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My Desire to Breed a Married Woman Chapter Two

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Jim is confronted with the plan

Here is the next chapter that several of you have been waiting for. I hope you like it as much as you have the first chapter.

The next day was Saturday so both Cathy and I took advantage to stay in bed longer. The only problem with that was that Cathy had something on her mind besides sleep. She was propped on an elbow staring at me when I woke up so I asked, “Yes? Can I do something for you, Sweetheart?”

“I would say so, but only if you wake up first.”

“I think I am awake if I am asking you what you need, don’t you?”

“Maybe. I need you to make love to me because I am worried how we will find time if you are breeding Debbie.”

I pulled her to me and said, “Honey, you never have to worry about that. I am only breeding her, not leaving you to live with her. You are my wife, my soul mate, and the sexiest woman I have ever met. But I will make love to you right now as that does sound like an excellent way to wake up this morning.”

I kissed her forehead and moved down the bed to be between her legs so I could enjoy her taste and her lower lips. I kissed them and sucked each one individually into my mouth. She immediately groaned. “God, I do so love when you eat me, Baby. You do that so well and you always get me so wet.”

I looked at her and winked at her and then lowered my head back down and inserted my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy. I do love pussy for breakfast and I wish I could do this every day.

I moved to suck her clit and put two fingers in her finger-fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I could feel her breath catch and suddenly she screamed, “Holy fuck, what are you doing to me? I am almost there already so don’t you even think about quitting.”

She grabbed my hair and pulled me tighter into her love chamber. It hurt but I didn’t care as I was going to satisfy my angel from heaven.

Suddenly her breath caught and she lifted herself off the bed, just before she squirted as she has never done before. It lasted about three minutes and came so hard I had to pull my head back or be drowned. When she was done, I licked her, to clean her up, and felt the wet spot on the bed. Looking down I saw she had sprayed her juices to the end of the bed.

When she caught her breath, she looked at me and weakly smiled pulling me up to her at the same time. She kissed me and I knew she could taste herself on my lips. When she broke the kiss she said, “Your turn, so lay down here and I will make you feel better.”

I did as she said and she moved between my legs and immediately lowered her head to my cock and took me into her mouth. I groaned because I always loved it when she did this to me.

“Oh, yes, Sweetheart. You do that better than anyone has before you. I never want anyone else to suck my cock, ever.”

She looked up at me and with my cock in her mouth she smiled as best she could. Cathy kept inching down and took more of me in her mouth until her nose hit my pelvic bone. I could see her throat bulge as I slid down there and I felt I wasn’t going to last long.

"Oh my, here I cum,” I screamed as I started to pump her belly full of my seed.

She moved up my body and laid her head on my chest while I caught my breath. She ran her fingers lightly over my body moving lower to fondle me and try to bring me back to life.

“Just wait a minute there. I need to relax a little before I go for the next stage of this game you are playing.”

“What game? I just want to feel your seed in my pussy is all.”

“I know, but I am not as young as I once was so I need some time to revive myself before I can blow another load. What is your hurry anyway? We have all day, don’t we?”

“Not really. I am to meet Debbie around eleven-thirty for a quick bite and then we are going to the spa to pamper ourselves. I guess I forgot to tell you,” she said and then giggled. “She wants to look good for her new stud tonight.”

I looked at her shocked as Debbie was really planning to go through with this. I just hoped Jim didn’t put the brakes on it and caused them to fight.

Cathy never stopped playing with me and I started to get hard. When I was at full mast she said, “Looks like somebody is ready to go again. Where do you want me, Stud?”

“On your hands and knees, I want to get behind my bitch just like the dog she is,” I told her. Both of us were shocked by my tone and language since I never talk like that. She immediately got in the middle of the bed in that position and I got behind her rubbing my dick all over her ass cheeks.

“Here we go,” I told her as I plunged all of the way into her in one stroke causing her to squeal and grunt at the same time.

“That’s it, Stud. I don’t want you to be gentle with me, so pound me hard.”

I followed her instructions and kept pushing her up the bed until she was at the headboard. There she started pushing back at me so I was really giving her a royal fucking.

“My God, I do love your cock inside me, Mike. I will never tire of this and hope you will come home to me after you have been with Debbie.”

Between grunts, I said to her, “Cathy, I will always come home to you as I will never get totally satisfied by Debbie. You are the only one who has ever made me complete.”

I didn’t feel her tighten up but suddenly she started shaking and fell to the bed. I fell with her and went a little deeper as I started to fill her with my love seed. We both lay there for a few seconds until she whispered, “Can you please move? It is a little hard to breathe down here.”

“Sorry, Baby,” and I rolled off of her onto my back. She again laid her head on my chest and said, “I need a shower before I go with Debbie. I don’t want her smelling you before she is alone with you.”

