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I Love to Watch While She Enjoys

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She loves him and enjoys him watching her be used.

It was Saturday night, and here I sit, waiting on my wife to show up. I have a drink in hand and a perfect view of the bar. I’ll know as soon as she walks in, and so will every other red blood male, gay or not. This was my night to enjoy her in my own unique way, and the amazing woman indulges me whenever I ask.

As I’m sipping my Johnny and coke, I see her walk in. She is wearing this dark navy-blue button-up shirt. Her breasts are almost exploding out of it; it’s so tight on her. Then her white jeans look more like they were painted on than being worn. The material so thin you could help but see her tan skin through them. Luckily, she is shaved smooth, or the truth of her blonde hair would be evident to everyone. She completed her ensemble with a pair of strappy heels.

My cock is instantly hard at seeing her. I’m quite sure there are many other hard cocks tonight, thanks to her as well. I watch as she moves through the crowd of tables and makes her way to the bar. She slips onto a bar stool spinning around, so her widely splayed legs are facing away from the bar. She only slightly turns back when the young lady behind the bar comes to take her drink order.

After she has her drink in hand, she rotates the stool to look out over the bar and the small dance floor they have. She surveys the crowd, trying to see who is with whom. She is also making sure everyone in the bar gets a good look at the crotch of her jeans. She wants to show them what is available to the right person.  

She sat there leisurely sipping her drink when the first guy takes the bait. He slips onto the barstool next to her and strikes up a conversation. It doesn’t take long before I notice she isn’t interested in him at all. She looks my way, and on cue, her phone rings. She slips her hand into her jeans' back pocket, fishes it out, and begins talking. Looking up at the guy, she says something that I can’t hear, but I know it’s her brush off of; I’m on the phone, sorry excuse.

He takes the not too subtle hint and ambles away. Once he has moved on to his next target, she slips the phone back into her pocket. She starts gazing out across the room again. I can see in her eyes even in the dim-lit bar; she is hunting prey. She does this for me, but she chooses who. I only get a vote if I feel she isn’t safe.

Suddenly, I see her break her gaze to zero in on a guy who had just come into the bar. I looked him up and down the same way she was doing at this very moment. I’d guess six feet, maybe two hundred pounds, but it looks like all muscle. The polo shirt he has on is bulging in all the places you see the hunks from movies bulge. My eyes drift downward as I know hers are. He has quite the profile in the tight crotch of his blue jeans. Knowing my loving wife, she is probably drooling and soaking the crotch of her jeans about this time.

She makes eye contact with him and moves to give him a better view. As she does, she flicks another button on her shirt open giving him a complete view of her breasts just before exposing her nipple. He can even see the edge of her beige areola with the nipple tucked just from view.

This guy is no fool and starts moving towards her with purpose. She keeps turning the bar stool, watching his progress through the bar. Keeping her eyes on him, she has her feet on the rung of the stool; as he gets closer, she keeps flexing her knees apart, showing him the crotch of her jeans that is now damp.

Of course, I’ve been watching both of them in this dance they are doing. I watch her for the signs she has found the one, and sure enough, she is giving them all. She loves to flirt and expose herself while attracting the guy she wants. I knew as soon as she opened her top, he’d be in her bed tonight.

While still watching and sipping my drink, he slides on a barstool next to her. I see them exchange a few words and hear her giggle loudly. I don’t know what he said, but she leaned towards him and rested her hand squarely on his crotch. She was close to having kissed him, but then she straightened up. They continued to talk for almost thirty minutes.

When the band started playing, he offered her his hand, and they went out onto the dance floor. There were only a few couples, so it was still easy for me to follow them. The first few songs were faster-paced, and they stayed moving, never getting very close. Then soon, a slower, more romantic song started. He pulled her into him, and they started swaying together.

I watched them on the floor dancing through several slow romantic songs. With each song, he crept his hands lower until he had them cupping her ass. I knew by now he had confirmed there were no panties under them white jeans. I watched his fingers flex on her ass cheeks.

As the night went on, they started alternating between dancing and getting very friendly in one of the more private booths. I really didn’t have a great vantage point, but I could tell when she threw her head back, he must have been massaging her pussy through those jeans. I was pretty sure she was doing the same to his cock.

It wasn’t long after this I saw her get up and head towards the bathroom. After she disappeared into the bathroom, my cell chirped with a text from her saying,

I’m ready to take this stud home for you. He has magic fingers and a nice thick cut cock! 

I thought to myself before replying; she’ll enjoy this boy for sure. She loves a cut cock. I tapped into my phone,

Calling the car now; I’ll be watching out front until you’re in.

We always used a car service for her as a precaution. I might love seeing her with other men, but I’ll be damn if I let her ride with some dude. Sometimes they ride with her and sometimes they’ll follow.

