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Dinner Ch 7-B

Series: Dinner

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The couples' sex game continues...

Karen had drawn a card and was having a hard time reading it. She’d spun the spinner, pointing to Nate

“Okay, you know, you’re going to have to tell us what it says now,” I told her.

She looked at it again, started to read again, "spin the spinner, for a person and timer… to… I can’t!” she was almost crying.

This time I felt merciful, remembering what she’d written in her note to me. “Hon, you can skip. You don’t have to.”

But she shook her head, “No… I can’t… nobody else did,” she took a deep breath, looked at her card again, “for a person and timer… to… to… masturbate you,” her face bright red.

Pauli’s face perked up, “You mean… he’s supposed to finger you?”

Karen nodded, “and it says, ‘you can’t come,’” looking around the table, “and I’m so fuckin’ horny already!”

Nate got up off the couch. Karen looked at him briefly, then stood alongside him, “How do I do this?” he looked bewildered.

Pauli helped, “Stand behind her, reach around her… I’ll start the timer when you start rubbing her pussy.”

Nate moved around behind Karen and began running his hands up and down her waist, one hand moving up and cupping her breast. Karen’s eyes closed and she groaned, covering his hand over her breast with her own.

His right hand rubbed down a little lower, up and down along the outside of Karen’s leg. His other was still massaging her tit. I glanced at Pauli and no, she hadn’t started the timer yet.

Nate’s left hand crossed her chest to her other breast and his right worked a little closer to her shaved pussy lips. Karen was moaning, her hips beginning to gyrate and spreading her legs apart.

Her groaning got louder as his hand worked around her leg to the inside of her thigh… then to her pussy lips and when he first rubbed the inside of her lips, a loud, “Oh, shit!” came from her lips.

I looked at Pauli again, quickly, to see if she was going to start the timer. She did, hitting the ‘four-minute’ button, winking at me. It was supposed to have been two minutes.

My attention went back to Karen and Nate, Nate just gently running his fingers up and down the inside of her pussy lips, Karen groaning loudly, facing us so we could see, the same view as she was giving us last Saturday when I was doing the same to her. But that was only a few seconds, and it was me, not a guy we’d just met. We hadn’t had any ‘mood brownies’, either.

I was watching Nate’s fingers on my wife intently… and then three fingers were inside her. Nate was a tall guy, probably six-three, with long fingers to match. When the fingers disappeared inside her, Karen let out a loud gasp and the groans were replaced with whimpering, her hips meeting his sudden thrusting into her, the wet slurping sounds filling my ears.

Karen’s face looked to be in a state of shock, her lips in an ‘O’, with, “Oh God, Oh God,” repetitively coming from her mouth.

And then he pressed the three fingers deep inside her and held them there, working his fingers around inside her. Her eyes opened, glassy-looking, her teeth biting her bottom lip.

I glanced at the timer – it showed a little over three minutes remaining.

Karen spread her legs a little wider, humping Nate’s fingers, still buried deep inside her. “Connor told me you like being spanked,” he told her, swatting her bottom hard with his other hand, eliciting a loud, “Unh,” from her. He swatted again, then pulled his fingers out and pushed them in her mouth to suck her juices off them. The hand that had been swatting her reached through her legs with more fingers inside her from the rear.

I’m sitting there watching this guy with my wife, torturing her and the thought going through my head is, this is what I’d love to do to her in that strip joint!

Do they allow it? Even your own wife? I know I’ve done similar things in some of my stories, but, at least there, I didn’t have to worry about legalities. Hell, I had no idea! I’ve never been in the place, either. And the Honey Bunzz isn’t even its real name, either. I don’t even know what it is, just that it’s there. Or at least was, I haven’t been by it for a long time.

But I let my mind wander long enough. Nate was still reaching through Karen’s legs, two fingers inside her from the rear and Karen letting out an almost tormented wail. I took a quick peek at the timer and a little less than a minute was left. This had undoubtedly been just about the longest two minutes of Karen’s life. Or at least what she thought was going to be two minutes, until the cheating Pauli ‘accidentally’ pressed the ‘four’.

