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Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia Swallows a Big Black Cock (Part Six)

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Olivia enjoys back-to-back sessions with Ray and Daryl!

It wasn't Olivia's turn in the story rotation, but I felt like HWH5 left some readers disappointed. Hopefully this chapter makes up for that! I'd also like to thank leecampbell1954, Dani_may, and my hubby for helping me select the title!!

Tuesday evening, Olivia checked her Hot Wife Hotel email account. She was getting to be quite in-demand and was glad she had added a second day to her schedule, so she now took appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. A peek at the schedule showed she was booking up fast. Tomorrow was completely full! She grinned as she realized she’d be completely full tomorrow too!

12:00 Drew

2:00 Emir

4:00 Carl

6:00 Ray

8:00 Daryl

Daryl? Olivia clicked open her email and saw a message from him.


Guess whose trip got extended this week? I know I promised you three weeks to get ready for me, but I can’t be in town and not come see you. I purposely booked last, as one always saves the best for last. Actually, I just want you to be able to enjoy what I do to you and not be thinking about the next guy after me. I hope your husband will come watch in the room this time. Maybe even join in if he wants. I know some guys just like watching. Either way, I hope he will be in the room to witness his hot little redhead taking my big black cock down her throat.

Can’t wait to fuck you, baby,


Olivia felt a decadent little shiver run the length of her spine. Just reading his email made her wet! Holy shit, Ray and Daryl on the same day? And back-to-back? It was a good thing that she would have several days to rest before next Monday.

On Wednesday morning, Steve had breakfast ready by the time Olivia was done showering. She watched his face as she told him about her schedule for the day.

“Daryl wants me to join in, huh? Well, I better pop a blue pill because Ray wants me to join in too,” Steve teased. “Damn, baby, I’m going to have to carry you out of there tonight!”

“Isn’t that the truth! I don’t think I will be able to walk. I’m so excited, my pussy is already wet,” Olivia admitted. “I hope that the three new appointments I have are good ones. But even if they aren’t, I know my day will end on a high note!”

“God, you’re so beautiful, Liv!” Steve said as he pulled his wife into his arms. “I am the luckiest man on earth!” He kissed her deeply before letting go.

“We’re both lucky,” she mused.

Noon arrived, and with it came Drew. He was a sexy older man who explained that his wife had lost interest in sex, and he had needs that his own hands weren’t fulfilling. He wanted Liv to start with a hand job and finish with a blow job, and when he came down her throat, his guttural cry of satisfaction was music to her ears. He left satisfied with a promise to come back and, maybe, even touch her next time.

Emir was a married man, looking for some afternoon delight. His wife was pregnant with twins and had suggested he take care of his needs at Hot Wife Hotel. He didn’t need to be told twice! He wanted a nice, standard fuck. It was delightful, indeed, as he made sure she had an orgasm before he pulled out and came on her tummy.

Carl was a sexy, older widower with some serious moves! His tongue did amazing things with her pussy before he slid right in and worked her into a frenzy, making her cum hard. He followed right behind her and flooded her with his pent-up seed. It was extremely satisfying for them both.

There was time for a light meal before her next appointments. Steve enjoyed watching each of these men with Olivia but left himself tucked away in his trousers. While it was always hot seeing strange hands on his wife, today he was looking forward to repeat customers Ray and Daryl.

As Olivia slipped on the five-inch black heels that Ray requested she wear (and nothing else), she stood naked in front of the door. He knocked at 6:00 p.m. on the dot. She opened the door and smiled, “I’ve been waiting all day for you to take my pussy hard, baby.”

She let Ray in and, as soon as the door was closed, he reached down to check if she was wet already. Of course, she was. She always was dripping with desire when he touched her.

“I’ve been waiting to take you hard, baby. But first I need to taste that juicy little cunt,” he said as he slid three fingers inside her. “Get on the bed and spread your legs for me. While I dine on your nectar, you’re going to lick Steve’s balls and then you’re going to suck his cock. If you want to cum, Olivia, you’re going to need to be a good girl. Do you want to cum, baby?”

Olivia smiled seductively, “Yes, I want to cum.”

“Then you need to please both Steve and I and do everything we want. You can call me Daddy, and you can call Steve Sir. Do you understand?” he asked as his fingers danced lightly along her inner thighs.

“Yes, Daddy!” she purred.

“Such a good girl! You love it when Daddy and Sir share you, don’t you, my little slut?” he said as he pushed her down on the bed. “Spread those legs, whore!”

Olivia felt her pussy start to throb. She loved when Ray called her a slut and a whore. It just felt decadent! She laid back and pulled her knees into her chest and let her legs fall open for Ray.

He grinned, “You’re so fucking sexy!”

She gasped as a sharp spank on her open cunt surprised her. But a second and third spank had her moaning. Ray alternated gentle kisses with the terse slaps before he finally licked her glistening slit with its pink folds. He darted in and out of her with his decadently talented tongue and made her moan loudly; all the while she was sucking on Steve’s balls as he straddled over her face and guided her hands to his cock.

