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Losing Our Bearings 6: The Road To Llety-Cariad

Series: The 25 Year Itch

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Contributing Authors: kellym42 

A weekend to celebrate Maggie's birthday turns into something much more

Maggie was in a good mood as we drove along the winding roads through hills and valleys. She was enjoying the golden colours of the leaves in the setting sun as they were turning from green to oranges, reds and browns. She always loved the changing seasons. I tended to miss them.

We had made good progress driving to our weekend away to celebrate her birthday. I had picked her up straight from the school where she worked and we were taking a longer route through the countryside to avoid the motorways and the Friday evening traffic at the start of half term. I had kept the final destination secret, and Maggie was enjoying the mystery tour. She knew that our son, his partner, our daughter, and one of her friends would meet us there.

We still had a couple of hours to go, and Maggie was talkative and happy. This may have been a combination of the start of a week off from school and going away for the weekend to be with our children. The start of a break would always lift her mood.

Even so, it was great to have a happy and positive Maggie back. The last few weeks, she had rarely seemed happy and had often appeared tired so she had often gone to bed early. Now she seemed to have energy again. As she talked on the journey, she would often reach out to touch my arm or my leg. I enjoyed this little bit of physical connection between us. At one point, she apologised for being so down recently, but said she was determined to enjoy the weekend with all her close family, and she would try and make things up with me. 

This sounded like an exciting prospect. A more tactile and energetic Maggie suggested that there was the chance to re-ignite our sex life again. However, I had planned more surprises for Maggie while we were away, and I was starting to wonder if I had made a big misjudgement.

Maggie fell quiet as the journey continued, and I realised that she was dosing after her busy week at school. The long slow journey was having a soporific effect. I thought about how we had come to this point and whether I should try and change the arrangements I had made.

The first couple of days would not be a problem. We would be joined by our children and their partners as expected. On Sunday, they would leave and Maggie was expecting that the two of us would have a further couple of days of walking and sightseeing alone. However, I had organised a different Sunday evening.

After I returned home after meeting Michael and Lisa, I was wondering what to say to Maggie. I didn’t confront her immediately with what I had learned about what happened in Manchester and all the things that she had not told me. The right moment didn’t seem to come along, and I couldn’t work out the best way to raise the subject. I feared it would just make things worse between us. I knew that I needed to deal with it, but I feared what Maggie might say, and where it would leave us.

I did let her know that I had found a place for the family to meet up for the weekend for her birthday. I said the place was a bit special and it might be a nice surprise not to have any details in advance. Maggie was happy to look forward to a mystery tour and was also pleased that I had extended the weekend break by a couple of days for an extra holiday for us.

I contacted Lisa and said that I was considering bringing Maggie over to Manchester or meet somewhere in between on Sunday afternoon or evening, which would give Michael an opportunity to explain things to Maggie. If Maggie wasn’t pleased to see him, we could leave quickly. If not, we could have a couple of drinks before returning home. Lisa seemed pleased and confirmed that she and Michael would be free to meet up if I confirmed it.

I hoped that I was doing the right thing. I wanted to discuss it with someone. The only person that I felt would understand my dilemma was our friend Kat. Kat and Maggie were close, but I knew that if I asked Kat, she would keep our conversation confidential, or at least would tell me if she felt that she needed to share something with Maggie. Kat and I had sex a couple of times when Kat was with her then-partner, Simon. Simon had been Maggie’s first sexual partner, which started this whole journey.

Kat and Simon had drifted apart, although they were still friends. I knew that Kat’s daughter liked Simon and they often went out for ‘family’ outings, but neither Kat nor Simon were ready to make a commitment to each other.

Kat agreed to meet me for a drink when Maggie had one of her regular evening meetings at school. I wasn’t very surprised when I found that Maggie had shared quite a bit of detail about the weekend in Manchester with Kat. Kat had been shocked but she was getting used to being shocked by Maggie’s behaviour. Kat knew that Maggie had been avoiding contact with Michael since returning from the trip.

I described meeting Michael and then Lisa, and how I had arranged for us all to meet in a few days' time. I wanted to know what Kat thought. 

Kat agreed that it would be good to clear the air, and it might help Maggie move on. However, she was concerned that it might end up being a nice chat and no more. Equally, it could either upset Maggie to meet Michael when she hadn’t agreed to meet, or it might ignite feelings within Maggie that she was suppressing. I might end up regretting restarting things again.

Kat did tell me that Maggie had been tempted to reply to Michael. As time had gone past, she had considered sending him a message just to confirm that she was fine. Michael hadn’t sent her any messages in recent times, and Maggie had become concerned to check if he was okay. Of course, I had asked Michael not to contact Maggie about my meeting with him, so this confirmed he had kept to my request.

This made me a little more sure that a further meeting with Michael might help Maggie move on and stop thinking about how the last one had ended.

I thought I could avoid causing upset by letting Maggie know about the plan just before we left to meet Michael. Then if Maggie didn’t like the idea, I would simply have to let Lisa and Michael know and apologise for wasting their time. I was also pretty sure Maggie wouldn’t just go off with Michael if we met at a nice bar, maybe not too close to his apartment. I was satisfied that I could avoid creating a problem that night.

