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The Least She Could Do; Pt. 2

Series: The Least She Could Do

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Showing their new friend their appreciation for saving their lives.

This chapter is longer on sex than I normally go, but they were enjoying themselves too much for me to interrupt, so I just watched. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

He crossed to us, his erection leading the way like the bowsprit of a ship, and distributed the mugs of steaming liquid, careful to give the unfortified, alcohol-free one to Carly. Setting his cup on the low coffee table he retrieved his red union suit and began to disentangle it, apparently planning to finally cover his nudity.

I think my jaw probably dropped when my wife looked up at him and said, “You don’t have to get dressed on my account.”

He laughed. “Good to know you’re not offended by the view. I spend a lot of time naked because I enjoy it and I like to keep the fires burning, so it stays warm in here. The place is small and energy-efficient, and I warmed it up even more to thaw you out, so it’s plenty warm. I was starting to feel a little exposed though since you’re both staying wrapped in those blankets.”

Carly smiled at him. “The view is great, actually, and I’d join you except I’m still a little cold.” She shivered, lending emphasis to her words.

He’d stepped into his long johns and started to pull them up, but now he paused, frowning at her before bending down to gently lay the back of his hand against her neck. “Are you okay?” When she nodded, he went on, “I should see if I can find some dry clothes you two can wear.

He looked at me. “Anything of mine is going to be big on you, of course…” his eyes moved to Carly, “… and huge on you. Still, I’ll go get some things. Drink your hot cocoa, and after we get some clothes on you, I’ll see about whipping up some grub. Y’all hungry?”

I nodded, and Carly laughed. “I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it, but I’m famished! What time is it, anyway?”

He looked at his watch. He’d pulled his long johns up and gotten his arms in the sleeves, but had not yet buttoned the front. His cock, which had begun to soften slightly, hung out of the bottom of the open front, gradually drooping down slightly over his big ball sack, which was equally exposed. His semi-flaccid organ bobbed slightly with each beat of his heart, and Carly was staring at it as if taking his pulse by sight. Perhaps she was fascinated by the big, rosy head of it slowly slipping back into its protective foreskin sheath as he slowly deflated. Either way, she appeared mesmerized.

He looked up. “It’s a little after four a.m.. From what Justin said, you last ate around noon yesterday and you were working hard out there, burning a lot of calories paddling and trying to stay warm. You need to eat.”

I agreed. “You’ll get no argument from me, but we hate to eat all your food. You’ve done so much for us already.”

He shrugged as he tucked himself into his underwear and began to button up. “Not an issue; what I have is yours. In a few days, when the weather lets up, I can replenish. Where’s your car parked?”

I told him where the outfitter had left our Jeep, in a lakeside park about twenty-five miles from Ely, Minnesota. I had the GPS coordinates in our Garmin so that we could find it easily.

He nodded. “I keep mine there too, it’s the closest spot. I’ll probably head down when you do; we can tow your canoe down if you like, save you some effort. Getting into town and back for a supply run is an all-day thing, so I usually spend the night in the winter months.”

I was ambivalent about him towing our canoe, wanting to finish the trip under our own power as we’d planned, but Carly seemed to like the idea of less paddling. He left, heading down the hall to his bedroom to find some clothing for us. I turned and looked at Carly, who was watching his retreat, smiling at the sight of the drop seat of his long johns.

“He looks like a big, overgrown kid in those, doesn’t he?”

I shook my head. “Not really. Most kids don’t have a beard quite that impressive. Or… you know.”

“He’s like a big teddy bear.”

“If you say so. He’s big, I’ll give you that.”

She laughed and reached over to give my balls a quick squeeze. “Especially in certain important areas!”

“I thought size didn’t matter.”

“Where’d you hear a crazy thing like that?” She laughed when she saw my expression and continued, “In truth, to me it doesn’t all that much, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to fantasize – and ogle!”

“You’re certainly enjoying the view, aren’t you? You must be feeling better.”

“Much, although I still feel cold inside somehow – and yes, I’m enjoying it, and imagining how it would be, just like you would be if it was a naked woman instead of a man.”

“I don’t think I’d be too crazy about a woman with a beard like that.” She laughed, and I went on, “You know, I couldn’t believe it when you said you’d get naked too if you weren’t so cold. That was… unexpected.”

“Really? Why? You said yourself that he was the one that undressed me and dried me off, and I was curled up with you two for hours, all three of us naked. He even had his cock between my legs, and although he may not be aware of it, he was moving his hips, rubbing himself against my pussy.”

“Seriously? He was humping you?”

“Yeah, in his sleep. It was totally innocent, I think, but it was starting to feel good.” I was finding her words very arousing, and when I didn’t say anything, she went on. “I wanted it, I was very wet; I thought about trying to change the angle just a little, see if I could let it slip in...”

I muttered, “Jesus, Carly…”

“Am I being mean, teasing you?” She laughed. “I wanted him inside of me, Justin.” She reached for my cock, and, finding me hard as iron, laughed again. “You seem to like that idea. We hadn’t discussed it so I didn’t do it. Should I have?”

“Shit, I don’t know. Maybe… hell, babe, you didn’t even know his name at that point!”

