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Swinging, sometimes called wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping, is a non-monogamous behavior in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity.

Swingers often go to sex parties, where practices often joked about, like dropping their car keys into a bowl and a different set selected to randomly see who they are going to be paired up with, add a fun dimension. Sex clubs are also a popular destination for swingers to meet up.


Accidental First Time Swinging

Reba and Dave were simply good neighbors and then one night...

Dave and Reba were good neighbors. Over a period of several years, we got to know each other very well and on occasion, we’d share a dinner on the patio or a stew of some type whenever it was chilly outside. Dave and Reba had kids but there were older teenagers who were often very happy to be gone from the house and doing their own thing. Sammie and I were parents of a three and...Read On


Love in the African Bush

Making love next to danger in the African Bush

The early morning sun warmed our naked bodies as Steve and I carefully made our way through the African bush. As we walked in a dry riverbed, the yellow-green bark of the fever trees stood out amongst the green foliage of the surrounding trees next to our path. The tracks of various animals, ground dwelling birds and insects in the soft sand made this the ideal place to introduce my...Read On


I needed this

A well-needed surprise in October

September turned out just fine. With my sex life and love life both great, all was okay, but good things come to an end — like the seasons — and my husband got ill twice. First, it was kidney stones and then something else, so October has been sexless so far.  It seems I was going to work and then staying in the hospital or home. It was kind of depressing. As he improved, I guess I thought...Read On


Swingers Pool Party

If you want to party, these four definitely know how. Come join their pool party.

Justin loves parties. Good looking with a solid build, my husband is in his element meeting women and having them fawning over him. I don't mind — I enjoy the attention I get from men. I confess I was both surprised and amused that Justin seemed taken aback by my dress as I prepared for our latest party night. Okay, it revealed a bit more flesh than usual but I had a nice body for my age so...Read On

Recommended Read

Georgia Elizabeth Kulhane - The Cat's Away And The Mice Play

A win of a raffle leads to a bored wife experiencing new situations.

Georgia Elizabeth sat in the dining room over the remains of her breakfast; two poached eggs and a slice of dry toast was what she allowed herself this morning. Boring , she thought. However, that is what Georgia had to do to maintain some semblance of control over her figure. She was a tall statuesque brunette with large breasts and a magnificent ass. Anyone referring to her would say she...Read On


Janine - Your Discreet Investigator

Janine, a stripper/investigator must find Mr. Big before it's too late.

With the house lights down and only a small spotlight on me, I bent down to pick up my few discarded clothes from the stage floor. From the reaction of the audience with shouts of: “Encore, encore,” “Show us more of your pussy,” and “Let me fuck you,” I knew that they saw my raised tush and my exposed pussy. Wiggling my naked bottom at the audience, I drew more reaction. Flattered and...Read On

Recommended Read

Taming the Cougar - Part 4 - Submission And Freedom

Series: Taming the Cougar

Pam discovers the pleasures of sharing and the thrill of voyeurism

After our session with Adriana, Pam seemed to be riding a high. Her whole demeanour changed; the stress and worry she had exhibited seemed to fade away. I think that her realization that she was bisexual and the fact that I did not take umbrage was part of it. We were scheduled to meet with Adriana and her friend Reinaldo the coming Saturday night. Pam seemed excited about experiencing...Read On



A single woman tests her theory about love

“I do not have a companion anymore,” I told the organizer over the phone. “My husband left me for his secretary.” “I am sorry to hear that.” She sounded sincere. “May I come on my own?” “Of course.” “Won’t that throw your numbers out?” “We always welcome a unicorn. Besides, we cannot have the festival without our guest speaker.” “I am glad to hear that.” “I have just one question.”...Read On


Anne And George Go Camping In France

A middle-aged couple embark on a voyage of sexual liberation.

Anne and George were an ordinary middle-aged couple who had reached the stage in their lives when they had the time and freedom to indulge themselves for the first time since the earliest years of their courtship. Over their thirty years of married ,life they had concentrated on building a stable and loving home for their three children and had sacrificed their own freedom of action to...Read On


Our First Time

A young wife is shared by her husband for the first time

It was early morning as I opened my eyes. My head was pounding, it seemed I'd drunk a few too many drinks the night before. Not surprising, seeing as how nervous I'd been...  Blackout blinds made the bedroom pitch black, despite it now being mid-morning. My mind hazy and my vision blurry, I laid rubbing my eyes and sniffing at the air. I could make out the heavy scent of sweat and not just...Read On


Tzar's Ring 8 Amanda

Peter finds his goal as his confidence grows, amongst other things.