Kat was concerned about something else. She asked me what I wanted to achieve by setting up the meeting. I thought it was clear why, but Kat wanted me to explain more.

“I want to let Maggie put the events in Manchester behind her. She can reconcile her differences with Michael, and then hopefully she can be happier and we can continue with our life without this hanging over her.”

Kat wasn’t sure. “Maybe Maggie is struggling to move on and meeting up with Michael will only make things worse. Or maybe she fears that if she doesn’t keep things bottled up inside, she will want to spend more time with Michael. Or maybe with Lisa or Will.”

“Is this what she told you?”

“Not exactly, but I know Maggie isn’t sure how to come to terms with what happened. She felt she was out of control and, even worse for her dilemma, she enjoyed it.”

I knew this shouldn’t surprise me, but I was hoping that Kat would help.

“By arranging to meet with you, I hoped you would be able to reassure me that I was doing the right thing. I want Maggie to be happy. I hate her being miserable, it’s not like her.”

Kat looked at me straight and wouldn’t let me look away. “Paul, what do you want? Have you thought about what the best future for you might be as well as for Maggie?”

I was surprised by the question. “I want Maggie and me to stay together. I want Maggie to be fulfilled and happy.”

Kat looked at me seriously. “I don’t think you’ve answered my question. I have no doubt that you have loved Maggie. You still do. She’s a lovely person, and I can see why you would love her. You’ve brought up two fantastic children. Together, you’ve built a comfortable life for the family.

“However, you need to be more honest with yourself. You have been sexually frustrated with your relationship with Maggie for many years. She has found out more about herself and, through her experience with Simon and others, Maggie has unlocked a side of her she has suppressed since before you and her met. For whatever reason, you and Maggie have not been able to communicate in an open way. That’s a weakness in your relationship and it remains so to this day.

“Are you happy to stay with Maggie at any cost? Can you come to terms with the fact that your wife’s body isn’t exclusively yours? Would you be happy to stay with Maggie if she regularly goes off and has sex with others, if that is the only way she can be happy and fulfilled? What will you be doing? How will you get your satisfaction? If you can’t have the old Maggie, and maybe you don’t want the old Maggie, do you know who the new Maggie is? And is that the person you want to be with for the next twenty-five years?”

I knew there were some really difficult truths I needed to face. Kat wasn’t going to let me off the hook.

“Do you remember when you and Maggie stayed with me and Simon in that seaside apartment in Bournemouth?”

I could hardly forget it. Maggie went off with Simon and I had sex with Kat after a game that Kat had organised.   

“At the time, I thought that Maggie wanted to explore her sexuality. Despite her apparent resistance to presenting herself to you and allowing me to share her with Simon, I sensed that she wanted it. Afterwards she tried to convince me that she was only going along with my game so that you could have some fun. Now we can see that I was right all along. Deep inside Maggie there was a yearning to do more, even then. She loved what she had done with Simon and wanted more. Now she’s been able to go much further than even I thought was possible.

“We know that Maggie has changed. Are you the one that hasn’t changed? You seem to get excited by Maggie’s newfound sexuality and then you get angry with what she’s done. Is it better if you were apart? I’m not saying you want that to be the outcome, but is this where you are heading? Can you live with a woman that might want to go away for periods with other lovers? She might have unprotected sex with others. She might risk pregnancy with others and even get pregnant by them. She might fall in love with someone else. Have you come to terms with the reality of what’s happening with Maggie?”

The realisation of what Kat was saying started hitting home. I had gone through all sorts of thoughts as Maggie moved away from our marriage vows to seeing others. I recalled how she asked Simon to fuck her for the first time. I’d been excited at times as I imagined or witnessed what Maggie had done with others. At other times I had experienced periods of jealousy, rage and despair when my sweet innocent wife had given herself so completely to others and allowed, and even encouraged, them to do things that I hadn’t been allowed to do with her. I had learned of her submissive side, which she could only show when with others.

I had been pleased when she became more adventurous in the bedroom with me and I had considered that I was enjoying the benefits of being married to a hot wife. Although I feared what might be happening, I had not confronted the fact that her relationship with her lovers, and particularly Michael, was closer than she had admitted. More recently I had learned about her bisexual side, and that if events had been just a little different, she might have had a female partner and never have met me on the rebound.

I shunned the label of cuckold. I didn’t think we were swingers either. So what were we? Who was I? Did I want to share Maggie with others? Or did I want to have sex with others while Maggie pursued her lifestyle? Would it only end when one of us fell in love with a new partner with whom we could find complete satisfaction?

Kat sensed my distress. “I don’t want to upset you, but I just wonder where all this is heading. I want to see my friends Maggie and Paul happy. I sense that Maggie is on a journey. You and I both seem to accept that if that journey ends now, Maggie might never be totally happy. If she continues her journey and you just stand on the sidelines, I wonder where that leaves you.”

I couldn’t come up with an answer. Later on, in bed with Maggie asleep next to me, I went over what Kat had said. I was grateful for her honesty with me. I couldn’t help reflecting on the fact that even Maggie and I hadn’t discussed our sex life until the last year. Now I seemed to have discussed it with Kat and Lisa as well as Maggie. Yet there were still major issues that remained unresolved that I had not fully discussed with my wife, who should always be the first person I talk to on these matters.

