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Crotch Lake -- Day 2

Crotch Lake -- Day 2

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One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

This is a seven-part story. I have completed all seven parts and will be releasing them over the next few weeks. The tags refer to the entire story and not necessarily to any particular episode. Crotch Lake is a real place, and my then-wife and I did camp on an island there with another couple. All names have been changed. I leave it to you, gentle reader, to determine which, if any, events in this story are factual and which are imagined.

Day 2 Monday

Ken and I were up first. After a quick trip into the woods to water a couple of trees, Ken worked on re-stoking the fire to chase the morning chill from the campsite. Meanwhile, I got the coffee and bacon started on the gas stove. Neither of us seemed anxious to bring up the previous night as we were both working in silence.

I called to the tent, “Hey girls, the bacon’s done. Are you two going to sleep all day?”

Karen answered, “Put the eggs on. We’re almost ready.”

I had my back to the tent cooking the eggs. Ken was at the table and almost choked on his coffee when the ladies came out.

I turned and saw our wives in the redneck outfits from the night before. In the daylight, Karen’s nipples were clearly visible through the white fabric of her tube top. She did a twirl causing her pink mini-skirt to flare and show off her pink thong and her ass cheeks. Cindy came over and gave me a good-morning kiss. I loved the way her nipples dented the fabric of her halter. I also loved the side boob that spilled out the sides. When she bent over the fire to add another small log, it dawned on me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. It dawned on me because the crotch of the Daisy Dukes was so tiny that her pussy lips straddled it. I was jealous for a moment that Ken could see her like that. Then I realized that moments before, I had been watching his wife’s nipples and ass.

After breakfast, we puttered around the camp and got everything organized. Then Ken and I explored the island while the girls sat around and read.

# # #

After lunch, it was swim time. Ken and I donned our trunks. Since swimming is not one of my athletic skills, I also took my life vest to our private beach. We were wading and waiting. When in the history of mankind did men not wait on women? Eventually, the ladies did make their appearance at the beach. It was well worth the wait. Cindy and Karen came down the trail from the campsite. Cindy was wearing her modest yellow bikini, and Karen was still in her redneck outfit, minus the skirt and boots. That left her in the white tube top and thin white bikini panties.

I know I should have been happy with my own wife, but once Karen got in the water, she might as well have been nude. The tube top and panties both became utterly transparent. Her tits, her pussy, and her red bush were all as visible as if she had been naked. Cindy noticed the tent in my trunks and playfully slapped my arm, but luckily, Ken was so busy watching his wife that he didn’t notice me ogling her.

Thankfully, Ken suggested that we try some afternoon fishing. My dad had always told me that fishing was best at dawn and dusk, but I enthusiastically agreed. Part of my reason was that I figured that if I didn’t get away from Karen, I might do something in front of her husband and my wife that I would regret. We went back to the camp, gathered our gear and a requisite supply of beer, and set out to terrorize the fish. Three hours, two bites, twelve beers, and no fish later, we headed the boat back to our island. Since we had no fish, dinner came from the supplies we brought with us.

# # #

After dinner, we sat around the campfire. Karen once again complained about being bored.

I asked her, “Okay, Karen, this is camping. Maybe we should make s’mores. Would that help?”

“You have GOT to be kidding.”

“Well, it’s too dark for you to read from your porn books. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Let’s go skinny-dipping.”

Cindy said, “You mean all of us get naked in front of each other?”

Karen answered, “Well, you and I have already shown almost everything. Wouldn’t you like to get even with the guys?”

“Guys, let’s go. It’s skinny-dip time,” said Cindy. “You ready to see some titties?”

Needless to say, we headed to the beach dropping clothes all the way. I did make a small detour to grab my life vest. There we were under the stars and a small crescent moon, four people floating just off the shore. In the near dark, we must have been quite a sight. Four heads, four titties, and one life vest floating on the moonlit water. We played around for a while with our own spouses. After a while, we all got a little chilled and decided to head back to the camp.

