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Dinner Ch 7-C

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Our dinner party evening continues, beyond all expectations

Thanks very much to cbears52 for his help editing.

I went to my wife, still laying on the bed in the same position. She turned her head toward me and smiled. I kissed the tip of her nose, told her I loved her, then pulled her tight. Her arm went around my back and I felt fingers digging into my side, tugging me to her.

Little did I expect, at that moment, that our night was far from over.


Karen and I lay together for… a long time, just holding each other. “We still have guests,” she finally said and climbed off the bed, disappearing into our bathroom.

I got up, too and went in the living room. The four were dressed in the clothes they’d come in; Nate and Alyssa on the loveseat, Pauli and Connor on the couch, heads on each other’s shoulders just softly talking. Suddenly, I was self-conscious, the only one naked in the room. I found my clothes, slipped them on and sat down next to Connor on the couch.

“Think we need a drink,” Connor announced. So, he and I retreated to the kitchen where the drink-making materials were still on the counter. As we worked, Connor looked over at me and asked, “You want the night to be over?”

I shrugged, not knowing what he was getting at, “Why, what?” I asked him.

He went about pouring the rum, handing me the glasses to add the crushed ice and ginger ale, “I made a phone call a little bit ago,” he said, looking up at me, “that place we talked about earlier… in Umatilla… they don’t close until two.” We both looked at our watches simultaneously, eleven-thirty.

“I asked,” he went on, “he said they could make an exception… to amateur night… if we wanted to bring our girls…” looking back over at me.

I stared, was he kidding? “You know… there’ll never be a better time… after the brownies, inhibitions down,” Connor explained.

“I don’t know, if Karen can’t make a conscious decision that she wants to… ”

Connor hesitated, “No, it’s not like that. The brownies won’t make her do something she doesn’t want. It’s not so much that it wouldn’t be a conscious decision as inhibitions kind of slipping away, letting her do what she really wants. She doesn’t want, she still wouldn’t.”

I didn’t know, somehow it didn’t seem fair when she’s been drinking so much more than she’s used to and eaten those brownies.

“Never be another chance like tonight. And like I said, she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to,” Connor insisted.

I hesitated, thought about it. It seemed like things had already spiraled completely out of control that night, going so fast. “Nah,” I told him, “As far as tonight, think some things should just stay a fantasy… besides, what about Nate and Alyssa, she was even more adamant than Karen.”

Connor looked disappointed, “Think I’ll ask Pauli, though, she seemed like she wanted to pretty bad. Maybe just her and I might go.” He got up and carried a tray of four drinks to the living room, giving one to Alyssa and Nate, then Pauli, whispering in her ear.

I watched all this from the kitchen, bemused at Pauli’s reaction to his whispering, the smile on her face when she got up and came in the kitchen, picking up the drink I hadn’t yet taken to Karen.

“Watch this,” was all she said, taking Karen’s drink to the other room, taking Alyssa’s hand and the two of them retreating into the bedroom.

I went in the living room and sat down in my recliner. “What’s going on?” I asked Connor.

Nate, too, looked bemused, “Yeah, what?” he asked as well.

“Have to wait and see, but I think Pauli’s trying to talk the girls into something,” he answered.

I sat, wondering. What should have been the obvious never occurred to me. Also, wondering what do you say to the guys who had just double-teamed your wife? Admittedly, my brain was kind of muddled after the alcohol and brownies. And, I guess, I wasn’t exactly an ‘innocent’ in regards to their wives, either. After all, I’d been the first guy to fuck Nate’s wife since they were married and just a week ago, Pauli, not to even mention the incredible blowjob just minutes earlier.

I continued to wonder in my haze until Pauli and Alyssa came back out of the bedroom, Pauli doing a little dance with her hands high in the air and twisting her hips back and forth, “Yes! We’re having some fun tonight!”

Actually, I thought we had already been having some fun. Pretty damned incredible fun, too.

A couple minutes later, Pauli was still dancing when Karen came out of our room wearing one of her sexy little robes. Somehow, all the rest of us dressed and Karen in that sheer robe, nothing else – except the red stockings she’d never taken off, was just sexy as hell! She picked up her clothes from earlier, then, smiling that seductive smile that’d become pretty common the last week, she came over to me, kissed me on the lips and whispered, “Guess you better call an Uber… half an hour…” then disappeared back to the bedroom, carrying her clothes.