I continued to struggle to understand how I felt about the new Maggie. I could always get aroused when I remembered some of the extreme incidents. 

The first time I saw her take Simon’s cock in her mouth after they came back from the rugby club dinner. Then she let him fuck her in front of me. The photo of Maggie naked on the bed when she was with Michael in London, not at all shy about her body. The sight of Maggie emerging from Michael’s apartment before he moved north, when she had his cum in her hair and running down her leg. 

I could imagine her being spit roasted by Michael and Will, both of them bareback, as she was squirting and experiencing multiple orgasms. I also imagined Maggie dancing with Lisa, deeply kissing at a nightclub with everyone around watching them, her dress short enough for her panties to be seen. These were the things I found myself replaying in my head time after time.

However, I could also remember and relive the gut-wrenching jealousy and pain of rejection I had felt at these and other times. I had been in turmoil when Maggie had sex with other men. Could I learn to live with the new Maggie? Could I come to terms with what she had done?

It occurred to me that I’d not really seen how Maggie was with Michael, or for that matter, with Lisa. When I had given Maggie and Michael a lift to their ‘farewell’ dinner, it had been awkward. Would seeing them together confirm whether I could cope with the possibility of sharing my wife in the future? Or would it confirm that our relationship was doomed? Or if I didn’t like seeing them together, would Maggie sense how I felt and choose to be with me?

A new idea started to form in my head. It seemed more crazy than ever, but once I thought about it, it wouldn’t go away.

Maybe Michael and Lisa could come to visit us in our large house in Wales on Sunday evening, rather than Maggie and I travelling to Manchester. There was plenty of room for them to stay the night if we all were comfortable with that. Then, I could see whether or not Maggie wanted to do more with Michael. 

I could make it clear to Lisa and Michael that it would be a surprise so that Maggie couldn’t back out. However, once they met, if Maggie didn’t want to see them for longer, they would have to leave. If she was happy to talk and for them to stay, then they may just each have a bedroom for the night. Whatever happened, it would be up to Maggie and they had to respect whatever she wanted.

I struggled to manage to get to sleep as my mind raced with possibilities. I realised this could be an enormous risk, but it would mean that Maggie could decide what she wanted and I could find out whether I really could cope with her as a hot wife who had sex with others.

The next day I messaged Lisa with my proposal. I wasn’t sure if it was practical for them to come to Wales that Sunday. I also wasn’t sure if they would agree to my conditions for them to come.

It was a day later that Lisa said that they would both be happy to come across to see us. They would bring a drink to share and some food if I wanted them to. They accepted that what happened would depend on Maggie’s reaction and what she wanted. Michael wanted the chance to see her and would be prepared to take the risk of being asked to leave and have a long journey for little in return. Lisa would drive since Michael didn’t have a car.

Once I got the confirmation, I started to work out the practical details. Would they just turn up? I decided to ask Kat again, although I knew she might think I was even crazier than ever to set this up. I sent her the details of the house, and explained why I thought it might be best for the meeting to take place there.

Kat replied that she thought I was mad! When I had a minute alone, I called Kat.

She thought that Maggie would like to see Michael and have a conversation. It was a long way to travel for what might be a quick chat. Maggie might feel obliged to let him stay longer, even if she didn’t really want that. I said that I could emphasise that the trip was at the request of Michael and she would not have any obligation to him.

Kat asked me how I thought it would work. I said that I could take Maggie out for the day and arrange for Michael and Lisa to meet up when we returned. I would be able to make sure Maggie was relaxed so she would be more receptive. Kat commented that I seemed to have it all worked out.

Kat said that she would like to see Maggie’s reaction but was worried for me if Maggie wanted to be too openly close with Michael. Would I just stand back and let things happen?

She couldn’t imagine me just watching, and the house, though spectacular, was in the middle of nowhere. I had a further thought. What if Kat came up to Wales on Sunday as well? There were plenty of bedrooms and she could stay, if she could take time off work and her daughter had somewhere else to go.

She admitted she’d like to stay since she could help out if things went wrong. She suggested that, since her daughter wanted to stay with a friend this half term holiday, she could arrive while Maggie and I were out for the day and organise things with Michael and Lisa for me.

A plan was formed. Maggie and I would go out for the day and have a nice lunch out. We would return later, by which time Kat would be able to sort out bedrooms for people to stay if that was what was decided. She would meet up with Michael and Lisa when they arrived and they would all keep out of sight when Maggie and I returned. I would suggest Maggie get a bath, which she always liked, and then come down to have an evening by the fire. In the living room, Micheal, Lisa and Kat would be waiting to wish her happy birthday.

What happened next would be in Maggie’s hands. We all knew what that might involve. However, Kat said that she would be there to keep me company if that was necessary. I connected Kat with Lisa and it was all confirmed. All I had to do was cope with the anticipation.

Now we were driving to Llety-cariad with Maggie gently sleeping next to me. I was having doubts as I fully realised how crazy this plan was. I could be heading to the end of our marriage.