“Stroke me while you feast on my balls, you hot little slut!” Steve demanded.

“Yes, Sir,” she murmured as his junk covered face. Her hands gripped his rigid shaft and sucked his balls right into her mouth.

“Fuck, baby! You’re such a talented little whore!” he cried out.

Ray started sucking on Olivia’s clit while he slid two fingers inside her pussy and worked his thumb into her ass. He felt her body tensing up and said, “Do you need to cum baby?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Liv managed to say with Steve’s sac in her mouth.

“Cum hard, little slut!” Ray commanded. “Squirt those juices into my mouth and I will reward you with my cock!”

Steve smirked at Ray and then decided to help push Liv over the edge. He grabbed her nipples and pinched them hard. Her body started to buck against Ray’s hand as he drove four fingers into her hungry cunt. Ray sucked hard on her clit and Steve twisted her nipples, which triggered her explosion. She filled Ray’s mouth with her sweet cum.

Steve moved to sit on the bed while Ray flipped Olivia onto her knees. “Suck his cock while I pound into your slutty little fuck hole!”

Olivia obeyed and took Steve into her mouth while one hand reached under to massage his balls. Steve leaned back and moaned, “Fuck yes, you amazing little cock-sucker! Devour my shaft!”

Ray began pumping into her like a man possessed and each thrust pushed Steve’s dick further into her throat. Ray slapped her ass hard as he rammed hard, fast, and deep into Olivia’s pussy, bringing her close.

“Cum again, slut!” Ray demanded. “Cum on my cock, you fucking little temptress!!”

Her pink walls clamped down hard on his rod as she came in violent waves. The way her body quaked was so incredibly hot that both men came at the same time, each blasting their seed into her.

They collapsed on the bed after such frenzied sex, hearts beating wildly with panting, ragged breaths.

“You are so fucking amazing, Olivia!” Ray said after finally catching his breath. “I know you have another appointment after me, so I’m going to go wash up quick and let you two relax a bit before you get ready. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall watching your holes get filled with big black cock, Livvy!”

Steve grinned, “Well, Daryl wants me in the room, so why don’t you stick around and watch from the voyeur area?”

“Seriously? Is that okay with you, Liv?” Ray asked.

“I don’t see why not,” she answered seductively.

Olivia spent time getting ready for Daryl while Steve and Ray sat and chatted about her.

“Dude, you are one lucky guy!” Ray said as he sipped his drink. “Not only is she gorgeous, she is eager to please. I’ve never met any woman like her. I’ve been with a few of the other Hot Wives here and yours is, by far, the hottest. Oh, some of the others here seem to be friendly enough and I’ve had fun with them. But Liv actually makes me feel like she wants me and she’s not just performing for her husband’s sake.”

Steve beamed with pride. “Thanks, man! It doesn’t hurt that she tends to be rather submissive in bed. But I do know that she likes what she’s doing here, and I know that she really enjoys sex with you.”

Ray grinned, “Well, I’m just glad you’re so cool with all of this. I worried that I was a little presumptuous telling her to suck your balls.”

Steve laughed, “Oh, well it was such a sacrifice to watch you fuck the shit out of my wife’s hot box while she stroked my cock with my nuts in her mouth!”

Ray chuckled, “Suffice to say, I think we all had an amazing time. If you ever want to get together on a weekend at my place, just let me know.”

Daryl’s knock came promptly at 8:00 and she opened the door in nothing but heels, just the way he requested.

Daryl closed the door behind him and greeted Olivia with a kiss on the mouth and his fingers in her pussy, “Damn, girl, you’re so fucking wet already!”

Olivia smiled coyly, “Daryl, this is my husband, Steve. Steve, this is Daryl.”

Daryl shook Steve’s hand, “So do you wanna watch me with your hot little redhead? Or do you wanna join in? I’m cool either way.”

Steve grinned, “I’m happy to join in however you want me to. But do you mind if a friend of ours watches from the voyeur area?”

“Why doesn’t he just join us?” Daryl asked. “Olivia, you don’t mind, do you sweet thing?”

Olivia smiled, “Whatever you want, Daryl. This is your session. I’m here to please you.”

“Well then, I say we make this a foursome!” Daryl said as he swatted Olivia playfully on the ass. “But you should be on your knees with my cock in your mouth, don’t you think?”

Steve motioned for Ray to come back into the room, while Olivia got on her knees and took Daryl’s cock out of his pants. “It’s bigger than I remembered,” she purred.

Daryl motioned to the guys to come over and each take one of her breasts and work them over while she licked his dark shaft. Ray was more than happy to get to keep playing with Olivia. She seemed to be enjoying quite a bit as well.

Daryl stopped her for a moment, “Let me get comfortable in that chair, baby. Then we can see how much of this thick meat we can work into your slutty little throat.”

