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Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia's All Night Sexcapades (Part Eight)

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Olivia finds herself living out her own fantasy...

Steve has been such a lucky guy! His sexy redheaded wife joined Hot Wife Hotel to help his fantasies of watching her have sex with others become a reality. Now, Steve returns the favor and brings to life Olivia's fantasy of serving three men at once as their owned slut. With the help of Daryl and Ray, Steve gives Olivia a night she'll never forget.

Within minutes of their arrival, Daryl and Ray had Olivia outfitted with a collar, a leash, a blindfold, nipple clamps, and a ball gag. She was on her knees with her hands resting on her thighs, palms up, in front of the three men she would be serving tonight, the two guests and her husband, Steve.

Joining Hot Wife Hotel had been a means to make Steve’s fantasies come true. Olivia knew that arranging this night was Steve’s way of repaying the favor. She had often described her fantasy of being an owned, submissive sex slave to multiple men. Apparently, Steve had conspired with Daryl and Ray to give her this erotic experience for a night. She wanted to throw her arms around him and kiss him for being such a wonderful husband, but she didn’t want to spoil the decadent vibe that had already been set.

Instead, she waited patiently while she listened to the men bullshitting about sports and work while drinking cocktails over ice. She knew her job now was to stay in position and make sure her pussy was wet when they were ready to use it. The clamps on her nipples seemed to be producing intense enough stimulation to make her juices begin to drip down her inner thighs. That, combined with what her overactive imagination was conjuring up about how they would use her, had her feeling extremely aroused.

Ray spoke first, “Well, Steve, you’ve outdone yourself this time. Red hair, big tits, and a smooth, bare pussy. How much did this bitch set you back?”

Steve grinned, “A couple grand, but well worth it! The previous owner said this slut is well-trained, obedient, and has no limits.”

Olivia shivered a little at the no limits comment.

He continued, “He also said she can deep throat, take a fist in her pussy, and accommodate a big black cock in her ass. Looks like you’re in luck, Daryl!”

Daryl laughed, “Not many sluts can even handle this monster in their cunts, so it will be my pleasure to open up her back door wide enough to handle my thick meat! Man, you hit the jackpot with this curvy little bitch. I’m going balls deep in that creamy white ass!”

Olivia gasped quietly. She was trembling with a mix of anticipation and trepidation. She had already taken Daryl’s cock in her pussy, her mouth, and even her throat. She should be able to take it up the ass too, right?

Daryl reached out and yanked on the chain attached to the nipple clamps, “You want my big black cock in your ass, don’t you baby?”

Olivia nodded and felt drool spill out of her mouth and down her chin. Her entire body hummed with need.

“Damn shame to have that mouth unusable, next time, I will bring an O-ring gag so we can keep her unable to talk, but have an available hole to fuck,” Ray decided.

Steve’s cock twitched. Not only would they be enjoying his wife as a fuck toy tonight, this would happen again. Maybe it would even become a regular thing. His balls felt heavy despite having cum down Liv’s throat during her session with Ian earlier.

Daryl instructed Olivia to stand up and ran a hand over her ass, still a bit rosy from the spanking Ian had given her. He wove that little detail into the role play they’d begun. “Look, she must have been disobedient with her last owner, her ass looks like it took a beating,” he mused.

“She won’t misbehave for us, will you slut?” Ray asked as he yanked on the leash. “She’ll be a good girl for her new masters, isn’t that right?”

Olivia nodded again, drool now dripping on her creamy breasts. Ray removed the ball gag and inserted the ball into her pussy, “Get back on your knees and show us what a perfect little cock whore you are. You’ll start with my cock and then show some love to Steve’s and Daryl’s cocks. Just licking and sucking for now, we can save the throat action for later.”

Olivia felt like a fuck toy when Ray put the ball gag in her dripping pussy. She sensed it wouldn’t be the last object he inserted into her cunt tonight. She sucked on his balls a little before licking an erotic path from the base to the tip of his rigid pole.