As we got closer to our destination, Maggie awoke and smiled at me. She was looking forward to us being together as a family. The sat nav took me to the driveway and Maggie’s eyes lit up as we drove up to the large modern house, which nestled into the hillside. Behind it we could just see more hills in the light of the moon. A lit sign gave the name. Maggie wondered what it meant in English. I told her that it was called “Love’s Abode”. She leaned over and hugged me and said that she would do her best to make sure it lived up to its name.

The other members of our family were already there. We all hugged and explored the amazing house with its open log fire and large rooms. 

A large central circular staircase seemed to float up from the large hallway to an upper floor and down to a floor below. In front of us, full-height glazing would give spectacular views across hills and the river. However, it was dark when we arrived so we had to guess at the views. There was a master bedroom on the same floor as the living room with the large fire, and a large kitchen and open plan breakfast area. 

The master bedroom was huge, with a whirlpool bath sunken into the floor. A separate shower with a glass screen was to one side. There would be no privacy in this room. There were four bedrooms on the floor below, all double and good sizes with their own shower rooms. The house was shaped like a pyramid narrowing to a peak on the top floor. There was just one bedroom on the top floor, called ‘The Eyrie’. It had glass walls on three sides from which there would be the best views. It was smaller than the master bedroom with a bathroom off with a tub and shower.

I had been looking forward to sharing the master bedroom with Maggie, but she loved The Eyrie at the top of the house. She thought it would be more cosy and wanted to wake up to the views from the top of the house. We brought our bags up and unpacked there while the others used the bedrooms on the lower floor.

The next day we went on a long walk down the river and found a lovely pub for lunch. There was a chill in the air but it was sunny and the countryside was stunning. We all enjoyed the day and went back to enjoy cooking a meal and eating it by the large fire, which easily warmed the room. The house had every modern convenience. Everything that could be remote-controlled was remote-controlled. Window blinds could be lowered, lighting changed to suit different moods and music played through speakers in every room. We all enjoyed the luxury.

Maggie was very loving and gave me little touches and hugs. She seemed to want to recreate the intimacy between us. On the first night, we had trouble working out the heating controls from the house. The result was that our bedroom was cold and Maggie wore a couple of extra layers over her nightclothes. She was never very happy when it was cold, and although we cuddled in bed, I knew that she wouldn’t find it easy to remove any clothing. 

The second night, we had sorted the heating. Maggie went up to bed ahead of me while I had a long chat with our son about how his work was going. We were all tired after our long walk, and after around thirty minutes we turned in. I found Maggie in bed fast asleep when I came up to the bedroom. She was wearing a thin short cream coloured silk nightdress I had bought her a few birthdays ago. I had bought it at a time when I was trying to get Maggie to have sex with me more often and because I thought it would make her feel more sexy in bed. She had rarely worn it and I was touched that she had brought it away with her. It seemed she had intended to be open to some sexy fun, but had fallen asleep. I felt bad waking her, and I was also pretty tired. 

I settled down to sleep, wondering what the next day would bring. I couldn’t help thinking what might happen in the same house the next evening. Would it be as relaxed? Would Maggie be so happy? Despite my active mind, it wasn’t long before I too was sleeping.

In the morning, Maggie and I woke late and she cuddled up to me. We heard the others up and around and both agreed that we should get up. Maggie whispered in my ear. “We’ve still got another couple of nights, when we can stay in bed for as long as we want.” My cock reacted as she got out of bed and I saw her walk to the bathroom in her silk nightdress. I still loved my wife’s body and after over twenty-five years together, there was no-one I would rather have sex with.

We had arranged for Sunday lunch at a hotel a few miles away in Shrewsbury. It would be another chance to talk together, and I also thought it might be better for Maggie and me to eat at lunchtime. We would then not have to worry about a main meal later. Afterwards, we said goodbye to our son and daughter and friends. 

Maggie and I spent the afternoon wandering around the town and gardens enjoying riverside walks and visiting the ancient castle. 

I was receiving messages from Kat throughout the afternoon, which I read when Maggie wasn’t looking. She confirmed that she had arrived at the house, and had been busy preparing it for the evening. She seemed to have everything in hand. She had even brought drinks, snacks and canapes to create a party atmosphere for the evening.

I also received a message from Lisa. Her car had failed to start and she couldn’t get it fixed on a Sunday in time. She had asked Will to drive her and Michael. She said that if having Will around would upset me, she could get him to drop them off and find a place to spend the evening elsewhere. We need never see him. Whilst I feared that Maggie would not want to see him, I was also curious to meet the guy who had fucked my wife and, with Michael, had given her multiple orgasms. 

I replied to Lisa that WIll could stay as long as he agreed to go along with the arrangement we had. Lisa confirmed that he would. She said that they all knew they may leave after less than an hour or may end up staying the night. Everything was up to Maggie. 

She also added another message, I think to reassure us, that after the trip to Manchester they were all tested and clear of disease. If things went a certain way and it should happen that events repeat themselves, Maggie wouldn’t need to worry about catching anything. She again said that this was only a precaution and nothing was assumed. I felt a tingle in my spine. Could Maggie want to pick up where things had left off in Manchester? It was starting to feel very real.

Throughout the day, Maggie kept repeating how she had enjoyed the weekend so far. She was looking forward to the next couple of days. She said she felt relaxed and happy and wanted us to have a special time. 