I looked around, no doubt the befuddled look showing on my face, “What? Where?” I asked to no one in particular, to anyone who’d answer me, the obvious still escaping me.

Pauli answered, “To Umatilla, dummy, that little club you guys talked about earlier,” and did another little dance move, toying with the bottom of her short skirt, pulling it up and running her fingernails across the smooth, sexy skin of her thigh. God!

And then it dawned on me what she’d said, where we were going… that strip club! I couldn't fuckin’ believe it! Karen? My Karen! My big-time fantasy come true? Okay, I’ll admit it, when I’d written about Michelle and Adriana and Tanya on that stage, I’d been thinking about Karen. I’d never ever voiced it, not even to myself, but still… it had been her, my wife, I’d been secretly thinking about. And now? Holy fuck!

My fingers were shaking when I got out my phone, then realized I hadn’t the foggiest idea who to call. “Anyone know the number?” I asked, looking around at my companions. Everyone shrugged and shook their heads. So everyone followed me in the spare bedroom where my desktop computer was set up and I googled it, discovering we could request the ride right online, $85.11 each way. For an ‘XL’ that we could all ride in. The website said it’d be a minivan. Nick and Connor said they’d split the cost but I said I’d use my credit card. Figured if they wanted to slip me twenty bucks, I’d take it, not that it was particularly important.

My billfold was in the bedroom, so I retrieved it. Apparently, Karen was in the bathroom since I didn’t see her and the door was closed. The other girls had gone in the main bathroom.

Anyway, I gave Uber my credit card info and asked for the ride in half an hour, 11:45, then turned on our porch light.

Then, we three guys sat and waited. Nate was the first to voice what I was thinking, “Damn,” he said, “I can’t believe we’re doing this, that they’re doing this!”

“Pauli can be pretty persuasive when she wants something,” Connor said, with a chuckle.

“Me either, I thought Karen’s ‘no’ was pretty definite,” I said. What the hell had Pauli said, I wondered.

The girls were occupying both bathrooms so we waited. Occasionally, I glanced at my watch, five minutes, then ten minutes and so on. Damn, time can go by slowly.

“What’s with these stories I’ve heard about? You write?” Nate asked me.

So I explained to him about Lush and that I had written several erotic stories and got my tablet to show him, let him read the Reunion, Chapter three story that had pretty much started this whole chain of events. I guess what had actually started it was me reading Simplicity’s story in the restaurant and Pauli asking me about it. But it was my strip poker story that got Karen and me to their house last Saturday. At least talking about Lush and Nate’s reading was a way to occupy the time while we waited for our women and the Uber.

Nate got into the story a little way and seemed impressed or maybe he was just being polite. I told both guys that they should try and write their own versions of tonight, maybe with their girl’s help and submit it to Lush. Would be interesting to read the different perspectives of the same story, especially the girl’s point of view. Both just laughed the idea off. I tried to explain that the writers on Lush were just normal people who had a story to tell – and none had a better story than tonight. “Try it, you might find out you’re good at it,” I tried to convince them both. I started to explain how Karen had started helping me with my latest ‘After the Reunion’ chapter.

Then Karen, Pauli, and Alyssa rejoined us. Hot damn! I couldn’t believe my Karen was going to go out like that! When the evening started, I described what she was wearing, the sheer top that showed her red bra through it. Well, now, it was the same top but minus the bra, like both Pauli and Alyssa. Except that her top, you could see through, her pink, pointed nipples burning a hole through it.

The ‘mood’ brownie effect? I’ve never seen Karen in front of other people wearing something like that! Even at home, unless we’re going to bed and anticipating something extracurricular.

The guys sure seemed to notice, too. Eyes were glued to her boobs.

“Where we going to sit… in the van?” Connor asked.

We all looked at each other, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Hell, I hadn’t thought beyond staring at Karen’s half-obscured tits! Then Pauli spoke up, asking Karen, “You got a deck of cards? We can draw, low three get the back seat.”