I went outside and stood off to the side by my bike, watching for her to come out. I didn’t have to wait long. She came strolling out with him hanging on her like a lost puppy. She had this effect on young men a lot. They slid into the backseat of an SUV from the car service. I got on my bike to head home and be there before they arrived. The car service knew to take their time as we use them all the time.


I pulled into the drive and parked my bike in the garage next to my wife’s prized Corvette. I walked into a little room off the garage. It was my private room for nights like this. I loved watching my wife but had no real interest in participating. We had cameras placed all over the house, so I never missed any of the action no matter what room it went down in. I turned on the computer and powered up several large monitors that I watch the action on. Then I powered up the camera’s mounted throughout the house. As soon as everything was up and running, I got comfortable. Comfortable for me at this moment is sitting buck naked in my comfy chair in front of the monitors watching my wife get her brains fucked out.

I had just settled in when I saw the SUV pull into the driveway. As she and the guy got out, I noticed her top was barely on. If I had to guess, it wouldn’t be much of a guess, as he had his hands full of her wonderful tits on the ride home. I also noticed his belt was hanging loose as well. So, there was probably a little cock holding going as well. I watched them walk up to the house. She led him to the door that entered the kitchen.

I brought the cameras in the kitchen up on the monitors. There were four cameras that covered almost every inch of the kitchen. I had no sooner brought them up on the monitors when they walked in. They had barely gotten into the kitchen when he pushed her up against the table. He kissed her hard, and she responded. I could tell both of them were charged up. He stepped back with her still leaning on the table, pulled her top open.

He had both hands on her breasts, and I could see his fingers stroking her nipples. He then dropped his head down and caught one of her nipples between his lips. I could tell by the arching of her back he was sucking on it hard. As well as the cameras, we also had sound. When I turned it up, I heard her moan out loudly.

She had her hands wrapped in his hair, pulling him tighter. I could hear her moans rise and fall as he switched from nipple to nipple, sucking greedily on them. I watched as he slipped a hand to the crotch of her jeans. His fingers were tracing up and down the length of the crotch. I could see her legs flex as he teased her through the jeans.

She started pushing his head downward, using her hands in his hair to guide him. He was quick to take her lead and started kissing down her stomach, stopping to tease her navel before stopping at her jeans' top. As I watched, he slipped the button of her jeans open, and then using his teeth, he pulled the zipper down. Slipping his hands inside her waistband, he started shimming her jeans over hips. They were so tight he had to put some effort into it. A prize worth the effort awaits, I thought to myself.

Finally, getting them to her feet, he lifted one leg and then the other to pull them the rest of the way off. This left him kneeling right in front of her clean shaven mound that was glistening with excitement. I saw she had let go of his hair, but he needed no direction here. He leaned into her, and as I watched on the camera, his tongue ran from the soft skin between her pussy and anus until he slipped it over her clit. She tilted her head back, moaned loudly. He wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her pussy into his mouth. His head was moving up and down on her as she continued moaning.

Using his powerful hands, he picked her up and sat her ass on the edge of the table. As I watched, he pushed her legs apart before slipping two fingers into her dripping pussy. She moaned out and lifted her ass to meet his fingers. He placed his mouth over her clit and sucked it as she thrashed and moaned, laying back on the table.

I could tell by her moans' volume and tempo she wasn’t going to last much longer. I watched as he continued his assault on her pussy. He moved from fingering her to using his tongue to lap at her pussy like a starving puppy. He then continued with his fingers. He would’ve had her thrashing all over the table if he hadn’t been holding on to her.

As I watched, she wrapped her legs around his head and shoulders trapping his face against her pussy. Just as she did that, she a protracted moan escape. She arched her back into his captured face. Even on the camera, I could see her cum over his face like a small fountain had been turned on. Then she collapsed onto the table and let her legs drop to hang loose.

He stood up, and I could see the whole front of his polo was soaked as if he had spilled a bottle of water on himself. He was softly stroking her thighs as she calmed down. When she had, he bent down and scooped her up from the table. I heard him ask her where the bedroom was and saw her point down the hall. He started towards the hall as I switched cameras to follow them.

As he carried her down the hall, she leaned up and kissed him. He stopped for a few minutes as they shared a long tongue dancing kiss. I knew she was enjoying that because she loves to taste herself on her lover. They finally broke their kiss, and she indicated which door to go through. He carefully carried her in and laid her on the bed, but before he could back away, she caught him by his belt that was dangling loose already.

As I watched, she rolled around on the bed until she was facing him on her stomach. Reaching out, she slipped the button open on his jeans and slipped his zipper open. His cock was already pushing for release from its denim cage and flopped out right in front of her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head, causing him to moan.

