt’s face was buried between my legs. Matt and I had the best sex we’d had in a long time that night.


Anna called me midday asking if I had talked to Matt. I told her that I did go directly to the issue but we danced around it. She said that she came right out and asked Carter about doing a swap.

“I know this will shock you but Carter wants to fuck you. He was so hard when we suggested we do a swap. He fucked me so hard, I’m sure he was thinking of you the whole time. I think we should do it.”

“I don’t know Anna, what if it messes up our friendship?”

“How could that happen? We would just be fucking, not having a relationship. We can put any rules on it you want.”

“Rules? Like what?” I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe no kissing or no anal. Maybe rules on where the guys' cum.”

“They both have been snipped so protection isn’t a problem,” I said.’

Anna’s laugh came through the phone, “You want my hubby to cum in your little pussy, don’t you?”

I knew I was blushing, “That’s not what I meant. I don’t know Anna, I’m still not sure I can do this.”

“You don’t have to say yes, just don’t say no. We already have dinner planned for next Friday night. At some point, either during or after dinner I will bring up book club and the swinger book. I will suggest we try some of the games in the book and see where it goes from there.”

“Fine, but if I say no, I don’t want you pressuring me.”


Book club on Wednesday was good but my mind was on our dinner party Friday night. Friday came and I cooked a nice meal with plenty of wine to help my nerves.

After dinner, we adjourned to our living room with Anna quickly bringing up our book club book. It was ten minutes into the discussion that Anna was suggesting that we play some of the games in the book. We were talking about games then Carter jumped in suggesting that we play a game where we act out sex positions. Carter said the game was safe because we would stay clothed. I was hesitant but Matt suggested that we do it with our own spouses.

Anna and Carter went first doing missionary. I had to admit it looked hot. Matt and I went next doing the same position. Feeling my husband’s hard cock through our clothes was turning me on.

We took another turn with our own spouses before Carter suggested we swap. I made a mild protest but quickly relented. I couldn’t admit it, but I wanted to keep playing.

Matt and Anna were up first. The position was doggie. Anna turned the lights down before they started. She was on her hands and knees on the floor with Matt behind her. Carter signaled them to start with our spouses doing their best porn imitation. Matt was dry humping her hard with his hands on her shoulders. Surprisingly Matt’s hands slipped from her shoulders under her tits. They were grinding for what seemed forever before Carter called time, announcing that it had been two minutes.

Looking straight at me, “We can top that, can’t we Jenny?”

Nervously I got down on the floor on my hands and knees. I jumped slightly when Carter settled in behind me. My husband announced he was starting the timer. Carter pushed his pelvis into my ass. He started grinding his crotch hard allowing me to feel his hard cock in his pants. He was moaning and grunting like we were actually having sex. I started to play along moaning myself. I moaned louder when Carter copied my husband by grabbing my tits.

While it seemed forever watching Anna and Matt go at it but it seemed like we had just gotten started when Matt called time.

We all caught our breath and looked at each other nervously. I grabbed my glass to take a big drink. Anna took a sip looking around the room. She looked my way and smiled. “In the book we read, the couples stripped down to their underwear to make it more exciting. The important parts would be still covered so nothing can happen.” Anna giggled as she said it.

I glared at her; we both knew that in the book stripping down to their underwear was the gateway to sex. Yes, the “important parts” would be covered but it would take much to slide panties to the side exposing either Anna’s or her own pussy to a hard cock.

Carter was hooting encouragement while Matt was asking me if I was okay with going to our underwear. The tent in his pants told me what he was excited so I nodded that we should go to our underwear. My eyes were fixed on Carter as his hard-on was on full view in his briefs.

Anna suggested that we turn the lights down further and both go at the same time. She said that each couple would have to perform two positions with no time limit. This was the point in the book where the two shy couples took the big step of fucking each other’s spouses. We all agreed we would start with the girls on top then move to missionary.

Anna came to me as I was turning the lights down. “Just like in the book, right?” She whispered. I knew that meant she was going to be fucking my husband momentarily. With the lights turned down the guys got on the floor about six feet apart. Anna climbed on my husband while I straddled hers.

My moans were not fake this time. Carter’s cock, even though covered by his briefs, felt wonderful grinding against my pussy. Within a minute his hands were all over my tits as I simulated fucking him. He pulled me down to him. Carter whispered in my ear that my body was on fire. As he did so he quickly unhooked my bra.

I sat up holding my bra covering my tits asking Carter what he was doing. He motioned over to Anna and Matt. Anna’s bra was off with Matt sucking on her tits. I thought for a moment then tossed my bra to the side. I knew there was no turning back now.

Carter immediately grabbed and squeezed my tits. He slid his hands to my ass pulling me up so he could suck on my tits. Carter’s hands grabbed my ass. With his fingers, he slipped my panties to the side inserting a finger in my pussy. I moaned loudly accepting his finger sliding in my wet pussy.

I closed my eyes rocking my hips on his finger. Suddenly Carter pulled his finger from my slit pulling my panties further to the side. I moaned again but it wasn’t because of Carter’s finger. I was feeling the unmistakable sensation of a cock entering my pussy. Carter’s mouth had left my tits to allow him to arch his hips up pushing his dick in me.

I couldn’t help myself, without thinking I was pushing my hips down burring his cock fully inside me. When I realized Carter and I were having sex I jerked my head to the side towards my husband in a panic. I guess I was relieved to see my husband on top of Anna pounding his cock into her. My hips started moving again up and down on Carter’s dick. We fucked for a few minutes with I stopped him.