I couldn’t stand watching a second longer. I got up, walked around the loveseat and sucked one of Karen’s nipples in my mouth, motioning to Connor to join me, sucking her other tit.

I heard the buzzer but ignored it. Karen’s tit was just too hard and sexy to give up so soon. Her hand was on my head, pulling at my hair while her whimpering varied in volume up and down. She had two guys sucking her boobs and a third with fingers inside her vagina. I wondered how it was feeling to her, especially as horny as she’d been even before this had started.

Besides her tits in our mouths, our hands were all over Karen’s naked body. I have no clue how long it might have been after the timer’s buzzer, but I felt a tap on my shoulder; Pauli was silently mouthing ‘time’. I backed away, along with Connor and Nate, leaving Karen standing alone, trying to breathe. Us three guys sat back down and in a little bit, Karen sat, too.

It took quite a while for Karen to recover and we waited until she seemed to be at least a little down from her high. I don’t know how many times I can say it in one night, but if I hadn’t already been so turned on… shit! It was like that little ‘accident’ earlier hadn’t even happened.

“Are you ready?” Connor asked Karen. It was his turn to draw a card next.

She nodded, “Uhuh.”

He picked up his card, then looked back and forth between Karen and Alyssa, with a smile on his face and read, ‘The players on your right and left, oral sex on one, oral sex on you from the other. Your choice. Spin for time.

“Oh God, no!” Karen moaned. Her pussy was still recovering from a long, rather aggressive finger-fuck. I glanced at Alyssa, who had apparently realized that she was going to have to do one or the other, squeezing her legs together.

Karen handed the spinner to Connor with a little groan. It didn’t look like either girl was too thrilled with their fate. Connor spun it and Pauli reached over once again, putting her finger on the four, stopping the little arrow.

“That’s cheating!” Karen complained, “I demand a respin.”

Well, yeah, it was, maybe just a little, “Vote?” I asked, looking around.

The vote was four-two that it was a legal spin, Karen and Alyssa the only dissenters. I chuckled, there was nothing ‘legal’ about it, rather obviously.

“Okay, four minutes it is,” Pauli announced, with a little giggle, “who’s doing what?” she asked her boyfriend.

What a horrible decision to have to make! I should be so unfortunate. I wasn’t even sure which way I hoped he’d go.

Connor looked back and forth, between Karen and Alyssa, “I think…” he stood and slipped his shoes off, then his slacks and shorts, letting that big cock pop out loose. He was most definitely bigger than me. I’ve mentioned before that Karen’s a petite girl, and I wondered about her mouth around him and damn sure wondered about it in her virgin ass!

Connor took his shirt off, too, so he was naked as the girls. He scooted the loveseat back from the table, pulled Karen up off her cushion by the hand, then sat back down on the couch, his legs spread apart, waiting.

I watched with rapt attention as my wife got down on her knees in front of this kid, ten years younger than her, took his cock in her hand, looked up and said to him, “You’re not allowed to come, you know,” then over to Alyssa, “you either, Lyssa, when it’s your turn.”

Then she looked back down at the prize in her hand. My heart was pounding again, just about to watch my wife perform on her new lover. It’s rare, even for her and me, just something we very seldom do.

She spat on her two hands, then gripped him around the base, running her hands up and down, getting a low grown from Connor. He’d had the same sexual stimulation as me all evening and was hard… and hadn’t come like I had earlier. I couldn’t imagine that he’d be able to hold out for four minutes inside Karen’s mouth.

Karen wrapped her lips around the head of Connor’s cock and her cheeks hollowed out, sliding him inside her. She was looking up at him, her hand working the base of his cock. Only the first few inches would fit in her mouth, but she slid those inches in and out, in and out, her hands squeezing and rubbing the rest, using her saliva as lubricant.