“Mm, such a good girl!” Ray praised her.

“No reason this bitch can’t use her hands to stroke our cocks while she sucks you,” Steve said.

Olivia’s pussy tingled. Steve rarely talked like that and she found it an incredible turn on. She kept on sucking and nodded. Then got her hands busy stroking Steve and Daryl while she began sucking Ray’s thick cock.

Ray couldn’t resist, he pushed her head down and lodged his cock deep in her throat and held it there for half a minute. When he let her come up for air, he praised her again, “Fuck! You are the perfect whore, baby!”

Olivia spent the next hour alternating cocks, sucking, and stroking till she thought her own pussy would explode with need. Then they removed the blindfold and stood around her as she kneeled. “You’re going to make us cum now baby, but we are all going to cum on your face, so start sucking my cock and keep stroking the others,” Ray demanded.

She sucked and stroked and was rewarded with three loads of hot spunk on her face. She’d never felt so dirty and violated, and so fucking horny! She hoped they would start doing something to her soon. She needed to cum so badly!

“Wipe your face with your fingers and lick up all that cum,” Daryl directed.

“Such a dirty little cum slut!” Ray moaned. “Let’s see what kind of punishment her cunt can handle.”

They lifted her onto the counter in the kitchen area of the room. Ray rummaged around in a drawer before finding what he wanted.

“Hold her legs open,” Ray told the other two men. “I’m going to show you a game I like to play with tongs.”

Ray pulled the red rubber ball out of her pussy and rubbed the cool metal salad tongs along her drenched slit. “She’s such a good little slut, look how wet she is for us,” Ray said. Then he captured her clit in the tongs and tugged on it, causing her hips to rock.

“Look, this is making her really hot,” Ray boasted. “Let’s see if she likes them inside her.”

Olivia moaned. Just a little more stimulation of her clit with the makeshift sex toy and she would have cum. She was feeling needy and frustrated. Then he slid the tongs in and opened them up inside her, exposing the inner walls of her dripping wet cunt. Daryl yanked the chain on her nipple clamps so hard they came off, causing Olivia to cry out loudly. Who knew that having them pulled off like that hurt worse then having the clamps in place? Daryl soothed her right nipple with his tongue and Steve followed suit with the left one.

Ray continued playing with her pussy, opening, and closing the tongs, while he sucked on her clit. The feeling of three tongues on her was decadent. She spoke for the first time since Daryl and Ray had arrived a couple of hours earlier, “Am I allowed to cum, Sir?”

“The slut needs to cum,” Ray said to the others. “Should we let her?”

Daryl bit down on her right nipple, eliciting a yelp from Liv. “She should beg for it,” he answered. “She should tell us what she will do for us or beg us to do to her, if we let her cum.”

Ray nodded, “That sounds fair, don’t you think, slut? What will you beg us to do?”

Olivia moaned as Steve and Daryl continued their assault on her tender nipples, “I’ll do anything! I just need to cum so badly!”

Ray chuckled as he removed the tongs slowly and started using them to tug on her clit again. “You need to be specific, slut. What’s our little fuck toy willing to beg for if I let you cum right now?” he inquired seductively. He twisted and pulled on her sensitive little nub while Daryl and Steve were basically chewing her nipples.

“I’ll take all three of your cocks at the same time! Please, Sir, I need to cum!” she begged.

“What else?” Ray teased.

“Everyone gets a turn in my ass!” she cried out, her need for release growing imminent.

“What else, you dirty little cock whore?” Ray knew he was pushing her to say what he wanted, to beg for what he desired.

“I’ll take you and Daryl in my ass at the same time! Please, Sir, please! I need to cum! I can’t stop it! I’m going to cum!” Olivia screamed as tears streamed down her face.

