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Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders. All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.


Didn't see that coming

Well thats not how i expected the night to go!

It started as I got off the train in London. Knowing I was terrified of trains and that the journey would already have taken a lot out of me you were there outside the carriage to greet me. Strangely you were in your uniform but not working. You took my hand and guided me through all the barriers treating me like a VIP, stating each time, "She's with me" meaning everyone stepped aside,...Read On


The Almost-True and Slightly-Embellished Adventures of Captain Handsome and Mrs. Peach

In which Mrs. Peach encourages his return home...

She knew he would publish it on an adult website. She was excited. It was one of several adventures she and Captain Handsome were having. Mrs Peach re-read the email she was sending: "Oh my stars, Captain Handsome! I love you! "I can hardly wait for you to come home! Three days at that convention in Chicago is enough! Do you miss me? I miss you! "There isn't much to do in Minneapolis...Read On


The Birthday Present

A novel use for chocolate moose

“So, what shall we get Kate for her birthday?” Jennifer asked her husband over breakfast. “Oh, the usual: a box of those Belgian chocolate truffles she likes and a card,” he replied airily, without putting down his Sunday newspaper. “Your sister’s always been a chocoholic.” “Don’t be ridiculous, Barry!” The paper was lowered. “How come?” “Because, my dear, next Friday happens to be...Read On

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Physical Therapy

You're my patient, I shouldn't...

You no longer need treatment... your ankle is fine... why are you here, again?  I can't see a patient......Read On


A Political Rally

Political rallies aren't really my thing, but one rally really changed my mind.

I met Lisa at a political rally. She was standing behind me, cheering wildly, almost obnoxiously as the speaker revved up the crowd. I had gone with a friend, who left me alone while she charged off to network with fellow revelers, leaving me all alone in the grandstands. Lisa was a fiery red head, with steely blue eyes, a loud mouth, and an intense disposition when it came to politics....Read On


Pizza Delivery With Extra Cream

Delivering a pizza brought more than just the box.

Well, I was halfway through the shift and was just finishing my break when an order came through. So after waiting for the order to be processed, I got all my gear and went off in the car, I was actually making some decent time as for once all the lights seemed to go my way. If I had known what was going to happen later, I may have bought a lotto ticket, haha.   I pulled into the end of...Read On


Octoberfest With Kelly

The Beer Wench made it a night to remember.

It was October of 1987. Kelly and I lived in an area with a strong German heritage. There was a German social/sporting club a few small towns away that held a series of Octoberfest dances each year. They ran every other Saturday culminating in a big party on Halloween weekend, which that year was actually on Saturday. The fact that we were all taught the polka, schottische, and waltz in...Read On


Ms. Watson's Classroom Part 1

As memories come up, a married couple get a little frisky in a familiar classroom.

"Oh, I remember these halls," he muttered as we walked down the main hall. "We made out for the first time right over in that small space, and you let me get to second base in the women's room over there too," he mentioned, pointing at it.   "Yes, I remember it all too well, Dwight. Especially the time we got caught in room 242 when I was blowing you. Good times, but nothing we need to...Read On


Being With Jackie, Part 3

Our mutual desires continue to grow.

We woke to the sounds of a plow again, but this time it was pushing slush off the road.  I checked the time, and it was about one am, so I sat up to see the road conditions.  The street looked wet, with no sleet or ice coverage.  Jackie whispered, "What's it look like out there?" I whispered back, "The road is just wet now, so the temperature must have risen through the night.  How far away...Read On


Hate-fucking A College Slut

My girlfriend brings her friend from college home for the weekend.

After Cameron went to college she would come home on the weekends and would often stay with me instead of going to her parent's house. She normally made the trip alone, I was shocked to see that this time Chevy had come with her. Chevy was one of Cameron's friends, they met at Randolph-Macon College, RMC. Camie knew that Chevy and I did not get along very well. I assumed they would go...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared Teaches a Lesson - Part 2

Sylvia gets schooled - by her own ex-student Jared.

High-school teacher Sylvia Steele is still reeling from her near-seduction by ex-student Jared Morgan. She's vowed not to return to his apartment so he can indulge his wicked teacher fantasy. But some temptations are just too damn hard to resist... Sylvia applied the finishing touches around six thirty on Monday evening. Gold stud earrings, a touch of mascara and pale-red lipstick. Her...Read On

Editor's Pick

Apartment Seven and Eight Bid a Golden Adieu

Reminiscing and saying good-bye prove to be a challenge for Carie and Vasily

Tuesday Evening Carie made a beeline across the hallway to the opposite apartment with a small cardboard box, a plume of annoyance trailing behind her. Pulsating thrash-techno music had been erupting from inside Apartment Seven for the past hour with the noise pummelling the door so hard that the hinges creaked.  A sour frown angled her brow as she knocked. Then she waited. Then...Read On


The Mighty Tyrone

He had been dick-shamed by a battery operated gadget

Cindy and I had been married for two years.  I had just finished giving her an orgasm with my tongue when she said, "I wish I could come when we fuck.  My friends tell me those internal orgasms are much deeper and longer." When we married I had very little experience.  I wasn't sure about Cindy's past but she wouldn't talk about it.  In those early days, I was clumsy and came quickly. But...Read On


After The Rain

Rachel and Jordan go out for dinner.

This story follows on from "Falling Water." You can read it as a stand-alone, but you'll get a little more background if you read that story first. Jordan came out of the bathroom with a towel around his hips. Rachel could see that he had dried his torso, but his hair was still wet. She had wrapped herself in a terrycloth robe while he finished in the bathroom, and suddenly felt like a...Read On

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Old Flame

Why did we split?