God, this was so damned hot, a sight I never imagined seeing. I’ve written about guys watching their wives giving blowjobs, but seeing is so damned, completely different!

Karen went on and on, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, occasionally gagging a little, Connor’s face grimacing and his groaning more incomprehensible. Then she stopped, his cock fully in her mouth, breathing deeply through her nose. She swallowed and slowly… ever so slowly, more of him disappeared in her mouth, like a snake slowly slithering into its hole, until, to my utter amazement, I began seeing the results with Karen’s thickening throat.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck!” Connor started exclaiming and all of a sudden, his facial expression totally changed to something completely different, he grabbed Karen’s hair and screamed out, “Aahhhh!” His eyes clamped shut, his body stiffened and his grimace completely overwhelmed him, pressing himself deeper into her mouth, pumping cum down my wife’s throat! God, if I hadn’t come earlier…

Never, not once, in our thirteen years together have I come in Karen’s mouth. The few times she’d made me come with oral sex, she always pushed me away right as I started to come. She always seemed to know. This time, she didn’t. Karen’s eyes, too, were closed and her face in a grimace, turning a bright red.

When it was finally over, Karen pushed him out and took deep breaths, trying to catch her breath. A moment later, she took a long drink of her rum/ginger ale, “Never thought I’d say how good that tasted,” she said, then, “you didn’t make it,” she told Connor with a smile on her face.

“No, I’d defy anyone to survive four minutes inside that talented mouth,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she smiled, “think I’m going to be getting more practice from now on, too,” looking directly at me. God, I could take that!

He looked at Alyssa, then, “You ready, Lyssa?” he asked her. His cock hadn’t shrunk even the tiniest bit.

Alyssa’s naked legs were pressed tight together, “Kiss me first?”

He leaned over and their lips touched, kind of hesitantly first, like that thirty-second kiss from earlier, but not for long. After a short moment, she pressed her body to his, wrapped her arm around his neck and this was no longer a ‘friend’ kiss.

Connor pulled away from Alyssa’s lips and slowly kissed down her chest, stopping to linger at a tit, sucking it fully in his mouth, working her nipple between his lips and getting a long, sexy groan from Alyssa. I didn’t recall the card saying anything about tits, but I guess the ‘rules’ had been kind of relaxed, and I didn’t notice anybody complaining, least of all, Alyssa.

I looked over at Nate, sitting on the couch wide-eyed and rubbing his groin. I could relate to what he had to be feeling right then.

Connor began working his mouth down Alyssa’s tummy and I was really starting to feel the anticipation. Nate had to be about out of his mind, not to even mention what Alyssa must be feeling. She’d seemed so shy when dinner started, then petrified when Pauli took her blouse off. Said she’d never been with another man besides Nate. Now, here she was, naked, just about to let another man invade her most private part with his mouth, right in front of us.

Alyssa was lying down on the loveseat, her legs still tight together, when Karen walked around it and knelt down beside her, whispering something in her ear, then kissing her when she turned her head. Alyssa’s legs seemed to relax and spread apart a little, Connor kissing the inside of her thigh

Karen was kissing Alyssa and massaging her breast when she gasped at Connor’s mouth finally on her pussy. My attention went to Connor, his mouth between Alyssa’s legs, arms around her hips lifting her up a little off the loveseat. Karen moved from kissing her to Alyssa’s nipple, sucking it in her mouth, leaving Alyssa whimpering and moaning.

Apparently, when Karen dipped her toe in Pauli’s ‘lady pond’ she decided she liked that particular kind of pond.

Connor was spreading Alyssa’s pussy lips with his tongue, and I glanced at Nate again. His pants were down around his ankles, rubbing his cock and cum spurting.

It was only a moment later when Alyssa’s body began to quiver and her moans changed to a loud wail, her hips bucking into Connor’s face and her arm around Karen, pulling her down harder on her tit.

Connor lifted Alyssa’s hips higher off the loveseat, pushing his tongue deeper into her and she screamed, going on and on. I don’t know how long it went on with Alyssa’s body bucking and writhing. When she finally did calm down, Connor backed away and Karen let go of her tit, just gently massaging her breast.