“An anonymous fuck. yeah. I did know how big and hard his cock was, however, and it felt really good. But anyway, being naked with him is not really breaking new ground at this point, is it?”

I acknowledged her point. “Yeah, I suppose not, it just surprised me is all. So you’re serious about us having a threesome with Mitch?”

“Sounds wonderful to me.” She looked at me for a moment, chewing on the corner of her lower lip the way she does when she’s unsure about something. “So yeah, sure, if he wants to. And only if you’re okay with it, of course.” She still had my balls in her hand, gently fondling them, and I was rigid, extremely aroused, of which she was fully aware. She ran her fingertip up the length of my hard shaft. “Are you okay with it? I sort of get the feeling you are.”

“I… yeah, I guess I like the idea; as you’ve noticed, it turns me on. I’m just not sure the reality would be as easy to deal with as the fantasy. It would be a huge step for us.”

Carly nodded. “I know. We’ve been faithful to each other even longer than we’ve been married, so it would be different. It’s just sex, though, just for fun. It’s not like either of us were virgins when we met.”

“Yeah, babe, I get that; it’s just…” Before I could finish my thought, he returned with an armload of folded clothes. His erection mostly subsided, as he walked toward us it looked like he had a ferret doing gymnastics in the crotch of his long johns, and I noticed that the activity had caught Carly’s eye. He tossed a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to me and handed her a red and black plaid flannel shirt.

To my continuing amazement, Carly dropped her blanket and rose to her feet, standing stark naked as she unfolded the shirt. He looked her over appreciatively, his eyes roaming over every glorious inch of her body as she focused on unbuttoning the few buttons of the shirt that were closed.

She pretended to be unaware of his admiring eyes on her, but I knew better; she was fully aware of him, but also justifiably confident in her appearance. She works hard to keep her body in shape, and now she was showing off and teasing him, all at once. Her nipples were extremely erect, so I figured she was enjoying herself.

As she finally got the shirt unbuttoned and slipped it over her shoulders he whistled long and low. “Damn, girl! I knew you were a knockout from earlier, but you look even better when your skin isn’t blue!”

She laughed. “I would hope so, although Justin always says blue looks good on me.” She held her arms out, the sleeves of his shirt dangling almost a foot below her hands. It was huge on her, the tails down to her knees like a dress, and the shoulder seams halfway down her upper arms. “Hmm, I don’t suppose you can show me this in a size six?”

He smiled at her joke as he stepped forward to help her roll up the sleeves. “I told you anything of mine would be huge on you. Still, you make this old shirt look a hell of a lot better than I do! Funny how that works.”

The front of the shirt hung open, and though it covered her nipples it still left her breasts mostly exposed; more importantly, it left her pussy very exposed as well. It had been roughly three weeks since her last wax, two of those weeks spent in the wilderness, so her usually smooth mound had a sparse, downy coat. She was past the rough stubble stage, but by no means in full bush. To me she looked incredibly sexy, and judging by the growing bulge, he felt the same.

Her sleeves rolled up to her forearms, he stepped back as she buttoned the front of the shirt closed. He was right, it looked good on her, like a short dress which teased the eyes with the cuts on the side where the shirttails split. It tantalized with an occasional glimpse of shapely thigh and hip while still keeping her mostly covered. Of course, we both knew that she wore not a stitch beneath it.

The two of them, now clothed, turned to look at me. Mitch spoke first. “You ready for some chow?”

“Umm, yeah, sure.”

“Well come on, then.”

I was reluctant to get out from under the blanket to get dressed, not because I was naked, but because I was still rigidly erect. I’m fine naked in locker rooms and such, flaccid, but not nearly as comfortable as he seemed to be about displaying myself in an aroused condition. I tamped down my streak of modesty and rose to my feet, my cock sticking up proudly.

Carly smiled and winked at me, but Mitch chuckled. “Well, that’s a big improvement! Nice rack, bud; after the way you were when you came off the lake, I wasn’t sure you even had a dick. And great balls too! I didn’t figure you’d see those again ‘til at least July. I even checked your throat to see if it looked like you had three Adam’s apples.”

Carly giggled, and I had to laugh too as I pulled his sweats over my nudity. “Yeah, I’ve never been so fucking cold. Lucky I didn’t freeze my balls off, I guess.” I’d never had another man compliment me on my equipment before, or even make any reference to it, so I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

The waist of his sweatpants was huge on me, probably at least a forty on my size thirty-four hips, but the drawstring allowed me to bunch up the slack, and I rolled the cuffs up several turns. The shirt hung on me as well, but it was dry and warm; I felt like a child playing dress-up in his father’s clothes. We retired to the kitchen to silence our growling bellies.

Fortunately for us, Mitch was a man that enjoyed eating well; since the hour was early, he fixed prodigious quantities of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with strawberry jam, and made dark, strong coffee for he and I and hot chocolate again for Carly. He explained how he supplemented his larder by hunting deer, ducks, grouse, and even the occasional moose in season, and even rabbit and squirrel, which were always in season.