It was time for the Uber to get here any minute, so Karen rushed over to the drawer in the entertainment center, under the TV, and brought back a deck of Sportsman’s Warehouse wildlife playing cards. Reminiscing of that card game last week made my cock start to stiffen, not to even mention what Karen was doing to me with that top!

We went in the dining room and sat down at the dining table. Since it was Pauli’s idea, we let her cut first - seven. We went around the table, Karen – another seven; Nate – king; Alyssa – ten; Connor – eight.

So the last draw was up to me. Seven or less and I’d be in the back seat with Karen and Pauli; eight and Connor and I would redraw; nine or bigger and I’d be in front with Nate and Alyssa (her in the middle I assumed). At least, no matter what, we wouldn’t have three men and three women sitting together. Not exactly a losing proposition either way. I cut a pile off the remaining cards – queen. I was in the front with Nate and Alyssa. Connor, Pauli, and Karen were in the back seat.

Everybody seemed satisfied with the seating arrangement, especially Connor, with his Cheshire Cat grin.

And then Karen threw a wet blanket on the whole trip, telling me and Nate, “I hope you know that Alyssa and I are NOT doing anything over there. We’re just going over for moral support for Pauli… to cheer her on.” Yeah, ‘take it off! Take it off!’

Of course, what Karen said was a little (i.e. a LOT) disappointing. I’d hoped to see her, as I was sure Nate wanted to see Alyssa, taking off her clothes. Ah well, just seeing her out in public with that blouse was going to be pretty damned exciting.

“Anyone want another brownie?” Pauli cheerfully asked, slicing another six good-sized pieces of brownie and handing them out.

We watched out the living room window for the Uber headlights. About the time we had all finished our brownie, a pair of headlights pulled up onto our driveway.

Right before we left, I needed to use the bathroom, so went trudging off to our room. On the way past, I couldn’t help but notice, laying on top of Karen’s dresser, the panties she’d been wearing earlier. What the…? When I came back out, my eyes went straight to that short leather skirt Karen was wearing. Was she…?


We were all in a good, fun mood when we marched out of the house. It was a relatively warm night so we didn’t need jackets, which I appreciated our girls not covering themselves. We all introduced ourselves to our driver, a forty-something woman, I guessed. Not bad looking in a wife-next-door type of way. I guess the important thing was that she could drive the van. She had a pleasant smile and introduced herself as Kelly, “With an ‘i’,” she added.

Her eyes also opened pretty wide, scanning Karen up and down. Not that she ignored Pauli and Alyssa, but her eyes were mostly for Karen and that sheer blouse. She was polite enough to not say anything, though.

Karen, Connor, and Pauli climbed in the back seat. It was humorous watching the tall Connor scrunching up in the middle of the back seat. Pretty sure he wasn’t minding, though, considering that Karen was on one side and Pauli on the other. Skirts weren’t pulled down, either.

I let Alyssa get in in front of me on the passenger side of the center row, watching her sexy ass in those tight, short shorts, then sat down beside her, Nate on the other side. “Nice car,” I told Kelli, ”love the comfy leather seats.” I loved the view of Alyssa’s long, sexy legs better.

Kelli looked up in her mirror, gave us a smile and said, “Thank you, everybody belted in?”

We all told her we were and she backed out of the driveway. Our bank is on highway 395 half a dozen blocks from the house and I asked her to stop so we could get a little cash from the ATM. Connor, in the back seat, handed Nate his debit card and gave him his PIN, asking him to get a couple hundred dollars. “Have to kill you all afterward,” he said with a laugh, “you know my PIN now.”

We hoped he was kidding. “Could just change your PIN, you know,” I suggested.

He laughed, “Not as much fun, though.”

There was virtually no traffic at nearly midnight, and when we hit the freeway a few minutes later, Kelli asked where we were going. Pauli was only too happy to answer loud enough that the car going the opposite direction on the freeway likely heard her, “We’re going to the strip joint. I’m going to be a stripper and I’m horny as hell!”

Kelli looked in her mirror and we all broke out laughing.

Then, when the laughter died down, Alyssa looked toward me and I did something I couldn’t even have imagined doing a week ago. Hell, an hour ago! I kissed her. And she kissed me back, really, really nice, mouth open. Kissing her like this, with my hand on her inner thigh, seemed almost more intimate than the fuck we’d shared earlier. What, an hour, hour-and-a-half ago? It seemed like ancient history.