Alyssa lay there, breathing, recovering, calming down, her legs still spread far apart; Connor wiping her juices from his mouth. It took several minutes before she managed to sit back up on the loveseat... leaving a clearly visible damp spot on the leather, “That was…” looking back and forth between Connor and Karen, “different… incredible…”

We waited a few more minutes for Alyssa, before she said, “I’m still so horny!”

“You want a card or pass?” Pauli asked her.

“Give me another minute or two,” taking a long drink of her rum and ginger ale. She looked across the table at her husband, Nate, “You okay?” she asked him.

He nodded, looking down at his still steel-rod-hard cock, “Think you can tell.”

“Okay, I’m ready,” she said, just a little later, drawing a card, she read aloud, ‘Spin the spinner for opposite sex, then man sitting, woman on his lap, no clothes on either, tab ‘A’ inserted into slot ‘B’, as long as possible before orgasm.’

I had to chuckle a little at the humor of whoever wrote that; ‘tab ‘A’, 'slot ‘B’.

“Ohhh,” she groaned, looking back and forth between Connor and me. Then it dawned on me – one of us was just about to fuck her, Insert ‘tab’ into ‘slot’!

She looked down at the spinner, flicked it. If I was Pauli, I’d probably stick my finger on it, on the one – and it’d bounce back to the six. But I’m not Pauli. I held my breath for the brief moment it took the spinner to stop – on a two! Me! Yes!

Alyssa looked at me and smiled, that gorgeous, sexy smile. Karen, on the other side of the table from me, looked amused. She’d been having her fun, more than once. Now It was my turn.

I got up, went in the kitchen to retrieve a dining chair, then kicked off my shoes and socks and stripped out of my clothes, sat down and waited for the young, sexy Alyssa.

She stepped over, facing me, and sat down on my lap, trapping my cock between our tummies, pressing her naked tits against my chest and wrapping her arms around my neck. I reciprocated with arms around her waist, pulling her tighter… and she kissed me.

God, her pointy, little nipples felt good against my chest. I took my left hand from her waist and squeezed it between us and massaged her titty, which made her kissing more urgent, tongue deeper in my mouth and grinding her pussy against my legs, squeezing my cock in the process, which made it a damn good thing that I’d come that little while earlier.

She reached down and took hold of my cock and started to push herself up, I guess in order to press ‘slot 'B’ down onto ‘tab 'A’, which I was more than ready for.

I had a brief thought, the week before, how it had been for me in this same scenario with Karen on Connor’s lap. I asked her to turn around, her back to me. She did, stood and sat back down, this time holding my cock and sliding herself down over it. We both groaned as my cock slid inside her.

God, her tight, wet pussy felt good, impaling my shaft inside of her, hot like a velvet fire. She ground herself down and groaned, “Oh fuck, so good!”

My hands were around her chest, cupped her tits, pinching her nipples, and pulling her back tight against my chest. “Have Nate come over,” I told her, “kiss him.”

A few seconds later, Nate was in front of his wife, kneeling. I was him, exactly one week ago, in front of Karen, with Connor’s cock inside her. I knew the excitement and fear that he had to be feeling, the jealousy that another man’s cock was inside my wife… and how she was enjoying it.

I chose that moment to lift Alyssa up slightly and ram my cock back inside her, eliciting a loud groan. “Kiss your husband,” I told her, “let him know he’s your man.”

Nate had to have heard me, he leaned forward and took his wife’s lips with his own. She reciprocated, pulling him into her, her arms around his neck. And I fucked her, hard as I could.

Last week it was me feeling each and every one of Connor’s thrusts into my wife, feeling her biting down on my lips as she came nearer and nearer to an orgasm. I hoped Nate was enjoying his wife’s thrills to his very soul as I had.