Everything he’d prepared for us was store-bought, but he assured us we’d see some of the wild game over the next couple days. We ate like we hadn’t seen food in a week, our bodies depleted by effort, cold exposure, and stress, and when stuffed to the gills returned to the fire, each of us with a steaming mug.

We settled into the big, comfortable lodge chairs, Mitch across from us sprawled on an overstuffed loveseat as he went over the story of how he’d found and rescued us, how against all odds he’d spotted us and then against even longer odds had somehow found us in that gray and white swirling mess. He admitted that his hopes were not high when he’d launched his boat, but felt he’d had to try.

Carly shivered as he described targeting where he thought we’d be by dead-reckoning, considering the wind and our efforts to battle it, and how surprised he’d been when he heard us yelling from somewhere very close by as he’d cast back and forth.

She shuddered again as she said, “I’m so glad you found us.”

He reached out and put his huge hand on her knee, engulfing it. “So am I, Carly.”

“We’d have died out there; you saved our lives, and you risked your own.”

He shrugged it off. “Maybe, maybe not. I’ve been in worse situations. The main thing is, you’re safe now and you didn’t die.”

Carly rose impulsively to her feet and crossed to him, lowering herself onto his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Thank you for saving our lives.” She stretched up and pressed her lips to his in a long, deep kiss. He seemed nonplussed for a moment, surprised by her actions, but then he wrapped his huge arms around her and crushed her to him, deepening and lengthening the kiss. I knew then that their tongues were dancing.

I was a bit nonplussed myself, her sudden impulse catching me off guard, but I wasn’t so rattled that I didn’t notice that she’d positioned herself with her bare ass and pussy squarely against the heavy masculine bulge in his long johns. She wriggled her tight little bottom into his lap as they kissed, and when his big hand closed over her breast I knew he’d gotten the message.

When they broke their embrace they both looked a little shell-shocked at how quickly it had heated up, although I noticed that he didn’t remove his hand from her boob. For her part, my wife slid back a bit on his thighs and reached down to fondle his straining cock.

When she began to unbutton him, he said, “You don’t need to do that.”

She didn’t reply until she’d freed him from his long johns and held his thick organ in both hands. “I want to, Mitch. Very much.”

He looked at me. “How about you?”

I shrugged. “I don’t want to fondle you, but yeah, I’m fine with it. She said earlier that she feels like it’s the least she could do…”

He laughed. “Well all right, then. If you decide you want to join us, feel free; I’m bisexual, as you may have guessed, so I got no problem with it.”

“Thanks, good to know. We sort of figured on a threesome, so we’ll see where it goes.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Mitch was a “man’s man” in the sense that he was the big, macho, larger-than-life type of guy many of us imagine ourselves to be, but I’d never had any type of sexual experience with another man. Still, if he and my wife were going to be going at it I wasn’t about to be left out, so I knew some contact between us was likely. I resolved to let the chips fall where they may and try to enjoy the experience as best I could.

I had the comfort of knowing that if a guy like Mitch could reveal that side of himself so easily, maybe I shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to explore and find out for myself – not that I’d ever been truly curious about it, but the thought had crossed my mind. Maybe it was a little bit about almost dying too; facing your own mortality opens your mind to experiencing anything and everything you can while you still have the chance.

As we’d talked, Carly had slid off of his lap and now kneeled between his feet. She delved into the open front of his underwear and lifted his heavy balls out into the open, then bent forward and kissed them. She followed that by running her tongue up the underside of his thick shaft from his balls to the tip, then took him into her mouth, moaning softly as she did. I know my wife, and I knew that having his cock in her mouth was making her insanely horny, knew she’d be hot and wet.

He groaned appreciatively as she took a few inches of him into her warm, wet mouth, his hips lifting as he thrust forward. Watching them – and recalling how he’d been thrusting in the same way against Carly’s sex in his sleep – had me achingly hard and leaking madly.

I could see Carly’s head bobbing as she worked him into her mouth, but because of the angle and her hair hanging down, most of the time I couldn’t see her lips wrapped around his impressive girth; perversely, I desperately wanted to! I stood and moved closer, getting an angle where I could watch her suck him. From my new position, I could also see my wife’s pussy and could tell she was intensely aroused.

Her pink folds glistened wetly and were puffy and thick with her desire, and when I touched her, I found her incredibly hot and dripping with arousal, as I’d known she would be. I could also see that her eyes were closed, allowing her to concentrate on the taste and feel of his thick cock in her mouth, her sweet lips that I so love to kiss stretched around his girth.

Mitch was watching her suck him, as captivated as I was, but when he groaned with pleasure, he looked up at me. “Fuck, your wife knows her way around a cock!”

“Uh… thanks, I think?”

He laughed, but then his eyes dropped to the bulge in my pants - or, technically, in his pants – taking in my leakage spots. “Dude, you’re getting cum stains on my pants! We can’t have that… c’mere!” So saying, he snagged my waistband in one huge hand and dragged me forward, whereupon he yanked loose the drawstring I’d tied earlier. The sweatpants, huge and baggy on me, immediately fell to the floor, crumpling around my ankles, leaving me with my exposed cock pointing at the ceiling.