“Carter, my panties are cutting into me. I need to take them off.” I quickly stood up pulling my panties off while Carter did with his briefs. Anna looked over as I stood up while Matt continued to fuck her. She gave me a thumbs up then closed her eyes enjoying herself.

Going back to the carpet I spread my legs inviting Carter back in me. I guided his cock back in my pussy where he started to slowly fuck me. It was odd, as he fucked me, I was comparing his cock to Matt’s. It felt different but not much. Carter felt like he was the same size as Matt but his movements different.

Carter picked up speed fucking me harder. I quit comparing and just enjoyed the fucking I was getting. His breathing was getting heavy and fast. I could tell he was getting close to cumming. He put his lips to my ear, “I’m close, I want to cum inside you.”

I was close too, all I could say was “Yes, Yes Yes!”

Carter grunted, sending his seed rushing into me. That set me off with my own orgasm. I groaned as my pussy clamped down on Carter’s dick. We were both breathing heavily as we watched the same scene play out with our spouses just a few feet away. I felt a wave of jealousy and guilt as saw my husband cum inside my best friend. I grabbed my panties and bra heading off to our guest bathroom.

Sitting on the pot I watched at Carter’s cum oozed into the bowl when I gentle knock came on the door. “Are you okay in there? Can I come in?” Anna said in a quiet voice.

When I told her yes, she quickly entered holding her hand over her pussy in an attempt to keep it from leaking on the floor. Handing her some toilet paper I put my head down. “I can’t believe we did this,” I said with a sob.

“Oh God, if you didn’t want to do this why didn’t you tell me? I’m so sorry I pushed you into this.”

Anna’s statement took me by surprise, “Anna you didn’t push me into anything. I knew what was going to happen tonight. I just don’t know how we go forward now. I don’t think I can look my husband in the eyes again or your husband after what we did.”

Anna stepped up to me pulling her naked body to mine. “Oh honey, it will be alright. We can talk through this; we will act like this never happened. We can promise each other that it will never happen again. I’m sorry it was so bad for you.”

A tear was rolling down my cheek. “No, you don’t understand. God, I’m so embarrassed. I liked it. I felt so slutty having your husband fuck me and I had an orgasm. I came harder than I have with Matt in a long time. When I looked over and saw Matt fucking you, I was jealous and turned on at the same time. I know I’m going to want to do it again. I’ve always been the good girl, not the slut I was tonight.”

Anna hugged me tighter, “Come on Jenny, there is nothing wrong with you experiencing something new and exciting. You stepped out from the strait-laced conservative Jenny that the world knows. I think everyone wants to be a little naughty now and then. Why shouldn’t you have a little fun? Tell me something, who did we hurt tonight? You still love Matt and I still love Carter.” I nodded my head to Anna. “If you and Matt decide you want to act like this never happened then it never happened. If you tell me you want my take my husband’s cock for a ride, just ask and I will let you borrow him. You just have to give him back when you’re done. I will want to give Matt another ride.”

I laughed and hugged Anna tight to my naked body. “I’m going to take my husband home now. I think I will lick your pussy juice off his cock before I fuck him. I suggest you and Matt talk about what we did tonight then make love. We will talk tomorrow. Just remember you are my best friend and I love you.”

Anna kissed me full on the mouth before leaving the bathroom. She had told me to wait five minutes then come out. I cleaned up putting my bra and panties on. Hearing the front door close I cautiously walked out of the bathroom. Matt was sitting on the couch in his briefs.

Matt walked to me scooping me up in a big hug. His lips met mine but I pulled back. “Are you mad at me honey?” I asked.

“I’m not mad at you, not disappointed in you and I love you now just like I did yesterday and the day before.”

My lips met his for a passionate kiss. When we broke our kiss, Matt led me to our bedroom sitting me down on the bed. “Matt, I need to be honest with you about tonight. It was Anna’s idea to swap but I let it happen. I need to be more honest with you, I enjoyed having sex with Carter and feel guilty about enjoying it.”

“Honey, you don’t need to apologize and there is no need to feel guilty about it. I think we all knew what could happen when we stripped down to our underwear. I’ll be honest too, I enjoyed having sex with Anna but it was just sex.”

“I just don’t know where this is going. You remember when we first got married you wanted me to suck your dick. I thought it was gross and wouldn’t do it. Then I got drunk at that party and I tried sucking you. I not only liked doing it, I loved it. I still thought it was gross for you to cum in my mouth till you came in my mouth without warning. I tasted it and again I like it.”

“Yes Jenny, I love the way you suck my cock.”

“You don’t get it. I was brought up to believe that sex was dirty. I know that is wrong. I enjoy sex, I enjoy sucking your dick and I even let you fuck my ass. All that is one thing, it has always been with you but now I’ve fucked another man.”

“Look Jenny, we can put a stop to this and never do it again.”

“No, you’re still not hearing me. I was watching as you were on top of my best friend fucking and shooting your cum in her pussy. I could tell by the looks on both your faces and the moans you both enjoyed it. I was a little jealous but excited.”

Matt looked at me bewildered. “Okay, I don’t get it. What are you saying?”

“As I told Anna, I’ve always been the good girl. I’ve been your good girl. I want to still be your good girl but I liked being a little naughty tonight. Can I still be your good girl while being a little naughty on the side?”

Matt laughed pulling me tight to him. “I love you as my good girl and I love you as my naughty girl. Just promise me that my naughty girl will come home to me.”

I pulled his boxers down looking up at him with his cock in my hand. “You mean come back to you and suck your dick after you fuck my best friend?”

“Yes, but I haven’t cleaned up if you know what I mean.”

“Good, I want to see if I can taste Anna on you.”

“MMM, I see my naughty girl is still here.”




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