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This is a wide story category, catering for stories with a Supernatural / Non-Human theme.

These are often associated with paranormal and occult ideas. Stories to be placed in here include those relating to Vampires, Fantasy Worlds, Ghosts, Aliens, Triffids or anything else the imagination may conjure up.


A Glastonbury Sacrifice

When the full moon rises on Midsummer eve, a special ritual is enacted...

The full moon had not yet risen as the girl trudged along the rough path that traversed the top of the long ridge up the Tor. Even so, there was sufficient light for her to see the ruined tower of St Michael’s Church on the summit, silhouetted against the darkening sky. She looked down at the baby clasped in her arms, barely three months old, and wrapped the shawl tighter around it....Read On


Demon-Driven Lust

Three friends need love to undo a spell gone horribly wrong...

Mary scowled as she flipped through the pages of the scuffed book.   “Guys, this book is full of spelling mistakes. And most of the ‘potions’ chapter is just recipes for soup and chili.”  Sean poured the last line of flour onto the living room carpet as straight as he could, completing the pentagram.  “C’mon, Kaitlin only paid 50 cents. What do you expect?” He stood and dusted his hands....Read On


The Lake Cave Ghost

Maybe it was always lurking somewhere below the surface, but now it's all out in the open...

Lake Gorndon was nestled high up in the forests of western Massachusetts, that forgotten place that wasn't quite Boston and wasn't quite upstate New York. Since the fall of 2002, it's been an empty valley with a thin river running through it--ever since the Water Company dissolved the hillside that kept it dammed up. Now, Lake Gorndon is just a little river, just another part of Dancing...Read On

Recommended Read

The Gifted — Part One

"It's getting stronger..."

It was an unseasonably cold night in October and Amber Shelton had had a bad feeling. She would have them from time to time, the bad feelings. When she was a little girl she would call them her feels . They were relatively infrequent, and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for when they would occur. Most of the time, they never amounted to much, like being able to predict a...Read On


The Halloween Dance

A dream that was more than a dream

It was the night of October thirty-first. My friends and I had tickets to go to the local night club’s Halloween dance. There are twelve of us who work and generally hang out together. Mostly male but there were three women who worked in our section. The local club had changed its name to “The Coven” using a makeshift banner hung across the real name. The tickets specified that all...Read On

Editor's Pick

Last Rites

Luna's attempt at sex magick doesn't quite go as planned.

Naked beneath the silvery-blue hue of the full moon, I enter the shallow woodland clearing, just as the book instructed. Branches stripped of leaves lace the sky like frail wooden capillaries around me, whispering in the light breeze that greets my sensitive skin. I'm aware of my nipples firming under the dappled droplets of mist that cling to my breasts; hair follicles contracting to...Read On


Hunch Cunt of Autre Domme

Two honeymooning veterinarians discover a Parisian cathedral with a grisly past …

“Is that her?” “Yes! That’s Sabine.” Angie took her newlywed’s hand as they hurried across the cobblestone road to the awaiting group. The others had obediently surrounded the sumptuous, emerald-eyed raven that in the autumn moonlight, appeared to hover above the centuries-old stone steps of the lesser-storied Parisian cathedral. As Sabine scanned the group, her long hair and gold...Read On

Recommended Read

I Love To Watch Her Part 2

Series: I Love To Watch Her

As always Thank you JWren for editing and art work.

Standing at my open door, I was stunned, couldn’t believe my eyes — there stood my beauty. How could she know about me? “Hello,” she said, her tone sultry, a smile on her full ruby lips. “Seeing you every morning and night watching me and copying me as I masturbate, I thought I’d come over to see you in person. May I come in?” I blinked and gulped. “Oh, erm… yes,” I croaked and stood to...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Green Man

Olivia put aside her quill pen and surveyed the neatly written accounts with satisfaction. As was her practice, she carefully sprinkled a little fine sand over them so they would not smear as they dried. The late September sun was streaming through the open window in her father’s office as she stoppered the inkpot. She could hear the familiar sounds of the busy London thoroughfare of...Read On


Cindy's Shame

What if your teenage fantasy came true?