I nearly messaged Kat and Lisa to ask them to go back home. The thought of a couple of days away from work pressures with just the two of us was very inviting. However, we had got this far, and if Maggie was not happy to see them, the three from Manchester could go back later tonight, and the house was big enough for Kat to stay in one of the bedrooms and not trouble us. In any case, Kat and Maggie were close and it shouldn’t be a problem to have her with us for one night.

But I was getting more apprehensive. I feared that Maggie would be upset when she found that I had arranged for Michael and Lisa to join us. She might get very upset to see Will. Then again, she might see this as an opportunity to have more fun with Michael, only this time with my full consent. Unlike when Maggie had sex before, I had set up this opportunity. It was premeditated. I would have no excuse. This would really test what I was prepared to accept, and whether our relationship could survive Maggie having sex with others.

The afternoon was ending and we stopped for hot drinks before driving back to Llety-cariad. It was going to happen. The anticipation felt overwhelming. We went back to the car and I drove us back to our temporary home.

As we arrived at Llety-cariad, I realised that it would be difficult to hide the fact Kat, Michael, Lisa and Will were in the house. I was trying to work out what I would say to Maggie as I turned into the driveway. However, there were no cars in front of the house. I remembered that the drive went around the side of the house. I could just see that the rear lights of a car were just slightly visible sticking out. I pulled the car around so that it was facing away, and Maggie didn’t notice any other cars.

The house security lights were on, and there was no sign of anyone inside. I led the way and noticed that the doors to both the living room and kitchen were closed. I suggested to Maggie that she might want to soak in the bath after being out all day. Meanwhile I could light the fire in the living room and get things ready for a relaxing evening. She agreed, enjoying the thought of being pampered.

I went up to our bedroom with her, and freshened up while preparing the bath for Maggie, using some sweet-smelling bath oils I’d brought with us. Maggie undressed and slipped into the bath, and I admired her slim naked body. More than ever, I wanted my wife to myself. I left her sinking into the deep bath enjoying the warm water washing over her, and shutting her eyes.

I went quietly downstairs. The living room was empty but the wood fire was lit and the room was very warm. The blinds were closed and the lighting was set to low. There was soft jazz music playing through the speakers.

I moved to the kitchen, and found our four visitors gathered around the central kitchen island with cups of coffee. Kat greeted me, keeping her voice low. She was wearing a cream short-sleeved blouse with a loose-fitting knee-length skirt. Typically smart but casual. She had introduced herself to the others and they all seemed to be relaxed in each other's company. I went to Kat to give her a hug. It felt good to have someone familiar in the room.

Lisa came up to me and gave me a hug and thanked me for inviting them over. She was in black tight-fitting jeans with a silky blouse that seemed to hug her slim body. I moved to Michael, who was wearing a blue and green patterned shirt and khaki long pants. I recalled that he was wearing something similar when he was at the nightclub with Maggie. 

Michael shook my hand, and smiled. “I really appreciated this, Paul. I want this evening to go well for everyone.” 

I nodded. “You can’t want that more than I do.” 

Michael introduced me to Will, who was standing behind the counter. I don’t know why I found myself examining his features. He was tall and was, like Michael, muscular and fit. He was wearing a polo shirt with a designer brand. He had a high forehead, styled dark hair, a trimmed beard, thin lips and a large nose. His dark eyes were piercing. The overall effect was striking, reminding me of someone I had seen in movies, but whose name I couldn’t recall. He seemed to be a guy who would attract attention. I wanted to dislike him, but he looked friendly and open.

“Hello, Paul, I’m just here to drive Michael and Lisa. You tell me what you want me to do. I can just stay in the background or disappear completely if that’s what you want. I was a big part of the problem for Maggie, and if there’s any way I can help fix that problem, I will.”

I was imagining him coming around behind my wife and starting to fuck her doggy style while Michael was putting his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t help imagining what his big cock would look like entering Maggie.

I realised I was staring at him and the room had gone silent waiting for me to respond. “Eh, thanks for that. Why don’t you stay and we’ll see how Maggie reacts. If she finds it too much for you all to be here, I guess you should be the first to leave the room.”

Kat took the initiative. “We’ve set up the living room, there are some snacks in the oven and in the fridge which I’ll bring out. We’ve also got drinks. Lisa brought plenty to add to what I brought. We can let you go into the room with Maggie first or we can be there to welcome you. What’s the plan, Paul?”

I told them that Maggie was having a bath and I expected her to be a few more minutes. I suggested that I bring her into the living room, where everyone could welcome her. I’d judge Maggie’s reaction, and if she was okay staying, we could all talk for anything up to an hour. Maggie would then say her goodbyes. 

I would then take Maggie back upstairs and talk with her and give her the chance to end the evening. If she wanted to leave it there and have the evening she had expected with me, I would come down and ask Michael, Lisa and Will to go back to Manchester. Kat could go to one of the bedrooms and stay the night. Maggie might want to link up with her tomorrow morning. I would indicate if there was any change to this plan based on what Maggie tells me she wants.

Everyone nodded to indicate that they understood. Kat started giving people plates and dishes of food to take through to the living room. She indicated to me that the room would be ready in around fifteen minutes. If Maggie were ready sooner, I would need to find a way to slow her down. I spent ten minutes or so putting out food. We all crept around so as not to alert Maggie, who would be relaxing in the bath.