But Alyssa was really into this kiss, moaning into my mouth when my fingers inched their way inside her tight shorts.

I remember writing about Michelle in the back seat with her boyfriend, I think it was Shaun; Robert being able to get an occasional look because of headlights coming up behind them. I discovered the reality is completely different. It was nearly midnight, there were no headlights. I couldn’t see a damned thing in the back seat. It was pitch black out and all I could do was hear – kissing sounds.

There was a tiny bit of light coming from the car’s gauges, barely enough that we could make each other out in our seat, so that I knew Nate’s hand was under Alyssa’s top. I was trying to get fingers up her leg, but her shorts were just too tight. About all I could do was get two fingers up as far as the joint of my hand, not quite enough to reach her panties… if she was wearing any. It was enough to make her squirm, though, and those sexy little moans. Of course, that could have been partly from her husband’s hand on her tit, too.

Those soft, sexy lips were going back and forth from mine to Nate’s and back again. I’d never shared a girl quite like this before, well duhh! And I’m not quite sure how to describe it – scintillating, breathtaking, electrifyingly sexy? I’ll just say that it was a MAJOR turn-on!

I actually thought about Kelli, too. She would have been able to hear the moans and kisses coming from her back seats. What was it doing to her, I wondered? Were the noises turning her on a little bit, too?

And then we were crossing the bridge over the Columbia into Oregon. Damn, that thirty minutes went by fast! As many times as I’d been on I-82 between Kennewick and Oregon, it had never been that short a trip. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve taken the exit into Umatilla, either. It’s not exactly a ‘destination city’.

I had to laugh at myself a little as we drove down the only street in town. In the word-picture I’d painted of Umatilla in both my Michelle and After the Reunion series, I wrote about staying in a hotel a short distance from the ‘Honey Bunzz’ and eating at the In’N’Out Burger Shack. There is no hotel in Umatilla. There’s no In’n’Out Burger Shack, either. It’s actually a tiny, little place called ‘Home Town Burgers’ that we drove past. I have usually tried to be accurate in my description of places. Guess I pretty much blew it in Umatilla. Of course, it was on purpose, needed them for the story. I think it’s the only place I’ve ever exaggerated like that.

There’s no ‘Honey Bunzz’, either, the name I’ve used. It’s the ‘Riverview Exotic Dance’, a little brick building with peeling, pink paint, a street light on the corner, and a tiny neon sign with a blinking, shapely girl on the sign, half the neon not working. I’m sure you’ve seen the image, a girl sitting down, leaning back on her hands, exaggerated boobs.

Somehow, I’m guessing that it wasn’t the ‘river’s view’ that brought in their patrons. There were a half dozen or so cars in the gravel parking lot when Kelli pulled in. I was right about one thing in my description of it in the stories – it didn’t look like much from the outside. Turned out it didn’t look like much from the inside, either.

But we weren’t inside yet. The girls turned their overhead lights on and worked on their lipstick and makeup, repairing the damage us guys had done on the trip over. While they were working, I asked Kelli if she was going to wait. She said she would, that she’d brought her Kindle, just in case.

I thought a minute, then asked her, “Why don’t you come in with us? I’ll pay for it if there’s a cover charge.”

She laughed at that, “No, I don’t think so. Besides, I can’t drink… I’m driving, remember?”

“You sure? No need to drink. Would be better than sitting here by yourself.”

This time it was Alyssa who added, “Come on, Kelli, it’ll be fun.” Then she giggled, “Keep us sane girls company.”

The lights were on in the van so I could see Kelli’s reaction. She was looking in the rear-view mirror, “I’ve never been anyplace like this, not sure my husband would approve.”

“Come on, Kelli, go with us, we won’t tell your husband,” Karen added, “he’d prob’ly just be jealous, anyway.”

“Yeah, you’ll get to see my naked tits. He’d be sooo jealous!” Pauli threw in.

Kelli laughed, “How can I resist an offer like that?”

“Yes! Kelleeee!” Pauli whooped from the back seat, throwing her arms in the air.