She got up and came to my side of the bed kissing my forehead and asking, “Can you go start the coffee for us?”

I smiled and nodded as I watched her ass go into the bathroom and heard her turn on the shower. I got up and went to the kitchen starting the coffee and getting two cups out of the cabinet.

I was looking out the back window when I felt two arms go around me in a hug. “I didn’t hear you turn off the water. How was your shower?”

“Refreshing. Now is the coffee ready? I need a cup and then I need to get dressed.”

“It is almost done, so why don’t you go start getting dressed and I will bring it to you,” I said as I turned to face her.

Cathy leaned into me and kissed me on the nose. “Thank you. You are too kind to me.”

She turned and I then realized she was naked and again I fixated on her ass. Smiling I gave her a swat and she squealed as she ran off to get dressed.

The coffee got done and I made two cups taking one to Cathy in the bedroom. I found her sitting at her dressing table in just her black thong. “Here is your coffee but I do think you will need to wear more than that to the spa,” I said with a knowing look on my face.

Cathy turned to me, took her coffee, and after taking a sip she said, “Gee, Honey, I thought you liked to show me off. What is wrong with my choice of what to wear?”

“You can’t go out without covering your sexy body or every human, male or female, will want to devour you.”

“Mmm, sounds very good to me,” she said laughing. “I plan to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Does that sound better to you?”

“Yes, I can relax now and go fix us some breakfast.”

“Just toast for me, please, as I need to get going as I can’t be late getting to Debbie’s place.”

I went to the kitchen and fixed her toast and then eggs and bacon for myself. While was eating Cathy came in and looked so hot. knew I was the luckiest man on earth to be married to such a sexy, desirable woman.

She came over to me and kissed my forehead, “I will call you later and we can decide what we will do about supper with Joe and Debbie then.”

“That sounds good to me. Enjoy yourself and have fun and behave yourself, Sweetheart.”

“Will do,” and then she giggled. “I won’t promise to behave, though.”

I nodded and she turned and went out and got in her car and left. I decided to cut the grass and then I will watch the college football game this afternoon.

Around four pm my phone rang waking me from my nap. Groggily I answered it and Cheryl said, “Hello, Honey, have you had a good day?”

“Yes, I cut the grass and started to watch the football game but I guess I fell asleep. You just woke me up.”

She giggled and then said, “I’m sorry. I will head home and we can meet Joe and Debbie at the Italian restaurant in about one hour. See you shortly.”

“Okay, I will go change so I am ready when you get here. Do I need to dress up or will jeans and a polo shirt work?”

“I am just going to change my top so you will be ok. We will come back here after dinner to have our talk.”

“Sounds like you two have this all planned out. I will be ready when you get here. Drive carefully.”

With that, we both ended the call and I went to clean up and get ready to start breeding Debbie. ‘God, that sounds so exciting. I hope I don’t get too aggressive with Jim before we talk,’ I thought to myself.

It didn’t take me long to get dressed as I was so excited to see Debbie again. Cathy walked in just as I got a bottle of water from the refrigerator and came to me wrapping her arms around me.

“May I just say how proud of you I am. I think what you want to do for Debbie is the nicest thing you have ever done for anyone.” She raised on her toes and kissed me deeply.

When we broke the kiss, she was smiling so I had to ask, “Okay, what happened at the spa?”

“Why, what makes you think something happened?”

“Because you are way too lovey so I figure you are hiding something.”

She stepped back and looked at me biting her lower lip. Then she looked at the floor and said quietly, “I kissed Debbie.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Can you repeat that?”

She looked up and saw I really didn’t hear her so she did repeat it, “I kissed Debbie.”

“Wow, really? What happened to letting me know before you did that?”

She looked shocked at first and then said, “I thought that was only if we fucked each other, not just a kiss. Sorry, I will make sure you always know in the future. Is that okay?”

I paused and then smiled at her, “It is alright, I was just pulling your chain. I don’t expect you to let me know every time you kiss. Just realize I won’t notify you either. Is that, okay?”

“You know it is,” she said and kissed me again. This time I felt her tongue on my lips so I opened my mouth and our tongues dueled each other.

We broke the kiss and I asked, “You ready to go?”

She nodded and we headed out to my car. I looked at her as I opened her door for her and just couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. Her jeans looked like they had been painted on her and the crop top she had on showed she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were very obvious sticking straight out and her cleavage was very pronounced. As she got in the car, I pinched her ass and she jumped. I laughed and she gave me a dirty look as I got in on my side of the car.

We arrived at the restaurant a little before seven pm and we found Jim and Debbie waiting for us at the hostess stand. She led us to our table and gave us menus to look over. Our waiter arrived and we gave him our drink orders. I did notice that Debbie ordered water which I thought was amusing.