Kat and Lisa seemed friendly and relaxed as they busied themselves arranging the food on plates. Will didn’t say much. Michael looked nervous and stressed. When he was carrying a full tray of glasses, I could hear them shake. Lisa told him to keep quiet or Maggie would hear. I didn’t think I would even be able to carry the tray without risking dropping the glasses, my hand was shaking so much.

When they were nearly ready, I left them to go and see how Maggie was getting on.

I felt I was in a daze as I walked back up the flight of stairs to the top bedroom. I was no longer at all confident I had done the right thing. I thought that it was likely that I was going to upset Maggie for arranging this behind her back when she had originally been clear that she didn’t want any more contact with Michael. If she wasn’t upset, I feared that I could lose Maggie. Meeting Michael might unleash a force within her that could not be controlled. I recalled how I was determined to find out whether Maggie would want to spend more time with Michael, or if she really wanted to leave things and go back to being faithful to me.

I took a few deep breaths before entering the bedroom. Maggie heard me and called out from the bathroom, saying she had just got out of the bath. She said that she would be a few more minutes and then come out to me. I sat on the bed and waited. My hands continued to shake and my mouth had become very dry.

It seemed an eternity before Maggie emerged. She was wearing a short light dressing gown. It was open and underneath she was wearing the soft silk nightdress. She looked warm. Her face was red and flushed after her bath. She had fixed her hair up, so that her neck was bare. The nightdress was so thin that it seemed to accentuate the shape of Maggie’s small breasts. Her hard nipples were outlined in silk. I could also see from the way that the silk clung to her body that she was wearing a pair of bikini panties. The nightdress stopped mid-thigh, a few inches above her knee, giving a good view of her lovely legs.

She looked dressed to seduce and extremely sexy. I could now see why Michael described her as sensuous. She just smiled at me, and was surprised when I just stared at her. I realised that she had done this for me and only me. Downstairs there were unwanted guests. She was hardly dressed for visitors.

“Is this okay? I want to look my best for my husband.”

I was lost for words for a few moments. Maggie looked worried. “I didn’t mean to shock you into silence.”

At that moment I decided that I had no choice but to go ahead with the plan. I found my voice. “You look wonderful. Now I seem overdressed!”

Maggie gave me a naughty grin. “We can put that right later.”

She couldn’t know how her comment made me feel. More than ever, I felt I should have just planned an evening for the two of us. But it was too late, and we needed to get through this. So I tried not to give anything away.

“Let’s go downstairs. I have a surprise for you. I just hope you don’t mind.”

“You know I like surprises. Is it another birthday present?”

“Sort of. I’m not sure if you’ll want it. If you don’t like it we can send it back.”

“I’m sure it will be fine. Can I go and have a look?”

This would be the moment of truth. The silence in the room belied the fact that below us in the living room were four individuals. “Of course you can. You might want to do up your gown so that you’re not too cold going downstairs. Once you get into the living room it will be nice and warm from the fire.”

Maggie did up the belt on her dressing gown and put on some slippers. “I’m ready.”

I was trying not to show how nervous I was. I felt sure that she would feel my hand shaking, and my heart was pounding so hard Maggie might be able to hear it.

As we got to the closed door to the living room I looked at Maggie. “Ready?”

“Should I shut my eyes?”

I felt that I couldn’t hold off any longer. I just walked her up to the door and opened it. As we entered, everyone in the room stood up holding flutes with champagne. They raised their glasses and spoke in unison.

“Happy Birthday, Maggie.”

Maggie’s hand went straight up to cover her mouth. She stood in silence for a moment, her eyes moving between Kat, Lisa, Will and Michael.

I held my breath for what seemed like many minutes. Then I saw Maggie start to break into a smile. She also started blushing. Her neck and then her face were going a shade of red. I could breathe again. Maggie spoke.

“This is a massive surprise.” She looked down at her short robe. “I’m sorry, I’m hardly decent.”

Will responded immediately. “I don’t think I’d recognise you if you were fully dressed.”

There was a slight delay, then Maggie and the visitors burst out laughing and the ice had been broken. I smiled, but I was still too uptight to be able to laugh.

Maggie still looked embarrassed but saw the joke. Everyone in the room had seen more of her body. The thought wasn’t lost on me.

Kat took the initiative and handed Maggie and me a glass of champagne.

Michael proposed a toast. “To Maggie, a very special person. Thank you for smiling and not sending us packing.”

When we had all taken a sip of champagne, I spoke.

“Thank you for coming and as you know, this is a surprise to Maggie. This is her evening, and as everyone except Maggie knows, this is a chance for you to speak with Maggie for as long or short a time as she wants. Just to make this as clear as possible, if after thirty minutes Maggie hasn’t left or asked you to leave," There were a couple of laughs, "I’m going to take her away for a while. I will discuss with her whether she wants to spend some more time with you all, whether she wants to spend the rest of the evening with just me, or whether she wants something else. It’s completely her choice. This is her evening.”

The visitors all nodded in agreement.

Maggie spoke. “I might feel more comfortable if I could go and change.”

I replied. “Of course, but you heard what Will said. And you look great. Why not just say stay for a moment and if you want to go back upstairs and change or end things, you can.”