“Cum, slut! Cum hard for Daddy! You remember what a good girl you were for Daddy last time, right? Squirt that nectar into my mouth and Daryl will fuck your ass and then we will see if you can take mine as well!” Ray demanded as he slid the tongs back inside her and sucked on her clit.

“Yes! Oh my God, Yes!” Olivia screamed as she came hard, gushing into Ray’s waiting mouth.

“Mm! Your cum is so sweet, my little slut! You are such a good girl!” Ray praised her.

Steve and Daryl picked up her quaking body and lay her on the bed. Ray brought her a bottle of water, “Drink, slut! You need to stay hydrated because, from this point on, you no longer need to beg for your orgasms. But you damn well better cum over and over for us, do you understand slut?”

Olivia nodded as she drank the cool, refreshing water. Her throat was dry from panting and screaming, and the water felt so good going down.

As she finished her water, Daryl spoke, “My cock needs that ass now baby!”

Olivia panicked a little, remembering she had just begged to take it and Ray’s in her ass at the same time. Daryl saw the look in her eyes and smiled wickedly, “Don’t you worry, baby. We’re gonna lube you up good. Then I’m going to take your ass from behind. If you can handle that, then Ray will slide his dick in next to mine. Steve is going to watch now because he loves to watch his little slut get ravaged. He’s going to watch you take two cocks into your slutty little ass and beg us to fuck you harder. Do you want the ball gag back in? Or do you want to be allowed to scream out loud, bitch?”

“I want to be allowed to scream out loud, please, Sir,” Olivia whispered.

Ray grabbed a tube of lube and started getting her ass wet and ready for use. Steve sat in a chair next to the bed and stroked his cock. Daryl added a bit of numbing cream on the outside of her asshole to make it a little easier on her when he entered her.

Then Ray got on his back and pulled Olivia on top of him, and Daryl positioned himself behind her and fingered her cunt. He wanted her to be fully aroused before he entered her ass.

“Cum on my hand, slut!” he ordered when he felt her getting close. She obeyed and flooded his hand. While her body was still convulsing from her orgasm, Daryl pushed the head of his cock up against her puckered hole. Ray held onto her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to help Daryl have better access. “Take a deep breath, baby,” Daryl said.

Olivia obeyed and filled her lungs with air. “Now blow out, bitch!” Daryl growled as he popped the head of his engorged prick into her tight opening.

“Fuck! It hurt so much!” she cried out.

Daryl kept still and said, “I know you can take my thick meat, baby. Just relax your ass muscles.”

Olivia took a few more breaths and willed herself to relax. She wanted this so much! She was not going to give up so easily.

Sensing the tenseness in her body go slack, Daryl saw that as his invitation to continue. “Do you want it slow or just push it in and get it over with?” he asked in a low voice.

Olivia wasn’t sure which choice was better. But her hesitation took that choice away when Steve surprised everyone by saying, “Plunge that big black cock into her slutty ass! She’s our fuck toy, right? She will take whatever we give her and beg for more, won’t you slut?”

That was all she needed to hear to remind her that this was her fantasy, the way she had described it to Steve dozens of times. So, she answered, “Drive it home, Sir.”

Daryl hesitated for a moment, then said, “Beg me to, bitch!”

“Push your big black cock into my ass, I’m your fuck toy, so use me!” she pleaded.

Daryl grabbed onto her hips and pushed himself balls deep into her excruciatingly tight back door as Olivia screamed, “Yes! God, yes!”

Steve spit on his hand and started working his cock, “Fuck her ass hard, Daryl. She’s always talking about how much she wants to feel a big black cock ripping open her ass. Give the little slut what she wants!”

Daryl started to pump a little and realized there was barely enough room for his dick let alone Ray’s, so he said, “Ray, this slut’s ass is too tight for another thick cock, stick it in her cunt and lets fuck this bitch!”