“Mitch, damn - what…” Before I could utter another word his arm came up between my legs until his huge hand closed over my ass, covering most of both cheeks until he was palming my butt like a basketball and he yanked me forward until my entire cock disappeared into his waiting mouth. At that point, shocked to my core, I was entirely unable to utter another word.

Although Carly keeps herself either trimmed or smooth, it wasn’t the first time my cock had disappeared into an opening surrounded by dense hair, but it was the first time that hole had teeth in it – or was located anywhere on a male. He’d taken me to the root in one plunge, and now his tongue began to work me over as he sucked, sliding his lips up my hard shaft.

When I groaned, “Fuck, Mitch…” he just rolled his eyes at me, grinning happily around my cock.

Carly, hearing my groan, opened her eyes and looked up at us. She quickly let his cock slip from her lips – she had to, because she was laughing. “Oh my god, honey, you should see the look on your face! You look like you saw a ghost or something!”

“Worse – I just saw my whole cock disappear!”

She smiled, but she also continued to watch him fellate me, keeping both of her hands wrapped as far as they would reach around his saliva-slick erection and stroking him as she did. When she looked back to my face, she asked, “So how is that?”

“Uhh… unexpected? Shocking?”

“Good though? You’re still very hard, sweetie, so it must be okay.”

She had a point – and it did feel good, despite any doubts or misgiving I might have had. “Yeah, it’s… well, to quote what he said about you, he really knows his way around a cock.”

She laughed, as did he, letting me slip from his mouth for a moment and taking the opportunity to ask, “So, Justin, we good?”

“I guess, maybe. I just, you know, well, you could warn a guy.”

“And spoil the surprise?” He went back to sucking me, gobbling my cock like it was the best thing he’d ever put in his mouth and appearing entirely happy. Carly, in turn, returned to sucking him; I knew she was entirely happy.

His big mitt on my ass began to knead and massage my glutes, and pretty soon a thick finger came exploring, knocking at my back door as his thumb caressed my taint and the backside of my ballsack.

“Uhh, fuck, Mitch – you’re going to make me cum.” I was more than a little embarrassed to have reached that point so quickly, and especially with a guy. He just nodded appreciatively and ran his tongue around the head of my cock inside of his mouth and prodded my asshole with his big finger, slowly opening me and pushing his fingertip in, and I came.

My entire body spasmed, my cock straining as I gushed into his mouth, again and again, my orgasm sudden and intense. Still, in the midst of my pleasure, I heard Carly go, “Mmm… Mmm… Mmm!”, and I know her well enough to understand that each of those ‘Mmm’ sounds represented a fresh spurt of his cum blasting into her mouth. It’s the exact sound she makes when I do so, and on her fourth “Mmm!” her mouth overflowed, his glistening white cream gushing out and sliding down his cock and over her hand.

She backed off for just a moment to swallow, catching his fifth enormous spurt across her lower face and neck, cum coating her lips and chin before she could get him back in. Once she did, however, several more, “Mmms” followed, until she once again had to ease back to swallow. By that point, cum was just pulsing out of him slowly, not spurting, and, after gulping down her second mouthful, Carly leaned forward and licked away the remainder of his orgasm until the flow ceased.

I’d been done for a while by then, but only now did he allow me to slip from his lips, at which point he too gulped down the mouthful that I’d produced. His finger, up to the first knuckle, remained in my ass, however.

Carly, her beautiful face streaked with semen, smiled up at us. “You guys were quick – you must have needed that!”

I nodded. “Yeah, once I heard you taking his load, I couldn’t hold off any longer.”

He laughed. “You’re so full of shit! I didn’t come until you started popping off in my mouth, so if anyone was responsible for us blowing our wads like a couple of horny teenagers, it was you.”

I laughed. “Okay, guilty as charged. It was all just so new and intense! Speaking of which, feel free to dislodge your digit from my derriere.”

He laughed, but slowly pulled out. I grunted as he slipped free, the sensation still a bit much for my frayed nerve endings, and he looked at me. “So you enjoyed that?”

“I…, well, you know. Yeah, I guess; I think I’ll let my cum in your beard speak for itself.”

He ran a big hand over his face, clearing some of it away. “Yeah, one of the hazards.”

Carly had been looking at the two of us in fascination, her curiosity apparent. “So Justin coming in your mouth was enough to make you come too?”

“You had me right at the edge with that sweet mouth of yours, gorgeous. He just nudged me a bit when he started squirting, and that’s all she wrote. But now look at you! You’re a mess – a wet, sexy, beautiful mess, but a mess.”

“You come like a fucking firehose, Mitch. My god!” She looked down at the cum that had splattered onto her chest, a large dollop hanging from one erect nipple.

“Sorry; it had been quite a while.”

“Clearly! Years, I’m guessing. But don’t apologize; I came while you were filling my mouth and coming all over me. I loved it.”

I was staring at her. “You did? You came?”

She laughed at my astonished expression. “Oh yes! Just a little one and I want a whole lot more, but god that was sexy, him sucking your cock, and then the feel of that big cock in my mouth just spurting like crazy. I loved it, all of it – and yeah, I most assuredly came.”

Mitch grinned. “Fantastic – and I think we can handle that ‘more’ you’re looking for, right Justin?”