We all climbed out of the van and paraded through the old metal door. We guys were very gentlemanly, letting the ladies go first. Not that there wasn’t an ulterior motive - enjoying the view, even Kelli. She had on a pair of slacks, not overly sexy, but she looked nice. The sweatshirt didn’t do much for her figure, though.

And Karen. That short leather skirt, showing off her thigh almost all the way up to her panties. Speaking of which, last I saw them, they were on her dresser. I felt myself getting hard all over again, thinking about the possibility of… And that blouse, no bra! God, I never even dreamed I would see my wife wearing what she was into a public place. Think I mentioned that before.

Once inside, I realized what a glorified image I’d created in my stories. The reality was a whole lot different. There’s no front desk with a hunky clerk behind it, no wall of pictures like Adriana and Tanya saw Michelle’s picture posted on. And most of all, the nice clean interior with a stage, pole, and flickering lighting with a big crowd aren’t there, either.

There is a stage, more like a big, upside-down box, maybe five feet by ten feet, and dusty-looking, dim lights with about a dozen or so people sitting around at formica covered, metal tables.; not exactly the curved stage with a back wall covered with full-height mirrors, a hundred people and several strippers wandering around giving lap dances. Not quite like I’d imagined it might be.

A good share, probably all, of those dozen or so sets of eyes were on our trio of girls. Pretty damn easy to see why. All three were dressed to attract wandering eyes, but Karen, especially, with that sheer blouse.

A waitress headed our way wearing nothing except a tiny little pair of shorts and pasties covering her nipples and a slightly overweight girl was dancing on the big upside-down box ‘stage’ with nothing on except a pair of panties.

The girl with the pasties stopped at our table, “Getcha anything?” she asked, sounding bored to death. Karen and I ordered rum and ginger ale. We don’t know of anything different. The others ordered other things, I have no idea what they were, except Kelli, root beer.

“You all got ID?” she asked. Connor, Pauli, Nate, and Alyssa started to pull out their driver's licenses. “You, too,” she told Karen, Kelli, and me. The three of us laughed and shook our heads. “Hey, don’t blame me,” she said, “it’s the law.”

When she was looking at our licenses, she asked, “You the girls gonna dance?”

Both Karen and Alyssa, together, said, “Not me,” pointing toward Pauli.

“Well, there’s a twenty dollar cover charge. You can pay it with your first drink… except her, if she’s gonna dance, she doesn’t need to pay,” motioning to Pauli.

As soon as the pasties girl left, Karen looked over at Pauli and asked her, “You’re really going through with this? I thought maybe you were joking.”

“Oh hell yes,” she answered, “I’m so fired up about it!” her excitement obvious.

Karen just shook her head in disbelief. Alyssa, too, “I can’t believe you’d really do that!” Karen said.

We watched the girl on stage for the next couple minutes. She was actually pretty good. My initial reaction was that she had a bit of a chubby tummy for dancing nude, but she put on a good, erotic show dancing, rubbing herself. I’ve never seen anything like it, never even seen a naked woman in person, other than Karen… except the last two Saturdays, of course.

While we were watching, pasties brought our drinks and pulled a chair from an adjacent table. She sat down and started explaining to Pauli, “Okay, rules. You can do pretty much whatever you want on stage… well, no fucking, but most anything else. If one of the guys wants to get on with you and touch, it’s okay, as long as he keeps his cock put away.” She hesitated and looked at us guys.

“No way, don’t look at me,” I said. Connor and Nate said pretty much the same thing.

“But, if you get off the stage, no more touching,” she added, “and see that guy over there, the guy in the blue shirt,” pointing out a big, burly guy sitting across the room, “he’ll keep people off the stage and anyone don’t respect your privacy, he’ll be there.” She sat with us a moment longer while we watched the almost-naked girl on stage, then she looked back over to Pauli, “You’re on soon as Janet’s done… you’ll have all the time you want, it’s my shift you’re takin’.”

She got up and told us how much the drinks were and Connor handed her his credit card. “Keep the tab open?” she asked.

Connor nodded, then Karen asked Pauli, “You nervous?”

“Uhuh, but mostly excited. Want to do this!”

A very little bit later, the music ended. The girl, Janet, picked up her couple pieces of clothing and stepped off the front of the upside-down box. She never had taken off her panties.