The following day was pretty much the usual series of events, this happened every time after one of the sex parties. Lucy dropped statements about how sore she was from being fucked by Michael's huge cock, how stretched she felt, how great he was. All of this was Lucy seeking to get some response from her husband. But instead of his usual crushed emotions that he would normally portray, he...Read On


Finding Shelter In A Storm

Two youngsters seek shelter in a storm from a kindly older couple.

It was a hot summer day when Jessica went out for a long walk with her boyfriend, Doug. The type of hot summer day where the sun comes out early in the morning and doesn't budge all day. The weather had been the same all week, so Jessica and Doug decided to make the most of it with a walk through the Lake District and to see Lake Buttermere. They were hoping to see a couple of the little...Read On

New Friends New Swingers

We'd gone to our straight friends apartment and met another couple who were more open minded.

Jeff and I had been friends for years and we'd even had a threesome with him a few months after we'd gotten married. But we knew we'd never swap partners because Terry, though being really hot, was a real ice queen. She'd grown up an only child who was very pampered and got anything she wanted she had always hung out with the snobby rich girls. But everyone who knew Jeff was curious as to how...Read On



A lost friend returns home to swinger friends

The early morning summer rain washed away my tears as I sat naked in a lotus position on top of a cliff overlooking Eros Valley a few hundred meters below. I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself. Two years ago, on Christmas Day my ex-husband left with his affair of three years, never to return. After the divorce I threw myself into yoga practice and even went on an eighteen month retreat...Read On


Alice in Acidland

A flashback to the year 1968

This takes place in 1968 and is the story of Alice Trenton, and her trip through what some could call acidland.  Alice stood about 5’9”, with blue eyes and medium length brown hair with red highlights. She had a slightly curvy body and wore a C-cup.  She was an only child and had lost her mother a month before she met Lynda Wallace, who invited her to a pool party at the house of one of...Read On


Return to Dave’s Cottage - Part 4 of 4

A night apart deepens bonds and builds a relationship.

I woke up with Rachael on one side of me and Stacey on the other. At some time she had climbed onto the bed and under the covers. Her head rested on my chest and her right leg across my hip. She was snuggled up tight as she slept peacefully. I wondered what her night with Ed had been like. My night with Rachael had been gentle, tender, almost loving. It had felt almost too intimate. The...Read On

Gay Friend Brings A Gift

Wife flashes our gay friend but it sets off much more.

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen years old and both of us had been a little sheltered coming from a small conservative town. This applied even more to Lynn with her father and uncle being preachers. But once on our own, we started learning that there was a lot of things out there we wanted to check out. It was in the late seventies and VCRs had just come out, and...Read On


Meeting New Friends

Meeting a new couple from a swingers website leads to a very erotic evening.

My wife, Jay and I have been in the ‘lifestyle’ a few years now and have joined a website for, shall we say, liberated adults. Since subscribing we have occasionally met other couples with similar interests that have contacted us through the site. One such couple was Dan and his wife Jill, who e-mailed us and expressed an interest in our profile. They asked us to check theirs and if we...Read On


Return To Dave's Cottage Part 3 Of 4

Shared experiences lead to a deeper understanding

I love her. As we rode back to the cottage snuggled together on the seat of the boat my mind spun as it tried to deal with the emotional effect of the realization. The years played through my mind as I reviewed the past and her actions. Always coming back to me, no matter what we argued about. Bringing women into our bed while avoiding all the guys who chased her and getting the tattoo...Read On


No Choice

The golfers came home to a surprise

“William, what happened to you on the course today?” asked Jack, my boss and friend. “Uh, nothing.” “Nothing, my ass,” interjected Martin, our sales manager. “You cannot hit a hole in one then lose by ten strokes.” We were on our way home from our weekly Saturday golf game to meet the wives at my house. I was driving and still very upset about what happened that morning. I also had to...Read On


Return to Dave’s Cottage Part 2 of 4

Sharing an experience deepens a relationship...