Ray slid into Olivia’s pussy quite easily as it was the wettest cunt he’d ever fucked. Her swollen labia parted and welcomed him into her slick, tight walls and clamped down on his dick. Despite the easy entrance, her hot box felt virginal since her ass was full of Daryl’s cock.

Ray didn’t have to move much because Daryl started hammering into Olivia’s ass, which caused her pussy to ride his cock. The three of them were moaning and panting. It was like a live performance of a porn video. Steve watched intently as Daryl and Ray violated his wife. He was a lucky bastard!

With his hands gripping her hips, Daryl fucked Olivia’s ass like it was his last chance ever. He grunted as he thrust deeply, “Take my cock all the way! That’s right! Feel my balls slapping against you!”

Ray shouted, “Take my cum in your hot, married pussy while your husband watches me, whore!”

Steve watched Olivia buck wildly as Daryl let loose in her ass and Ray flooded her cunt with his seed. Then he cried out, “You’re such a dirty whore!” and shot his load all over his stomach!

Once Daryl and Ray slid out of his wife, Steve got up and walked over to her, “Lick my cum off my stomach, slut.”

Olivia sat up and pulled Steve close to her, held onto his ass, and licked up every drop of his cum.

They continued the debauchery in the shower, washing her, fucking her, and washing her more!

For the remainder of the night, they took turns with her in the bed, while the other two watched and stroked their own cocks. Eventually, Olivia was spent and sore everywhere and her three masters needed to rest as well. Steve and Olivia slept in the bed, while Ray and Daryl each took a couch.

In the morning, Olivia kissed Daryl and Ray goodbye and thanked them both for helping bring her fantasy to life. Then Steve treated her to breakfast in bed.

Christine used her passkey to open the door and was surprised to see Steve and Olivia there. “Oh, I didn’t know you two spent the night! I am so sorry. I just came to change the sheets and clean the bathroom.”

Steve grinned, “No worries! You must be Christine. Olivia was too busy being ravaged last night to go home.”

“Oh,” Christine blushed. “Look, just let me know when you leave, and I can come back and clean up.”

Steve stopped her and said, “No, don’t leave. I must go to work. I’m sure Liv would like you to stay.”

He winked at Liv, bent down to kiss her goodbye, and whispered, “Let her roll around in the sheets with you, baby. Make her day!”

After Steve left, Christine said, “Really, I can come back later.”

Olivia saw a perfect opportunity that she was not going to let slip through her fingers. “No, Steve’s right, I’d like you to stay.”

Christine hesitated, so Olivia said, “This doesn’t take the place of our session tomorrow, don’t worry. This is a freebie. I was fucked royally in this bed last night and I think you should take off your clothes and lie on these sheets that smell like my well-fucked pussy and let me eat your cunt!”

Christine’s entire body hummed with arousal.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said as she undressed quickly. She got in bed with Olivia and inhaled sharply, taking in the glorious scent of sex and perfume.

Olivia watched Christine’s eyes glaze over as she slid a finger into her pussy. “You like how the bed smells of my cunt, don’t you? You can picture my body being ravaged and defiled by multiple hands, tongues and cocks, can’t you? But it’s not their cocks you want, is it slut?”

Christine timidly shook her head no.

Oliva continued, “You want the pussy that they abused, don’t you? Well, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to taste my nectar. I’m sore from being ravished all night. So today, you’re going to lie back and let me have what I want. You’re going to feed me your juices. You’re going to lie in this bed, in these sheets that smell like my dirty, used cunt, and your going to let me violate you with my fingers and tongue.”

“Yes! God, yes!” Christine cried out.

Steve stood in the viewing room and smiled. He hoped Olivia knew there was no way he was going to miss her with Christine again. He’d walked down the hall to the back entrance to his observation area and watched his wife make Christine’s hips rock and buck as she sucked on her clit and fucked her with three fingers. It was so fucking hot! His cock wanted to play again, but he really did need to go to work. He’d have to hear the rest of how this sneak preview encounter went when he got home later!

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