As we went, I was able to pull out further and impale her deeper, thankful for that orgasm I’d had earlier, watching Nate finger-fuck my wife. I pinched her nipples, feeling Nate’s chest on the back of my hand. My own orgasm was coming on, starting slowly but becoming a freight train, then a tsunami that I lost all control over, especially when I felt Alyssa’s body tense and squeeze my shaft. When it hit, everything else in the room blanked out of my mind and I heard screams; mine? Alyssa’s? I had no idea as the tsunami washed over me and carried me away.

Moments later, I began to come down from my sex-induced high. Alyssa’s body was covered in a thin sheen of slippery sweat, and Nate was still kneeling in front of her, his face looking to be in awe of what had just happened with his wife. She leaned back, her soft skin against my chest and put her hands on my legs, rubbing slightly.

My cock was still inside her, but rapidly softening and shrinking back to its normal, limp state. Although, if it hadn’t been so ridiculous, I’d have let out a little chuckle; ‘limp’ had not been normal at all for the last several weeks, since meeting Pauli in that Italian restaurant.

I couldn’t believe how our lives had changed, all because Karen and her mom delayed in the ladies’ room and I’d begun reading Simplicity’s story on my phone… and a pretty, young woman noticed and asked me about it.

Alyssa had apparently come back to earth, “Does anybody have a cloth?” she asked.

Karen jumped up and ran into the bathroom, returning with a damp washcloth. Alyssa stood, pressing the cloth between her legs, wiping the cum that was leaking out of her pussy.

While Alyssa was still wiping, Karen announced, “I’m going to the bedroom, anyone else coming?” looking back and forth between Nate and Connor. Both jumped up, following her, all of us watching that glorious, naked ass leading the way.

Once there, she turned and took Nate’s hand, pulling him around and then pushing him down on the bed. He’d lost his pants when Connor was pleasuring his wife and apparently his shirt at some point.

“Don’t you dare come,” Karen admonished Nate as she climbed on the bed over him on her hands and knees, licking the tip of his cock with her tongue then wrapping her lips around the head.

I looked at Connor, knowing exactly what he was thinking, Karen’s butt up in the air, her knees spread on each side of Nate’s legs. Then I remembered what Karen had sent me after a couple of hours earlier, the KY Love Passion that was still in my pocket… in the living-damned-room.

I hurried back to the living room, retrieved the lube out of my pocket and back in the bedroom. When back, Nate was groaning with Karen’s lips and hand wrapped around his cock. I handed the lube to Connor, fully expecting that four people were going to have a fantasy realized in the next few minutes. Nate was already well on his way.

Connor sat down on the bed, ran a hand over Karen’s ass, then snapped the cap open and squirted a large amount of the liquid on two fingers.

I had just had a rather massive orgasm inside Alyssa and another a short time before, but the anticipation of what I knew was coming had me getting hard all over again. Alyssa, Pauli and I were watching our partners in rapt attention, “He knows what he’s doing, she’ll like this,” Pauli whispered to me. I glanced at her briefly, realizing that she had to have been speaking from experience.

Connor’s slippery fingers were pulling my wife’s buttocks apart slightly, while at the same time Nate’s cock was disappearing totally inside her mouth. The moment Connor’s fingers found her little hole, Karen let Nate’s cock slip out of her mouth and gasped. As far as I knew, this was a first for her. She and I had never done anything anal and I seriously doubted she had before we met. Connor’s fingers toyed with her for just a moment, then one started to slowly disappear inside her.

Karen let out a small groan and I could tell that her muscles had tensed. “Relax,” Connor told her, as his finger slipped inside her.

I was mesmerized, not paying any attention to either of the girls beside me, at least not until I felt a mouth wrapping around my hardening cock, Pauli’s. I was torn between paying attention to my wife and Pauli, who seemed intent on growing my cock in her talented mouth.