I decided to start a conversation with Jim as he was sitting across from me. “Jim, did you see the football game today?”

“Yes, I did Mike, and the right team won.”

“Which was the right team?”

“Notre Dame, of course,” he said and then laughed.

I smiled at him and agreed with him. The ladies just shook their heads as they didn’t see the importance of the game at all.

I noticed Debbie kept looking shyly at me and I was wondering what she was thinking about. I was afraid to ask because I didn’t want the discussion, we had planned for their home, to begin here. This meal was to get to know Jim better and make sure he was relaxed when we went to their home later.

Our waiter returned with our drinks and we all placed our food orders. He left to put in our order and returned with our salads and breadsticks. The conversation sort of died down as we all were eating and enjoying our salads.

We all got refills on our drinks as our food was delivered to our table. Cathy started the conversation again, as we started to eat, “Jim, are you enjoying yourself tonight?”

“I am, why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering as we haven’t seen you at our gatherings lately. I was wondering if you didn’t like our company.”

I kept my eyes on Jim as she said this and saw him blush. He replied, “It isn’t that, Cathy, I just don’t seem to have anything in common with most of the people there so I just figure to not burden Debbie I would just stay away. I do like being around you and Mike and we need to do this more often. This is nice.” He reached over and squeezed Debbie’s hand and she nodded her approval. I could also see a smile on her face as I was sure she was thinking about how he would react later.

We finished our meals and Jim and I split the check and left our waiter with a nice tip. We walked outside and Jim said we would see them shortly at their home. As we got in the car, I could tell Cathy was excited as she was thinking about what was coming up next, the talk about me breeding Debbie with Jim.

We arrived at their home and Jim pulled into the garage and pulled in behind him. We entered through the garage into the kitchen. As we entered Jim asked if we wanted a drink and I said I could use a beer, as I needed to calm my nerves, and the ladies both asked for bottled water.

Debbie gave Cathy a hug and a kiss on the cheek when we entered and then she came to me after I answered Jim’s question and hugged me also kissing me on the cheek. She then whispered in my ear, “I am ovulating tonight, Stud.”

I pushed her back and she was shyly smiling at me and blushing. I just winked at her and followed my wife to the living room. There we sat on the couch and Debbie sat in the loveseat across from us waiting for Jim to enter with our drinks. When entered he passed out the drinks and sat next to his wife. “Do you want to check on the game tonight?” he asked me. Before I could answer Debbie laid her hand on his leg and said, “Not tonight, Sweetheart. We need to talk about something.”

He looked at her with a question in his eyes, so Cathy started everything off. “Jim, Debbie has approached me to get advice on your predicament. I have thought about it, talked it over with Mike, and I think we have come up with a solution to help you both out.”

He looked at Debbie and finally said, “How could you? Are you trying to embarrass me? How much did you tell them?”

“I told Cathy everything. They know you fire blanks and we still want a baby. You decided we would drop it, not me. I still want to carry a baby and feel that joy. Just listen to their idea and then you can ask any questions you want.”

He looked at all of us in shock and started to get up but Debbie put her hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. This seemed to calm him down so I decided it was time for me to get involved here. “Jim, Cathy came home the other night and asked my opinion on how she could advise Debbie about her desire to get pregnant and joking said, ‘I will help.’ She laughed and really didn’t believe me, but when we talked about it some more, she realized I was serious and that it really wasn’t a bad idea.”

“That is right, Jim. You know you can trust us to keep this quiet and Mike is not the type of guy to try to break up either of our marriages. Do understand Debbie loves you and wants to give you the joy of being a father. She has told me the invitro process is too costly and she really doesn’t want to adopt and never get the joy of carrying a baby to term. Mike is willing to step in as your surrogate sperm donor and impregnate your wife.”

Debbie was watching Jim’s reactions to all of this and held his hand tightly. Finally, she asked, “Okay, Honey, what do you think about all of this?”

Before he answered Jim took a big drink of his beer and then realized he had already had drunk it all, so he got up to get a new one and brought me one as well. When he sat back down, he was shaking his head and looking at all of us like we had two heads each.

“You really want to help us? No strings attached and no money involved? Why would you do that?”

That wasn’t what I thought he would say but I was encouraged that he might be open to the idea. I answered, “Yes, I want to help you and with no strings or money. Are you thinking about agreeing to this?”

“As dumb as it sounds, yes, I am thinking about it. Understand we are not poor but the idea of what Debbie would go through with the invitro just doesn’t sound like a good idea. I made a mistake keeping my secret about being sterile from her before we married so I guess if there is a way to give her what she wants more than anything I should be open to it. How do you plan to do this?”

