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I am 28 years old and in a long-term relationship with another woman.

I write stories. At first I wrote them to please my myself, then I began sharing them with my partner.

The main purpose of my stories are to sexually arouse the reader...

There is no fixed topic but there always seems to be some pain mixed in with the pleasure.

That's life I guess.

Please respect my privacy, it's very valuable to me. Please don't ask for photos.

Suzy Sexton
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In a Relationship
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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24 Jul 2020 09:51
Pleasure. Enjoyment. Happiness (when possible). Meeting friends, trying to keep my apartment looking nice. Making love. Drinking!
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Oh so many.
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Off the top of my head? Pulp Fiction (but so many others)
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Please don't
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Whatever gets me weeping or dancing... sometime both.


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09 Jun 2020
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Posted: 05 Jul 2020 11:05

My Lush friend and I are thinking about creating a shared identity. Let's call it The Sisters Of Mercy.

My friend and I would be able to both send and receive and see all the activity that occurs.

It would be like a permanent room where we can meet and entertain as a couple.

Anyone would be welcome...

But how to do this? Any ideas?

Thanks Suzy

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It was early Spring and the air felt fresh and clean and the streets were so quiet you could hear the birds singing in the acacia trees all the way down Paleisstraat to the canal bridge. I have a daily routine, or at least a morning routine. I don’t usually have breakfast in my hotel but walk all the way down to the bridge and the Molentje Cafe, which sort of means the ’Whirligig Cafe’....

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Recommended Read Beautiful Agony - Chapter Two

The sun was reflecting off the water as I crossed the bridge and returned to the safety of my Irish Pub. That’s so ME… if it ain’t broke why fix it. I was feeling good, almost approaching happiness! My reflection in the shop windows was reassuring me. That delicious session in my room had lifted me higher than I had expected. It was still early and the bar was practically empty. No fedora hat....

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Beautiful Agony - Chapter Three

“‘The window’s in the wrong place!” I woke up suddenly and my brain was sort of rebooting itself. My memory was coming back in unconnected bits and pieces. The dream was a happy dream and I was having a good time in it. Now the window and the rectangle of sunlight and I was back, in my hotel, in my room, in my bed. And Justyna was kneeling on the bed and kissing me and telling me that she...

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Beautiful Agony - Chapter Four

The sky, of which there is rather a lot in Cambridge, was the colour of lead. From horizon to horizon an unrelenting solid coffin-lid of cloud covered my little world. No more the vivid world of Amsterdam, fizzing with light and colour. Yes, I was back at work and work is what I did, all day and often into the evening. I wanted it that way. My avoidance behaviour was good for business! My...

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Beautiful Agony - Chapter Five

Have you ever had palpitations? When you truly believe that your heart is about to jump right out of your chest? I put my hand on my left breast and felt the thumping behind my ribs. All Zoe had done was to reach out to take my hand but my body seemed to be in the act of surrendering, totally. Justyna came to our table and kissed me in traditional style. She whispered in my ear. “Be...

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Beautiful Agony - Chapter Six

There was  a pitcher full of the juice of freshly squeezed blood oranges. There was yoghurt, imported directly from Greece and a bowl of fresh raspberries - still wet with dew. Cherries, shiny brightly in a bowl of crushed ice. There were sweet apples, almonds, and blueberries and then pastries, croissants dripping with melted butter, cannolis and rum babas… I was the only guest at...

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Beautiful Agony - Chapter Seven

They say that vampires cannot enter your home without first being invited in. Now it seems I am the accursed one as Zoe steps aside and allows me to cross the threshold. “Come in, Suzy.” Now I must abandon all hope and surrender my soul because I am no longer in a state of grace. I feel as if I have sinned a great sin. Now my only hope is retribution and absolution. Here on this chair in...

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The Gypsies

  It was past midday and the sea-front restaurants and bars were filling up fast. Everyone was seeking the shade. The flags on the war memorial hung limp against the flagpoles. Past the war memorial the less fashionable part of the seafront promenade began. Here were the fast food places, burgers and French fries and the cheaper bars where those working on the seafront went to drink and...

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Suzy Comes Of Age

Episode 1   A girl stands in front of a metal gate. She is alone. Simply dressed in a faded denim jacket, black leggings and grubby trainers. On her shoulder hangs a white PVC bag. The word 'SLUT' in huge black letters has been scribbled on the bag. At 18 years old she should have grown out of her selfish disposition but she looks grumpy and resentful, still very much a teenager. We are in...

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The Secret Theatre

It is said that in the old city of Prague there is a secret theatre. This theatre is known only to a very small number of people and has been the venue for a very special kind of entertainment for over two hundred years. Even the few who know the address would find it impossible to find. From outside, the place is as nondescript as all the other buildings in the quiet back-street. However...

Added 19 Jun 2020 | Category BDSM | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 1,895 | 6 Comments

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