It's good to see you, it's been quite a long time... um...   ...Read On



A sweet treat leads to sweeter meet

It had become the best part of my day; every afternoon just before closing, fifteen minutes of time alone with her… But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s go back a little. New job, new city, everything bright and shiny, waiting to be discovered. I had moved for work, and everything had fallen into place nicely. Late one afternoon in mid-autumn, as I made my way home, I walked past a café...Read On

Recommended Read


Series: The Rent Series

The rain violently spattered against the windows, the strong gusts making it come in on the diagonal, as I sat at the kitchen table and tried to do my budgets for the month. Bills and letters were lain out before me, in a neat and methodical pile, although my mind was anything but. It felt disorganized and scattered with thoughts. Internally I felt chaotic. ‘Maybe if I didn’t fill up the...Read On


The Gamekeeper's Cottage

A break in the countryside turns x-certificate

“You must be the gamekeeper.” The words were spoken by a thin, pale woman of about thirty-five, wrapped in a red waterproof jacket, jeans and walking boots. She was standing at the foot of the treacherous, mossy concrete steps that led down from my holiday apartment, Gamekeeper’s Cottage. It was on an estate in deepest Cornwall, former home of some lord of the manor who had made his...Read On


A Birthday Treat

The best birthday present you could have asked for...

You open the hotel room door using the key card that I dropped off to your work inside a birthday card earlier in the day. Walking in, you find me exactly as you want: on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed facing away from the door. Black lace underwear. You’d told me what you expected to arrive to. I’d sent you photos to make sure I was meeting your standards and also to tease...Read On


Bachata, Baby, All Night Long

Suddenly dance becomes the most important thing in his life

  When Jim found a location to base his small accounting business, the owner of the property gave him an incredible deal on a five-year lease. At first, Jim was hesitant wondering what kind of business might take over the huge space adjacent to his but the owner convinced him that there would be no conflict of interest. Two months later, a crew entered the adjacent space putting in...Read On


The Train

They meet on a train, it feels good, the memories inspire him...

Do you remember me, Emily? The guy from Agadir, Morocco? We met on the train from Rotterdam to Prague. Remember? I got on after you did, and fate placed us together in a compartment with no other passengers. I will remember that glorious night forever, and should the sands of the Moroccan desert swallow me up, my last thoughts will be the memory of our shared passion. For what is...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Chapter 19: The Love Game

Chad tells a tale of how to play "The Love Game".

Now, I am a student of the game. I learned it from my father. He observes things. This includes “The Love Game.” He always said to me that there is always at least one man saying to a woman, no matter how beautiful she is, "Fuck her. You can have her." I brushed that off at first. Until I got the urge to try online dating (don’t judge). So I tried a dating date based on college students....Read On


Teasing His Nuggets

I sighed as Kevin strummed my swelling clit, his cock hitting that spot that made me moan.

“That's my seat.” “What was that?” “You're in my seat.” I showed him the cinema ticket. “I wouldn't make a big deal about it, because I don't want to break up your friend group, but I don't want to take someone else's seat either.” “We just have to each move down one. Guys?” He and his two male friends each shifted in the theater row to their assigned numbers. “Thank you.” “No worries.”...Read On


Velvet Ropes

What happens on the road, stays on the road.

Lynn and I have been friends for years now. We had known each other for decades and our kids went to the same school, but it wasn’t until we had a good chat at a networking event for executives four years ago that we really connected. At that point in our lives, we were both struggling. Our marriages were in the final innings, our careers were in transit, and we drank too much. But it was...Read On


A Free Show

Almost midnight. Funny how you can tell time by the goings-on. Martha Turnbuckle finishes her trite about the day’s news; more ‘what’s trending’ than actual news, or so it seems. I down the last of my beer while staring at her cleavage on the screen as I ponder whether or not to have one more round. The anchor starts to wrap up with some witty nonsense, while my wife finishes the dishes...Read On


Your Story

She'd been teasing him for six long days and now he gets his hands on her.

I'd been away for six days. You'd started a new job and we hadn't fucked in over a week. Our longest drought yet. Your filthy messages and hot pictures whilst I was away had not exactly dimmed my lust and need for you. Just this morning you'd sent me your latest fantasy and a story idea from a dream you'd had. When I arrived home I sat down to write it for you as a surprise and now an...Read On

Audio version available

Make Love to Me. Fuck Me.

Making love and fucking may reference the same thing, but they have two very different meanings, to me anyways. And I want both. I need both. I need you to understand. Say the words out loud. The way the words flow from our mouths reveal much. Making love . Say it. Do you hear it? The words sing like a soft, sensual melody, with your tongue luxuriously rolling to the top of your mouth on...Read On



A virgin wife gives it up on her wedding night

When he opens the door to the bridal suite she's already there, waiting. She kneels upon the king-sized bed with love in her eyes, a passion reflected as he drinks in the sight of her, his lawful wedded wife. He stares in adoration at blue eyes filled with joy, at golden curls cascading, at her heart-shaped face smiling beneath the veil. Cleavage bared above the white corset, dress spilling...Read On


Unexpected Fulfillment

Three weeks had passed since I’d confessed my all-too-real dreams to Hanna, my wife.  These dreams consisted of me being married to Charlotte who was Hanna’s college roommate as well as the only girl both Hanna and I had slept with.  In the dreams, Hanna was supposedly coming to visit with her boyfriend Dale, and things would inevitably turn sexual.  There were dreams where we’d be...Read On


9 1/2 Weeks With Kelly

The movie got us so hot we had to go back, and then it got hotter!

It was February of 1986. Kelly and I were both twenty-five. We were intrigued by the ads for the newly released movie “9-1/2 Weeks” so we decided to have a Saturday date night. Around halfway through the movie, my cock was stiff as a board and Kelly’s breathing had become shallow. The theater was perhaps a third full and people of lots of different ages were nearby. It wasn’t the place to...Read On

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