After a swim to clean up, we returned to the lounge chairs on the dock and soaked up the heat of the sun. Karen brought some beers and passed them out. She gestured at Stacey to follow her and the women headed up to the cottage. I watched as they walked away, admiring the firm asses and curvy hips. ”That was a smart move, kid,” Ed said as he tapped his beer to mine. ”What was?” I asked....Read On

Moving Forward With Our Swinging...

After the guy we had been having 3-somes moved, we had to fill his spot.

The friend we had first started having threesomes with moved all the way to the other coast. So we knew we would have to find someone else to take his place. So we kept thinking of other guys we could trust. Until one night, someone fell right into our laps, or couch, as it turned out. He was a little older than us as he was in his early thirties and we were eighteen or nineteen. But we knew...Read On


Return To Dave's Cottage - Part 1 of 4

An invitation leads to another great experience and a realization.

The invitation from Dave and Karen came by text on Sunday morning.  Our cottage Saturday afternoon to Sunday if you are available. Karen would like you to bring your friend. I looked over at Stacey. She was still lying on her stomach with her arms limply beside her and my cum running down between the cheeks of her ass. I had just given her an early-morning ass fucking and unloaded on...Read On

First Time Swapping Partners

Our first time swapping when I learned my wife was bi.

My wife and I had gotten into an alternative lifestyle early in our marriage. We got married at eighteen back in the seventies and lived in a very conservative town. And with my wife Lynn being a preacher's, daughter she had always had a certain image to uphold. But once we got married that innocent little girl turned into a hot nympho. Our first experiences were threesomes we had with some...Read On


Finding Bliss

Pastors are challenged by their horny wives to find bliss in sex

“What is the fucking meaning of life?” I asked our shocked friends as we sat in the rectory of the parish where my husband was the pastor, drinking cheap wine. “We have been friends for more than ten years and we talk about the same theological shit every time. There must be more to life than this.” “Well, Christine, my dear,” said Matt, my husband, clearly embarrassed about my language and...Read On


The Tzar's Ring, 5, 6, 7. The ring and Emma

How can a piece of jewellery change your life forever

This is a cautionary tale, that some things come at quite a price, but then there are the rare occasions that it comes at the ultimate price. —————— Peter Jenkins was a very average man, average in every sense of the word. So it came as quite a surprise when he met his future wife. Lucy was anything but average; she was smart, beautiful, successful, passionate, and she had an large...Read On


New Neighbours... New Life.

New neighbours move in and my wife and I are introduced to a whole new way of living.

I had been out playing golf and came home late and it was dark. As I put the car in the garage, I saw a figure that may have been a peeping Tom or a pervert creeping around in the neighbour's yard. I shut the garage door and thought I would have a look to make sure I had not been seeing things. After a minute or two, a naked female figure appeared. Both Bill and Norma had moved into the...Read On


Weekend At Dave's Cottage - Part 3 Of 3

My first sex party was a great experience

I needed a break from the heat of the hot tub and some time to recover. I strolled down to the dock after visiting the kitchen. Everything from my balls to the tip of my cock still tingled lightly from the last huge load I dumped in Connie. I put the bottle of water and a sandwich on the table, sat down in the lounge chair and relaxed. The cool breeze coming off of the water felt good on my...Read On


Weekend At Dave's Cottage - Part 2 of 3

My first sex party was a great experience

I could hear birds chirping as I slowly woke up. I opened my eyes and looked out the sun-filled window at a cloudless blue sky. I turned my head and saw a woman standing at the foot of the bed. "I was wondering when you would wake up," she said. "I'm Angie." Angie was about forty. She was a pretty brunette with long, wavy hair that cascaded over her bare shoulders. Her bikini top...Read On


First Threesome for Fiji Indian Couple in Fiji

“Hi everyone.” I'm Mrs Kumar from Suva, Fiji Islands. This incident happened early last year when we found a local guy on a website, who was keen to meet my husband and I for a threesome.   Let me start from the beginning, we are a happily married, very sexually active couple.   We make love at least five days a week.  Sometimes we watch porn and fuck afterwards copying what we have watched...Read On

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