Cindy barely glanced at her phone as it 'pinged', next to her. She had almost dismissed the flashing email notification already when the title finally dawned on her.   'Halloween Horror at Carter Hall!'   She opened it immediately, but only got as far as the first line of the email.   'You are exclusively invited to the party of Hannah and Josh, from dusk till dawn this Halloween,...Read On


The Sweater

Love truly is forever

I sat at the table re-reading the letter for the tenth time. I still couldn't believe it. My dad's sister, Marie, whom I'd never met, had passed away. According to her lawyer, she left me her house. My dad rarely spoke of Aunt Marie other than to say she was a bit eccentric. He had told us stories about her when we were kids. She lived alone in the countryside, in a large house. She had...Read On


Eating Tanya's Pussy

Subterranean sex

It is Halloween Night. Amateur historian Mark Davenport has driven his eighteen-year-old nephew Nigel to see the ruins of a moated manor house deep in the countryside. The youth is none too enthusiastic about this excursion, having unsuccessfully suggested to his uncle that a trip to the local IMAX to see ‘Scream III’ would have been much more in keeping with the spirit of Halloween. The...Read On

Safe Haven

Unable to save one life from a storm, a woman returns home and has a chance to save another.

She made her way up the lane her case trundling behind, bouncing over the bedrock where it broke through the hardened tracks, a bag of shopping bouncing against her knee. She thought of her Da sitting in front of the hearth forever re-lighting his pipe; the sulphurous smell of matches overpowering the wafts of tobacco. He had looked so ‘temporary’ after her Ma had died. He had always been...Read On

Editor's Pick

Bad Martha’s Basement

A life-changing experience leaves Martha wanting more.

I had fallen in love with the island when I was a child of eight; lying just off the coast of Cape Cod. I always thought it had been named after me; that’s what my mother told me anyway. I know it wasn’t true, but it just felt like it was. As a family, we spent our holidays on the island and I remember it as the place where I conceived Jason, my son. As far as the family were concerned, we...Read On


Royal Moon

Love born under a full moon.

“I got it!” George shouted through the tiny flat to his new bride, Nina. In January 1982 the University of Hawai’i signed off a plan to support the continued development of scientific facilities at the site. They wanted someone neutral to observe the setting up of scientific projects and how they interacted with the local environment, including the indigenous people. At the end of the year,...Read On


Halloween Night Gone Wrong

It seemed like a normal Halloween until everything went sideways.

It was another busy Halloween afternoon for me and my wife, Jill.  We loved the holiday but did so much for it over the years that it was now expected.  She would decorate the inside of the house and me the outside.  My part now took two full weekend days since we had continuously purchased a few new items every year for the past fifteen.  It wasn't a grand haunted house like you see on the...Read On


The Witches of Deepdale, Virgin Sacrifice

Witch trouble brewing

The witches of Deepdale gathered about the fire, their faces stern, with highlights shown in stark contrast by the firelight. Beatrix looked from face to face, while they waited for the last member of the coven to arrive. Beatrix sighed, she knew full well why Moira was late, as she had asked her to gather more details about the information that they were about to discuss this evening. It...Read On

Soul Mates

After many years, mysterious events finally bring two people together

As we toasted marshmallows to make s’mores, it was only natural that we told each other ghost stories—some from when we were kids, some we had heard over the years. The random unexpected events in those spooky tales were not unlike what had led us to that campfire. I had met Julia some twenty years earlier when she was sleeping with a friend of mine. By the time they broke up, I had moved...Read On


Milo’s Folly

One man’s folly is another woman’s gain.

Milo pulled into the driveway, put the car in park and turned the ignition off. ”What do you think?” he asked. ”You said it was a house, Milo, not a mansion.” ”It’s still a house,” he replied. “Just a really big one.” Vicki leaned back into the seat and let out a sigh. Milo had bought the house as an investment property without discussing it with her. The savings they had were gone, used...Read On


Jenny's Vengeance

Unfortunate event reveals a secret...