She wriggled eagerly. “Excellent – but first, I think you should both kiss me.” Remaining between his legs, she rose straighter on her knees, leaning on his thigh.

He looked at me, deferring, but when I hesitated for a moment, looking at her cum-smeared face, he dove right in. Their lips met and his arms went around her, and I heard her moan softly before she put one hand to his face, her fingers tangling in his cum-wet beard. She didn’t release his semi-hard cock from her other hand, enjoying the rubbery, slackening feel and thick weight of it, I suspect, as their tongues tangled.

They held their kiss long enough for me to start feeling the first pangs of jealousy, most of it frustration with myself for not being more assertive and going first, but when they eventually separated I didn’t make the same mistake; I leaned over his leg and kissed my wife, cum-coated lips and all.

I’d steeled myself for it to be a little disgusting, but it wasn’t. Instead, her lips were soft and warm, almost hot, puffy with arousal and the after-effects of sucking him as well as the just-completed kiss. She tasted like Carly and of a slightly musky, smoky flavor - his cum, I suspect, but it was not unpleasant. It was slippery and wet, and when she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I tasted them there too.

I backed off enough to lick a white streak from her cheek, then bent and took the droplet that hung from her hard nipple as well; she shuddered as I sucked her nipple clean and moaned when I again met her lips and thrust my tongue into her mouth. His taste and her moan of pleasure sent tingles through me and I could feel my cock begin to swell, incredibly soon after my prior orgasm.

When we broke our kiss, he encouraged her to rise to her feet, his huge hands on her ribcage and thumbs below her breasts as he half-lifted her up onto him. She seemed to understand where he was going, and stepped up onto the loveseat, placing one foot on each of his tree-trunk legs and her pussy level with his face.

He said, “Thatta girl!” as he slid his hands around her thighs, cupped a firm ass cheek in each hand, and pulled her to his lips. She gasped at the sensation of his thick beard on her lower tummy and thighs and cried out when his tongue separated her and delved into her slippery heat.

Soon she was almost sitting in his palms, leaning back and grinding herself against his lips, more of her weight on his hands and where her sex was pressed to his lips than she supported on her feet. She came noisily, her cry of joy beautiful to hear, and I joined in, kissing and licking her from behind, where his hands spread her taut cheeks apart as he supported her weight.

As his tongue explored her pussy, I did the same with her tight little rosebud, and this time when she came she swore and tangled one hand in my hair, the other in his as she rode our faces to a shattering climax. She was shuddering and trembling all over as her body was wracked with the intensity of it, and when the explosion gradually faded, he leaned away from her for a moment to say, “How we doing so far?”

“Gawd!” That was all she said, and we both laughed.

I grinned at him. “I’ll take that to mean we’re doing okay.”

He nodded. “So it seems.”

I looked up at my wife, her chest and forehead sheened with sweat and a look of wonder in her beautiful eyes. “You doing okay, babe?”

“My god…”

“So yes, then?”


I laughed. “Of course!”

Before he pulled her pussy back to his lips, he looked at me, his beard and mustache streaked wet with my wife’s juices. “You know, if you’d rather suck my cock, I’d be fine with that.”

That was out of the blue! My articulate response was something along the lines of, “Ummm…”

I looked up at Carly, who was watching my face. She smiled. “Justin?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Do it.”

“Really? You think…?”

“Sure. He sucked yours, and I want him inside of me, so you can help us get there. Make him extra hard for me, okay?”

I looked down at him. He was already probably eighty percent of the way there just from his enjoyment of my wife’s taste and the feel of her coming on his face, so it wasn’t going to take much. His cock was huge and wet, his foreskin half-retracted and the tip peeking out, and I licked my lips nervously.

Mitch touched my arm. “You don’t have to, but it’s just the three of us here, and your wife is fine with it. I won’t tell anybody if you won’t. If you’ve ever wondered, now’s the time…”

“It’s not that…”


“No. I dunno… I’ve just never done that before.”

“You can only start with the first time.”

“I guess that’s true.” I took him in my hand. He was huge and heavy and very warm, and my heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode. My fingers came closer to encircling him than Carly’s had, but there was still a gap, and looking at his impressive cock I was trembling; in retrospect, I have no idea why I was so nervous, but I knew I liked the way it felt as I held him.

“Justin… you okay?”

I swallowed noisily. “Yeah.”

Carly was staring at my hand on Mitch’s thick organ as I slowly began to stroke him. “How’s that feel, honey?”

“Amazing. Huge, heavy…” I stared at it as I slid his foreskin back and forth over the purple, plum-sized head.

“Do you realize that you’re rock-hard?”

I looked at myself. She was right; I was so rigid I was almost quivering. “Huh. No, I hadn’t realized that.”

Mitch said, “Really, Justin, you can stop.”

For some reason, his words reassured me. I said, “No…” and leaned forward and licked his cock, from about halfway up his shaft to the tip. It was warm, the soft skin like silk over steel, and he tasted masculine and warm, the feeling utterly different but exciting, and I took him into my mouth, the huge thickness difficult to accommodate but worth the effort.