She let him worry about getting his jeans down his legs as she grasped his cock and pulled him closer. Circling the head with her tongue, she slid her hand down its length. As I watched, she sucked him between her lips. My cock, already hard, jumped, watching her. I knew how talented that tongue and mouth were. My hand was wrapped around my cock, watching.

I had been just watching but seeing her work his cock into her mouth was more than I could resist. I slowly stroked my length as his cock disappeared. She was fucking amazing at swallowing cocks of any size, and he was nowhere close to the largest she had ever taken between her lips. It wasn’t long until her nose was pushed against his pubic hair, and he was moaning. I never knew how she did it, but she could work her tongue around a cock even as it was opening her throat. I could tell by this poor guy’s face; she was working him good.

As I watched, she rolled over on her back with his cock still in her mouth. It was a sight to behold. Her breasts were standing high as she hung her head over the edge of the bed. The nipples are sticking out thick and hard. She had spread her legs wide for balance, and with the camera positioned above the bed, I could see her swollen pussy gaped open from her orgasm earlier.

It wasn’t long before he had one hand squeezing her breast and the other in her hair as he fucked her mouth. I could hear her gag a bit as he pushed hard and deep. He watched as he pulled out, the spittle and foamy mess run from her mouth. It was trailing down the sides of her face. After she caught a breath, he would slip his cock back into her mouth.

I could see by his actions that he wouldn’t last much longer, but neither was I. My cock strained in my hand, probably as hard as his strained in her throat. Suddenly he bent at the waist and grabbed both sides of her head. By his expression, I could see he had gone over the edge and was cumming deep in her throat. I heard him cry out as he held her on his cock.

As I stroked my cock and watched, I could also see her swallowing his cum down as he pumped it into her mouth. That was the last straw for me. I threw my head back against my chair and erupted a long stream of cum that landed almost on my chest. That was followed by several more powerful streams that trailed down to the top of my pubic hair. I rested my head against the chair for a few moments before looking at the monitors again.

When I did, he had sat down on the bed, and my wife had gotten up. I could see the mess her face was. She walked towards the bathroom in our room, and I switched cameras to watch her. I saw her grab a hand towel as she walked in, but instead of going straight to the sink, she sat down on the toilet. I could hear her pee splash in the bowl. Then I watched as she got up and went over to her sink of the twins in the vanity. She wet a washcloth and wiped her face but not before turning towards the camera and running her tongue around her lips. Although I had just blasted my load all over my chest, my cock still twitched for her.

When she had finished, she walked back out to the bedroom. As she did, I noticed somewhere along the way she had lost her top. Now she was completely nude and sexy as hell. He was on the bed now, equally as naked. He must have gotten comfortable while I was watching her in the bathroom. I thought, oh well, I’ll look at the recordings later.


As she approached the bed, he leaned up on his elbows, watching her. She crawled up on the bed towards him and worked her way up his legs. As her breasts passed over his cock, she bent down slightly, so her breasts rubbed against him. I heard him give a little moan. She continued upwards, and he dropped back on the bed. She finally came to stop face to face with him.

Leaning down, she gave him a kiss that I can only describe as pornographic. He tried to wrap his arms around her, but she used her hands on his arms to hold him down. Of course, she only accomplished this because he let her. She continued to kiss him, but as I watched, she also started working her pussy against his crotch. Her hips would slide back forth, moving her pussy across his cock.

He moaned lightly in between kisses. During one of these little breaks, she raised her hips and repositioned his cock. I couldn’t tell exactly what she did, but I knew he hadn’t entered her yet. Then it hit me as I watched her moving more aggressively. She had positioned his cock, so she was jerking him off with her pussy. My cock instantly started swelling again, watching her move on top of him. By this point, they were both moaning equally.

She finally raised up to straddle him. I made sure I had the camera queued up that had the best shot. As I watched, she lifted herself up enough to slip his hard cock into her pussy. I watched her lips spread around him as she sank back down on him. He placed his hands on her hips. She started moving back and forth on his cock. Just riding him in small movements. I recognized this as her getting him harder.

Sure enough, she was soon riding up and down on his cock. He helped lift her, and she’d settled back down on him. They got into a nice rhythm, and he was lifting his hips into her every time she came back down on him. He moved one hand to her breasts and could see on the camera he was pinching and pulling at her nipples.

The microphone placed over the bed couldn’t help but catch their moans and grunts as they slammed together. It was the change in her moans that alerted me to her getting close to cumming again. It wasn’t long before she cried out in orgasm. She slammed down on him and bent forward as her body convulsed. He just held her, unlike so many others I had watched her with that would try to keep going through her orgasm.

When she calmed down, I saw her kiss him and then say something. All though the mic was one of the best, it still couldn’t hear a whisper. I didn’t have long to think about what they shared. He rolled her off of him. As I watched, she got up on her knees, forcing her ass in the air. He moved around until he was behind her. I could see his view on the camera, and my cock was drooling at her open pussy dripping with her juices. I could only imagine what his cock was doing, knowing it would be back in that warm tunnel in moments.