  The bus’s headlights illuminated my body lying in the road. The full moon was in the night sky, in the early hours of the last day of October. An ominous but light fog rolled in through the dense trees: it was said that spirits lurk in these woods. Legend had it that anyone killed in these woods, on a Halloween full moon, turned immediately to a ghost. Ghosts who become slaves to the...Read On


The Night of the Puppet Master

The Puppet Master finds new prey

The year is 1987, Karim Araneidae was sitting in his study thinking over his life. He was born in 1843, living in Egypt and moving around as it suited his lifestyle. He was born a fairly powerful psychic, having discovered his abilities at the age of twelve when he first willed someone to do his bidding. Many are born with these powers, some having minor abilities such as forecasting weather...Read On


Night Of The Living "D"

A new place to live may have some old tricks.

My name is Ellen. I wanted to tell this little story about what happened to me. I hope that anyone who reads it will know that if this has happened to them, they are not alone. When I decided to rent a small house on the east side of Atlanta it was a big step. After my divorce and a few more bad relationships, I felt the need for a new start. I had searched for two months to find a nice...Read On


Gold Member

Filmmakers receive more than just footage

The Sphinx lay hidden between the pyramids and sand dunes like my clit between the folds of my pussy lips. It was 45oC in the shade, if you could find it. We were busy producing a cheap documentary film on the Egyptian theology of an afterlife for a PBS channel. Michael, my cameraman, was a tall well-build man with long blond hair. He handled his Sony digital video camera as if it was a toy. ...Read On


Fern and Ryuko

The rules were: don’t go near the shore because humans were inquisitive to a point that was almost barbaric. If they caught you, it wasn’t so much a catch and release program as it was a catch and “hold indefinitely until your eventual stress-death from all the testing they put you through” program.  Fern, however, was inquisitive to a point that she could (and would) avoid capture by any...Read On


From the Wild

How he became a werewolf...

The party was in full swing and was likely to go on till the early hours. Christmas on the plantation was a holiday for the slaves and a chance to catch up with members of their family who were working on neighbouring cane fields. It was a rare day, one of only a few when the slaves did not labour in the fields for their Dutch masters. These special days all coincided with holy days...Read On

Recommended Read

Satori in Paradise

We are all prisoners of our own device...

I’d hit a rough patch in my personal life. So I book a week at a Club Med, hoping to get lucky with a willing partner. To find an uncomplicated woman. And I have a few questions weighing on my mind. I do get lucky. Ridiculously lucky. Twice the first day. Wendy is twelve years my junior, a tight little Boston University freshman. She’s all of five feet tall and her three favorite words...Read On

Recommended Read

Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 3 of 3)

Good hearts prevail as the blessing of the wood spreads far and wide.

Ella awakened with her head resting on a hummock of moss.  Though beads of dew decorated her skin, she was warm, comfortable, and reluctant to rise.  Birdsong and the soft gurgle of the spring that fed her great-grandmother’s pool further conspired to lull her back to sleep. In time, she roused to find Xantina watching over her. “Good morning, Xanella.” “Morning,” Ella responded.  She sat...Read On


Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 2 of 3)

The trials continue as Ella continues her quest to save the campground

Ella peeked into the bedroom after getting out of the shower that evening to see John was out like a light.  Considering he’d provided his third donation of the day an hour or so before, it was hardly a mystery as to why.  Still riding the euphoria of her most recent orgasm, Ella tapped on her phone before drying her hair.  No messages had arrived during her shower, but she started when...Read On


Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 1 of 3)

Young lovers tested by an unfair world.

A sparrow perched on the windowsill, bathed in sunlight, singing of its joy in a new day – both of which were stabbing into Ella’s brain, even though her eyes were still closed. She whimpered and pulled the pillow over her face, but it didn’t help.  The housewarming party for the home she shared with her twin sister had been one for the ages, but she was paying the price. A click and a...Read On

Recommended Read

The Blue Dress

A man spends a night with a beautiful young woman

She stood in the doorway, her hair as black as coal, cascading over her electric blue dress. Something about her made James’s heart skip a beat. For a moment he was in love. In that moment all the words in the world were sucked out of his brain and just her essence remained. James had driven all afternoon through the driving rain. He had been meaning to have a break in the country for...Read On

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