I looked at both women and they were smiling and had a glow in their eyes. Debbie especially looked like she was already planning when we would start.

“The three of us discussed this yesterday but I have some rules I want to suggest and you need to agree to all of them or we have no deal. I think Cathy and Debbie have a couple of rules as well. We are all on the same page that we want you comfortable with this. As Cathy said I have no desire to fall in love with your wife as I can’t give her that as mine all goes to this angel here,” I said as I looked at Cathy and squeezed her hand in mine.

“That is good to know. We had discussed this idea but all of the men we discussed we both worried how attached they would become to Debbie so we decided against it. You are a very close friend and I really do believe you are just wanting to help us here.”

Debbie leaned into him kissing him on the lips and then said, “I love you so much. I do want this badly and I do want Mike to be the one to help us. But as he said I do have a couple of rules for you. Do you want to hear them or do you have more questions?”

“No, I am done with the questions. What are your rules, Sweetheart?”

Debbie looked at Cathy who nodded for her to continue. “First, I will never hide my time with Mike from you. I will always come home to you and want you to reclaim me as your wife. I will also text or call you if we are apart when we decide to hook up.”

She stopped to sip her water before she continued. “Second, at first I won’t feel comfortable about you watching but eventually I will allow you to be with us and watch him breed me. Do you have any questions for me?”

He shook his head and then said, “I can agree to both of those but you will tell me what happens when I am not there, right?”

“Yes, Sweetheart, every detail and as specific as you wish,” she answered laughing and hugging him again.

Jim then looked at my wife and said, “Okay Cathy, what are your rules?”

Cathy was shocked he was so direct but jumped right in. “I want to be with Debbie as well. Yes, I want woman-on-woman sex with your wife. I have had the hots for her since the first day I met her at my office. You will both get to watch us but as she said it may happen when you are both not around. A rule we agreed with Mike is that we will always let you know when we hook up. Nothing will be done behind either of your backs. We both are interested in trying this for the first time and she wants me as bad as I want her. Can you live with that? I am not sure we will stop when she is pregnant,” she explained to both of us.

I was smiling and Jim was shocked but then he smiled as well. “I don’t know if Debbie told you but I have been after her to have a lesbian experience for years. She always said she didn’t think she would enjoy it as she really loves cock. Oh, sorry, was that too crude?”

We all laughed and assured him he was fine with his language.

He then looked at me, “Okay, and your rules, kind sir.”

I took a drink of my beer and then looked at the ladies winking at both. “I have three rules and they are probably going to be the hardest you can deal with.” I looked at him to see his reaction to that before going on. Seeing that he was okay I continued.

“Rule one, the ladies have already each stated. I will always make sure you have been advised when we are together and you are not there. I will not allow Debbie to cheat on you, ever.” He nodded his head in agreement.

“The second rule is when she is with me, she is mine. If she is fertile and we need to make sure I do breed her, she will stay with us for as long as it takes. I will make sure she checks in with you daily but you cannot get upset if she is not home when you want her to be. To make this work she needs to relax and we can proceed anytime we want for as long as we want. Is that clear?”

“Yes, crystal clear. Do you have any other rules?”

“One more, when you are allowed to watch that is all you are doing. You will sit in a chair and watch. I have no desire to feel you around my cock. If you fail to comply with any of these rules, mine, Debbie’s, or Cathy’s, we all stop and it is over. Are you sure you can comply with these stipulations?”

He took a drink and reached out to Debbie. She took his hand and weakly smiled at him as he asked, “Are you sure about this? Do you really want a baby this bad to go this far to get one?”

She answered, “Yes, I really do. Mike is giving us a second chance here and I think we should take it. There is one more thing, though.”

He looked at her with a questioning look on her face. Then he nodded for her to continue. “You must agree to raise these babies as your own. Never throw it up in my face that Mike is the real father. You will be listed as the father on their birth certificates. Yes, I did say babies. I want at least two so Mike will be breeding again in about two years or so. Will you still be on board then?”

“Oh, I didn’t realize it would be done again, but yes, I will still be okay with it. I will always be their father and never use this to get away from you. In case you haven’t noticed I love you so much.” He then pulled her into a searing kiss and so I did the same with Cathy.

When they broke the kiss Debbie giggled and said, “Honey, I am fertile right now, so do you have a problem if Mike and I go to the guest bedroom and start working on getting me bred?”

This caused us all to laugh and Jim said, “Can I really stop you now that I have agreed to this?”

“I guess not, Mike you ready?” she asked as she got up and took my hand.

“I have been waiting for this for some time, so yes, I am ready to breed you.”

We headed to the guest room and Jim and Cathy decided to watch a movie on the television.



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