It felt good, it felt very sexual and intensely sensual, and I could feel myself oozing a steady flow of precum. If anyone had touched me I’d have gone off like a geyser, I was that aroused; I was a little afraid I might even without any touch.

As I began to move on him, he groaned. “Fuck, if you’ve really never done this before, then you’re a natural.”

His cock still in my mouth, I looked up at him and then at Carly, who were both watching me. She must have read the expression on my face because she let out a peal of laughter. “I’m not sure that’s the most reassuring thing you could have said just then, Mitch.”

“What… oh yeah, I guess, huh?” He laughed. “Well, I meant it in a good way. It feels great, and that’s the goal, right?”

He was right, of course. The three of us being together was all about pleasure, pleasing and satisfying each other, and celebrating the joy of life. It had ostensibly started as a way to say thanks to him, although Carly’s horniness and my arousal at the thought of watching her with another man had fed the flames; it had quickly evolved into much more, into an exploration of new things, of satisfying curiosities, and of learning more about ourselves and each other.

For my part, I was finding the feel of his thick hardness in my hand and my mouth very arousing and not at all unpleasant. I slid my other hand beneath his balls and fondled them, marveling again at how similar and yet how different they, like his cock, felt from my own. It was all the same stuff, but on a larger scale, and the fact that all of the tactile sensations that I felt from it was concentrated in my fingers and mouth and not at all on my sex made it truly unique.

The knowledge that he was enjoying it, even as he went back to licking and teasing my wife’s horny pussy, was gratifying somehow. I love giving Carly pleasure, but I’d never thought about how enjoyable it might be to bring that kind of pleasure to another man. It was new, and yes, it was weird in a way, but it was good.

Carly came again as he licked her clit, tensing and pressing herself to his lips, and when she did, I felt his cock strain and a small issue of precum spilled onto my tongue. It was near-tasteless, perhaps slightly salty and musky, and it made me wonder what it would be like to feel him come in my mouth, to feel the power of his cock straining and flexing and pumping and to have my mouth fill with his cream. I wasn’t at all sure I could deal with it, and might even gag, but I was curious, nonetheless.

I’d relaxed and was completely into it now, sucking his cock as deeply as I could and stroking his shaft with one hand while teasing his heavy sack with the other, when he backed off Carly long enough to say, “Justin, you’re going to make me come if you keep that up, which is great, but I think your wife and I both have other ideas about where that should happen.”

I let him slip from my mouth, keeping suction such that I pulled his foreskin over his glans with my lips. “Yeah? You want me to stop?”

He grinned. “Not really, but if that’s where this is going, you’d better. Is that where this is going?”

I looked at Carly, who looked at me for a moment before she said, “Is it? Are you okay with that, baby?”

“Yeah, I sort of figured… I mean, that is what we were talking about, right?”

He looked at us, back and forth from me to her. “You guys swing, right? You’ve done this kind of thing before?”

She shook her head. “No, never. We’ve talked about it, and fantasized, but no. Neither of us has been with anyone else since we were married.”


He looked at me, and I shrugged. “Yeah, seriously. All new ground for us.”

“Look, if you don’t want to, it’s okay. We can just continue as we are. I mean, I can understand you not wanting me to fuck your wife…”

“No, I do. And she very much wants you, and I think I’d very much enjoy seeing her have that kind of pleasure. So yeah, if you’re both good, I am.”

They looked at each other, and she nodded. He shrugged and said, “You know I’m fine with it. My momma didn’t raise no fools.”

We both laughed, and I took his huge, hard cock in my hand and held it upright, pointing up at my wife’s sex, and said, “Carly…?”

She looked down at what I was doing and understood instantly, as I’d known she would. Her feet still on his thighs, she lowered herself until the tip of his cock was between her puffy lips, and I moved him against her, teasing her sex, bumping her clit, and getting them both slick and ready, and when I held him to her tight opening she slowly lowered herself and her pussy opened to him and I guided him in, his cock making its way.

The head of his cock spread her and slowly disappeared into her, perhaps an inch or two of his thick shaft following before Carly moaned, “Ohhh God…” It almost sounded like a question, tentative, rather than a moan of pleasure.

I touched her back. “Baby, you okay?”

“God, it feels so fucking big!”

That didn’t answer what I’d asked her. “You’re okay, though?”

“God yes! It feels incredible… I… I think I’m going to come.”

“Yeah? Already?”

“Fuck, it’s so…”

He thrust up, forcing another inch inside of her, and she came. She cried out, and her feet slid off his thighs and a couple more inches of thick cock slipped suddenly inside of her as she dropped; she yelped in surprise at the sudden intrusion as she came loudly, swearing and moaning, her body shuddering with the force of her climax. Her feet were alongside his ass now, probably six inches or so of his cock, or roughly my length, inside of her, her pussy filled and stretched open to accommodate his girth as she came.

After, as she caught her breath, I again asked, “Babe, you okay? It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

She shook her head and then moaned before turning to look at me. “No, not hurt, exactly. Just… like a warm burn. God, I feel so full… it’s mmm, god… it’s amazing!”