The six of us were all watching Pauli to see what she’d do. Her face got a little red, then she pushed back her chair and stood, taking the couple steps over to the stage.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve written several chapters with strip club scenes before, but this was going to be a first to actually be there. It wasn’t going to be my wife, but still… After last weekend and today (well, technically yesterday) I felt close to Pauli and watching her was going to be pretty damned thrilling! Connor’s stomach had to be doing flip-flops and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what must have been going on in Pauli’s pretty head.

There’s one intermediate step along the front of the ‘box’ and when Pauli stepped up on it, the chatter that had been going on constantly in the room stopped to complete quiet, momentarily. Obviously, people had begun to realize that they were going to be treated to a new girl.

Pauli made that last step up, turned facing us and began a dance. Music started – stripper music I guess, but I’m not particularly familiar with what constitutes ‘stripper music’. She swiveled her hips, like she would if she had a hula hoop around her waist, except slower, sultry, her fingers toying with the hem of her skirt – pulling it up a bit, letting it drop back, over and over, a little higher each time.

Then her hands outlined the bottom of her braless boobs, pulling her top a little tighter over them to show them off.

I glanced over at Karen, a strange look on her face, watching Pauli, and doing almost the same thing she was with her hands and her boobs, pulling her blouse a little tighter over them.

The crowd in the club had started a little chant, ‘Take it off, take it off,’ getting louder by the second it seemed. Our table joined in the chant, even Kelli.

Pauli turned around, her back to us, leaned forward and lifted her skirt just briefly, showing off her sexy, bare butt cheeks, no hint of any panties, getting a loud cheer from the crowd.

In spite of having come three times within the last couple hours, I was getting hard all over again watching Pauli. She turned back facing us, a sexy smile on her face and began to pull her top up to the bottom of her tits, showing off her tight tummy and ribcage, then let it fall back down again. The chant had changed to ‘Tits, tits, tits.’ We were having fun, too, egging her on, along with the rest of the crowd. Pauli turned away again, teasing, pulling the front of her top up all the way to her chinny chin chin while she was faced away and we couldn’t see, her head twisting, looking back toward us, a sultry smile on her face.

She started to turn back with her top still pulled up, then just before we’d be able to see her, let it drop back down again.

I looked over at Karen, taking a deep breath at what I saw. She was twisting in her seat, pinching her nipples through her sheer top. I couldn't stop myself, rubbing my hard cock through my pants, wishing I’d worn something thinner. Alyssa’s arms were wrapped around herself just under her small tits so that she was pushing them together and out, obviously turned on by her friend as well. Kelli was being a lady, sitting quietly but with rapt attention to Pauli on the stage. The guys at our table were fidgeting, probably rubbing themselves under the table much as I was.

When I looked back at Pauli, she had her top pulled up to the bottom of her tits again, inching it higher, still twisting, gyrating her waist, more like she was simulating making love. This time, her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, head weaving back and forth. Her left hand went under her top, cupping a breast, her other hand pushing her top higher, ever so slowly, revealing the swell of her boob, then right to the bottom of her nipple, holding it there for just a moment… before letting it drop again, her hand that had been cupping a tit, pulled out as well.

She turned away again, her back to us, and, in one swift motion, lifted her top up over her head, dropping it on the floor. God, Connor had to be out of his mind!

I looked at Karen again, a button was undone, her hand underneath her blouse. The ‘mood brownies’ were doing their job. Well, Pauli, on the stage, was influencing a little, too.

Pauli turned back around, an arm covering her now bare chest. She looked at Karen, at least that’s where she appeared to be looking, when she dropped her arm. There was a roar in the room when Pauli, dressed only in her short, flowery skirt, stepped off the stage to our table and took Karen’s hand.

I was holding my breath, watching Karen, wondering what was happening. Pauli pulled, Karen stood… and followed her back up onto the stage! I sat, my mouth agape, my Karen! My wife! Partner and accountants executive at JHP Media, on a stripper stage?

Hell, I know I said that as a fantasy, how just a little while earlier I’d been disappointed when she said no, but still… at this instant, I realized… some things are meant to be just that – a fantasy!

My heart started beating, pounding a hole in my chest, my mind went nearly blank, it was hard to catch my breath. As much as I’d written about it, the real thing was… damn - real!