He scooted closer to her, and as he slipped his cock into her, she let out a gasp of pleasure. I saw her turn her head to the side and take a deep breath as he pushed even deeper. His cock wasn’t the longest she had ever taken, but it was filling her thoroughly enough. He started moving back and forth while holding on to her hips, pushing deep before drawing his cock out and plunging in again. She let out a constant stream of moans under him.

His pace picked up until he was really pounding her hard. Each thrust pushed her into the bed further. As he grunted with his effort, she moaned under it. Yet knowing my wife, I could also read the signs of another orgasm building. Surest of which was her snaking her hand to her clit. This was always a sure sign of her being on the edge of exploding.

It came quickly too!  As I watched, she reared her head up and cried out, and although the camera angle sucked, I saw her spray the bed with her juices. She rarely squirts, but this guy must have found that button and was pushing on it hard. As she shook in her orgasm, he had stopped pounding her. He was still deep in her pussy, but he allowed her to come down from her orgasm at her own pace.

Then came a shock for me; she looked over her shoulder at him saying, “Take my ass, my pussy needs a break!”

My jaw hit my chest, and my cock jumped for the ceiling. She never usually lets a plaything take her ass, and here she was offering it to this guy. I could see the look on his face that he was as surprised as I was. I heard him asking her if she was sure, and she replied that she was. As I watched, he pulled out of her pussy. As he did, her juices ran out, dribbling on the bed.

He reached down and coated two fingers with her juices. Then bringing them up to her puckered anus, he started spreading her juices around it. He then dipped his fingers into her pussy again, gathering more juices and spread more around her puckered star. Then getting his fingers wet again, he slipped first one and then a second into her opening. Knowing my wife, I know she is already quite relaxed. Although her boy toys don’t get to take that ass often, I regularly get to fill it full.

He finally positioned the head of his cock against her pucker. Looking over her shoulder at him, I could hear her talking to him, telling him what to do. As I watched, the head of his cock disappeared. I heard her inhale sharply, then tell him to keep going. It wasn’t long before he was balls deep in her ass. She drew in several deep breaths as she adjusted to him, then looked back at him again and just nodded.

That was his cue to start fucking her ass. I played with the different cameras to get the best view I could. I finally settle on one that showed his cock slipping in and out of her ass. Each time he’d pull back, her skin would stretch outward until he pushed back in. I could hear her panting and moaning as he plowed her ass.

I had my hand around my cock, stroking it in time to his thrusts into her ass. My moans were almost drowning hers and his out that were coming in over the speakers. He was really working her ass hard with powerful strokes. She whimpered and moaned louder than I had heard in a long time. I know most people would think I’m twisted, but this was so fucking hot to me.

I was close to blowing my second load of the night when he cried out; he was going to cum. I heard him ask her if she wanted it in her ass or should he pull out. I didn’t hear her reply, but he yanked his cock out of her to blast his load all down her back until it was trailing off to the crack of her ass. That was my trigger; I spewed my second load of the night all over myself.

My wife collapsed on the bed. The camera angle showed her gaping asshole. It pulsed slightly as it slowly started closing. I could see the mixture of juices leaking from it. A mix of her juices he lubed her with, those on his cock and his juices that had leaked during the action. I so could’ve run in there right now and taken her myself, but I controlled myself.

He laid down next to her and pulled her to him. As I watched, he gently held her and stroked her hair. As they laid there cuddling, I was also resting up for a minute as well. Then I saw her look into his eyes, and again, I wish the mic could pick up whispers, but when she finished, he got up and started gathering his clothes. He went into the bathroom. I took this as my queue to call the car service since he rode here with her.

I called the car service, and while my attention was on that, my wife had gotten up and put a robe on. Well, calling it a robe may be being gracious since it barely covered her. As I was watching, he came out of the bathroom. They hugged tightly, with him getting one more good feel of her ass and a long kiss. Then he was out the door. I watched him on the cameras until he got in the car that showed up.


After he left, I took a minute to wipe myself clean before walking out the door that led into the house. I walked into the bedroom to find my wife curled up on the bed. She looked an exhausted mess. I turned around and walked into the bathroom, and drew a tub of hot water. Then I went back out and scooped her up and carried her to the tub.

As I carried her, she kissed me on the cheek and asked, “Was the show as good for you as it was for me?”

I stopped by the tub and helped her stand up before slipping off her robe and then helping her get into the tub. She let out a gentle sigh as she sank into the water.

As she relaxed, I leaned over and kissed her forehead, then said, “It was one of the best ever. Wait until we watch it together.”

I spent the better part of the next hour pampering her before carrying her to bed. I ran through the shower and then joined her. I held her as we both fell sound asleep.


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