Mitch kissed her, and then he too asked if she was sure she was okay. When she assured him that she was fine – and loving it – he said, “Here, let’s get you situated a little better.” He cupped her ass and lifted her bodily until she could slide forward on his lap to fully straddle him, her legs spread wide on either side of his broad torso.

Comfortable now, he lowered her onto his pelvis and her knees locked onto his sides as her weight drove her down on him, his last few massive inches thrusting into her so that she was fully impaled, her pussy stretched tight around the thick root of his cock.

“God, oh my god! Fuuucck, fucking big cock, ohhh, fuck! Justin, baby, my god!”

“Honey? Carly, babe, you okay?”

Ohh, god, I’m so okay! Fuck, fuuuccck, it feels so good! Baby, I’m going to come again… is it okay if I come?”

“What? Of course it’s okay!” I laughed, and Mitch grinned. I have no idea why she asked me that, but I think we both chalked it up to her being so wrapped up in physical sensations that she had no idea what she was saying. So come she did, and then again as he began to move his hips, thrusting into her.

Before too long, Carly took over some of the fucking, lifting herself until several inches of his shaft was exposed and driving down again each time to fully engulf him. Soon, he stopped completely and just let her fuck herself to orgasm after orgasm on his cock. Seeing his thick cock, slick with my wife’s juices as its length was exposed and then once again taken into her, I had a powerful urge to lick it, but my hesitation and the awkwardness of the angle held me back.

I’d kneeled alongside them by now, my cock throbbing as I reached between his legs to fondle his balls with one hand, my other hand between his pubic bone and my wife so that I could stroke her clit. I felt like I was helping her to climax, but didn’t realize how much my playing with his balls was affecting Mitch until he groaned, “Fuck yes, right there… squeeze my balls, dude!”

I did, and he groaned and tensed, and I felt the first big spasm as he began to fill Carly up with his cream. It was fascinating, feeling spasm after spasm of his cock as he came, knowing he was deep inside of my wife, and when I looked up at her to gauge her reaction, I was stunned.

Her eyes were open and she was looking at me, but I could tell she wasn’t truly seeing me; instead, all of her attention was focused inward, on the sensation of his cock straining and flexing deep inside of her body. When her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a strangled cry of ecstasy, I realized that a massive orgasm was rocking her simultaneously as he filled her with another of his massive loads.

She jammed herself down on him, taking every last bit of him there was to take, rocking back and forth so that his cock spurted and touched everything she needed it to touch inside of her and grinding her clit against my fingers as she came, and the intensity of it was such that I was within seconds of joining them, my cock rigidly upright and leaking madly. I thought about simply giving in, about rubbing it against Mitch’s leg and lettin’ it rip, but I somehow restrained myself despite my intense arousal.

After, when the contractions of his cock and the powerful tremors that had wracked Carly’s body finally subsided, I sat back on my heels and just looked at them. Mitch groaned as I released his balls, and she matched him with a soft moan as I drew my fingers from between them, but they stayed locked together.

She had by then melted onto his chest, her body satiated and exhausted, both streaked with sweat from their exertions. As for me, I was still fascinated with looking at where they were joined, her pussy stretched tight around his thick shaft, but when small dribbles of pearly white began to leak out of her and slide down onto his balls I realized that his cock was slowly shrinking and would likely soon slip from her grasp.

Sure enough, now semi-flaccid and flexible it soon slithered out of her in a gush of cum and flopped onto his thigh with a wet, meaty sound, absolutely slathered in their combined fluids. Carly let out a groan at the intense feeling of his thick meat suddenly sliding free, but once it had she rolled to the side and flopped onto the cushion beside him, still breathing heavily, her thighs splayed wide and her luscious pussy on full display.

I couldn’t look away, fascinated by her open sex, cum flowing from it, her clit still jutting and her delicate lips bright pink and puffy and appearing almost bruised. I was torn between being shocked by how stretched and used she looked or aroused by the sheer, raw, physical sexuality of it, and didn’t know if I should kiss her, or bury my face in her pussy, or even touch her at all, and I only managed to tear my eyes from her sex when she said, “My god, Justin…”

I finally looked up at her face, flushed, sweaty, the intense smokiness of her arousal still in her eyes. “Babe… you okay?”

‘Ohhh, god, so very okay!”

I smiled. “You enjoyed that a lot, huh?”

“I did. Thank you.”

“I enjoyed it too.”

Mitch joined in, his voice sounding exhausted. “Me too.”

I laughed. “I can see that you did.” I was once again watching his cum leak out of my wife’s abused sex; the evidence of his enjoyment was overwhelming.

Carly was looking at me. “You love the way I look after sex, don’t you?”

I glanced up at her, then returned my gaze to her pussy. She was right, I did. Often, after we’d had sex, I would admire the sight of her pussy, open and leaking cum. On some occasions I would lick her clean, invariably driving her to more orgasms. Other times I would finger paint, sliding my fingers into her and using our fluids to lubricate my fingers, then stroke and tease her clit until she came, or teasing her nipples with wet, slippery fingers before sucking them clean.

On some occasions, when I would find myself getting hard again because of the incandescent sexuality of her cum-filled pussy, I would use my cum to lube her tiny star and bull my way into her there, enthralled by the tight grip of her anus, and she would come again before I left another creamy load deep inside of her. Whatever the outcome, whatever choice I made, Carly was eager to share it with me and proud of my appreciation for her body and her sexuality, and now was no different.