I know there was a buzz in the room, maybe even at our table, but I had no idea what it was. All my senses were attuned to my wife on that stage with Pauli. Those seconds of Karen’s steps up that stage seemed like an eternity, a slow-motion combination of horror and ecstasy of a lifetime. What was she going to do?

Pauli leaned into my wife and they kissed. It wasn’t a peck, either. It was a full-blown, open-mouth lover’s kiss… on a stage with half-naked Pauli, in front of all those hundreds of people. At least in that instant, it seemed like hundreds. I had a brief thought back to Karen’s note – was that just a few hours earlier? Her reference to dipping her toe in the ‘lady pond’. Hell, I hoped she didn’t drown in that pond!

I couldn’t take my eyes away, watching Pauli’s hands around Karen’s waist, rubbing her body, moving her hands to the bottom button on Karen’s blouse – undoing it, moving to the next, continuing their kiss. I watched Pauli’s fingers, moving from one button to the next, my heart rate going up with every button.

And then… and then, the very top button was undone… the last one. Pauli pulled back, stepped slightly away from Karen… and pushed it her blouse off Karen’s shoulders, down her arms, until it puddled on the floor. And Karen, my wife, was standing topless on the stage, her nipples swollen, pointy.

The noise in the room was louder, but still, I had no idea if they were words or just noise. I was transfixed on my wife standing in front of Pauli, topless, her breasts bare and exposed, doing nothing to cover up.

My cock was steel-rod-hard all over again, in spite of the three orgasms from earlier.

Pauli leaned over… and wrapped her mouth around Karen’s right nipple. I heard a loud moan, sounded like Karen. Could even have been me!

God, I was hard! What was happening was simply beyond belief. Karen’s head was thrown back, eyes closed, her mouth gaped open and audibly groaning, twenty-something sets of eyes watching Pauli sucking my wife’s tit into her mouth. Karen’s fingers were entangled in Pauli’s long, brown hair, pulling her mouth tighter to her.

Then Pauli switched to Karen’s other tit, her first nipple, wet, long and distended, her own naked tits pressed against Karen. Hands roamed bodies, stroking, caressing.

My heart was beating out of my chest, the roar in the room totally unintelligible.

Pauli pulled her mouth off Karen’s boob, looked her in the eyes and reached around her waist, slowly lowering the zipper in the back of Karen’s leather skirt. When it was down, I saw her mouth moving, no sound, saying something to Karen.

Time seemed to stand still as Karen’s thumbs hooked over the top of her skirt and started to push down. And down. And down. I glanced up briefly at Karen’s eyes, open and looking straight into Pauli’s. Then back down at her hands, still pushing, down over her bare hips. There were no panties.

How long it had been, I had no idea. And then, Karen’s short, sexy leather skirt fell to the floor. My wife stood on stage in nothing, except her high heels and sheer, red stockings with lacy tops about six inches below the apex of her legs.

The room erupted in noise. That’s all it was to me, noise. My wife was literally naked on a stage, not just in front of two other couples like earlier tonight, but a roomful of strangers. Then it hit me, it had been Pauli who had wanted to strip, but my wife was the only one naked - her tits bare, her pussy bare. The stockings and heels only added to the atmosphere, making her even more sultry.

I was so fuckin’ hard!

Karen and Pauli both continued moving their bodies. Again, I couldn’t hear the words, but at least this time I could read Karen’s lips, “Your turn,” she said.

Pauli turned toward us, began gyrating her hips and slowly pushed her skirt down, leaving her pink, lace panties. I glanced at Connor, he was watching her just as intently as I had been Karen earlier. Karen stepped behind, hooked her fingers in Pauli’s panties and pushed them down, briefly moving her hand around front and pausing over her mound, then continuing her push down until they fell to the floor.

Pauli was standing, facing us, naked. She moved her legs apart another six-inches or so and Karen moved her hand back up between Pauli’s legs. Two fingers parted her pussy lips and pressed inside her. Pauli took a sharp breath and pushed her legs apart just a little more, her hand over Karen’s. That vision of Nate’s fingers inside Karen went through my mind, but this was in front of a room of strangers.