Maggie thought for a moment. Lisa approached her, and spoke. “In case we don’t have long, I wanted to say I’m so glad to see you again. I don’t care what you wear, I just want to give you a hug.”

Lisa put down her glass and wrapped her arms around Maggie and held her tight. I could see tears start to form in Maggie’s eyes, but she held it together and said, “I’m glad to see you too.”

For the next twenty minutes or so, Maggie circulated around the room talking with everyone, sometimes in small groups and sometimes one-on-one. I heard Michael and Will start their conversations with Maggie by apologising for the hurt she had felt and regretting what happened. It seemed to go down well with Maggie and she was soon chatting with them, apparently relaxed and happy in their company.

If anyone had looked in, they would assume this was a group of three couples having drinks before an informal dinner party. The only thing that might look unusual was that Maggie was wearing a short dressing gown and slippers.

I watched my wife, often standing on my own, but often joined by others briefly. Everyone seemed to be on their best behaviour. When I was on my own for too long, Kat took it on herself to keep me company. I appreciated this. I also noticed that Maggie frequently looked over to me and smiled, I think to reassure me that she was okay.

Kat came over to me again with a bottle of wine and filled my glass.

“It looks like Maggie’s okay with your risky arrangements.”

“What do you mean?” I was alarmed at what Maggie may have already said to Kat. I saw that they had spoken together a few minutes ago.

“I only mean that she seems relaxed in the company of the three of them. She could have turned around and run back upstairs, leaving us all in a difficult position.”

I looked past Kat and saw that Maggie was smiling as she discussed something with Michael. I watched as Lisa joined them, touching Maggie's arm in an almost stroking movement. The three of them laughed and I saw Maggie’s eyes were sparkling with joy. It seemed that Michael could do this to her so easily. Maybe even more easily than I could.

Will came over to join us. I was sure that he was more interested in talking with Kat than me, but I couldn’t hold that against him. He was carrying his glass and his own bottle.

“Isn’t Kat’s wine good enough? I asked him.

He showed me the label. It was apple juice.

“Designated driver. I might be about to drive back to Manchester. It took over two hours to get here. It should be quicker going back but I don’t want to risk any alcohol.”

I felt bad for him.

“Of course, I appreciate you helping out at short notice. I’m grateful to you.”

“No problem, since I was the one who caused so much trouble, it gives me a chance to make amends.”

I found myself looking at Will and remembering how Michael had referred to his big cock. I couldn’t stop my brain wondering how large it was under his clothes. I wanted to dislike Will but I was begrudgingly having to accept that Will might actually be a nice guy. Just as I was accepting Michael and Lisa that they were genuinely nice. Michael liked Maggie as a person, not just someone to have sex with.

I forced myself to stop thinking about Will’s cock, but then I couldn’t stop looking across at Maggie, Michael and Lisa as they continued to talk quietly, punctuated by a number of moments when they all laughed. Maggie had stopped looking over to me as she was drawn into what Michael and Lisa were saying. I wondered what they were discussing. They were standing close to each other and Lisa’s arm had moved so that it was now around Maggie’s waist, bringing her even closer to Michael.

I was relieved that the meeting between Maggie and everyone had gone well, but almost as soon as I felt that relief, I started to feel a sense of dread as I considered what might happen next. Would Maggie want Michael to stay longer? If so, what might happen between them over the next few hours? Would everyone end up staying the night? I had arranged this so that I could see for myself how Maggie was with Michael, and prove to her and me that I could cope with how she had changed. I knew I needed to stick with what I had planned.

Kat spoke again. “Are you still intending to take Maggie away from us for a chat?”

I looked at my watch and realised that Maggie and I had come downstairs fifty minutes ago. No-one had reminded me and I had been so caught up in conversation and watching Maggie that I’d stopped checking the time.

I put down my glass and clapped my hands. “It seems a pity to interrupt everyone, but I want to take my wife away for a conversation alone. If you can all wait in here, I’ll be back to let you know what the plan is as soon as possible.”

After a short hesitation, Maggie gave Michael and then Lisa a quick kiss, just a peck on the cheek. However, it meant that she touched each of them with what seemed to me obvious affection. It seemed unlikely that this was the last time they would spend together tonight.

Maggie came over to me and took my hand and we both said a brief goodbye to everyone and left the room. We went upstairs, still holding hands. I noticed that her dressing gown belt had become loose and her thin nightdress was easy to see, with her breasts outlined below. Maggie had lost her shyness. When we got to the bedroom we went over to the two small armchairs that were positioned by the picture window. A full moon and few clouds in the sky meant that a silver light cast its glow over the valley with the river shimmering, creating a magical view.

We didn’t turn on the light rather sitting and taking in the scene before us.

Maggie spoke first.

“So you met up with Michael and Lisa?”

I realised that I should have alerted her to this before I brought her into the room. I wanted to be more in control but I often seemed to end up having to defend my actions or apologise to others.

“They wanted to speak to you, and I sensed that you wouldn’t be able to move on until you spoke to them. I didn’t plan for Will to be here.”

“I know, Will explained how he was just the driver.”

I tried to sense Maggie’s mood. In the semi-darkness I couldn’t read her face and her voice was very matter of fact.