Karen had resumed her ministrations to Nate, utilizing her newfound skill of taking him all the way down her throat while Connor was finger-fucking her ass, I presumed getting her ready for the main event. This was something else that I’ve written about with both Michelle and Adriana but never in my wildest imagination ever expected to see unfolding in front of me with my wife as the star. Especially, with a naked, very sexy, young woman actively resuscitating my cock in her mouth.

God, I was torn between Pauli’s mouth and Connor moving up behind my wife. Karen released Nate from her mouth and grunted in pain when Connor first started to push himself inside her.

“It hurts!” she complained.

“Just a little while, it’ll go away,” Connor answered her.

This was what Karen had begun teasing me about when she first found out about Pauli asking to invite another couple to our dinner. At first, I thought she was just teasing and would never go through with it, even up to that admission of fantasies, I thought she’d probably been teasing, but now…

Connor eased back, then forward again, eliciting another groan from Karen, “Mmmff,” came from her mouth as an inch or so of his cock disappeared inside her.

And then… and then, Connor’s cock began to slowly disappear inside my wife’s ass... at the same time as I felt my own cock slide down Pauli’s throat, a sensation I’d never felt before. I don’t even know how to describe it; tight, almost like a milking sensation. How long had it been since Alyssa and I had…? Not very damned long and here I was, feeling like another orgasm was imminent at any time.

But I was watching Karen, too; she had looked up, a hard grimace on her face, rocking her body back to take more inside her. When Connor’s groin was tight to Karen’s butt cheeks, I heard a voice, sounded like Karen’s, “Stay… right there… let me…”

And then, the same voice again, “Nate… want… you inside me… fucking me.”

And I came! Those words were the end. I couldn’t have stopped myself from coming in Pauli’s throat if… hell, I don’t even know what. My thought process had degenerated to the brainpower of any animal fucking its mate.

My glazed eyes dimly saw Nate’s cock sliding into my wife’s pussy as my cum sprayed the inside of Pauli’s throat. When it finally let up, I realized that my hands were gripped around her hair… and two men were actively fucking my wife! Their cocks sliding in and out of her, sometimes in unison, sometimes opposite, with strange noises coming from Karen’s mouth.

She was looking up, staring at the wall in front of her, rocking back and forth, tits bouncing, her ongoing wail growing more and more vocal as each second passed.

Then she let out a scream, a noise I’d never in my life heard coming from my wife’s lips. Her body literally rocked the bed. It’s a solid frame, good foam mattress, but at that moment, I was afraid it might break. Karen’s body was shuddering, rocking back and forth, like it had no idea what to do. Both men’s cocks were deep inside her, undoubtedly pumping cum, their own expressions nearly matching hers in their intensity. Hell, I even felt myself starting to get hard again!

And then it was over. The two men on their backs, Karen flat on her stomach, collapsed on the bed, panting, all three trying to get air in their bodies. I realized that I was doing the same. I didn’t even know I’d been holding my breath. I only knew it was over. Karen had one knee still bent forward so that I could see the cum dripping from a place I’d never imagined it to ever be.

Hell, I’d never ever even had the courage to write about what had just happened in real life! And I realized something else. After coming, watching Karen being finger-fucked by Nate; then inside Alyssa’s pussy; and again in Pauli’s throat; I was fucking hard again! At that moment, I think I wanted to fuck my wife more than I ever had in my life.

I didn’t, though. She needed time. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but I knew that our next fuck was going to be earth-shattering.

I don’t know how long Pauli, Alyssa and I stood there, dumbly in a state of shock; could have been minutes, could have been an hour.

Connor climbed off the bed, said he had to use the bathroom, had the presence of mind to use the main bath in the other room, to let Karen use ours. That brought the three of us who had watched this spectacle back to the land of the living. Nothing was said, but Pauli and Alyssa went back to the living room, as did Nate, leaving Karen and me alone.

I went to my wife, still laying on the bed in the same position. She turned her head toward me and smiled. I kissed the tip of her nose, told her I loved her, then pulled her tight. Her arm went around my back and I felt fingers digging into my side, tugging me to her.

Little did I expect, at that moment, that our night was far from over.

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