“You know how much I love it, which is why you moved like this, so I could look at you.”

“You’re right. I enjoy the effect it always has on you, so powerful. How do I look?”

“Amazing. Sexy, beautiful, used, abused, happy…”

She laughed. “My pussy looks happy?”

I smiled. “Very happy.” I touched her, gathering some of Mitch’s cum on my fingers and using it to coat her hard clit, and she gasped and jumped like I’d given her an electrical shock. I laughed. “Still a bit sensitive?”

“Just a little fucking bit! Don’t do that, not yet.” She paused, then said, “Do I look different?”

“Because of Mitch’s size, you mean?” He sat silently, allowing us to have this moment to cope with where we’d gone, and I appreciated his thoughtfulness.


“Yeah, a little. You’re more open, more stretched…” I traced her puffy inner labia, which were still relaxed, gapped open and flushed bright pink. With fewer nerve endings than her clit, it didn’t elicit the same, almost painful reaction, just a soft moan. “Could you tell a big difference when he was inside of you?”

When she didn’t answer right away, I leaned down and gently kissed her clit, just a light touch, then licked his cum from my lips. “It’s okay, Carly; I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know.”

“I felt full, babe, full and stretched and it just seemed to touch everything inside of me. It wasn’t necessarily better, just different.”

“Good-different, I guess?”

She laughed. “Well, not bad-different, certainly.”

“You came huge, so hard. So hard…”

“I was very aroused before we even started, which you know always makes my orgasms better. But yes, Justin it felt good. Very good.”

“I’m glad.”


“Of course. I’m glad you had that kind of pleasure, and I’m glad I was here to share it with you, and I’m extremely glad you’re alive and that my stubbornness didn’t get us killed; I’m glad Mitch found us and that you decided to thank him in this way, and seeing you come like that, as a spectator, was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life.”

“You’re a strange man but a very generous husband, you know that? I’m glad we’re alive too so that I can keep on loving you.” She reached out and gently stroked my face and neck. “Now, are you going to clean up my pussy for me, or…”

I shook my head. “No – or maybe, eventually. I thought about it, but first I need to do this.” I moved forward on my knees until I was between her thighs, then forced my cock, which was so rigidly upright it looked like it was reaching for my navel, down into a horizontal position and slid into her, all the way into her loose, sloppy sex in one long thrust, balls-deep.

She gasped and cried out as I marveled at how loose she felt – very different for her – and how utterly hot and wet and slippery her pussy was. Between the fact that she was so relaxed, her pussy had just stretched to accommodate a much thicker cock, and the copious lubrication, there was virtually no friction, but despite that I knew I was going to come very quickly.

I did my best, my balls slapping wetly in the cum slick on her ass, and to my immense surprise she came, and when she did her pussy tightened on me and I was suddenly there, emptying the pent-up pressure of my balls into her, adding to the cum gumbo (cumbo?) already inside of her. I’d be amazed if I lasted a full minute, my arousal had just been too high for too long, but I didn’t care.

It felt like I came and came, gushing endlessly, and when it finally trailed off to weak spurts and then a trickle, I was exhausted. I leaned forward and we kissed, and we kept kissing, my body on top of hers until my cock softened and slipped free, and when it did I sat back on my heels and once again watched significant amounts of cum leak from her beautiful, gloriously used pussy.

Mitch had remained silent through it all, simply watching and listening to us as he stroked himself to another huge erection, but now he cleared his throat noisily and re-entered the conversation. “Ahem… Excuse me, but are you planning to eat that?”

“Huh?” I looked over at him dully, his words a non-sequitur to my tired mind, as if he’d asked me if I was going to finish my sandwich.

He waved his fingers casually over Carly’s displayed sex. “I asked if you were going to eat that, ‘cause if you’re not…” He licked his lips lasciviously in case I’d missed his meaning again.

“Oh… I was thinking about it, but no, you go right ahead.”

“Are you sure? I mean, it’s partly my cum but it is your wife’s pussy.”

“Yes, by all means.” I laughed softly. “Let’s call it the least I can do.”

“Excellent – now get your skinny ass out of the way.”

I did, laughing, getting up and sliding onto the loveseat alongside my wife, putting my arm around her and kissing her as he knelt between her wide-spread legs. I was still holding her and kissing her when his bushy beard brushed her thighs and his tongue slid into her sloppy sex, and I felt her moan as much as I heard it.

Suddenly, he paused and looked up at us, and while his beard had come relatively unscathed through giving me a blowjob and licking Carly’s pussy earlier, I could already tell he was going to need a good beard shampoo after this tasty treat.

He said, “One thing before I partake of my prize. If this is the least the two of you can do, don’t even think about showing me the most you can do; I don’t think I’d survive it!”

We were still laughing when he once again lowered his face to “his prize”, although Carly’s laugh quickly turned to a moan of pleasure as she tangled one hand in his hair, holding his face to her pussy, and wrapped the other behind my neck, pressing her lips to mine as her tongue snaked into my mouth.


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