“I had thought we might go to Manchester but having rented this place, it seemed better for them to come here. You’ve met them, they’ve all had the chance to speak to you. You probably know that they have told me more about what happened the night you went clubbing. It seems that you weren’t the one to stop Will when he was having sex with you. And you also told Lisa about things that happened between you and Jen at and after university, which you’ve never told me.”

“I wanted to leave that all in the past, but I now know I can’t just hide. I’m sorry you had to learn about it from someone else. Why didn’t you speak to me after Lisa had told you?”

“I should have, but I was afraid of what you might say. I was afraid that you might never have really loved me. I just happened to be there when Jen rejected you.”

“I married you because I loved you. I didn’t ever feel it was the right moment to talk about my past. We’ve never discussed your past before we met, and what relationship you had with Elaine or others. That’s the past. Unfortunately, mine has caught up with me, at least in my head. Are you angry with me?”

“I’m worried that you’re angry with me because I met Lisa and Michael without telling you.”

“So now is not the time for an argument. So what happens next?”

“It’s your birthday weekend. There are no more surprises. What happens next is entirely up to you. You will realise that if you want to end it now, Michael, Lisa and Will will go and the rest of tonight is just for us. Kat has a bedroom she can retire to alone unless you want her around. Or we can go back downstairs and we can continue to talk. Or you can decide you want something else.”

“What ‘something else’ are you thinking might happen?”

“As I’ve learned more about what happened in Manchester and more about your past, it made me realise even more clearly that you’re going through a period of change. Or maybe a period of self-discovery. I love the Maggie I married, but over time we all change. Up until recently I was so pleased that we seemed to change together so that we stayed as close as a couple as I thought we had always been.

“I now know that I have to accept that you’re changing and I’m struggling to change with you. You are on a different journey. I’ve got to let you take that journey, and see where it leads you.”

Maggie reached out and grabbed my hand.

“I’m not trying to leave you. I’m trying to work this through without alienating you.” Maggie was sounding distressed. 

I wanted her to stay relaxed and happy, and I needed to show her that I was okay with what was happening, even though I was also alarmed about things. “I know you aren’t trying to make things more difficult, but in the weeks after you came back from Manchester you weren’t in a good place. I want to give you the space and the opportunity to work things out, so that you can be happy and hopefully I can be happy too.”

Maggie thought for a moment.

“So I’m still not clear. What happens next? Are you saying that I can do whatever I want this evening? With whoever I want?”

“That’s what I’m saying. You need the freedom to work this out, and I’m determined to show you that I’m ready to accept whatever happens.”

Maggie sounded confused. “You’ve said that before and it’s not gone well afterwards. You’ve wanted me to be a ‘hot wife’ and then you’ve not liked what that’s meant. After Manchester I’m less sure than ever what I want, what I need even.”

“I know, and I’m sorry that I’ve given you different messages at different times. I know that you can’t leave things and go back to how we were. We need to find a way forward, as a hot wife or something else.”

“So if I go downstairs and do things with others, what will you do?”

“I’ll keep out of your way, but if I see you doing things, I’ll find a way to cope or enjoy. I don’t think I could take part. Kat might keep me company. Although Kat hasn’t suggested anything, would you mind if we have some fun?”

“I don’t feel that I could object, and it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“And Lisa might be free too.”

Maggie looked a little more ill at ease when I said that. “I guess,” she replied.

“It appears that you don’t want the party to end yet.”

“I don’t think I do, but I fear that if I go downstairs again, by the time it’s just the two of us, I’ll have had sex with others.”

I wanted to do my best to sound casual about everything, even as the dark clouds were building up inside me. I tried to smile as I spoke.

“As long as it’s just sex.”

“It still seems weird to say just sex. I know what you mean, but I fear it’s becoming a bigger risk.”

“My mother used to say to me, if in doubt, do it. If you don’t do it tonight, I think they’ll always be part of you that will regret that you didn’t finish what we’ve started.”

“The trouble is, I don’t know where this ends.”

“That’s what makes it exciting.” I think I sounded convincing. This would be a big test. I was far from sure I was right to continue. I tried to start thinking of another opportunity with Kat, which would at least give me something else to think about.

I was aware that our guests would be waiting to know what we were going to do.

“I think I should go downstairs and tell our guests what happens next. What do I tell them?”

“If I go downstairs and end up in bed with one of them, you’re really okay with that? Because based on how things were going before you took me back upstairs, that’s more than likely.”

Maggie was giving me a last chance to change things, and inside of me voices were screaming at me to stop this madness. I wanted to ask her how she felt when she was downstairs and who she was wanting to have sex with. I sensed that she was getting excited about the prospect of what might happen.

However, I heard myself say, “You’re free to do whatever you feel you want to do. Although I’d like it if you just let me know before disappearing off with anyone.”

“Okay. If you’re sure that you mean what you say, then ask them to stay. Tell them that I’ll be down again in a minute.”

My legs felt like jelly as I got up to go downstairs. Maggie got up as well and came to me and put her arms around me. She looked me in the eye and sounded serious. “Thank you for all this, but what happens to us afterwards?”

I looked at her and moved a stray hair that had come loose away from her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. I replied with the first thing that came into my head. “We do what we should have done years ago, we talk.”



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