The vibe felt like a kinky porn video, and Olivia was loving every minute of it. She was licking and sucking Daryl, Ray was behind her fingering her pussy, and Steve was playing with her tits and twisting her nipples.

“I’m going to push a little deeper to see if you can take more,” Daryl said. He took her red hair in his hands and held her head in place while he thrust his hips up. His giant cock nearly gagged Olivia, but she wanted this so much that she concentrated on relaxing her throat. She managed another inch or two before he eased back out of her mouth.

“I don’t want to choke you baby, you just keep taking what you can,” Daryl said smoothly. “Just seeing my dark meat sliding in your pretty little mouth has my balls boiling.”

Olivia looked up at him with her impossibly blue eyes and said, “Keep trying, Daryl. I want to try to take it all.”

“Baby, that’s sweet, but I’m afraid I’m gonna cut off your air and I don’t want this to be unpleasant for you,” he replied, cupping her chin with his hand. “I want you to want me to come back every time I’m in town, and to look forward to what I do to you.”

“Why would having my air cut off be unpleasant?” she asked innocently. “I mean, yes, when you thrust in, I won’t be able to breathe, but when you pull back, I can catch a quick breath.”

Daryl looked at Steve, “Are you okay with that?”

Steve nodded, “Whatever she wants is okay with me. If she wants to see if she can take it all, let her try.”

Ray added, “It’s not for me to say, but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing that.”

Daryl looked into Olivia’s eyes and said earnestly, “You gotta be honest with me. If it’s too much, tap my leg with your hand okay, baby?”

She smiled seductively, “I promise.”

She started licking up and down his shaft again, and Daryl moaned, “God, your tongue is like silk, baby! I have an idea if your hubby and Ray are game.”

Within moments, Steve was on his back, with Olivia lying on her back on him and his cock in her ass. Ray kneeled between her legs and pushed them open so he could slide inside her pussy. Then Daryl straddled her mouth, guided his giant cock between her lips, and said, “Time to take it all, baby!”

He held onto her head and pushed into her throat. When she gagged, he eased off, but when she moaned, he pushed right back in. “Just remember our signal baby,” he said as he picked up the pace and managed to get in just a little further with each thrust.

Steve was completely buried in Liv’s ass and enjoying the hell out of how her tight back door was squeezing his dick. He silently admitted that the feeling of Ray’s cock moving in and out of her pussy was really fucking hot. He also had a close up, side view of Daryl’s thick shaft disappearing in his wife’s mouth. He was so aroused, he had to try hard not to cum too quickly.

Ray took his thumb and massaged Olivia’s clit while he pumped into her. Her hole seemed extra tight with Steve’s cock filling up her ass. Daryl’s quad strength was such that his position allowed for an erotic view for Ray. While he’d never considered a man’s sac attractive, knowing that Daryl’s balls were bouncing against Olivia’s chin while she took his full length in her throat was really fucking hot!

“Take that big black cock in your throat, Olivia!” Steve encouraged. “Show Daryl what a good little cock whore you are!”

Olivia’s body began writhing and bucking. Ray was rubbing her clit and fucking her with deep, hard thrusts. Her back arched, and her entire body shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her. All three men were pumping her holes at once and she came again and again. Finally, Ray fucked her cunt hard and fast and exploded inside her. Steve followed close behind and emptied himself into her ass. But they stayed buried inside of her while Daryl rammed his cock deep, so it was lodged in Olivia’s throat and his balls resting on her chin. “Take that big black cock and suck it dry, bitch!” Daryl cried out as Olivia choked on stream after stream of his thick, creamy jizz.

The three men all looked at the spent redhead lying on the bed and grinned. Daryl broke the silence and said, “Baby, we’re gonna wait until next time before I fuck that little ass of yours. But the good news is, I’m in town next week too, so your ass in mine next Monday night!”

Olivia smiled sweetly and said, “Can Steve and Ray join in again?”

Daryl laughed as he put his pants back on, “Steve, your little bitch is insatiable! Do you and Ray wanna see me fuck her pretty white ass with my big black cock?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Steve and Ray said at the same time.

Daryl chuckled, “Then it’s a date. Same time on Monday, my sweet little cock whore.” Then he kissed Olivia and left.

Ray cleaned up quickly so he could leave Steve to tend to his well-used wife. He gave a thumbs up when Steve said they would see him on Monday.

Then he crawled onto the bed and snuggled next to Olivia. Her pussy and ass were both leaking cum and she looked so fucking hot. He pulled the sheets over them both and whispered, “You did it, Olivia, you swallowed that big black cock, and did it while you were being double penetrated.”

He thought she was drifting off to sleep, but she turned to him and whispered back, “Thanks for asking me to be a Hot Wife, Steve. I’m so lucky to be married to you. Let’s just spend the night here and you can fuck me awake in the morning.”

He held her close and laughed, knowing he was the lucky one!


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