Karen pressed her fingers deep inside Pauli, held them there, moving them how she likes me to do to her. I never would have expected to see Karen’s fingers inside another woman, much less in front off a crowd of strangers!

After maybe thirty or so seconds, she pulled her fingers out and moved them to Pauli’s mouth, letting her suck them in and lick her own juices off them.

It was almost like they’d pre-planned it, but I know they hadn’t. Both, at the same time, with no apparent communication, stepped down the little step off the stage, over to Alyssa and each took one of her hands.

Alyssa’s face turned white. She sucked in her breath, looked at her husband, Nate, who was smiling and mouthing the word ‘go’. She looked around, fear and excitement on her face, and stood, hesitantly following the two naked women over to the step up the stage. It seemed that every muscle in her body was shaking, almost like she wouldn’t have been able to stand if Pauli and Karen weren’t holding her hands, supporting her.

They managed to get her up on the stage and turned around, facing us. The look of fear on Alyssa’s face had only grown. Karen whispered something in her ear, making a small smile appear. Karen moved behind and Pauli kneeled in front and just off to the side of her.

Karen whispered in Alyssa’s ear one more time, no idea what was said, and she nodded, that look of fear and excitement stark on her face. Then I think what had been said became clear as Karen started to lift Alyssa’s tank top and Pauli unsnapped her denim Daisy Duke shorts.

Karen lifted and when Alyssa’s tank top was to the bottom of her breasts, she hesitated. This time I heard her, “You sure?” I couldn’t hear over the crowd noise but saw Alyssa’s lips form a ‘yes,’ along with another nod, her eyes closed, her body shuddering. Karen continued lifting, baring her small breasts and sexy, inflamed nipples. Alyssa raised her arms, releasing the last vestige of her top.

I glanced briefly at Nate, eyes wide and breathing little short gasps, watching his pretty, tall, lithesome young wife being disrobed. I knew the feeling he was going through, having just gone through it myself a few minutes earlier.

At the same time as Karen was lifting Alyssa’s top off her, Pauli had unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, then waited until her top was off before starting to pull them down. The roar in the room only grew louder, so damned different than when we’d gotten there.

Alyssa was looking down at herself, watching Pauli pull her shorts down. She had on the same tiny, pink panties as earlier. Pauli pushed the shorts all the way down her legs and Alyssa stepped out of them, then Pauli looked up at Alyssa’s face, getting another tiny nod and pulled down her panties, revealing her baby-smooth, bare pussy.

Karen stepped around to Alyssa’s side, leaned in, prompting her to turn her head and began kissing her, open mouths, tongues passing to the other, and Karen’s hand on Alyssa’s breast, rolling her nipple between two fingers.

At the same time, Pauli, still on her knees, moved around front of Alyssa, pushed her legs apart, one over her shoulder and pressed her mouth against Alyssa’s pussy.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but damn, I was fuckin’ hard! Not to even mention my wife’s tongue in Alyssa’s mouth… at that very instant.

Pauli’s arms were around Alyssa’s butt, pulling her into her mouth. The roar in the room had quieted, watching. Then… Alyssa pulled back from Karen and a loud groan emanated through the room. Her body changed, her face turned white, she began shuddering… in short, Alyssa was having a huge orgasm right there on the stage in front of all of us.

I don’t know how long it went on but seemed forever. I never even thought to look toward Nate to see how he was reacting to his wife having a very public, naked orgasm.

It was finally over and Pauli stood back up, Alyssa’s legs still spread apart showing us all her swollen pussy. Both Pauli and Karen helped her stand, their arms around her waist and looking out toward their audience. I couldn’t help but snap a picture. I don’t know, maybe someday I’ll even post it on my profile. Kinda doubt it, though, not sure that the girls would appreciate it. But then, maybe they would? Don’t even ask, though, because without permission from all three girls and their guys, I’m not sharing it.

Wow, this night turned out different than I thought it would. A simple dinner with friends? Right!

Pasties, remember her, our waitress? After the girls had dressed and we were getting ready to leave, she stopped at our table and told us that there would be no charge for either the drinks or the cover charge for any of us, that our girls had put on the best show she’d ever seen and her manager was comping us for all of it.

Alyssa was still too shaky to speak, but the rest of us told her to thank him very much.


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