Have there ever been two guys in close proximity to each other who weren’t competing? For just a moment, when we all got out of the chilly water, Ken was silhouetted in the pale moonlight; I took a quick peek and noticed his dick was bigger than mine. I hoped that Cindy hadn’t noticed Ken’s equipment. Actually, with her more brazen personality, I really hoped that Karen hadn’t seen mine. That’s when I wondered to myself, why was I more concerned with Karen’s opinion than I was with Cindy’s?

# # #

As soon as we arrived back at the camp, the girls went into the tent to change while Ken and I pulled on some shorts and had nightcap beers. Why does it always take women so long to dress? After all, they started out naked. Finally, they emerged. It was worth the wait. The firelight showed Karen’s pink babydoll to its full advantage. I was, at least mentally, drooling over her incredible tits and the little bit of her red pussy hair that the bottom didn’t conceal. Oh yeah, Cindy was beautiful too in her white lace teddy.

The girls each sat on her own husband’s lap. Cindy put her arms around me while Karen did the same with Ken.

In unison, Karen and Cindy said, “Hey, Big Boy, How about a blow job?” the campsite was only lit by firelight. They both turned around, dropped to their knees, and pulled our shorts off. We were both instantly hard. With our wives hand holding our cocks, I could see that there was about a finger width more of my cock showing beyond Cindy’s hand than there was of Ken’s beyond Karen’s. Ha! Ken was a shower while I was a grower. My erection was bigger than his, and I hoped that everyone noticed.

They each grabbed their own husband’s hand and led us to the tent. They had left the lantern on in the tent. Remembering how hot the previous night had been in the dark, I reached for the switch on the light. Cindy swatted my hand away. Getting the message, I turned and removed Cindy’s teddy and took in the beauty of my wife’s beautiful tits and pussy. It had been difficult to get a good look when we were skinny-dipping, and I really wanted to see all of Karen. Hoping that Ken had stripped her as well, I tore myself away from Cindy’s 36-C boobs to check out her competition.

Karen’s boobs seemed to be a little larger than Cindy’s and probably the same cup size, but without a tan line. That made sense since they had their own pool with a privacy fence all around. She would have had an easy time sunbathing topless. I’ve always had a thing for redheads. Since I got my first glance, I thought that Karen’s red pussy hair was super hot. Wow! It was even hotter when I realized that she had it trimmed in the shape of a heart.

When Cindy saw where I was looking, she playfully slugged my shoulder. Getting the hint, I hugged her and lowered her on her back on our sleeping bag. Seconds later, I’d buried my face in my naked wife’s cunt and was eating her for all I was worth. I’ve always loved the smell and the taste of her pussy.

She was soon moaning and gyrating against my mustache. Across the tent, Karen was riding Ken’s face. I doubled my efforts on Cindy to make her cum. I licked up and down her slit. Then sucked, first one, then the other one of her inner lips. She squirmed, making it difficult for me to hold on. I licked her perineum and drooled a little extra on it to let it lube her butthole. I moved back up and circled her clit with my tongue. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and twisted them back and forth on her G-spot. Then I put the middle finger of my other hand up her butt. I knew from years of marriage to her that it was the magic combination. It only took a couple more minutes until she screamed out her orgasm. As soon as she came, I buried my painfully hard dick in her pussy.

A couple of minutes later, Karen came with an even louder scream. Then she mounted her husband reverse cowgirl. Everybody was horny after the skinny-dipping. The show that both couples were putting on only heightened the horniness. The air of competition was even stronger with the lights on. I was determined to show my superiority in the sack. I pounded Cindy for all I was worth. Not to be outdone, Ken was thrusting up into his wife as she rode him like a bucking bronco. Cindy and Karen both had their second orgasms at the same time. I slowed my thrusts, trying to outlast Ken. I need to show that I could use my bigger cock better than he could use his. I felt the inevitable building. I tried to think of baseball or something to put it off.

Karen told Ken, “Come in my cunt. Fill me up. Give me your cum.”

That was just too much. I heard Ken grunting through his orgasm. I lost it and filled Cindy’s beautiful pussy with my cum. Damn it! It was a tie. But at least I made Cindy cum first from the pussy licking.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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